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No-13, VMK Reddy Complex, Phone no: +91 9743278261
Hongasandra, Bommanahalli e-mail id:
suvankar.17@gmail.com Bangalore -560068.
To build a long-term career in software profession to use the skills I have acquired and the
creativity I have developed to keep up with the cutting edge of technologies and opportunities
for career growth.

I offer an attitude of excellence and diligence backed up with an extraordinary practical

experience for a fresh undergraduate. My ability to learn quickly, apply what I learn efficiently
and love for challenging work would help in adding value to every study or project that I am a
part of. I am looking for an opportunity to be among the best so that I can work harder to reach
my ultimate ambition of being one of them.


 Creative thinking, Problem analysis, and ability to solve problems efficiently.

 Self motivated, takes initiative; exudes confidence and leadership skills.
 Flexible and adaptable to different situations, quick learner.
Believer in Team (Together Each Achieves More) spirit. Has strong work-ethics.
 Keen to learn and demonstrate quality output in any given assignment.


Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology Degree) in 2010.

Qualification School/College Board/University Percenta
Durgapur Institute West Bengal
B-TECH of Advanced Technology University Of Technology 7.54 /10
(C.S.E) & Management (W.B.U.T)

Higher Simlapal Madan West Bengal Council of Higher

Secondary Mohan High School Secondary Education 56.50 %
Jadavpur sammilani West Bengal Board Of
Secondary High School Secondary Education 68.63 %
 Languages : C, C++,Core Java, SQL.
 Working Platforms: Windows & Linux.
 Fundamentals : Data Structure, Database Management System,
Data . Communication & Networking.
 Software : MS Office (MS word, Excel, PowerPoint), Network
Matlab, Adobe Photoshop.


Bachelor of Technology Project:

 Title : Performance Analysis of Routing Algorithms in Wireless ad hoc network.

 Duration: 20th August 2009 –3rd May 2010
 Software used : Network Simulator 2.0
 Hardware used: Pentium IV, 80 GB Hard disk, 512 MB RAM, File system 32 Bit.
 Development Platform : Linux
 Description: This project was based on the implementation of following routing algorithms:
1) Dynamic Source Routing Protocol.
2) Destination Sequenced Distance-Vector Routing Protocol.
3) Ad-Hoc on-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol.
By applying those algorithms in Network Simulator we were tried to find out that which
algorithm was the “best-fit” algorithm under the specified circumstances.

Summer Internship:


 Duration: 25th June 2009 –7th August 2009
 Software used: Turbo C, Microsoft Office.
 Development Platform : Linux
 Description: Aim of that project was to provide a Online Student Registration system. Student
could insert and update their name, age, sex, roll no, phone number, department, city, state,
country, zip or postal code and the e-mail id. Administrator section provided along with
deletion privilege and the system was highly secured by user authentication process.

Other Academic Project:

 Title: Computer Controlled Model of ROBOTIC LOADER.

 Software used: Turbo C.
 Development Platform : Linux
Description: The aim of the model was to reduce human effort of repeated task in life
risk zone.
The model could also be used with little bit modification as a computer controlled loader, tractor,
land mine detection, floor cleaning machine etc. Output of the driving Program is electric pulse
that governs movements of that model in six horizontal directions.


 1 month Training from IBM in DB2

 1 month Training from Career Launcher India Ltd.

 Summer Training at Ardent, Durgapur on “Professional C.”


 Awarded NIIT Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship 2010.

 Designed a Computer Controlled prototype model of ROBOTIC LOADER in our college
Tech-Fest (Scimantek 2009) and stood 1st in that event.
 Efficiently organized and managed to demonstrate the entire engineering model from
Computer Science dept. in college Tech-Fest.
 Actively participated in various cultural program


Name : Suvankar Satpati

Father’s Name : Mr. Sekhar Chandra Satpati
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : March 1, 1986
Permanent Address : C/O Sekhar Chandra Satpati,
Vill. – Dhanara. P.O. – Penchakola.
Dist– Bankura, State – West Bengal.
PIN – 712250
Contact No : +91-9743278261(M) / +91- 9933522250 (M)
Hobbies : Self-Scanning & Rectification.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear
the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.
Date:27/09/2010 Suvankar Satpati
Place: Bangalore