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- From Beyond the Grave -


By Eric Robert Powell
DOB: 12/26/1956
Time of Birth: 9 AM (EST)/ 5 AM (GMT)
April 21, 2011

Within this paper we shall be using what is commonly referred to as the alphanum
eric table, which simply converts the alphabet, letters ‘A – Z’ as numbers ‘1 – 26’ respect
In order for the earth to create life the Gods heated up the temperature of this
planet 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit which is 5,000 degrees Celsius. This created wa
ter and the air we breathe, the human race is created through Salt water which i
s why we sweat salt as well as in our tears. The race called man is compared to
fresh water which we drink in order to flush out our kidneys and purify the body
Nine plus five is ‘14’, the universe is 4.1 Billion years old. The date 12.26.1956,
being reduced into three single digits are therefore a (reduced) 3 – 8 – 3 = ‘14’.
The birth-date also represents an 8 – 6 – 2 as Eric Robert Powell is reduced to an 8
– 6 – 2 through the use of the alphanumeric table. Here then we find the lat number
s as a ‘105’ reduced to ‘15’. These two numbers equate a ‘76’ and therefore the birth of a
ew ‘eman-cipated’ free world.
The word “free” here on this occasion representing the God “Re” together with the letter
s “E – F” which represent the number ‘56’ and the annihilation of God’s opposite in nature
eing an alphanumeric ‘65’ (w – h – i – t – e) which represents the absence of color and the
efore an absence of God.
The word “free” is also an alphanumeric 12.26.1956 with a 9/5 ratio. The word totals
a ‘25’ and is automatically reduced to a ‘16’. The number ‘25’ represents the head of the
4 Elders as an 8.6.11 (25) and an 8.6.2 (‘16’) and also represents the number ‘88’ as th
ere are 88 known Constellations in the Universe, which is why a “piano” has 88 Keys
due to the harmony of nature when such anti-god matter as “the sickness” is eliminat
ed which begins with the number ‘65’when reduced and also represents the 18th Dynast
y of Amen Hotep as “526” BC which is also a ‘5.2.11’ when the separation of the white ma
n and black man took place as the so-called Jews were originally Black under the
Pharaoh AKHENATEN who was homosexual. As these Jews continually raged a state o
f warfare against the creator, they found that women were against violence by na
ture and therefore these men had continual sex with one another and therefore th
e separation of the Godly with the Godless.
The biblical Adam is therefore non-existent as everything is based on color and
sound, therefore the biblical Jews have no rhythm. Sound is current (think waves
) the European Jews are allergic to salt water as well as melanin which contains
salt water therefore they intentionally separate the two races.

The Phrase “White Man”

The biblical man lacks the “hue” of the human race with the letter “E” contracted in the
word “human”.
This biblical man is the European so-called Jew who are not Jews as they are not
descended from the biblical “Shem” but rather Japheth and a woman named Gomer, both
so-called Europeans, as the Jews specifically state that they are descended fro
m Adam, whose real name is correctly spelled “ADUM” which is a 12.26.1956, a 5/9 tim
e zone ratio which name totals a ‘39’ which is reduced to a ‘21’ and when added together
is a ‘60’, the number ‘6’ representing the 6th day of Creation as the zero mathematical
ly is here cancelled out as all numbers are actually complete in ‘1 – 9’ the number ni
ne representing the 9th incarnation of IMHOTEP (the Architect and the biblical ‘AM
EN’ or the Hidden One’ who is now out from hiding).
The alphanumerics associated with the phrase ‘white man’ is ‘65’ plus ‘28’ which totals a ‘
39). However encoded in these numbers one will find the “truth code” as:
These numbers reveal the year 526 BC
(as reported in the book “Moses and Monotheism” by Sigmund Freud).
The number ‘8’ here represents Tutankhamen as the 8th incarnation of HOTEP as well a
s my name as an 8.6.2 and my birth-date as ‘39/21/60’, or:
Here we have 12.26.1956, a 5/9.
Therefore 8.6.2 followed by my time and date of birth as I and Tutankhamen were
twins, he is his life and I in this life which represents the numbers
8 – 9/ 1 - 7.
My inheritance was stolen in this life by step-relatives at 98 Vaughan Ave., New
Rochelle leaving me to reside at 17 Riverdale Ave., in Yonkers, New York, the c
ity of my birth.
In the year 1798 AD, Napoleon waged “The Pyramid Wars” and blew my nose off of the S
phinx with a canon among his troops.

Eric Robert Powell

Pharaoh Akhenaten (left) and true statue (likeness) of Pharaoh Tutankhamen

Eric Robert Powell was given the Title of “Per’o” as his initials followed by the lett
er ‘O’ which designates a ‘105’ as well as a ‘39’.

The Lion of Judah, the Sphinx

The Egyptian s did have a name for the Sphinx beginning in the 18th Dynasty of t
he New Kingdom. It was Haremakhet in Egyptian and Haremakhis in Greek and th
e Sphinx s name meant "Horus in the Horizon."
‘Haremakhet’ was designated to the Great Sphinx of Giza to define it as the King of
A King was a physical carnation of Horus in his lifetime and reigned as Horus as
legend tells as ruler of all of the lands - Osiris and Isis and Horus’.
Generally the role of sphinxes is associated with architectural structures such
as royal tombs or religious temples. The oldest known sphinx was found in Gobekl
i Tepe, Turkey and was dated to 9,500 BC.[2]
What names their builders gave to these statues is not known. At the Great Sphin
x site, the inscription on a stele erected a thousand years later, by Thutmose I
V in 1400 BCE, (the ‘1400’ represents my date of birth during the last days) lists t
he names of three aspects of the local sun deity of that period, Khepera - Rê - At

Ra (alternatively spelled Ré), Egyptian *ri:ʕu, is the ancient Egyptian sun god. By
the Fifth Dynasty he had become a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion, iden
tified primarily with the mid-day sun. The meaning of the name is uncertain, but
it is thought that if not a word for sun it may be a variant of or linked to
words meaning creative power and creator .[1]
The chief cult centre of Ra was Heliopolis (called Iunu, "Place of Pillars", in
Egyptian),[2] where he was identified with the local sun-god Atum. Through Atum,
or as Atum-Ra he was also seen as the first being and the originator of the Enn
ead, consisting of Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut, Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephthys.
In later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra was merged with the god Horus, as Re-Horakh
ty ("Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons"). He was believed to rule in all part
s of the created world the sky, the earth, and the underworld.[2] He was associa
ted with the falcon or hawk. When in the New Kingdom the god Amun rose to promin
ence he was fused with Ra as Amun-Ra. During the Amarna Period, Akhenaten suppre
ssed the cult of Ra in favour of another solar deity, the Aten, the deified sola
r disc, but after the death of Akhenaten the cult of Ra was restored.
The cult of the Mnevis bull, an embodiment of Ra, had its centre in Heliopolis a
nd there was a formal burial ground for the sacrificed bulls north of the city.
All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra, who called each of t
hem into existence by speaking their secret names. Alternatively humans were cre
ated from Ra s tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle
of Ra." In the myth of the Celestial Cow it is recounted how mankind plotted aga
inst Ra and how he sent his eye as the goddess Sekhmet to punish them. When she
became blood thirsty she was pacified by mixing beer with red dye.
To the Egyptians, the sun represented light, warmth, and growth. This made the s
un deity very important as the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created.
The sun disk was either seen as the body or eye of Ra (aka Re).
Ra was thought to travel on two solar boats called the Mandjet (the Boat of Mill
ions of Years), or morning boat and the Mesektet, or evening boat. These boats t
ook him on his journey through the sky and the underworld. When Ra traveled in h
is sun boat he was accompanied by various other deities including Sia (perceptio
n) and Hu (command) as well as Heka (magic power). Sometimes members of the Enne
ad helped him on his journey, including Set who overcame the serpent Apophis and
Mehen who defended against the monsters of the underworld. Apophis, an enormous
serpent tried to stop the sun boat s journey every night by consuming it or by
stopping it in its tracks with a hypnotic stare. In the evening the Egyptians be
lieved that Ra set as Atum or in the form of a ram. The Mesektet or Night boat w
ould carry him through the underworld and back towards the east in preparation f
or his rebirth. These myths of Ra represent the sunrise as the rebirth of the su
n by the sky goddess Nut, thus attributing the concept of rebirth and renewal to
Ra and strengthening his role as a creator god.
As with most widely worshiped Egyptian deities, Ra s identity was often combined
with other gods, forming an interconnection between deities.
Amun and Amun-Ra
Amun was a member of the Ogdoad, representing creation energies with Amaunet, a
very early patron of Thebes. He was believed to create via breath, and thus was
identified with the wind rather than the sun. As the cults of Amun and Ra became
increasingly popular in Upper and Lower Egypt respectively they were combined t
o create Amun-Ra, a solar creator god. The name Amun-Ra is reconstructed as [*riːʕu]
). It is hard to distinguish exactly when this combination happened, but referen
ces to Amun-Ra appeared in pyramid texts as early as the fifth dynasty. The most
common belief is that Amun-Ra was invented as a new state deity by the Theban r
ulers of the New Kingdom to unite worshipers of Amun with the older cult of Ra a
round the eighteenth dynasty.

Atum and Atum-Ra

Atum-Ra (or Ra-Atum) was another composite deity formed from two completely sepa
rate deities, however Ra shared more similarities with Atum than with Amun. Atum
was more closely linked with the sun, and was also a creator god of the Ennead.
Both Ra and Atum were regarded as the father of the deities and pharaohs, and w
ere widely worshiped. In older myths, Atum was the creator of Tefnut and Shu, an
d he was born from ocean Nun.

In later Egyptian mythology, Ra-Horakhty was more of a title or manifestation th
an a composite deity. It translates as "Ra (who is) Horus of the Horizons". It w
as intended to link Horakhty (as a sunrise-oriented aspect of Horus) to Ra. It h
as been suggested that Ra-Horakhty simply refers to the sun s journey from horiz
on to horizon as Ra, or that it means to show Ra as a symbolic deity of hope and
rebirth. (See earlier section: Ra and the sun).

