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This is an individual assignment. You are required to create a system

of your choice. Some of the possible systems that you can consider

- Web Applications
- Groupware System
- Stand-alone System
- Hypertext
- Mobile Applications
- Kiosk

You may suggest your own idea that you should discuss with your
lecturer first. Besides the system, you should produce documentation
of about ~2000 words contains the following sections.

Section 1: Tasks and requirements
1. Introduction. (10 Marks)
Introduce and describe in general terms the background to the
system. You should describe (in general) the expected users, their
work contexts, and what they will use the envisaged system for.
Subsections should include:
• Background, including the current work situation and why
a computer system is needed
• Work contexts that describes the work setting and typical
situations of the users
• What the system will be used for details the general
expectations of the system
• System constraints that limit the design e.g., budget,
equipment, operating system, legacy systems, etc.

2. User Profiling (20 Marks)

• Expected types of users of the system, including their
experience, expected training
• Detail description of the users
• List of users’ requirements
• Usability Goals

3. Concrete task examples (20 Marks)

You will list at least 3-5 concrete task examples. Try to keep task
descriptions short and to the point. Each task should be
accompanied by a paragraph that describes:
- the class of the expected user (e.g., a typical customer)

Level M Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology

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- the relative importance of the task (e.g. frequently done and

important, infrequently done but still important, rare and not
important, etc), and
- other nuances you feel should be included.

Section 2: The system and Justifications of the design

1. Prototype (15 Marks)

• Develop several low-fidelity prototypes of designs that you
believe will satisfy the major requirements.
• You can sketch the designs (storyboard, screen shots etc)

2. Discussions and Justification (20 Marks)

• You should be concerned here with how the general
interface representation fits the users' view of their tasks. You
should also include a detail discussion on how the interface and
functionalities are being designed. It is important that you
discuss on the principles that you have used.

3. Conclusion (15 Marks)

Using an evaluation methods of your choice, walkthrough the
system and discuss the problems and how it can be improved.
Would your system work for your users? You should include the
entire process taken to carry out the evaluation. You should
evaluate the system against the usability goals/users’ requirements
that you have set earlier.

Due Date: 18th March 2011

Level M Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology