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South East Asia’s ultrasound market reached USD54 million in 2007; near-term

growth will be led by Philippines and Thailand

Clearstate’s study in SEA provides detailed and granular insights on ultrasound placement,
usage and perceptions.

Clearstate’s tracking of the medical devices market in South East Asia reveals that the region’s
ultrasound market reached USD54 million in 2007. The market is set to grow at a slow pace of
3%, reaching USD60million in 2010.

According to Clearstate’s bi-annual tracking of

SEA ultrasound market value 2007 = USD
demand trends in over 1,500 healthcare
54 million
facilities across the region, Philippines is
shown to be the fastest growing market in the
region. Philippines’s patient monitoring growth Vietnam,
rate is expected to 1.5 times the average 15% Thailand,
regional growth, driven largely by prospects 23%
for upgrades from old equipment and adoption Philippines,
of new technology. The same drivers will 9%
contribute to higher-than-regional-average
growth in Thailand and Vietnam also, with the
latter emerging market also benefiting from Indonesia,
increased government spending on healthcare 27%
development. The large markets of Indonesia
and Malaysia are expected to grow slowest,
through replacements and slow adoption of
high-end technology.

GE leads the market for ultrasounds across the region, followed by Aloka, Toshiba and Philips.
A number of regional brands is increasingly offering low-cost portable black-and-white
ultrasounds, prompting more established players to focus on mid-range and high-end segments.
There is growing demand within these segments (for colour ultrasound systems) due to
narrowing price gap compared to basic black-and-white systems.

Clearstate’s study found approximately 12,250 ultrasound units installed in South East Asia.
Black-and-white ultrasounds are more
B &W Co lo ur common across the region, owing to their
affordability. Colour ultrasounds are more
Vietnam 79% 21% prevalent in the Philippines, compared to
other South East Asian countries.

Philippines 55% 45%

Ultrasound distribution roughly follows
hospital concentrations in South East
Malay sia 72% 28% Asian countries, with central Thailand,
Java island in Indonesia and Luzon in the
Indonesia 71% 29%
Philippines accounting for the lion’s share
of the installed base in their respective
countries. Roughly 40% of all units in
Thailand 72% 28%
South East Asia were installed in the past
three years; there are prospects for
0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120%
replacement or upgrade of nearly 1 in 4
Installed units units installed seven years ago or earlier.

SEA ultrasound database planned

Following the highly successful IVD Gateway, Clearstate will add ultrasound to its pioneering
line of usage and demand pattern databases this year. The ultrasound database will compile
data collected from over 1,500 hospitals in South East Asia, and will include granular
information on unit installation, penetration of key brands by segment, region and unit location.
The large user size of the database (nearly one-third of the relevant universe of facilities) will
need little extrapolation and will accurately reflect real usage and consumption of patient
monitoring devices in South East Asia.

Clearstate’s comprehensive database will enable ultrasound suppliers to:

 track market performance and competition over time
 determine user preferences and trends
 determine replacement cycles
 reliably and accurately plan sales strategies, and
 assess opportunity by geography

Besides strategic impact, the database’s granularity will enable ultrasound suppliers to track
their market performance vis-à-vis competition over time, and monitor changes in usage and
buying behaviour.

About Clearstate
Clearstate, a niche healthcare consultancy, offers strategic advisory and intelligence services to
help medical devices, healthcare services, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms understand
their current and potential markets, implement pragmatic and innovative strategies to ultimately
tap into new growth opportunities. Our approach to engagements is centred on thorough
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recommendations and implementations. We provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive
intelligence on medical device usage and demand across Asia Pacific. We deliver actual and
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