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Types of buying motives

Various states symbols

Factors responsible for social stratification

Role of opinion leaders in consumer behavior

Factors involved in attitude formation

Scope of consumer behavior

Understanding of culture required by marketer

Group properties relate to buyer behavior

Distinguish between problem recognition under the condition of low involvement

and high involvement

Describe generic brand buyer

Should the marketer be concerned with post purchase behavior

Factors that influence consumer behavior

Understanding of foreign cultural environment esp imp to international marketer

Social groups have strong influence on cb.explain

How can marketers use purchase intention data

Pricing strategies affect consumer purchases

Condition leads to post purchase dissonance

Imp of studying cb in marketing

Various types of bb

Stages in adopting new products

Benefits of search activities

Major communication of firm

App of cb

Consumer decision making process is complicated.Do u agree

Role of economic factor to influence cb

Culture and subculture

Information is wealth.Discuss this in the light of Cb

Marketer dominated information sources

Alternative evaluation

Attitudes and intentions

Is post transaction analysis important explain

What happens after consumer buys the product

Explain bb.Evolution of cb

Application of cb

Lifestyle determines the behavior of consumers

Reference groups

Consumers search information externally

Non marketing factors that can influence problem recognition


Significance of brand loyalty with eg

Various types of groups relevant to consumer behavior

Critically examine characteristic which play important role in influencing diffusion


Discuss the role of children in family decision making

Information search

Suppose you want to form highly negative attitude towards liquor consumption
among college students

a)Which attitude component you would focus on.Why

b)Which message characteristics you would use

C)Type of appeal u would use

Significance of family in bb

Types of risk might consumers perceive in a purchase situation

Distinguish bet diffusion and adoption of an innovation.Factors influence rate of

diffusion of an innovation

Factors that influences the consumer decision making

Marketing opinion leaders

Ethical issues involved in cross cultural marketing

Consumer decision process

Situation that can cause problem recognition

Criteria that consumers assign when intending to buy a laptop

Satisfaction,Repeat purchase,Consumer royalty

Product evaluation process