Fun Fact When American astronauts landed on the moon they left behind footprints and tyre tracks

. The next astronaut can walk in the same footsteps because there is no wind to blow them away.

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot! Lydia Ness, 8

Owner Sophie Price Age 11 Best hobby Drawing manga and anime Best food Chow mein Worst habit Hands covered in ink Pets Ferrets: Barney, Lola and Dilly (Delilah) Age Barney, 11 months; Lola, 2; Delilah, 2 Best toy Barney: tunnels/paddling pool Lola: orange bone/plastic bag Dilly: tunnels/box of pasta Best hobby Playing, war dancing, sleeping Best food Chicken baby food, mince, ferret food Worst habit Making a mess, climbing hutch door, scratching shoes

• Hieroglyphics was the writing system used by Ancient Egyptians. Some hieroglyphs look like birds or strange creatures, while others seem little more than squiggles – but they would all have meant something in the time of The Kane Chronicles. • Egyptians used lots of different hiero-

glyphs, which were sometimes based on drawings of objects or the sound of particular words. In fact, there may have been several thousand different hieroglyphs, each representing a word, letter or concept. Above is one guide to the equivalent letters of our own A to Z. •You can use this alphabet to write anything you like. And because only people with the same alphabet can understand your words, it’s a great way to write

in code! Why not start by writing your name here?

•Now try to write the following words – all connected to The Kane Chronicles and ancient Egypt – in hieroglyphics: pyramid mummy Osiris sphinx Shabti

Snowdonia For the first week of the Easter holidays I went to Snowdonia, north Wales. It was a great experience, I never thought I would see so high mountains in England & Wales! It looked like the Alps with all the mountainside lakes. One of the days it was so windy that the lakes had waves on them! I would very much recommend staying in this area, especially in Betws-y-Coed and Bala. It is also fun for older kids as there is a go-karting circuit. Lorenzo Montani, 9 Well done Lorenzo, a Hop EB toy is on its way to you!
Yesterday’s answers Crack the code 1) carrot 2) potato 3) parsnip Wordsearch


Look out for Rick’s new book, The Throne of Fire (Puffin UK), which is out on 3 May. In the second in the Kane Chronicles series, which brings the Egyptian gods back to life with a vengeance, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have to stop the chaos snake Apophis – or the world will come to an end. HooRa for the sun god Ra, their secret weapon!

Anagram ar Se Haprodeti
photograph MartY UMans puzzles by clarity media

Your maths teacher would be so proud of you! Can you fill the spaces so every row, column and 3x3 box contains all the numbers from 1-9?

Can you find the Greek gods by unscrambling the letters? Give yourself an extra point for each one if you know what they are the god of.

G o to to g pr ua in r of t o dia th ut n.c es m o. e or uk pa e /g ge co 2k s pie id s s





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