Khepri and Khnum

Khepri was a scarab beetle who rolled up the sun in the mornings, and was someti
mes seen as the morning manifestation of Ra. Similarly, the ram-headed god Khnum
was also seen as the evening manifestation of Ra. The idea of different deities
(or different aspects of Ra) ruling over different times of the day was fairly
common, but variable. With Khepri and Khnum taking precedence over sunrise and s
unset, Ra often was the representation of midday when the sun reached its peak a
t noon. Sometimes different aspects of Horus were used instead of Ra s aspects.
Ra is represented in a variety of forms. The most usual form was a man with the
head of a hawk and a solar disk on top, a man with the head of a beetle (in his
form as Khepri), or a man with the head of a ram. Ra was also pictured as a full
-bodied ram, beetle, phoenix, heron, serpent, bull, cat, or lion as well as othe
r creatures.[3]
The chief cult centre of Ra was Heliopolis (called Iunu, "Place of Pillars", in
Egyptian),[2] where he was identified with the local sun-god Atum. Through Atum,
or as Atum-Ra he was also seen as the first being and the originator of the Enn
ead, consisting of Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut, Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephthys.
His local cult began to grow from roughly the second dynasty, establishing Ra as
a sun deity. By the fourth dynasty the pharaohs were seen to be Ra s manifestat
ions on earth, referred to as "Sons of Ra". His worship increased massively in t
he fifth dynasty, when he became a state deity and pharaohs had specially aligne
d pyramids, obelisks, and solar temples built in his honor. The first Pyramid Te
xts began to arise, giving Ra more and more significance in the journey of the p
haraoh through the underworld.
The Middle Kingdom saw Ra being increasingly combined and affiliated with other
chief deities, especially Amun and Osiris.
During the New Kingdom, the worship of Ra became more complicated and grander. T
he walls of tombs were dedicated to extremely detailed texts that told of Ra s j
ourney through the underworld. Ra was said to carry the prayers and blessings of
the living with the souls of the dead on the sun boat. The idea that Ra aged wi
th the sun became more popular with the rise of The New Kingdom.
Many acts of worship included hymns, prayers, and spells to help Ra and the sun
boat overcome Apep.
Though worship of Ra was widespread, his cult center was in Heliopolis in Lower
Egypt. Oddly enough, this was the home of the Ennead that was believed to be hea
ded by Atum, with whom he was merged. The Holiday of The Receiving of Ra was c
elebrated on May 26 in the Gregorian calendar.
The rise of Christianity in the Roman empire caused an end to the worship of Ra
by the citizens of Egypt,[4] and as Ra s popularity suddenly died out, the study
of Ra became purely for academic knowledge even among the Egyptian priests.[5]
of the
The Bent Pyramid is one of the Old Kingdom Pyramids at Giza, Egypt; built in the
4th Dynasty, 2680-2565 B.C. for the 4th dynasty pharaoh, Sneferu.
Temples were designed as a mirror of the Earth, and the Earth is made of its own
geometry. Take the axial wobble at the Earth s Pole (it s Precessional Cycle),
which takes approximately 25,770 years to complete. Divide this by the Earth s e
quatorial circumference of 21,638 nautical miles.
The ratio between the two is 5:6.
Since geometry is the expression of number in space, this ratio is equivalent to
the pentagram/hexagram. Thus the Bent Pyramid is a reflection of the dynamics o
f the Earth, and it is this precise ratio that enables life to exist here, for t
he 5:6 ratio is only found on this planet.
But there s more. You d expect this 5:6/pentagon/hexagon relationship to be refl
ected on all things that emanate from the Earth. In truth, all organic life is b
ased on pentagonal crystalline structures— think starfish, seed arrangement in an
apple core, etc. On the other hand, inorganic compounds, such as crystals, the s
tructure of beehives, etc, are hexagonal. But there s one life form that emanate
s from the Earth which carries both geometries in its crystalline make-up.
When looking at human DNA under the microscope we see its amino acid crystals bi
nd one to another in alternating pentagonal and hexagonal blocks. In other words
, we are a reflection of the form that gives us life.
Since temples were designed to influence the behavior of people who entered them
, the purpose behind the Bent Pyramid s angles of error now become obvious: th
e temple was designed as an interface between humans and the Earth. When you con
sider that the entire building sits atop a magnetic node, the implications of it
s position and its function are startling.

The Point
Embedded in the word “point” one will find, 12.26.1956, the 5/9 time zone ratio as w
ell as my full name using the alphanumeric table as a 26.15.56 which totals a “97”.
On the reverse side of the American dollar bill, one will find an undone Pyramid
with thirteen steps. It takes 9 steps in order to complete a pyramid. The addit
ional 13 steps represent the 13th Sign of the Zodiac; Friday the 13th, which was
the Friday in which the Jews were made and cursed. A “nine” plus “thirteen”, alphanumer
ically is a ‘135’ plus ‘79’ which totals a ‘214’, however when one takes the ‘315’ and arra
the number properly to a ‘513’, the number ‘513’ plus gives us the exact number of ‘142’, w
ich as mentioned earlier represents the number of “abominations” in the King James V
ersion of the bible which deals with bad fruit.
In the Book of Genesis we are all familiar with the phrase “forbidden fruit”. Alphan
umerically, the phrase “forbidden fruit” is a ‘77’ for the word “forbidden” and a ‘56’ for
ord “fruit”. Now, as ‘77’ + ‘56’ = ‘133’, the number “133” refers to The Pharaoh Tutankhame
s shot in the head through the activities of his so-called bodyguards who left t
he King’s Chambers.
My Mother was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where I also lived and visited
while away from Yonkers, New York.
Here we have Christ born in a “manger” – (german-y), meaning born sick, as well as the
King’s Chamber, as well as Hamburg, Germany and the word “HAMBURGER” which when combi
ned is networked with the City of Ur, modern day Turkey – the Native Americans off
ered the Pilgrams “turkeys” as the Native Americans were Egyptian Pharoahs as well a
s the missing 12 Tribes of Israel, known as “The First Nations” of Canada, as well a
s 12 other Tribes in North America proper, together constituting the 24 Elders.
Since the Jews use our abducted dead as feed for cattle (Hamburger – HAMMUR-ABI as
Abraham) and other livestock, Burger King has asked the question over their int
ernet site to our people which frequent the facility,
“Where’s Your God Now?”

The phrase “forbidden fruit” is also a “142” and my full name, Eric Robert Powell, if on
e counts the letters in each name, comes to a ‘421’. I AM the one who will punish th
em for their abominations against their ‘Gad’, pronounced GAWD.

The Murder of King Tut Proven Historic

Part II
Check the world-wide-web and you will see that we shot and killed a “bison” 40,000 y
ears ago, the skull of which is in the country of Russia.
The Pharaoh Tutankhamen was assassinated using a 45 cal. bullet.
As a side note Akhenaten was known as Amen Hotep IV and his son Tutankhamen was
Amen Hotep the 5th who has never before been mentioned as such, killed because h
e served the Gods and followed the precepts of the Priests against his father’s wi
ll, who was bi-sexual. This is the reason why the Pharaohs depict him as part ma
n and part woman with breasts and a pregnant stomach or womb.
Also see the DVD “Chariots of the Gods” for movie version of firearms.
These weapons were only possessed by the Pharaohs and only to be used in a dire
emergency. All of the firearms used today are copied from our stockpiles and blu
eprints, much of our gold to be found in Atlantis, which is underground here in
America and in particular the State of Phoenix, Arizona as this State is of the
so-called mythical bird which in all actuality is the Falcon.
The word “ZION” is also formed from the word Arizona, also the name of “Ra” and his coun
terpart the feminine version of the name as “Ar”.
The name ‘Phoenix’ is a combination of Isis as “Persephone”.
Embedded in the phrase Phoenix, Arizona one will also find the word “Pharaoh”. You w
ill also find the biblical “Joseph” as the “Nez Perce” Nation of the Pharaohs here in Am
erica as there are 12 Tribes in the United States as well as the original 12 Tri
bes located in Canada called “The First Nations”.
Surely it was murder, because of damage and a blood clot found in his skull.
Powder burns from the gunshot were also found in his head.
This is the reason why King Tutankhamen’s body has been stolen and the evidence ob
The Jews have now erroneously stated, through corrupt Egyptians at their disposa
l, that the Pharoah Tutankhamen died of a leg injury!
In Ancient Egypt?
We would have amputated his leg first.

These special weapons were not to be used unless it was absolutely necessary. So
we had the weapons on earth even at this early date, which is part and parcel t
o the accomplishments of the Ancient Egyptians, and was made into a major motion
picture entitled “Chariots of the Gods”.
We also hade lasers, helicopters and the like, as well as jets and space vehicle
s as this unknown master film so wittingly subscribes.
The Pharaoh King Tut was shot in the head while he slept alone in his bedroom ch
amber. The man responsible was his father, Amen Hotep the IV, who changed his na
me to Akhenaten often also spelled Echnaton, Akhnaton, or rarely as Ikhnaton and
one of the Pharaoh’s of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, allegedly ruling for 17
years and murdered by Tuthmosis III the same year as Tut.
Tutankhamen was, according to available statistics, ruling between 1341 - 1323 B
C., ascending to the throne in 1333 BC, at the age of nine.
In the dates concerning Akhenatens’ death we find the numbers ‘133’ as well as ‘412’. It i
s through the name Akhenaten where we derive the phrase,
The European Jews are actually ‘uncircumcised’ rather than ‘circumcised’ and as such are
referred to as “dogs” - uncircumcised homosexuals, in the biblival scriptures espec
ially regarding the “300” uncircumcised Jews who as a whole of the Jewish representa
tion, go to war against God Almighty. This scripture was parlayed into a major m
otion picture entitled “300” as biblically they lapped up water like a dog found at
a lake rather than putting the water to their hands like the others. These 300 a
re at large as we speak and are called “The Committee of 300” which in the film, go
to War against the Pharaoh and lose dreadfully.
With Kink Tut in mind, the word “uncircumcised” totals both a ‘142’ as well as a ‘133’.
Recall that the number ‘142’ plays prominent in the KJV of the bible as the secret c
ode number regarding homosexuals and lesbians in the bible, also the exact numbe
r of abominations enumerated in the KJV.
When he became king, Tutankhamen married his half sister, Ankhesenepaten, who l
ater changed her name to Ankhesenamun. They had two daughters, both stillborn.[7
After Tutankamen’s death, Ankhespaten, King Tut’s wife, sent away for a prince of th
e Hittites (Egypt’s Jewish enemies) that wasn’t part of the kingdom so that she didn’t
have to marry Aye and she could still stay queen. The Hittite prince was murder
ed on the way to Egypt before he could marry Ankhespaten! Later Queen Ankhespate
n mysteriously disappeared.
Pharaoh Tutankhamen was assassinated by by his wife Ankhespaten as he lay face d
own on his bed with his head turned to the left (west).
Akhenaten was not originally designated as the successor to the throne until the
untimely death of his older brother, Tuthmosis IV.
Akhenaten’ whip bearing his name was found in Tutankhamun s tomb.

The whip was what we call a “CAT OF NINE TAILS”

CAT = 3.1.2 = 6
OF = 6 + 6 = 12
NINE = 42
TAIL(S) = 39/21/60
Plus the number ‘1’, where we find the number 133 as 2.1 = 3 + 9 = 12 = 3 + 3 + 1, (
where ‘S’ = 1).
“Cat of nine tails” reduced as = 187 = 97 = Lashed by ‘AMEN-HOTEP’ (97).
How many lashes did Akhenaten Receive?

The significance of only having 39 is that it was believed that 40 lashes would
kill a man.

