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The Ehling Report Public Relations Student Society of America

Networking Knowledge Letter From the Editor

Letter from Editor
by: Alexandra Sturm Welcome to a new year and to a new Evel eum ius, se vit ulparum laccae volupta ectiorendus
Before I arrived at Newhouse, I didn’t know what utnetworking and improved
quam audis dolo moluptatur, Ehling
omniet ius. Report. The new
meant, let alone how to connect with strangers. After three Icilis enimin num ra eostia sequatIvolupta
years of
Officiur? executive board and are very excited
successfully learning about networking, building relationships with
tibusdae. to start
Ur apit porate off theaut
perspiduci year and continue
vellam que aut to grow
industry professionals, and using those relationships to further my PRSSA
velluptae omnihicipsus on the
dersperchit Syracuse
aut quaeprat vid University
career, I can confidently say networking will be one of the primary campus. The Ehling Report will be just
qui ut arum velicate nobitaerror si ute nos rem quatus
reasons I will successfully land a job upon graduation. one of the many things we have revamped.
earchita qui que doluptaquame liquistrum et voluptiis mo
This montly
Namnewsletter will be et,
your guide
When I began my internship search before enteringdebis my reicit
junior labo. Queforoccae.
consequ aturitios
related to PRSSA. You will
year, I contacted a recent alum of Syracuse Universitysunt whooditiisimos
at the sunt. Otatusdant hiliquam assitat iumqui
time worked for PMK/HBH, a luxury entertainment ute andped quia exerspebe
able to find
ribus.Num everything
as dolo from news and
iunt maior
public relations firm. While we only knew each other for rem facerib
a year
announcements to advice
she usanto etur, si rem aut vendignatem quos
and testimonials.
immediately offered her assistance in my search. We volor spoke sita sitam andaWe
about prem arenonsequ
here toaspereriae
help youvelesci
become better
different opportunities in New York and she even passedaspelique my resume public relations
derum volecum as sed mo vit represtorroprofesssionals in the
along to her team. Because of our shared passion forma dance and non pefuture.
por susda num, estiust lab idus eum que
public relations, I successfully landed my first real interview. numquam suntem voluptas Every voloreria
issue will dolutrevolve
volupic around the
central theme for
tessimi nvellores aciis aut elit aut re mod quia that month. September
nat eaque
This story is just one of the many times I used my networking
nossuntemod et eaquam is allaut
about networking.
odipsanda excea With the National
con conecti
capabilities to further my career.
How to maintain your oreperf erchitam voluptatConference
id expero nextvolestium
month and ellawith
dis many of
Consider these connections
tips before you meet your next connection: si ra dest asit enitibuus returning
saerorro from
officaturi summer internships,
dolestibusda our
• Express yourequist
in your field networking
quatquatur alit, optaturiatur aut aut skills couldsituse
quatatur a some fine
Obissimil inveles enditione sum tuning.
• Discuss their job and their specific projects dolorias disi que quid molupta tiones et rerspel
ipsant ma nobit et molor aut et erum aut elluptatiur
• Connect with them on topics outside of the workplace iliantiam iunducid utThe aperume
Ehling voluptas
will beautyour
maiorerum consequiatem aligniet volupta tiunt.
• Ask to further your conversation by exchanging emails provitiatum fugitem guide pernam and undanit aectur anditat
information center to pore
all things
Lamet• Be laborerum
proactive etandlandit
initiatereictur, culloreiur
conversations, don’trem
wait forreped
to quas aut exceri
public conesteni
relations ipissi
and cores
PRSSA. aut et these
latas doleseq uatemporum et et aut ipis voluptas dolut
email you unt qui rtaturiatur autEhling
aut quatatur
reportssit to quiandaes
look back dolorias
on. We include
asit accaectorit reperios eatem fugiatur molorem es
disi que quid molupta tiones et rerspel iliantiam
real-life experiences along with iunducid
tips, news
conetLesti doluptatum
After you’ve il et volupta
met someone tiaepelicid
or completed es
an internship, consider the
ut aperume voluptas and cullam aut quis
information provitiatum
to help you learn about
dit etfollowing
volorehent vel illorem peribusamus.
fugitem pernam undanit aectur anditat pore reped
PR as an industry and become a better
• Send
Porpori your supervisor
busandandes earuman eumemailnobitio
once or twice
nsequisa semester to check
in. This endam quas aut exceri conesteni ipissi
professional cores aut et unt
- use it!
es volum des shows your continued
et ut faccatini cum,interest for the
sitas mi, quecompany!
• Always
dolorumqui express
rest, sus your
nos gratitude whether
re nectium writtenqui
it’s asit
thank you aut aut quatatur sit quiandaes dolorias
note or nus
simple email. solum
This willvolum
go a long disi que quid molupta tionesyou
Thank et rerspel
for reading!
voluptiundae plabor ea way!
• Don’t be afraid to ask this connection for access to their other iliantiam iunducid ut
audanduntur sinihit rem labo. Omnis alis doluption
connections! Most of the time people are more than willing to Emmelie De La Cruz
parchilpasslaborest, etur, resume
along your cuptatem qui
once ra ius
they knowabo.
your work ethic and

