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The Virtual COO program was engineered specifically

for the wireless dealers to streamline operations,
maximize productivity, and create efficiencies, which
lead to greater profit!

Our team of wireless retail experts have created

policies and procedures that provide the backbone of
success for some of the largest independent wireless
dealers in the nation; we can do the same for you.
We will review your current operations and build a
customized program for your business guaranteed
to save you time and money. We will include periodic
follow up meetings to ensure all programs all effectively
implemented, measure the results and ensure that
your business is performing at optimum efficiency.
Comp Design / Org Structure / Job Desc.

Compensation Design
We design compensation structures that maximize desired behaviors, drive
profitability and correct undesirable behaviors. We will review multiple (proven)
models suitable to your businesses needs including; tiered commission, gross profit,
and comprehensive P & L model. We create a consistent design for every organization
level to ensure that all employees have the same goal; organizational profitability!

»» Industry standards / benchmarks

»» Multiple models to fit your needs
»» For all levels from sales representatives to executives

Org Structure Optimization

A key component to maximizing operational success within any wireless organization
is to find the correct balance between having adequate resources to be effective while
not incurring unnecessary overhead. Our team has designed unique organization
structures that have fueled the success of many of the top dealers in the country. We
will assist in designing an organization structure that is optimal for your current size
and scalable for projected growth.

»» Reduce unnecessary overhead

»» Maximize organization effectiveness
»» Create scaleable structure

Job Descriptions
The unique operational challenges faced by wireless dealers not encountered in other
retail environments must be taken into account when designing the job duties of
your management team. Virtual COO has successfully captured these challenges and
created clear functional descriptions at each level of the organization to execute in
the most streamlined and cost-effective manner.

»» Improve employee efficiency

»» Eliminate duplicate efforts
»» Increase accountability

Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $1,995
Training / Recruiting / Management

An organized, efficient training process is a vital component to any sales organization.
Finding the balance between having your new reps adequately prepared to sell from
day one and not overloading them with too much information can be a delicate
balance. Who presents the material as well as how it’s presented is equally important
as the information itself. Our program has been fine tuned from years of experience
guaranteeing you’ll get the most out of your reps from day one and beyond.

»» Complete program outline

»» Customized to meet your needs
»» 5-step sales process
»» Role-play techniques
»» Shadowing methodology
»» Continued training

Having the right people within your organization is the most important factor to
success in the wireless retail business. Recruiting is a continuous process in which your
entire sales staff needs to participate regardless of your current staffing situation.
The VCOO program creates the structure and follow-through required to ensure that
your company acquires and retains top candidates.

»» Identify employee profile

»» Best sources for candidates
»» Creating a pipeline
»» Interview process
»» Quarterly reviews
»» Exit interview

Sales Management
Effectively managing and motivating is as much an art as it is a science. Keeping your
sales staff motivated and operationally sound month-in and month-out is a complex,
evolving process. Our program first determines what items are critical to the success
of your business, then lays out a daily structure to relay this information to your team.
We then create a plan to track and this information throughout the day and constantly
motivate your team.

»» Ensure proper daily reporting

»» Establish clear lines of communication
»» Motivational techniques and training

Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $1,995
Operational Procedures and
Complete Training

Operational Procedures Manual

To run a successful retail business it is essential to have your policies and procedures
formalized in a detailed operations manual to provide consistency and avoid confusion.

We take our knowledge of industry best practices and apply it to the specific situations
unique to your business, creating a complete “A to Z” operations manual that every
department within your company will use as a daily guide. Some of the areas the
operations manual will cover are as follows:

»» Daily opening and closing procedures

»» Loss prevention
»» Paperwork auditing
»» Reverse logistics
»» De-act prevention
»» Commission audit
»» Payroll processing
»» Accounts payable
»» Inventory forecasting

Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $1,995

Complete Operations Training

Our Complete Operations Training program is a 2-day in house training covering all the
above-mentioned programs. This comprehensive approach allows for an extremely
customized and detailed training on every element of running a wireless business.
We begin by dissecting your current operations then piece by pieces walk through
each aspect of the program, creating an implementation plan to bridge the gap
between current operations and new processes and procedures. This format allows
for discussions outside of the standard curriculum with additional time and detail to
be spent on the areas that matter most to you. The program includes a follow up
implementation timeline and conference call ensuring what you’ve learned is put into

Member: $4,495
Non-Member: $4,999
Additional Training Options

New Hire Training

With increasingly complex wireless devices and accessories; a more educated

customer downward pricing pressure from big box retailers; it’s more important
than ever to be a step ahead of the competition in salesmanship. Implementing a
professional training system not only increases sales but also improves efficiencies in
all areas of your business. Our program ensures that your representatives will have
the knowledge, confidence, and skill to make an impact on their first day on the sales
floor. Our New Hire Training program includes complete custom designed power point
presentation with presenter notes, employee handouts, quizzes and final exams.