39 ‘LASHES’ where “l-a-s-h-e-s” = alphanumeric ‘64’ = (HOTEP)/AMEN = 33

This was done because Akhenaten’s New Religion did away with the Religion of Amen
and supplanted it with a false doctrine that the Sun was simply a disk in the sk
y having no esoteric value. Such doctrine has been used by the so-called Jews ev
er since, seeing also that they were the “Hittites”, the treasonous story given abov

This is why the so-called European Jews hate the Christ and his return, having a
ttempted to assassinate over 4(2)1 times during his reincarnation.

How did Akhenaten die?

Buried Alive for treason against the state
(State = 12.26.1956, 9/5 ratio, with full name compound of 26.15.56 = 97).
The Pharaoh Tutankhamen died at the age of ‘14’ in 513 BC. He was born in 527BC whic
h represents my time zone birth ratio as well as securing, once again, the amoun
t of Reparations which are about to be given to the American Blacks, which total
the number of the year of his death (315) in 513 BC.
If one were to take the year 526 BC and subtract 513 years, one would find the a
lleged year of King Tut’s ascending to the thrown in the year 1333.

Akhenaten’s mummy has never been found.

In addition, King Tut is the only Pharaoh to have actually been found throughout
all 32 Dynasties.
He was the 8th incarnation of ‘IMHOTEP’, the ninth is alive and well and is consider
ed known as is to his identity by all.

The name here is pronounced as such in the scriptures as The Great “I AM” (HOTEP), t
he Architect whose name is also AMEN, who is the Jesus of the scriptures.

Using the alphanumeric table without reductions, we find the last three numbers
as a ‘19 – 14 – 33’, which denotes the year of Amen’s birth as a reduced ‘1956’.
Here we find the name of HOTEP encoded by the Ancient Egyptians as an 8.6.2 for
the first three letters, which are the same single digits in the name Eric Rober
t Powell as well as the initials “EP” for Eric Powell which also signifies a ‘516’ which
are reduced to a ‘57’ and thereby the number ‘12’ for a 12.26.56 as well as the name us
ing the alphanumeric table as an 8.6.2 for:
Eric Robert Powell

The Alphanumeric table of Pharaoh Tutankhamen Hotep

The name Tutankhamen is encoded by the Ancient Egyptians as follows:
12.26.1956, 9/5 with his full name (as in Eric Robert Powell) as 26.78.38 which
total ‘421’.
The name itself totals a ‘128’ reduced to ‘38’ as in “Powell”.
The name HOTEP adds the number ‘64’ as the two sums equal a ‘192’.

As Eric Robert Powell, born 12.26.1956 at 9 AM (EST) and 5 AM (GMT) you shall wi
tness the following my following “9” and “7”codes as they relate to Amen Hotep I – II. As
the ‘historic’ Amen Hotep I and Amen hotep II are one and the same.
My full name in letters consists of Seven Nines for a ‘79’, seven times nine is 63/9
My date of birth, when added together produces the mystic number ‘1994’ and the plan
et Jupiter, check the www.
My date of birth as 12.26.56 is reduced to a ‘94’.
I was born at 9 AM (EST) for a total of eleven nines.
Last, 12.26.1956 contains one nine, for a grand total of 12 nines.
Therefore my total nine score is a 12/9 = 21. Or simply put, a ‘129’, which the Jews
, using Telstar Electronics together with the communications industry such as Ve
rizon, Con Edison and the like have broadcasted over my stereo repeatedly to dro
wn out the sound of music from my home stereo system also using CB radios from P
olice Headquarters Operations in Yonkers known as the Counter-Intelligence Unit
as well as the National Security Agency, NASA, Telstar and Homeland Security as
well as the usual eavesdropping organizations such as the FBI, the CIA, NATO, th
e Joint Chiefs, Joint Staff Intelligence, G-2, the German High Command as well a
s the Mossad’s Communication satellites and surrogates here in Yonkers, New York a
s regular Con Edison workers have now shied away from such shenanigans, one of w
hom admitted while working with Con Edison that I knew the operation and request
ed in no uncertain terms that they desist the operations at that time and vacate
the area which was in Getty Square, Yonkers, New York.
My Seven Code
My name as Eric Robert Powell has an alphanumeric total of ‘196’, when divided by Se
ven we find ‘28’ sevens. The name Eric Robert Powell itself contains four letters in
the first name, six letters in the middle name as well as six letters in the la
st name for a total of ‘421’, which equals a Seven also for a total of 29 Sevens.
Since my date of birth being 12.26.1956 is reduced into three single digits, bei
ng 3-8-3 = 14, the square root is ‘7’, plus the additional Seven which totals the ‘14’.
This simple equation provides me with 31 seven’s, and NOT three as the Jews assume
Seven times 31 totals a ‘217’, or 21/7 for a reduced 37/10, the same figure as in ‘HOT
EP” being reduced to a 37/10.
My double-digit full name in reduced figures is an 8.6.11 reduced to an 8.6.2 wh
ich represents the numbers 25/16 with the number ‘25’ as stated earlier representing
the head of the 24 Elders, in this life as well as the next.
My ‘25’ as an alphanumeric, when added to the number 39, as there are three nines in
the name Eric, as well as ‘Erp’, also designated as ‘Per’ is also a 39/21/60. which is
my date of birth code as well as time of birth. This number ‘39’ after added by the
number ‘25’ gives us a total alphanumeric ‘64’, the total alphanumeric in the name ‘HOTEP’
Lastly, the 31 sevens are written as ‘317’ and the 12 nines
 as ‘129’. These two sets of
numbers total ‘4316’ which are reduced to a 23/14 as Re (23), born ’14’.
The 4316 also provides my time of birth as our ‘9/5’ ratio as well as the number ‘86’.

When we use the same numbers by subtracting them, we find the following:

3 – 1 = 2
7 – 6 = 2
This is a 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 ratio.

What it means to be ‘Eighty-sixed’

There have been many theories concerning the origin of the phrase, being “86ed”. How
ever, this is the genuine meaning, for it is both prophetic as well as historic
and it refers to the amount of money, valuables and wealth that is owed to the p
ersonification of GOD by the European Jews.
It was originally intended as the figure which must be paid to the American Blac
ks for over 401 years of abject poverty.
However, the Pharaoh Amen Hotep departed Egypt in 526BC, this is the actual Jesu
s of the scriptures because it was Amen Hotep who left the Lord’s Prayer, not just
for the Egyptians, but for all peoples.
The alphanumeric table, in English shows that to be “eighty-sixed” totals a “315”.
The base figure is 105 trillion dollars from 526 BC until May 21, 2011.
Since my name and date of birth registers a basic 7/14 (21), the payment due my
people around the world in the Creation of the New Beginning requires a triple p
ayment just as in all games of chance, triple Sevens result in a triple payment,
in what the Jews term, “The Game of Life”, nothing but Sport and Play as the Prophe
t Muhammad (PBUH) prophesized.
The payment is 105 plus 168 trillion because the State of Virginia (the Virgin S
tate) had been settled by my relative John Powell back in 1608.
The sum of 315 trillion goes back to Pharaoh Tutankhamen and the fact that I lef
t as Amen Hotep for the Americas in 526 BC, Ramses III’s Dynasty ended circa 441 B

“He replied, "It is not right to take the children s bread and toss it to their do
gs." - Matthew 15:26
"Yes, Lord," she replied, "but even the dogs under the table eat the children s
crumbs." – Mark 7:27

The Doggy-Bag
Since it has already been furnished to the reader that the European Jews eat you
ng children aged between the ages of 11 – 16.
See, “Staggering Amount of Missing Blacks fuels Speculation of Human Trafficking” (h
Over the past 5 years, 1.3 million children each year which totals 6.5 million d
ead, tortured, cannibalized and murdered at Molech Temples in every major city i
n America owned and operated by the Jewish Rite of Freemasonry.
The biblical scriptures call the Jews, mainly men as being dogs meaning homosexu
al perverts, as such is in existence also within the Catholic Church.
There is also a reference in the scriptures to the Jewish body entitled “The Commi
ttee of 300”, as “Dogs” who battle the Pharaoh and lose (see the major motion picture,
“300” which describes them as being Greek and Spartan with some fictitious story li

Using the alphanumeric table the phrase “doggy-bag” is a ‘526’ for the phrase “doggy” and a
7/10’ for the word ‘bag’.
When our people are cannibalized by the Jewish Rite, who are called “dogs”, they “take
home” leftovers.
The phrase “take home” is a 37/10 for the word “take” and a 401 (14 or 4.1 Billion years
, which represents also the age of the Universe and the earth and its people) fo
r the 401 years of captivity and economic enslavement of the Black race, thirty-
seven plus fourteen equals ‘1(0)5’.
The phrase “take-out” is a 37/10 for the word “take” and a ’56 for the word “out”. Thirty-s
n plus ’56 totals a ‘39/21/60 as well as the year 526 BC.
Therefore we have the 105 trillion dollars, as there are also 105 trillion blood
cells in the human body and 105 trillion stars in the known Universe.
White Americans from age 20 to 29 measure at an average of 5 feet, 10.4 inches
tall and African-Americans measure at 5 feet, 10.1 inches.
The Truth behind Area 51
One can easily look up the phrase “area 51” on the internet, this was an outpost sta
tion for our ships to communicate with “the rulers of this world” as the phrase “area
51” is alphanumerically a ‘25’ plus ‘51’ (105) which totals a ’76 and is also a 12/26/56, a
25/16 and the two remaining digits, the 5/7 reduced to a ‘12’ which is further reduc
ed to a “3”, bringing the remaining two digits to form the number “315” as well as 526 B
C and therefore represents the world’s restitution for the theft, pain, misery and
murder which are all due to the rise and fall of the so-called ‘European Jew’ since
Amen’s departure in 526BC, which is also reduced to a ‘76’ and therefore World Libera
tion from the Old and out-dated so-called Kingdom of this World.

 526 to 37 we find the number ‘563’ which is a 5/9 time zone ratio, a 23/14 (R
e , 12.26.1956 = 3.8.3 = 14), the name Re also refers to the biblical “Er” as the f
irst born of Judah (Thutmosis III).
Here we finally also find, in the number ‘563’ the catch all number of “86”, as my first
and middle name is an 8.6 respectively, the last name is an alphanumeric ‘2’ which
denotes the consolidation of the world against his ‘arch’ enemies, the European Jew
s, the “ARCH” in freemasonry is named the Royal Arch Degree, the word “Arch” referring t
o ‘The Architect’ whose name is IMHOTEP and biblically the phonetic “I AM” – HOTEP.

“- 21 –“
The number ‘21’ is alphanumerically a ‘105’.
My name as ‘Eric’ is reduced alphanumerically to the single digit ‘8’, my birth-date of
12.26.56, when added totals a ‘49’ which is reduced to a ‘13’ for a total of
8/13 = 21.
My 12/9 is also a ‘21’.
My 7/14 is also a ‘21’
My name as Pe , which contains my first and last name also refers to the God Pe
and the ‘Souls of Pe ’ which most people have never heard of but which represents t
he entity of the Father consolidating past souls and their personalities which m
ainly concerns past historic figures who for reason of incompletion in the last
days are consolidated. This name is part and parcel to the secret identity of th
e name “Pope” as the first two initials are “Po” as only I am qualified as the real or g
enuine Pope and Coroneted Pharaoh well.

