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Training Agreement

(incorporating NZQA Record of Learning Registration)

Using the electronic form:
To fill-in the form please type in the fields provided. To move to a new field press the Tab key or press Shift+Tab to return to a
previous field. To select a tick box , click on the box with your left mouse button or press Ctrl + Spacebar. An “x” will display.
If completing manually please ensure all information is printed clearly.
Employer Name      
Trainee First Names      
Trainee Surname      

Approved Training Programme to be undertaken for this agreement

National Certificate (NC) or National Diploma (ND) or Limited Credit Programme (LCP) Duration
– add Version and Strand if relevant in months


Section 1 – Training Agreement: Introduction, responsibilities and recognition:

This Training Agreement describes the responsibilities of the employee and employer, for the employee to be trained and
assessed for the training programme listed with this agreement.
Both the employee and the employer may seek help or information from the Public Sector Training Organisation on any matter to
do with training and assessment. A disputes procedure has been developed and can be viewed on the PSTO website at
This Agreement can be terminated by either the employer or the employee giving reasonable notice, in writing, to the other and
to the Public Sector Training Organisation.
This Training Agreement is linked to the employee’s employment agreement for the duration of the training agreement for a
maximum of three years, depending on the length of the programme. Failure to achieve satisfactory progress may lead to
termination of the Training Agreement by PSTO.
The Employer undertakes to supply the on job and/or off job training and assessment needed for each of the standards required
by the qualification until the training programme is achieved or the agreement is terminated. The employer agrees to pay for
NZQA Record of Learning registration, Credit and Certificate fees, and other costs of training and assessment.
The employee undertakes to learn the skills and knowledge offered in the training to the best of their ability and attempt to
achieve each of the unit standards required until the training programme is achieved or the agreement is terminated.
The employer agrees to notify the Public Sector Training Organisation when a Training Agreement has been terminated.
The employee authorises the employer, the Public Sector Training Organisation and NZQA to collect information from and
exchange information with any Training Provider, Industry Assessor, Industry Training Organisation or Government Agency for
the purpose of administering training and assessment activities.
Recognition of this Training Agreement
This training agreement must be recognised and acknowledged by the Public Sector Training Organisation for it to be used for
Industry Training funding purposes. To be recognised:

1. The agreement is for a qualification, or part qualification, that is linked to the National Qualifications
Framework and is authorised by PSTO for Industry Training Funding and Modern Apprenticeships purposes.

2. All sections have been completed. Incomplete agreements will be returned.

3. A Subsidy Payment Application form accompanies this training agreement.

PSTO will accept and register Training Agreements that meet the above criteria up to the maximum number of funded places
available. PSTO reserves the right to not register Training Agreements, or to hold them over until subsequent quarter, if
resources are not available to support the Agreements.

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Section 2 – Employee (Trainee) Details:
Trainee to complete this section

1. Home Address Line 1      

Line 2      
Line 3      
Line 4      

2. Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)      

3. Email Address (Work)      
4. Gender Male Female
5. Please tick your highest educational qualification attainment at the time of signing this agreement*
5th form or at least 12 credits at level one
6th form or at least 12 credits at level two
7th form or at least 12 credits at level three
Tertiary qualifications at sub-degree (national certificate, trade certificate, diploma)
Tertiary qualifications at degree level
6. Ethnic Origin* – Mark the appropriate boxes – choose up to two.
European/Pakeha Tongan Chinese
New Zealand Maori Niuean Asian
Samoan Tokelauan Indian
Cook Island Maori Fijian Other Pacific Island

Iwi / Hapu      

Iwi / Hapu      
* for statistical purposes only

7 NZQA Record of Learning No.       OR I have no NZQA ROL No.

. (ROL) / NSI if known Please register with NZQA
and deduct $25 fee

Section 3 – Employer Details:

This section is to be completed by the Employer

Employer Name      

Employer Branch Name      

Employer Branch Level, Building Name 1      

Street Address No, Street Address 2      
(where the trainee
works) PO Box / Private Bag 3      
Town / City 4      

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Section 4 – Signatures:
We declare that the particulars given are correct and authorise the Public Sector Training Organisation and the New Zealand
Qualifications Authority to collect information from, and/or share information with any Teaching Institution, Industry Training
Organisation or Government Agency with which the trainee is enrolled, or have requested enrolment or funding.

We, the undersigned, acknowledge that the information provided in this training agreement is true and correct to the best of our
knowledge, and that it sets out our responsibilities and expectations for the successful completion of the training programme.

Signed by the Employee _______________________________________________ Date __________________

Signed on behalf of the employer ________________________________________ Date __________________

Name      ________________________________________________________________________________
Position      ________________________________________________________________________________
Phone      ________________________________________________________________________________
Email      ________________________________________________________________________________

Section 5 – Training Plan:

All Training Agreements must have a Training Plan for the Training Programme being done.
• Use this Training Plan if all Trainees have the same Training Plan and same primary Assessor.
• If Trainees have individual Training Plans please use the Training Plan included in each Trainee’s Training Agreement.

Assessment or Training provided by:

Primary PSTO Workplace Assessor Name      
(if known)
NZQA Accredited Training Provider      
Strand / Stream (if relevant)      
Elective Units (Units that will, or may, be done)
Level Credit
Unit No. Unit Name
(optional) (optional)



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