Inside: • Networking within PRSSA

• 7 Rules for Networking Success
• Mastering the Elevator Speech
7 Rules for
networking success
Networking is one of the most talked about strategies in finding an internship during your
college career and a job post-graduation. Not all jobs and internships are posted online or
sent in a career center newsletter. Networking helps us to uncover those hidden possibilities.

Here are 7 Tips for Networking that everyone should know.

1. Prepare an “Elevator Speech” 4. Attend Career Fairs

An “elevator speech” is a 30 second overview of an Career fairs are a way to meet many employers in one
individual’s knowledge, skills, and accomplishments. The day and provide an opportunity to distribute your resume.
term comes from the time it takes to complete a normal Be sure to have your “elevator speech” prepared and get
elevator ride from the top to the bottom floor. An “elevator information on the hiring process and any on campus
speech” is an opportunity to get your point across in a interviews. Talk to a range of employers and collect
timely manner; namely, who you are, what you have business cards. These are contacts you can return to at a
accomplished, and where you hope to go in the future. This later date.
short speech is worth memorizing. In the time span of 30
seconds you can let those you come in contact with know 5. Join Professional Associations
what your skills, interests, and future goals are as they Professional associations can provide a new list of contacts
relate to internships and jobs. for networking. Most associations hold annual conferences
where you can learn more about the field as well meet those
2. Contact People You Already Know already working in the field. Associations also provide
Begin your internship search by contacting friends, family, an opportunity to read publications and trade journals
faculty, and former employers. They might know of that professionals in the field are currently reading. Many
existing opportunities or know of people currently working associations offer discount student memberships. PRSSA
in the field you are interested in. Faculty members are offers students an annual membership for $80 versus $300
a good source to consider when looking for internships for professionals
since they usually know alumni, employers, and other .
professionals within the field you are looking to intern in. 6. Send Thank You Notes
Show your appreciation by sending thank you notes or
3. Do Informational Interviews thank you emails when appropriate. Sending thank you
Informational interviews are a great way to connect with notes as a follow up to any informational interviews or
alumni from your college as well as connecting with career fairs will create a favorable impression for the
professionals currently working in the field. Be sure to employer and may lead to future opportunities within the
prepare a list of questions to learn about the person you are organization.
interviewing and their specific job tasks. Also ask about
any entry level opportunities that the employer might 7. Maintain Your Network
have available or anyone else that you should reach out Maintain your network by keeping in touch with the people
to. Remember that the person is also interviewing you, so you meet, work for, or interview with. Update them on
arrive prepared with a resume and relevant information your progress or ask them for advice on a paper or project.
they might want to know about. This will help ensure an ongoing mutual relationship where
networking becomes beneficial to both parties.
Thoughts From Conferences Past
by: David Lewis, media operations coordinator, Undertone Networks