These initials (Pe ) represent an alphanumeric 16/5 = 21.
My full name as a Seven, together with my time of birth, being ‘9/5’ totals a ‘7/95’ whi
ch is another ‘21’ figure.
My full name recorded as a ‘35’, ‘56’ and a ‘38’ respectively also totals a ‘129’.
This then totals five ‘twenty-ones’ for a single individual
This gives us the number ‘1.25’ as the average heart-rate is 1.25 beats per second,
the ‘125th’ Chapter of “The Book of the Dead” and finally when 105 is multiplied by ‘5’ we
nherit the number ‘675’, the number ‘67’ belongs to the biblical Ishmael who was promise
d to build a new Nation (world) after the 400+ years of American/Jewish servitud
e had been completed, as it is now. The number ‘5’ although representing a Pentagon
as a symbol of Power, also designates the Return of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.
One must remember that the number ’76 represents Liberty for All while the number ’6
7 while denoting the same number in reverse, also incorporates the “Lord” of the “sixt
h-day”, therefore the number ‘6/7’.
The number ‘675’ when reduced equals exactly “135”.

The Curse of King Tut II

The word “hello” is a magical curse as it represents a greeting even among the Jews
who realized the power of the spoken word as an albatross around their neck.
The word ‘hello’ originated as such from “Ancient Egypt” embedded in the name of The Gre
at City, “HELIOPOLIS”, the Egyptian Capital.
Here we find the word “hello”, however embedded in the so-called greeting is the wor
d and reality of the phrase “GIVE THEM HELL”.
The three ancient letters ‘H – E – L – L’ is therefore in Ancient Egypt, the City of which
was also known as MEMPHIS.

The Scripture
“Egypt shall gather them, and Memphis shall bury them”.
Memphis is the Greek rendition of AMENOPHIS or AMENHOTEP.
The alphanumeric table within “HELL-O” is a ‘37/10’ plus the letter “O” which denotes the n
mber ‘105’.
The number ‘105’ plus ‘37’ totals a ‘142’ which is the amount of Curses in the Torah as the
number of Abominations inherent within the text. It also specifically alludes to
the ban on homosexuality within the so-called Jewish Kingdom.
The name ‘Heliopolis’ is an alphanumeric ‘129’ plus ‘111’ for a ‘39’ plus ‘3’ which totals
andments of Ma’at which is upheld by the Pharaoh.
The word “HELL” is also the alphanumeric 12.26.1956 and 5/9 as well as an 8.6.11 and
an 8.6.2.
The word “HE” as pertaining to Tutankhamen is a registered “8 – “135” as Tutankhamen was th
8th Incarnation of IMHOTEP.
A “fifth” is registered as “1/5” which totals the number “6” while the phrase “A – FIFTH” r
s as a ‘526’ in numerals while “AFIFTH” totals a 50(0) the birth year of Pharaoh Tutankh
amen who died at the age of ‘14’ in ‘513’ BC.
Now we must contend with the fraction and digit “1/5 = 6” as “56” is reduced to an ‘11/2” a
d therefore my date of exit from Egypt in 526 BC.
When ‘56’ is reduced to an ‘11/2’ the sum is an ‘8’ as 6 + 2 = 8, and therefore also ‘526’.
The word “fifth” is an alphanumeric ‘49’ reduced to ‘13’, then we have the phrase “THE FIFT
ich is exactly a ‘3313’ and therefore the year ‘1333’ as noted by historians as the date
of Reign of Tutankhamen.
The word “hell” being a 37/10 (HOTEP), when added to the number ‘1(0)5’ totals a ‘52’ which
recognizes the World Jewish Congress’ 52 Members of whom The Lord is against.
Pharaoh Tutankhamen was the FIFTH Pharaoh of the Amen Hotep Dynasty.


By the Return of Tutankhamen, the consolidation of the Architect is complete as
the ‘8th Step of the Pyramid’, as Tutankhamen was the 8th Incarnation
 returned as hi
s curse would necessarily dictate along with the Souls of Pe .
The 9th Step of the Pyramid is the completion of the World as ‘GOD’ so planned. A ‘9’ is
an alphanumeric ‘42’ as well and therefore brings back into restoration the 42 Comm
andments of Ma’at which was the heart and soul in the biblical Ten Commandments.
I personally bear the 5 stitches representing the murder of Pharaoh in metal upo
n the upper left-hand portion of my head which originally took 4 stitches which
totals a 4/5 (45) as Amen Hotep the IV, (ATEN) and the 5th Pharaoh as Tutankhame
n as well as the weapon used.
I was once almost “capped” in the forehead by my wife in this life when the 25 semi-
automatic misfired as the shell was improperly loaded. Tutankhamen was murdered
using a ‘45’ cal. Handgun. Here we have the ‘25’ cal. Vs the 45 semi-automatic, for a ‘70’
25) / 90 (45), or the number ‘97’.

The phrase “a stitch in time saves nine” concerns the fact that at this late date, a
nd accidents happen for a reason not related to the accident itself, I fell back
ward in my room after taking my sleeping pills as I entered my locker (I share a
room at present with four other gentlemen) and landed on a metal strip beneath
my bed as these beds have metal stands. My head hit the metal post which lied ho
rizontally across the foot of my bed which knocked me out. This created a pool o
f blood as I struck the upper left hand side of my head as if I had struck a sha
rp object.
After being assisted by my roommates who called an ambulance I entered the emerg
ency room where four metal stitches were placed across the hole in my head. Once
the surgeon was finished placed four metal stitches in place he then decided to
place an additional stitch to completely seal the wound. When I arrived back to
the residence a roommate of mine, after I asked him how many stitches I incurre
d informed me that there were four, afterwards I was told by another friend that
there was actually five. This occurrence demonstrates the sublime nature of the
mysteries concerning the nature of Pharaoh Tutankhamen as not only being shot w
ith a metal 45 cal. Handgun but also the fact that his father Aten was Amen Hote
p the fourth and Tutankhamen the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Amen Hotep
The phrase, ‘A Stitch in time saves nine’ relates to the fact that the ninth incarna
tion of Hotep has been saved by the Return of King Tutankhamen Hotep as the 8th
Step in the nine steps required to build or complete a Pyramid, which represents
the completion of the World.
The alphanumeric table consistent with a “stitch” is a ‘79’, the word “time” is an alphanum
ric ’56, the word “saves” is also a ’56 while the word “nine” is an alphanumeric ’42 with t
word ‘A’ representing the number ‘one’.
These calculations represent the numbers ‘86’ and ‘315’ which together brings our total
here to the number ‘401’.
Within the number ‘86/315’ the number six is divided in half as two ‘3’s followed by the
numbers 3.1.5 as in our present model for a 9/15 equals ‘96’ and therefore the numb
er ‘105’.
These computations reveal the number ‘1333’ as well as the remaining numbers ‘8’ and ‘5’ fo
the 8th Incarnation of Thoth, which is represented in King Tut’s name as Thoth be
ing abbreviated as “TUT (H)” followed by the Egyptian “Ankh” embedded within his name, w
hich is used to contact the Gods, as well as “AMEN” himself and therefore AMEN HOTEP’S
9th Reincarnation.
The number ‘315’ is also reduced to the number ‘9’ while the numbers ‘861’ are reduced to a
‘87’ reduced to a ‘15’ for a 9/15 which is a ‘96’ reduced to a ‘1(0)5’ as well as the numb
which is reduced to the number ‘42’.

Concerning those mentioned earlier as being abducted, tortured and cannibalized

while alive as well as burnt or made to go through the fire alive as cooked meat
, I have endeavored to isolate the correct number of dead/murdered since the yea
r 526 BC.
The word “people” is an alphanumeric ‘69’ which is also reduced to a ‘1(0)5’. There have be
n 2,536 years (reduced to a ‘79’) since 526 BC and 2010.
The number ’69’ plus ‘2536’ totals exactly ‘2605’, or ‘526’ B.C.

Amount of Black Dead and Murdered Individuals by the European Jews since 526 B.C

2.5 billion Blacks were killed during the slave trade alone since 1609 here in A
merica. From the year 526 B.C., 7 billion 600,000 people around the world have b
een killed by the European Jews.
Subtracting the number ‘25’ from the number ‘76’ gives us the remaining number of ‘51’, or
gain the number ‘105’.
Therefore the ‘Year of the Jubilee’, which is Ancient Egyptian, in which all humanit
y are set free, vindicated and restored their property with interest is now with
in reach with a tentative date occurring on December 26, 2011, receiving 5.6 Bil
lion each, with the remainder of the wealth to be released on December 26, 2012
as the Judgment, which occurs on May 21, 2011 as well as our new calendar appear
s when the Sun rises in the West on December 21, 2012.

Christ and the “Last Supper”

The Last Supper of the Christ had nothing to do with his last supper, but the la
st supper of the European Jews when the Molech Temples in which the Crocodile Go
ddess Idol ‘Lilith’, the devourer of children within these so-called “Temples” (in whic
h the phrase “Knights of the ‘Templar’s” originates) have finally been put to rest, and
in which the people of the World are finally set free to witness the 33rd Dynast
y of Tutankhamen.
Since he was the 5th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, adding the number ‘33’, which is r
educed to the number ‘6’ produces myself as Tutankhamen Hotep (’56), and since the 18t
h Dynasty, in numerals, is reduced to a ‘9’ combined with the number ‘5’ brings us again
to the 5/9 time zone ratio.
Since Pharaoh Tutankhamen Hotep was murdered at the age of ‘14’ (buried with his to
ys, along with the fact that the biblical Ishmael, by all accounts who was also ‘1
4’ years old before Sarah had a child, but not from Abraham, who is defined in the
Holy Scriptures as a Black Hebrew, originally from present day Turkey, (the Lan
d of Ur and Erech (Er), and not of the Jewish Rite), the cycle is complete.
Embedded in the word “last” is the alphanumeric ‘25’ while embedded in the word “supper” is
a 9/5, these two numbers (25 + 95) total a ‘120’ for the twelve Disciples and Tutank
hamen as (1) 33, as the vertical adding columns for these numbers are found as ‘12
0’ plus ‘33’ total a ‘153’ which is of course the subject of this paper, as once again our
total reparations amount being ‘315’ Trillion.
Here it should be mention that I was housed by Cluster, Inc., here in Yonkers, N
ew York which is and was a Mossad Operation, my address being located at 95 Sara
toga Ave., Yonkers, New York where numerous assassination attempts by the Israli
Mossad took place.
Bob Jakorski, Cluster’s second-in-command as an Army Reserve officer which is run
by U.S. Army Intelligence (G-2) as well as sharing counter-intelligence with the
The City of Yonkers, New York’s Mayor and City Council, which also bear these ties
as well as the City of Yonkers Counter-Intelligence Unit have also banded toget
her using Con Edison communications equipment with an active force of 19 agents
of the Mossad operating a “City Improvement” project outside the Yonkers Public Libr
ary at the Yonkers’ “River Front” facility as an undercover construction project which
removed the natural park, including the benches for a man-made stream of water
as a brook with no place for the people of Yonkers to sit.
These agents have remote-controlled hand-held transmitters and receivers which f
lood the area of Yonkers with voices of Telstar equipment as well as working wit
h the Board of Directors and major stockholders of Consolidated Edison.
Dick Cheney’s cargo and oil contractors known as Hornbeck/Tidewater/Halliburton op
erate vessels at the Yonkers Pier offshore on the New Jersey side of the Hudson
River parked with tug-boats. These numerous vessels have never moved in the last
two years except to turn around to give the mossad seamen a change of view as t
hey do their shopping via the tugboats patronizing the current “ShopRite” supermarke
t. Each tugboat/vessel has an 8-member crew with as many as seven ships at any o
ne time, even during the Sabbath.
The Difference between HOT and COLD

