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Containers with

INTERCEPT® technology

Proven, effective technology

for corrosion protection and
for ESD applications

Initial situation
Corrosive gases such as salts, sulphur compounds, ozone and nitrogen cause allocated,
stored goods to corrode during long-term storage or overseas transport. Areas with raised
levels of air contamination accelerate this process even further. To protect commercial
items, these goods are treated with complex processes using oils, waxes or a vacuum, for
example, to prevent contact between the corrosive atmosphere and the packaged goods.
These secondary protective substances then need to be removed before they can be used
or processed, and this is time-consuming and costly. Chemical substances are frequently
released into the atmosphere during this process, and this impacts both the staff involved
and the environment.
Although these intensive protective measures are implemented at enormous cost, the
annual damage figures caused by corrosion continue to increase!

What can be done to avoid these process chains and save

significantly on costs in the long-term?

Protect stored goods using

tried and tested INTERCEPT®

Exclusive! For the first time, SSI SCHAEFER has

developed containers for a variety of applications using
the proven and award-winning INTERCEPT® technology

What is INTERCEPT® technology?

Corrosion This internationally patented and award-winning
technology was developed to protect virtually
any material from all climatic conditions and
Gas environmental influences.
The underlying environmentally-friendly technology
– +
consists of highly porous copper particles
embedded into a polymer matrix. These react
CU+ with the corrosive gases in the atmosphere and
S– neutralise them via a permanent bond. Even
CU+ S– penetrating humidity is rendered free of corrosive

CL– S– Unlike traditional processes, this does NOT
generate an artificial atmosphere, but rather a
neutral atmosphere. Similarly, no waste gases are
produced from noxious materials/chemicals.
Advantages of the INTERCEPT® technology:
• No waste gases from chemical substances (nitrites, phenols, etc.)
• Proven effectiveness even at high loads during sea transport
and in extreme usage and storage conditions
• Awarded the 6th Deutscher Gefahrstoffschutzpreis
(German Prize for the Protection of
Hazardous Goods; BAUA) CL – S–
• Guaranteed effectiveness, S–
underlined with product liability protection
CU+ CU+ S–

• Easy to use CL
• Recyclable
• Environment-friendly
S– S– CL–

Advantages for the customer: CU+ CU+

S– CL–
• The costs for packaging and preservation S–
can be reduced significantly
• Simplification of packaging processes with S–
considerable savings on procedural costs. CU+
Containers with INTERCEPT® technology drastically je S–

c tb
reduce your process costs! ein
g pr
• It is no longer necessary to preserve parts by oiling them, otected
not even for bulk materials and/or goods with high air volumes
• Improved protection for staff by reducing atmospheric loads and
loads in direct contact; conforms to MAC values (maximum allowable
• Packaging solution for long-term applications
• Reusable

What can SSI SCHAEFER containers with INTERCEPT® technology offer?

The containers are essentially available in three different versions:

Containers with • Durable protection for at least 5 years for components made from iron and
corrosion protection non-ferrous metals, compositions, plastics and some organic materials
• The components for storage do not require any oils and/or other
secondary protective substances (it may be necessary to add a small
quantity of drying agent)

Electro-statically • ESD protection for at least 15 years

• Improved wear characteristics in comparison
ESD containers
to traditional containers with ESD protection
• No carbon components added New
Containers with
ESD and corrosion

Unique combination of
ESD properties with simultaneous
protection permanent corrosion protection
in extruded containers
Structural packaging with
INTERCEPT® technology
Extruded fabricated inserts
Container inserts

make countryspecific changes and/or technical modifications to any of the products shown in this catalogue. Note
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Vacuum-formed trays
Foam inserts

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