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Re: Creating DP CVCs from Infocube (characteristic value combination)

For creation of CVC in SCM5.0, you will require to use program /SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_MAINTAIN which
you can schedule in background too.
While maintaining of the variant of this program you will get series of screens...
1) on the first screen of the variant you will require to enter Planning Object structure name... after entring
the name of the planning object structure execute it...
2) Now you will get second screen of the Program where you will require to select redio button for Create
characteristic combination. Here you will have 4 options a) Create manually b) Load to worklist c)
Generate Immedtly and d) Generate in Background

as per your requirement you will require to choose option c or d

e.g. choose option d.

3) Now on this 3rd screen of the program execution you will require to choose Data source .... Load data
From ..... Here you will have 4 options such as a) planning Object structure b) Info provider c) file d)
Business Add-In

In your case you will require to enter Infoprovider for Infocube

4) You will get more option on the screen to enter Infoprovider details
such as a) InfoProvider .... enter infocube Name, b) Version ... enter here e.g. as 000 c) Date from ... to...

Tick on result log sothat you can display log afterwards to check the details of the CVC creation
After entring these all details save it as a variant and execute your program with this variant in the

It is suggested that not to use option adjust Time series Objects while running the job in the background.

For this you will require to schedule another background job which will adjust the newly created CVS in
the timeseries. Program name is /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_CONS_CHECK .

For display of the Job log you will require to check program /SAPAPO/TS_PSTRU_LOG_MANAGE or use
transaction /SAPAPO/MC62 and choose Manage log

Here you will get the details How many CVCs got created or not got created.... Using this log you can do the analysis
why your CVCs not got created... May be same CVCs are already present in the system.

In SCM5 Creation of CVC has very good new options... in terms of creation, deletion of CVCs.


This is a short guide that helps you to use the Quick Sizer, if you are new to the tool.

• Creating a sizing project

• Structure and functions of the Quick Sizer
1. Navigation
2. Project-wide information / project header information
3. Questionnaire

1. Questionnaire-wide information
2. User sizing (user-based sizing tables)
3. Throughput sizing (description of key input fields and functions in the
throughput sizing tables)
 Error handling
 Sizing results
 Quick Sizer and Going Live Check


Please check the SDN forum and you would found many posts for filling and initialization of setup tables.

The steps are below:

Filling the setup tables:

1. Ensure that there is no data in RSA& delta queue and SMQ1 or LBWQ for the application you are
planning the initialization.
2. Goto TCODE SBIW --> Settings for application specific datasources --> Logistics --> Managing Extract
structures --> Initialization
3. Delete the Setup tables build initially: Select 'Delete contents of Setup table' and enter the application
number you are performing the initialization. For ex 02 for Purchasing
4. Filling the setup tables: Select 'Filling the setup tables' and your application and fill the setup table, note
you need to give a future date or time in the fill setup table tab.
5. After the setup tables are filled, run the initialization in BW, you could run a initialization with or without
data loads. Before initialization, note that you cant run 2 initializations with same selections, so if the
datasources are already initialized, you have to delete the earlier initialization request.