15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were co
ld or hot.
16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot,[a] I will vomit
you out of My mouth.
17 Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do
not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked—
18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich;
and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness ma
y not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.
19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.
20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens th
e door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.
21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also over
came and sat down with My Father on His throne.
22 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches and Synag
- Revelation 3:15-22 (New King James Version)
The word “hot” consists of the first three letters of HOTEP and stand for my full na
me reduced in alphanumeric as an 8.6.2.
The word “cold” is an alphanumeric ‘315’ for the letters “Co” and a ‘124’ for the letters “
constitute the ‘142’ abominations of God.
‘315’ plus ‘142’ total a ‘457’ which represents, when reduced, the number ‘97’ and the Holy
of Israel as Amen Hotep, to whom the so-called “Jews” swore by to the death as well
as the curses embedded within their ‘Holy Book’, the “Torah”.
We also find embedded in the difference between “hot” and “cold” the numbers:
Here we automatically locate the numbers:
We also find within the same major numbers given above the following:
this number provides a reduction figure of 1/1333 and therefore a ‘29’ for the City
of On, Egypt as well as a ‘401’.

We also locate my full name in numerals as ‘26/51/11’ which total my ‘88’ number as owne
r of the 88 known Constellations.
- 104 –
as well as standing for the
401 years of turbulence in America for everyone but the European Jews and their
disrespect of “The Lord Their God” – ‘Yod-Hei’ pronounced ‘yode-hay’

The Torah
In the word “Torah” we find the letters “Or” refer to ‘Oris’ my Father in this life as Robe
t Oris Powell, the name Oris interpreted
 as the Sun God AMEN-RA, which is a ‘1933’,
the year he was born. I am now Amen-Re which totals a ’56 and denotes the return
date of incarnation as ’12.26.1956’.
The letters ‘Or’ are also recognized as reversible as in my same letters in my middl
e name as ‘Robert’, then we have my Father as ‘Ra’ combined with my initials as AMEN HOT
EP. The letter “T” is universally known as a symbol for the Ankh.
It is through my Father’s Egyptian name of Oris that I became known as “Ejus” and Lati
nized as “Jesus” (pronounced “Hei-Zeus”) and in English as Jesus, which is also a 12.26.
The letters “Je” in the name Jesus register as an alphanumeric ‘105’, when added to the
letter “S” as ‘19’ the total then becomes ‘124’ (142). Adding the letter “U” as an alphanum
1’ we now have the number ‘145’ which denotes the number ‘55/10’ as inherent in the name “E
US”. Adding the last letter “S” as a ‘19’, we now have an alphanumeric total of ‘164’ (56).
en the letter “S” is used as a ‘10’ the total is a ‘155’, in the Middle East as in Egypt th
people read left to right instead of right to left.
When the letters two letters “S” are counted as a ‘10’ rather than a ‘19’ proper as a reduc
ion in the name of “Jesus” we find 12.26.56 with a 5/9 time of birth ratio.
When using the name of Jesus, using the alphanumeric equivalent of my full name
with those embedded in the name Jesus we find the numbers 26/15/11, here we find
the year ‘526’ plus the remaining three digits ‘1/1/1’ which makes for a ‘526111’ reduced
o a ‘5263’ for my name in numerals as a ‘79’ and again therefore Amen Hotep.

The Torah and Moses

Ahmose-Ankh, also known as Ahmose II was my brother as Amen Hotep in the 18th Dy
nasty, he is the Moses in the Holy Scriptures.
The name Moses when reading from left to right registers a 12.26.1956, a 5/9 as
well as the number ‘142’.
When reducing the both “S” letters to a ‘10’ rather than ‘19’ we find a ‘315’ and a ‘43’ as
n attributed to the name of God which must always remain the same, check Wikiped
We also find a ‘133’ and a ‘45’. Lastly we also locate the numbers ‘565’ as ‘533’ plus ‘14’
bers ‘65’ embedded in the number ‘565’ are also reduced to an 11/2 for a ‘526 – 5’ proving
t he existed in the 18th Dynasty of Amen Hotep. These numbers ‘5265’ are broken down
as follows, the number 526 is reduced to a ‘13’ plus the number ‘5’ gives us what we’ve b
een searching for once more, the magic number ‘315’.

Moses, according to Sigmund Freud’s Masterpiece, “Moses and Monotheism” as well as Hit
ler’s Mein Kauph, the fact that Moses, or Ahmose-Ankh, was stoned by the Jews in 5
26 BC.
In the biblical scriptures, once Moses lifted his arm out of his cloak, being a
Black Egyptian, his arm turned snow-white indicating that the entire congregatio
n of what would become the State of Israel would be cursed white. Reliable Bibli
cal Commentaries will tell you that this was not the case of “Leprosy” but the actua
l relinquishment of the chemical melanin from all of those concerned who then mu
ltiplied upon the face of the Earth.
As the year of 2010 minus the year 526BC, we arrive at the number ‘484’ which of cou
rse is reduced to a ‘142’ and the abominations of Amen Hotep thereby took root again
st what is now termed as The European Jew.
My number as a ‘25’ when added to my birth-date inherent in the number ‘39’ is, when add
ed, a ‘64’, the alphanumeric of HOTEP.


Here the word “White” is an alphanumeric ‘65’ while the word “House” is an alphanumeric ‘68
Reading from right to left, and remembering that the number
‘56’ is an 11/2 we have 526 BC, as well as the total figure of ‘65’ plus ‘68’ which totals
a ‘133’, the entire figure of an 8.6.11 and an 8.6.2 as well as 12.26.1956, 9/5 plus
the magic number ‘8’ representing infinity when placed on its side and the 8th Inca

The Alphanumeric table for

The United States of America
39/21/99 = 159 = 69/105
39/21/60/99 = 209
2023 = 43/25 = 68
The word “The” in the United States of America totals a ‘33’ for a final value of 1933 =
My Father in this life as mentioned previously was born in 1933
(RA – AMEN).
Concluding our example, we also find the numbers
1 – 9

- The Total Rendition -

The Eighth and Ninth Step

The name Moses totals, using the alphanumeric table, a ‘17’.

The Supreme Being is universally known by the abbreviation, “EL” which denotes the n
umber 1.25 (as in the average heartbeat per minute embedded in both the male and
female human being), this number is also a ‘17’ when reduced.
I also lived at 17 Riverdale Ave., Yonkers, New York at the local YMCA for a per
iod of two years.
I also lived, while my Father was alive before being assassinated by the Jewish
Rite and his own wife, at his home located at 98 Vaughan Ave., located in New Ro
chelle, New York but was forbidden to return by my step-mother (Ginger) after th
e house received a piece of mail addressed to me at that location. Even though I
am my Father’s first-born son, I am still forbidden at that location as I have te
mporally lost my inheritance.
According to the Book of Daniel, I shall re-acquire my inheritance in more than
one way.
Remember that Tutankhamen is the 8th incarnation of myself as ‘Hotep’ while I myself
am Amen Hotep, and therefore physically embodied in my ninth circuit, King Tut
being deceased for what the present historians term 3,300 years.
In 1798 AD, Napoleon fought what historians call, “The Pyramid Wars” in which Egypt
fell to his forces during a two day battle, he also used his cavalry in using a
Canon, at his direction, and blew off the Nose of the Sphinx as the Sphinx is th
e only remaining landmark where one can view the likeness of The Supreme Being,
as it had my nose the shape of which was a dead give-away as to my identity, but
the likeness contained in this monument is without a doubt my statue built by m
y Father, Tuthmosis III.
The word “seventeen” totals a ‘104’ (my birth-year reduced from 12.26.1956 to a 3.8.3 =
14) while the number “ninety-eight” represents the number ‘1’ for a total of ‘105’.
The phrase “The Eighth Step” is a ‘33’ for the word “the”, a ‘57’ for the word “eighth” and
60 for the word “step”, therefore we have ‘33’ plus ‘57’ plus ‘60’ which total a ‘105’ as w
‘87’ which is the alphanumeric for the word “Architect”.
The phrase “The Ninth Step” is a ‘33’/’65’/’60’ which total, when reduced, an ‘86’which mea
he upsetting of the balance of power (a‘65’ rather than ’56 as spoken of earlier (the “w
hite = “65” mans rule) is over.
The reduced digits for “the ninth-step” are a ‘6.2.6’ respectively, which together total
an “86”.
In the word “complete” the alphanumeric total is an ‘89’ while the first two letters (C-
O) are a ‘315’.
The word “completion” contains 12.26.1956; 8.6.11 and an 8.6.2 as well as the number
‘39’ which represents, in the alphanumeric table, the month of May, also the 21st o
f that month in the year 2011, (which is also embedded within the phrase “completi
on”) the date of which is the “Day of Judgment” as well as the number ‘12’ for the month o
f December and again the 21st of that month in the year 2012 when the Earth and
it’s believing people are taken care of and the Calendar begins anew with the Sun
rising in the West (check internet). The total alphanumeric embedded within the
word “completion” is a ‘122’ which represents the number “five” as well as 2012, specifical
y December 21, 2012.

“The Five”
Our people are familiar with the phrase, “give me five”.
This word represents myself, as Eric Robert Powell as well as the so-called Jews
eminent Lord, Yod-Hei, both names carrying the numbers 1956 as a ‘105’ and a ’96.
My birth name on my birth certificate as Eric Robert Powell is a ‘15’ for the name E
ric, as my first name totals an alphanumeric ‘35’. Since 3 x 5 = ‘15’, here lies my firs
t ‘105’. The name of ‘Robert’ is also reduced to a ‘15’ and therefore, after the zero, whic
is usually dropped is re-inserted, we have the second ‘105’. The name ‘Powell’ is an al
phanumeric ‘83’, eight times three is ‘24’ which is also written as ‘1.14’ for a reduced ‘1
s well, for my total net worth as the “Triple – Tau”, or a ‘51, 51, 51’ as well as the Pha
raoh who enclosed the European Jews inside the Caucasus Mountains before I left
in 526 BC., as the Wall is and was 666 miles in circumference, and therefore the
number the Beast.