»» Complete Power Point w/ presenter’s notes, handouts, quizzes and final exam
»» Policies and procedures
»» Product knowledge
»» Sales process
»» Role play and sales floor shadowing
»» 30-Day follow up training

Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $1,995

Manager Training

Management development is key to improving your sales and operations as well as

retaining quality managers. Having properly developed sales managers frees up time
for upper management to focus on business strategy and allows the company to take
advantage of growth opportunities when they arise. One of the biggest factors in
employee satisfaction is growth and development. Our six-week program touches on
everything your managers need to run their stores and prepares them to move up and
take on more responsibility.

»» Motivating and disciplining employees

»» Role playing and coaching
»» Operations and procedures
»» Customer service / follow up
»» Managing profit and loss

Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $1,995
Additional Training Options

Train the Trainer

Having a professionally designed program is the first step in creating world-class

training; the second is professional delivery. Our trainers have years of experience in
the classroom teaching the materials as well as presentation skills. Communication
is 85% body language; we’ll coach your trainer how to capture and inspire your new
hires. Proper voice inflection, hand gestures, stance, class involvement all play a crucial
role in keeping the class engaged and learning. Our on-site trainers spend two days
working directly with your trainer reviewing the material as well as the techniques
needed to run successful training program.

»» On-site, detailed program review

»» Presentation skills
»» Proper role-playing methodology
»» In-field training techniques

Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $1,995
Business Plan &
Employee Handbook
Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan is the foundation of success for new businesses

and often a requirement to secure debt financing for expansion capital or to gain
approval for carrier retail programs. Our team has developed business plans for over
50 wireless dealers helping them achieve their business objectives. Our plans are built
with extensive material and encompass the following areas:

»» Executive profiles
»» Mission and Vision statements
»» Core company values
»» Retail strategy and site selection criteria
»» Company operations
»» Recruiting and Training
»» Financial Modeling including 5 year P&L and Cash Flow Projections
»» Org Structure
»» Marketing and Advertising Plan

Member: $1,195
Non-Member $1,295


To protect your business from human resource related legal challenges, communicate
to employee’s what is expected of them, and clearly state the rules of conduct in
your company a complete, well designed employee handbook is critical. Our team
of in-house human resource experts have over 30 years combined experience in
the wireless retail environment. They understand the human resource challenges
encountered by wireless retailers and how to navigate these challenges. Our team
can provide you a custom employee handbook that will help you:

»» Hire better
»» Train and Motivate
»» Provide clear policies and procedures
»» Improve employee morale
»» Protect you from legal challenges
»» Communicate effectively with your staff

Member: $495
Non-Member $545
Implementation Support
and Next Steps

Implementation Support

Having a detailed structure is only half the battle to achieving operational success.
There must also be detailed action plans and follow up programs in place. We will
assist you in creating action plans that have concrete deadlines and track specific
metrics, which measure the success of these plans. Our level of participation can very
depending on your business needs, ranging from weekly calls with pre-set agendas to
track the success of these programs to working closely with your department heads
as integral part of your team throughout the week assisting in the implementation of
each program.

»» Customized action plans for implementing changes

»» Create deadlines and track metrics
»» Weekly conference calls
»» Working closely with department heads on implementation

Comprehensive Support – (32) hours

(4) hours a week of COO and CFO support, (3) hours with department heads throughout
week, 1) hour weekly conference call with entire team.
Member: $3,595/month
Non-Member: $3,995/month

Enhanced Support – (16) hours

(2) hours a week of COO and CFO support, (1) hour with department heads throughout
the week, (1) hour weekly conference call with entire team.
Member: $1,795/month
Non-Member: $1,995/month

Implementation Support – 8 hours

(1) hour weekly conference call with COO and CFO.
Member: $895/month
Non-Member: $995/month