With the fall semester bringing a slew of school-related costs, such as the usual tuition,
housing and textbooks, students question the need to take on yet one more expense that
2010 Conference* promises them a “better future in the long run.” As someone who graduated and got a job
within two months, I can attest that the PRSSA National Conference is definitely a great
Member Fees $295 investment for students who are serious about pursuing a future in the any facet of the
Nonmember Fees $330 marketing communications industry. I attended national conference in both 2008 and 2009,
Detroit and San Diego respectively, and took home a great wealth of industry knowledge,
Hotel and Transportation: connections and, of course, life-long friends.
Provided by your chapter.
To put the value of National Conference into perspective, consider some of the following
Fees are Due no later than: points:
September 10, 2010 • When the hiring manger at Undertone Networks, my current employer, spoke with me for
the first time about possibly joining the company on a full-time basis, she asked if I was sill
If you are interested in involved with PRSSA.
attending email: • My manager was a member of the PRSSA chapter at Penn State. She really admired my
mpalexan@syr.edu ASAP commitment to the organization, such as going to conference, during my interview.
• I still speak with the friends I made at conference. Many of them have jobs at some of the
Get a spot soon! They are top agencies and corporations across the country.
going quickly and expected • I learned some industry trends that were so new, my professors didn’t know of them
to sell out! and I continued to impress employers and teachers with the knowledge I had learned at
*Conference is open to all
years from freshmen to There are countless other examples and I could write forever about the benefits of National
Conference, but I hope these give some insight on how investing in conference can truly
graduate students.
pay off in the long run. If you cannot attend conference for any reason, please remember
the many other opportunities PRSSA offers on a more local level and get involved in any
way you can. The experience you gain is incredible and looked upon positively in the field.

Agenda Includes:
“From Behind the Podium: A Press Secretary’s Perspective”
Public Relations and Politics
“Collegiate and Professional Sporting”
Public Relations in the Sports and Entertainment Industry
“From the Storming Crisis to the Calm Before the Storm”
Crisis Communication
“Publicizing Fun”
There is more to public relations than an agency
“Building Connections”
PRSSA Ehling chapter news

Welcome back everyone! I hope your
summers were enjoyable. Here at PRSSA,
we are excited for a fun and educational year!
There are a few matters of business to share
with you all as we dive into the school year so
please take a minute to read this and find out
the latest!
With a faculty-based Board of
Directors now providing feedback,
Point System a new training system for
In order to reward our active members, we have underclassmen to contribute more
instated a point system to track participation effectively, and a strong client roster,
within PRSSA. This year each member of PRSSA will be awarded Hill Communications, Newhouse’s
points for attending meetings, events and activities. By accumulating award-winning student public
points, members will be granted preference on trips and seniority in the relations firm, is poised for another
organization. breakthrough year.

Graduation honors Hill Communications will also be

Starting with the class of 2011, PRSSA members will be eligible to introducing its brand-new Multimedia
graduate with PRSSA honors. These honors will be awarded based on a Department. This sector is designed
point system that will also be implemented this year. Students must be a to be a launching pad for all of our
member of PRSSA for at least 4 semesters and have obtained a certain campaign initiatives. It includes a
amount of points by graduation. new website (coming soon), a video
camera to film and later broadcast
Monthly Themes campaign activities, a YouTube
Each month we will focus on a different aspect of public relations. These channel to document important client
themes will be what speakerss and activities are based on within the events, and much more! This gives
organization and will be invaluable to your learning experience. This students a hands-on opportunity to
semesters themes are: experience the rapidly evolving role
September- Networking of technology in the field of public
October- Corporate PR relations.
November- Boutique PR
December- Special Event Planning There’s lots to be excited about and
we can’t wait to bring it all your way.
Mentor Program
This semester we are developing a mentor program with our local PRSA Sean C.R. Silva
chapter. This will be a great way to meet and develop relationships with Hill Communications Director
professionals in the area and to have their advice and connections as you seancrsilva@gmail.com
look for internships and jobs.

We are very excited to have you all back on campus and looking forward Membership Information
to a great year! Local Chapter Membership
$30 - Open to Non-majors, freshmen, and
Your President, sophomores

Megan Alexander National Membership

$80 - Mandatory for Juniors, Seniors, and
Graduate Students
Due September 17th, 2010
Dates to remember
9.10 Fee Due
National Conference fee due

9.17 Fee Due

Membership fee due

9.29 Induction Dinner

All Fees and Paperwork

are to go to:
NH1 Office 511

Connect with PRSSA

@PRSSANational www.facebook.com/prssanational

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