One in a Million
- 142 -

The Disease Traits of the European Jews and Parasites

Everyone knows that the European Jews (Spanish included) brought to the shores o
f America every known disease imaginable.
This is the major reason why our Native American’s, who are descended from the Pha
raohs from the Land of Abraham (present day Turkey in the City of Ur, which was
also known as ‘Er(ech)’.
This is the reason why, because the Pharaohs traveled through Europe as part of
the development of the ability to divide and conquer in the last days, the Nativ
e American tribes initially offered “Turkeys” to the so-called Pilgrims only to be d
eceived by these European Jews, diseased out of existence and “massa(acre)d” as The
Lion of Judah was the lead Tribe, known as “Massa” only to have our land (acres) sto
len with impunity as I also am a Native American of the Navayo Tribe while my Mo
ther was a “Blackfoot”, the name of which originated from Ancient Egypt, known as “The
Black Land” properly termed as the “Land of Kemet”. This was due to Kemets’ black rich
This is the reason why America’s Blacks are called Black because the Land of Egypt
was their first home, and known as “The Mother Land”.
This phrase is a ‘79’ for the word “Mother”, a ‘49’ for the word “Land” and a ‘33’ for the
his series of numbers total a ‘142’ and therefore the Land where the “Children of Isra
el” received initial guidance as well as the 142 curses accompanying its like in a
bominations listed in the Bible and Torah.
In 526 B.C., after the stoning of Moses in which the Old (‘105’ for the letter “O” and a
‘142’ for the letters “LD) Testament.
Embedded in the word “Testament” is the words “TEST”, “AMEN” and the Egyptian word for the
arth known as the “TA” (21).
The word “Test” is an alphanumeric ‘25’ for the letters “Te”, which stem from Ancient Egypt
and what is universally known as “Z ep Tepy”, or “The First Time” which, using the alpha
numeric table is a 526B.C., when things first went “Hei – Wire”, and the number ‘76’ which
are both embedded in the number 526B.C. and in America’s so-called, “Spirit of ’76, w
hich is named after Amen Hotep’s original first name as “IRIS” named after a Flower.

The Reason for Disease Rests with the European Jew

After the stoning of Moses by the Jews and their Curse of being turned “SNOW WHITE”
until this day, the ‘Cause of Life’ has therefore been taken away from these creatur
es as the Seven Colors, which originally belonged to the Black Men and Women wer
e uprooted from the Jews which were originally Black Rebels against AMEN HOTEP,
and therefore “GOD” (GAD/GAWD).
In order to enter the Egyptian Mysteries one had to be “GOOD” the letters of which f
irst represented God’s name and dominion as a “7” (G) together with the two eyes of “Hor
us” (the biblical Jesus) as “OO” (AH-OH), which represent the Sun (right eye) and the
Moon (left eye), and the Prophecy of the 400 + years in which “The Children of Is
hmael”, (the American Blacks) would be mistreated in America before they were to c
ome out with “Great Possessions”.
This phrase, “great possessions” totals a ‘105’ for the word “great” as well
 as the number
3’ . The letters “Gr” are an alphanumeric ‘79’, a ‘23’ for the letters “Re ” and a ‘21’ for
f the earth known (as the above word ‘great’ indicates) the letters “Ta”. These three se
ts of numbers (79/23/21) total a ‘123’.

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

The words “one, two, three” are reduced to a ‘7.4.2’ respectively. These numbers are add
ed together in order to form the number ‘76’. When we apply this model in the expres
sion 7/411 we form this application as a 7/105.

Since AKHENATEN, also named Amen Hotep IV, united with these ‘trait (ors)’ they wer
e not permitted a proper burial. The Pharaohs as well as the people of Egypt wer
e always mummified in order to prevent decay, this was not so with the European
Jews who also forbid a burial with their arms crossed as is the current practice
of our daily funerals. This sign marks the Star of David (Tuthmosis III). Prior
to the 18th Dynasty the arms were crossed around the solar-plex, during and aft
er the 18th Dynasty the arms were crossed upwards in order to complete the cycle
of the Star of David crossing the heart as well as the hands touching the shoul
Since these rebels refused to enter the Mysteries because they were not “good” enoug
h to enter the Mysteries and defied the Doctrines of prophecy they were not mumm
ified as was others who passed the requirements which permitted the decay of the
ir bodies which turned into parasites, maggots and flies.
The European Jew, including the Sephardim and the Ashkenzazi were then cursed wi
th diseases that would eventually spread around the world. Here are the followin
g “ten plagues” which were assigned to them. Remember that your entire life is inter
connected with plants, ants, worms, birds, fish, man’s best friend (his Dog) and t
hat the word “germ” originated in Germany, home of the European Jews, i.e., many-ger
Embedded in the alphanumeric numbers contained in the word “Rabbis” one will find ‘12/
26/1956’ and the sum total of the word as a ‘51’ (105) as well as a ‘129’ and a ‘1933’.

World Parasites

1). Parasites are sly, using the cleverest of ploys to stay alive while destroyi
ng almost everything in their tracks. Parasites have no mercy. Some devour the i
nsides of their hosts. Another replaces the victim’s tongue with its own body. Her
e are some of the goriest highlights of the moocher world.
Dogs have a form of sexually transmitted cancer that for 200 to 2,500 years has
apparently spread via contagious tumor cells that escaped from their original bo
dy. These cells now travel around the world as parasites, draining nutrients fro
m their hosts. This affliction, known as canine transmissible venereal tumor or
CTVT, is spread through sex and licking, biting and sniffing cancerous areas. Th
e tumors usually regress three to nine months after their appearance, leaving th
e dogs immune to reinfection, although providing enough time for dogs to pass th
e disease on. They represent the oldest cancers known to science thus far.
The famous dinosaur known as Sue — the largest, most complete and best-preserved T
. rex specimen ever found — might have been killed by Trichomonas gallinae, a prot
ozoan that afflicts birds even today. The remains of Sue, a star attraction of t
he Field Museum in Chicago, possess holes in her jaw that some believed were ba
ttle scars, the result of bloody combat with another dinosaur, possibly another
T. rex. Now researchers suggest these scars did not result from a clash of titan
s, but rather from the protozoan infecting Sue s throat and mouth. Some birds, s
uch as pigeons, commonly host the parasite yet suffer few ill effects. But in bi
rds of prey, such as falcons and hawks , the germ causes a pattern of serious le
sions in the lower beak that closely matches the holes in the jaws of Sue and oc
curs in the same anatomical location. The infestation might have been so severe
that the 42-foot-long, 7-ton dinosaur starved to death.
Although parasites harm their hosts, they don t usually kill them, if only to ke
ep themselves alive. Not so with parasitoids, which ultimately destroy and often
consume their hosts. Parasitoid wasps, which inspired the monster in the movie “A
lien,” lay their eggs inside their victims, with the offspring eventually devourin
g their way out. A number of the species control their host s minds in extraordi
nary ways — the larvae of the wasp Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga, which infests the s
pider Plesiometa argyra, makes their victims spin unusual webs especially well-s
uited for supporting their cocoons.

2). Male-killing bacteria

The genus of bacteria known as Wolbachia infests a whopping 70 percent of the wo
rld s invertebrates, and has evolved devious strategies to keep spreading. In fe
male hosts, the germ can hitch a ride to the next generation aboard the mother s
eggs, and since males are essentially useless for the bacteria s survival, the
parasite often eliminates them to increase the rate of females born, by either k
illing male embryos outright or turning them into females. Incredibly, the bacte
ria have even found a way to sneak their entire genomes into the cells of fruit
fly hosts.

3). Ant-deceiving butterfly

Just like cuckoo birds, the Japanese lycaenid butterfly Niphanda fusca lays its
eggs in the nests of other species, in this case the carpenter ant Camponotus ja
ponicus. The caterpillars that hatch from these eggs then dupe the ants into ado
pting them by mimicking the odor of the high-ranking male ant caste. Such a chem
ical disguise explains why these "social parasite" moochers are enthusiastically
fed by their hapless hosts in preference to the ants own brood.

4). Eye-infesting Worm

The worm Loa loa, which dwells in rainforests and swamps of West Africa , infect
s people through the bite of a deerfly or a mango fly. The worms wander under th
e skin of their victims at all times of day, feeding on fluids in human tissues.
The worms live in the bloodstream when the sun is out and people are most likel
y to get bitten by flies that can, in turn, spread the worms to other unwitting
martyrs; they retreat into the lungs at night. They occasionally cross into the
eyes, where they can be quite painful.

5). Feminizing barnacles

In a bizarre death sentence, the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis turns carpen
ter ants into the walking dead. The fungus prefers the undersides of leaves of p
lants growing on the forest floor. That s where temperature, humidity and sunlig
ht are ideal for the fungus to grow and reproduce and infect more victims. The p
arasite gets the insects to die hanging upside down, and then erupts a long sta
lk from their heads with which it sprinkle its spores to other ants. Fossil evid
ence recently suggested this fungus has zombified ants for millions of years.
6). Tongue-eating crustacean
The crustacean Cymothoa exigua has the dubious and unsettling honor of being the
only parasite known to replace an organ. It enters through the gills of the spo
tted rose snapper, attaching to the base of the fish’s tongue, where it drinks its
blood. The bloodsucking causes the tongue to eventually wither away, at which p
oint the crustacean attaches itself to the tongue stub, acting as the fish s ton
gue from then on.

7). The females of the parasitic barnacles known as Sacculina carcini invade cra
bs, sprouting root-like tendrils that reach throughout their victim s body, even
coiling around its eyestalks. Living off nutrients dissolved in the crab’s blood,
this parasite grows into a bulge on the host’s underside where it can house any o
ffspring. Infected female crabs nurture this knob as they would the fertilized e
ggs they normally keep at that spot; parasitized male crabs grow abdomens as wid
e as the girth of a female, wide enough to accommodate the barnacle s knob, and
grooms the parasite just as infected female crabs would their own family.

8). Head-bursting fungus

In a bizarre death sentence, the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis turns carpen
ter ants into the walking dead. The fungus prefers the undersides of leaves of p
lants growing on the forest floor. That s where temperature, humidity and sunlig
ht are ideal for the fungus to grow and reproduce and infect more victims. The p
arasite gets the insects to die hanging upside down, and then erupts a long sta
lk from their heads with which it sprinkles its spores to other ants. Fossil evi
dence recently suggested this fungus has zombified ants for millions of years.
Ten Additional Major Parasites known to Man
10) Bedbugs
Some of you may not know that bedbugs are actually more than just a cute little
good night rhyme that your parents said to you before you went to sleep. They ar
e as real as the other 9 entries. While they are not the worst or deadliest on t
he list they certainly have their share of difficulties.
Bedbugs have been on the rise lately and there are several theories as to why. S
ome point to increased international travel while others blame the lack of bedbu
g killing insecticides, most popularly DDT as well as the increasing use of gel-
based insecticides. These gel-based insecticides are completely ineffective agai
nst bedbugs since bedbugs do not feed on anything other than blood. Control and
elimination can only be achieved through repeated sprayings with an appropriate
bug killer by a professional exterminator.
The bedbug is like a small tick that typically lives in and around the area of t
he mattress. They feed mostly during the night although they have been known to
feed during any hour of the day. Due to their small size the bedbug can hide in
mattresses, mattress seams, baseboards, headboards, screw holes, carpets, cracks
in walls, bedroom clutter; practically anywhere in or around the bedroom. Bedbu
gs have been known to nest and walk as far as 100 feet in order to feed on their
The bites they leave are usually mistaken as mosquito or spider bite since the i
rritation and redness is very much the same. There is no scientific evidence tha
t they spread disease although the bite sites may become infected due to scratch
ing the bites. The misdiagnosis of the bites can also lead to a dramatic increas
e in infestation numbers before detection. The worst problems with bedbug infest
ations are not physical, but psychological. Once bedbugs are detected the host u
sually has heightened levels of anxiety, paranoia and fear.
Bedbugs are very difficult to detect and all too often a major infestation has o
ccurred before detection. Their small size and elusive behavior only add to thei
r difficult detection. Bedbugs are usually associated with lack of cleanliness a
nd squalor, but this is not the case. Even the most posh and lavish hotels, apar
tments and homes have been infested with bedbugs. The bedbug can “hitch” a ride in c
lothes, luggage, purses, back packs and essentially anything that a small apple
seed sized insect can work its way into. They are flat like a tick and can go ov
er a year without feeding and still remain alive.
Another reason why bedbugs are a huge problem, aside from their detection diffic
ulty and ability to live without sustenance for long periods of time, is their a
bility to breed rapidly. The female can lay over 500 eggs during a lifetime. Onc
e the eggs hatch the bedbugs will immediately begin to feed. They usually feed o
nce every several days and will pass through 5 molting stages, lasting 5 weeks b
efore becoming a mature adult capable of breeding.

9) Lice
The human louse is an epidemic affecting both children and adults though childre
n seem to be more susceptible to infestation. African Americans are less likely
to get lice because of the characteristics of their hair. Other hair types seem
to be more ideal and suitable to the louse.
There are many different types of lice. The most commonly known is the head lous
e though there is also the body louse and the pubic louse. These aforementioned
lice species are the only ones that are solely reliant upon humans for blood. Ot
her species exist, but are limited to other animals.
The life of the louse is somewhat short. The eggs will hatch within about 6-9 da
ys after which the nymph will molt 3 times over a 7 day period before becoming a
n adult. The molted shells and egg shells remain attached to the hair near the s
calp. The adults are very fast moving and will usually live for about a month wh
ile feeding on blood and continuing to breed and produce eggs. The female louse
is able to produce between 7-12 eggs per day.
Lice are very little yet easily detectable. Noticeable itching and redness occur
s around the infested area as well as the occasional pustule. A fine toothed com
b or a louse comb can be used to capture eggs and the lice themselves. Over the
counter and prescription medications can be used to rid the host of the lice. It
is also advised that everyone within the household be checked for lice as well
as recurrence is common.
8) Leeches
One common misconception surrounding leeches is that all of them are completely
reliant on blood from animals and humans. Blood-seeking leeches are only one typ
e of leech. Some species of leeches feed on invertebrates and do not live in the
water, but on the moist earthen floor and, under more dry circumstances, underg
round. Leeches are segmented worms closely related to the common earthworm.
The sanguivorous, or blood-sucking, leech is most often found in still or slowly
moving water, but can also be found on land. The usual method of attachment to
a host is by waiting on the ground or at the bottom of the floor of a body of wa
ter. Here they spend their time sensing movement or changes in light patterns. U
pon sensing a potential host the leech will waver its body to and fro attempting
to “fish” for the host.
The leech will use the sucker part of its mouth and the jawed leech will use its
many toothed jaw to create an incision on the host. Afterwards the leech will s
ecrete mucus like substances in order to remain attached to the host. The leech
then relaxes its body after using anti-coagulants and a histamine to prevent clo
tting of blood and also to prevent the blood from turning indigestible. This is
the amazing attribute of leeches that aids in using them for medicinal purposes.
The wound is not as bad as you might think. It may become irritated and ooze blo
od and fluid for several hours, but loss of blood is minimal. Infections are rar
e and although allergic reactions do happen they are usually nothing to concern
one’s self about.
7) Ticks
Ticks are classified as arachnids and there are many, many different varieties b
oth hard and soft. The most commonly known are the black-legged tick, the lone s
tar tick, the deer tick and the dog tick. The tick is capable of carrying diseas
es as well. The most well known are Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme diseas
Ticks are usually found in areas with heavy underbrush and high weeds and grass
as well as areas commonly traversed by deer and horses. The tick will wait in th
is type of environment as its host walks by where it will grab a hold and work i
ts way toward a suitable area of the body, most often where an abundance of hair
is present. On humans this is usually the scalp, but on other mammals this coul
d be anywhere. This allows the tick to remain virtually undetected for several w
eeks as if gorges on the blood of the host.
Ticks have a fascinating lifecycle. There are three different types of ticks so
far as the lifecycle is concerned. The one host female tick lives off of one sin
gle host for its entire life before dropping off and laying its eggs. Then there
are the two host and three host ticks which live off of either two or three hos
ts in its lifecycle.
Many people have had ticks and many people have had to remove one. There are com
mon misconceptions on how to remove ticks. Some people say to use the hot end of
a match on the tick or spread a salve or petroleum jelly on the tick so that it
will be unable to breathe and remove itself. These methods are both ineffective
and unsafe as the tick could become agitated and regurgitate into the area in w
hich it is attached thus increasing the possibility of disease or infection.
The best method of tick removal is to take a pair of tweezers and pinch as close
as possible to the mouth of the tick, the point at which its head meets the are
a where the tick is lodged. Slowly and steadily pull the tick out. Avoid twistin
g or wrenching. After removal it is advised to either flush the tick down the to
ilet or put it in a container full of isopropyl alcohol to both kill it and pres
erve it just in case an illness befalls the host shortly after. This way it can
be taken to a doctor and identified so that proper treatment can be administered
6) Fleas
The flea is another common parasite. These things easily reproduce and can becom
e a very big problem in only a short amount of time. Have you ever heard of The
Black Plague? You can thank the flea for that.
Like the mosquito, fleas need blood from mammalian hosts in order to reproduce.
Fleas will lay their eggs on the host which usually leads to an infestation of f
leas originating around where the host most often resides, such as a pet’s sleepin
g area. Once the eggs hatch, typically within a few days to a few weeks, the lar
vae will spend their time in the larval stage consuming any available organic ma
terial such as dead skin cells and fecal remnants. The larval stage will last an
ywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks.
After three separate larval stages, the flea will create a silk-like cocoon and
emerge after an additional 1-2 weeks. It is now time for the flea to find a host
and begin providing blood for a new generation of offspring. In the small life
of the flea, usually a few weeks, the female can lay several hundred eggs. This
can lead to a severe infestation in almost no time at all.
The fleas are very versatile. Their bodies are flattened laterally to allow them
to move easily on their host and also avoid being crushed. Their ability to jum
p is also a marvel. They have been known to jump over 100 times their body lengt
h. The fleas that typically bite humans are often cat fleas.

5) Mosquitoes
I’m sure that most of us have been bitten by a mosquito before. These pesky flying
insects are not only a nuisance but also a deadly health threat. They can carry
many different types of parasites and diseases which cause conditions such as W
est Nile Virus, malaria, yellow fever and can even inject a parasite which cause
s elephantiasis. Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of deaths due to their
ability to carry disease from host to host.
The mosquito needs blood in order to reproduce. Thus, it is the female of the sp
ecies that is responsible for biting mammals. Interestingly enough, both the mal
e and female mosquitoes regularly feed on nectar from flowers and fruits. Howeve
r, the female requires the necessary proteins from blood to reproduce.
The mosquito’s life begins with the already mature female laying her eggs on fresh
and stagnant water in groups of up to fifty. With enough blood she can produce
these groups of eggs every three days for her entire lifetime. The female must l
ay her eggs in still standing water which is why it is recommended that you elim
inate any free standing water around your property to minimize the possibility o
f a mosquito infestation.
Once the eggs have been laid they hatch in a mere 48 hour period. The larvae wil
l live near the surface of the water anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending upon the
temperature of the water in which they live. After this period they become pupa
and will pupate in only a few days afterwards becoming adult mosquitoes.
The mosquito is attracted to a person’s body heat and also their scent, if you wil
l. It is advised that you avoid heavy perfumes and colognes since they are attra
cted to sweet smells. However this is not a complete deterrent.
The female mosquito uses a complex proboscis coupled with an anti-coagulant with
in its saliva to draw blood from its host. Most often the host has no idea that
it has been bitten until it is too late and the trademark itchy bump appears. Th
ese lesions are extremely itchy and easily irritated. Scratching can lead to inf
ection so an anti-itch ointment should be applied to minimize the itch.

4) Mites
Mites are a very common type of organism. There are many classifications of mite
s including, but not limited to, dust mites, fowl mites, dog mites, deer mites,
chigger mites and scabies mites just to name a few. There are even mites living
on you right now called hair follicle mites that are feeding on the oily secreti
ons from your hair and scalp, but don’t worry. These mites are a normal part of th
e living process for us humans and those of us with good hygiene will never even
notice that they exist since they are microscopic and completely harmless. Most
of the time mites do not pose any type of threat or problem for humans, but the
mites will feed on the blood of humans if its usual host is unavailable.
The most common mites that cause problems for humans are scabies. These microsco
pic parasites can cause extreme itching and red lesions on infected areas as the
y live their lives in and on the skin. Often times the infection is diagnosed as
parasitic dermatitis and can be easily treated with prescription topical ointme

3) Human Botflies
Botfly is a rather broad term given to any species of fly whose larvae live as p
arasites within the body of mammals. This can include anything from horses to sh
eep and deer and, as the title indicates, humans.
The human botfly maggot is contracted by mosquitoes and is most often found in C
entral and South America. The fly will capture the mosquito and lay several eggs
on its body. Eventually, the mosquito will find a human and, during feeding, th
e eggs will fall onto the person and hatch. The botfly maggot will then chew its
way into the host’s body. There it remains for approximately 5-6 weeks until it b
ecomes engorged with flesh, all the while carving a hole in its hungering wake.
At this stage, if left undetected, the maggot will pop its way out of the small
hole that it has eaten inside of the host and fall to the ground where they pupa
te into an adult botfly in about 20 days time. Thus, the life cycle begins all o
ver again.
The symptoms of a botfly maggot are not very difficult to detect. As the maggot
begins to feed on the flesh of its host it will become bigger and bigger as the
days pass often becoming red and swollen. The hole in which the botfly maggot ha
s carved itself in the host’s tissue serves as a breathing passage for the larva.
Every few minutes the larva will have to quickly and partially emerge from the h
ole to breathe.
Extraction of the botfly maggot is difficult and care must be taken when removal
is being attempted. This process should be undertaken by a doctor or surgeon si
nce trying to remove the larva without professional help can result in the maggo
t bursting, subsequently leading to serious infection.
2) Tapeworms
Tapeworms are similar to hookworms. They are intestinal parasites that can be tr
ansmitted through soil and fecal matter, but most often are ingested by humans t
hrough undercooked meats that have not been adequately cooked to kill the tapewo
rm eggs. The tapeworms set up shop in the muscles of the host animal after being
ingested through the feeding of grass or contaminated vegetables. The animal is
eventually slaughtered and becomes food for us as humans.
The human host will ingest the tapeworm egg and as digestion of the food occurs
the egg will eventually hatch and grow from a larva to an adult while feeding on
blood and nutrients via the intestinal wall. The adults, being hermaphrodites,
can then produce more eggs which will be released from the body through the stoo
l. The eggs can linger around the toilet bowl or can even be flushed down the co
mmode where they can infest the soil through sewage and irrigation water, thus,
beginning the cycle all over again.
The symptoms of a tapeworm infection are very difficult to spot as there are oft
en no outward symptoms to indicate an infection for a very long period of time.
This can lead to the tapeworm growing up to 30 feet in small, segmented lengths
resulting in a bloated stomach and malnutrition, amongst other conditions. These
parasites have been known to live for a few decades if left untreated.

1) Hookworms
The hookworm is transmitted through fecal matter. The eggs will hatch within abo
ut a week and grow into larvae which can live for close to a month within the so
il of the earth or the feces which bore them. Upon contact with humans, usually
through the foot, the worm will work its way through the host’s veins, into the he
art and eventually the lungs. After entering the lungs they are sometimes expell
ed through mucus during a cough or simply swallowed by themselves. This gives th
e worm a one way ticket into the small intestine.
After setting up residence in the intestine the worm will attach itself to the i
ntestinal wall and begin feeding on the host’s blood. If left undetected and untre
ated the hookworm can reproduce resulting in a serious intestinal infestation. T
his can lead to anemia, extreme abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue
and even a bizarre hunger for inedible things like dirt and mud. The life cycle
of the worm begins anew when the host releases more eggs through bowel movements

Gog and Magog

The ancient scriptures speak of “Gog and Magog” as creating havoc around the world,
however this term given to the European Jews as a whole, with “Gog” being the leader
and “Magog” being his people, being a misnomer.
The Main Parasite; Rabies and Rabbis

Rabies is an infection caused by the rabies virus. This virus attacks the brain,
causing severe inflammation (encephalitis) and death.
A person or animal can become infected with the rabies virus in one of a few way
s, including:
• Bites
• Non-bite exposure
• Human-to-human transmission.
Bites from a rabid animal (an animal with rabies) are the most common way in whi
ch rabies transmission occurs. Non-bite exposure and human-to-human exposure are
both rare.
Following is a list of causes or underlying conditions that could possibly cause
Rabies includes:
Raccoon bite - 44% of USA rabies cases
Skunk bite - 28.5% of USA rabies cases
Bat bite - 12.5% of USA rabies cases
Fox bite (type of Animal bite) - 5.5% of USA rabies cases
Bite of an infected animal
Aerosol through mucous membranes
Sexual relations
Transplant surgery

Read more at http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/r/rabies/causes.htm?ktrack=kcplink

Rabies is spread by infected saliva that enters the body through a bite or broke
n skin. The virus travels from the wound to the brain, where it causes swelling,
or inflammation. This inflammation leads to symptoms of the disease.
In the past, human cases in the United States usually resulted from a dog bite,
but recently, more cases of human rabies have been linked to bats and raccoons.
Rabies has also been transmitted without an actual bite.

Jewish teachers are named “Rab(b)i(e)s” by God for a reason, as shown below …
In the still running episodes of “The Honey Mooners” starring Jackie Gleason and Art
Carney, they both were members of a Masonic Fraternity called “The Raccoon Club”. M
any television shows, whether comedy or science fiction, are riddled with the tr
uth in more ways than one. Jackie Gleason and I were relatives.
“The ‘44’ Club”
Forbes ‘400’ Top Billionaire list, together with the ‘4,000’ Jews who never showed up to
work on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center also comprise the mystical
4,000 years before Christ in which, according to biblical chronology is when Ad
am, the first European Jew was created, but as you can see this is a misnomer as
they have only been in circulation for 2,536 years as of 2010A.D., which began
in 526BC.
These are the individuals mainly held accountable for the World Trade Center fia
sco and have never been questioned let alone arrested.
The name of the Devil in Ancient Egypt, the “Lord of Chaos” was the God Set whose na
me is an alphanumeric ‘44’. In combination with him is the fact that the European Je
ws genes, including Spain as well as Israel, etc., are 44% fruit fly. The word “di
sease” is also an alphanumeric ‘44’.
The well known expression, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” exclaimed by the actor in
the hit television show, which is now in reruns, “Gomer Pyle” (the Jews are descende
d from the biblical Japheth and his wife Gomer, while the name “Pyle” is a play on t
he word “pyramid” as well as God, universally known as “El(ah)”. The letters in the name
‘Pyle’ are a 25/16 for the first two letters and the number ‘14’ when totaling the firs
t three letters as well as a ‘421’ as well as two ‘315’s. The sum total is a ‘58’ as King T
tankhamen was the 5th Hotep and the 8th incarnation of IMHOTEP. The name ‘Gomer Py
le’ totals a ‘58’ for each name which when totaled is an alphanumeric ‘26’ which is the Om
ega of the English alphabet.
Gomer’s expression “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” is an alphanumeric ‘44’ – ‘44’ – ‘44’. Wh
a ‘105’ (‘132’).
On August 8, 2008 an event took place that never will again take place for over
25,777 years. This event was known as “The Great Alignment” in which the entire cosm
os formed a perfectly straight line pointing to the earth which means that the e
arth to will soon be set straight.
The numbers ‘132’ (as above) plus ‘24’ (888) totals ‘156’ while ‘105’ plus ‘24’ totals a ‘1

The Silence of the Lambs

In this film the character Hannibal Lector tells Jodie Foster the expression “Fly,
Fly, Fly” and the movie poster has a “fly” covering the mouth of actress Jodie Foster
Three times ‘the fly’
Embedded in the word “fly” is the year ‘526’ (B.C.) as well as the number ‘142’. The sum to
al of the word “fly” is a ‘43’. Three times ‘43’ is ‘129’ as well as a reduced three sevens
h proves that Amen Hotep cursed the Jews white as well as submitting them to dec
ay into parasites back in 526 B.C.
God’s Green Earth
This expression is an alphanumeric ‘142’ and a ‘39/21/60’ as well as the sum total of th
e expression being ‘146’ (56).
The Identity of ‘The Supreme Being’

The word “Supreme” is an alphanumeric ‘97’. The word “Being” contains the numbers ‘25’; ‘7
a ‘7’, or simply the rebirth of Amen Hotep as head (25th) of the 24 Elders who bear
s the number 7/14, the identity of whom has been made simple. When adding the nu
mber ‘6’ as a ‘33’ reduced using the word “The” as in ‘The Supreme Being’ we have a ’97 plu
s ‘6’. The double sevens are reduced to the number ‘5’ followed by the number ‘6’ for a ‘56
le the remaining numbers (93) are reduced to a ‘12’. The number ‘56’ plus ‘12’ totals a ‘68
‘86’) for an 8.6.2 and a 12.26. 1956 as well as the year ‘526’ BC and the speed of “LIGHT”
which travels, as embedded within our example, at ‘168,000’ feet per second.
We also have ‘93’ plus the same ‘56’ for a total of ‘95’.
The alphanumeric table embedded in the word “light” displays 8.6.11, 8.6.2; 12.26.19
56 with a 5/9 ratio. The word “light” itself totals an alphanumeric ’56.
The well known expression, “Jesus Christ” is an alphanumeric ‘142’.
My name as Eric Robert Powell has four letters in the name ‘Eric’, six letters in th
e name ‘Robert’ and six letters in the name ‘Powell’ for an a combined total of ‘142’.

The Return of ‘Old Blue’ as IMHOTEP

Alphanumerically, the word “blue” is reduced to a for each letter respective
ly. This of course denotes the year ‘526’ B.C.
Remembering that the word “nine” is an alphanumeric ‘42’, the word “old” is an alphanumeric
05’ for the letter “O” and an alphanumeric ‘142’ for the letters “L.D.”
When these two sets of numbers are added together we finally find the number ‘67/7
6’ and the world’s salvation.

‘Say Cheese’
Why do people smile when they pronounce the old adage “say cheese”?
The Egyptian Prime Minister and Pharaoh named “Ay” and the sign of wisdom being the
Serpent (‘S’), is alphanumerically (SAY) a ‘142’ as well as a ‘105’. These numbers, when ad
ed, form the number ‘247’ which is reduced to a ‘67/76’. This word also contains the day
of resurrection as being 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time ratio, it also contains the
number ‘315’ as well as a ‘401’ and a ‘25’/’105’. It also contains ‘526’
The word “cheese” when reduced is an alphanumeric ‘315’.
In sum totals the word “say” is an alphanumeric ‘45’ and the word “cheese” an alphanumeric
0’ both of which total a ‘315’.

The Final Word

The alphanumeric table behind the phrase “The Word”

Letters “W – O” are an alphanumeric ‘56’.
The letters “R – D” are a ‘94’ (our Sun is 94 million miles from Earth and my birth date o
f 12.26.56 when added together total a ‘94’).
The numbers ‘56’ and ‘94’ total a ‘150’ and in our case, the number ‘105’.
Using these numbers we find 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time of birth requirement.
When we add the word “THE” to the “Word” we have ‘33’ plus ‘56’ plus ‘94’ which total ‘183’
as well as a reduced 39/21/60 as well as my full name as a 26.6.2 = 34

Many individuals have been trained by the Jewish overlords of the Mass Media int
o believing that the name “ALLAH” is somehow evil and that Muslims are evil, but thi
s stems from 9/11 and the proven Jewish Rite plot to raise (bring down) the Worl
d Trade Center which was originally built for just this occasion, and expected m
e to attend while it was brought down.
World = 56/97
Trade = ‘129’ being selectively for each letter therein, as a ‘2. 9. 1. 4. 5’ ,
= “195 (42) 6, which is also a 12.26.1956 as well as other niceties.
Center = my full name in exact digits being ‘35’ – ‘78’ – ‘11’ which total a ‘142’, as well
important numerals being ‘95’, ‘23’, ‘25’, and ‘7/14’.
The entire alphanumeric behind the ‘World Trade Center’ is again here a ‘183’ = 21 as we
ll as a reduced ‘39’ for a 39/21/60.
I promise to Judge the individuals involved as there is “life for life, tooth for
tooth, hand for hand and foot for foot” as well as adequate compensation for all i

It is my sincere desire to announce that a new Powell will seek the office of th
e Presidency of The United States.

Eric Robert Powell

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