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Fahad Zafar

259 Medwick Garth East

Catonsville, MD, 21228
Cell 443-742-2945
E-mail: fahad.zafar@fda.hhs.gov,

• PhD in Computer Sciences (Expected May 2013)
University of Maryland Baltimore County

• M.S in Computer Sciences (May 2010)

University of Maryland Baltimore County

• B.S. (Hons) in Computer Sciences (Sept. 2007)

Punjab University

• 6 month Diploma in E-Commerce (July 2002)

Forwards Institute


Paper Fahad Zafar, Mina Choi, Aldo Badano (May 2011)

Estimating the perceptual limits for mobile displays
Symposium of Information Display L.A. 2011

Paper Mina Choi, Diksha Sharma, Fahad Zafar, Aldo Badano (May 2011)
Experimental psychophysics methodology to measure
the visual and device components of the veiling glare
limit for detection tasks in high-dynamic-range displays
Symposium of Information Display L.A. 2011

Paper Fahad Zafar, Marc Olano, Aaron Curtis (June 2010)

GPU Random Numbers via Tiny Encryption Algorithm
High Performance Graphics Germany 2010

Poster Fahad Zafar, Marc Olano (Feb 2010)

Tiny Encryption Algorithm for Parallel Random Numbers
on the GPU
ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and
Games 2010

Poster Fahad Zafar, Aldo Badano (August 2010)

A stand-alone application for the study of image quality
limitations in mobile display devices.
Food and Drug Association Summer Research Event

C, C++, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, Cell SDK, MPI, GLSL, HLSL, C#, Android
OS, Java, Direct 3D 10, GLSL, XNA, OpenGL, MXML, Action Script 3.0, ADOBE
AIR, Galileo, SQL, ASP 2.0, JSP, MPI 2, ACE

Research Assistant Multicore Computing Center UMBC (Aug. 2009 – Present)

• Research and development on the hybrid (PowerPC, Cell, Intel blades)

cluster. Projects include Fast Intrusion Detection, Particle Simulations
and performance analysis for OpenCL and CUDA implementations.

Graduate Research Food and Drug Administration (June. 2010 – Present)


• Working on mobile and stereoscopic 3Ddisplay devices for use in medical imaging.
Findings from the research were used to provide recommendations to industry and
regulators regarding digital pathology.

Software Developer Generation Internet Teams (Sept. 2007 – Dec. 2007)

• Built an ADOBE AIR application for Basecamp and a web application

at its backend, test applications for an upcoming Rich Internet
Application Framework (Galileo) eg. Address Book, GUI.

Teaching Assistant Object-Oriented Programming (Jan. 2005 – Jan. 2006)

 Graded quizzes and assignments, prepared presentations and

conducted labs.


• M.S. Thesis: Purely Computable Noise with High Quality Random Numbers for the GPU.

Mobile Platform Development

• Medical imaging test implementation with signal (Gaussian spot) and character detection in
human reader studies. Observer performance was recorded on the device as well.
• Remote medical image display application. Using the network to display images from a
repository. Test cases included network speed detection and plausible uses.
• Application for human reader movement detection when detecting abnormalities in medical
images (eg. rotations on x,y and z axis) using mobile devices.
• Commercial applications developed include Pixil, Automatic Live Wallpaper, Smiley Live
Wallpaper, Fire Burning Live Wallpaper, Ever Changing Wallpaper (all published on the
Android Market)

Desktop Applications

• Visual detection task software for 5 Megapixel and 3 Megapixel medical display devices.
• Reverse Engineering, converting .exe file to .asm file using Intel x86 processor
instruction set.
• Developed software that provided automated Bill Printing, Worker Issue/Return
Management, Sales and Purchase facilities for a fabrics shop, and monthly and daily
reporting for all parts of the business.
Computer Graphics
• Stereoscopic 3D representation of voxelized geometry models for medical tests
• Complete Implementation for projecting in and out of Spherical Harmonics to
approximate multiple light sources in an environment.
• Implementation of view dependant triangle sub-division and volumetric fire.
• Adaptive tessellation for terrain patches using Bezier curves.
• Implementations of terrain creation using height maps. Using light maps, bump maps,
displacement mapping and self shadowing in an environment.

Hybrid and Multicore Programming Paradigm

• Porting compute intensive subset of GEOS-5 (Goddard Earth Observing System Model)
code into OpenCL.
• Scalable Particle Simulation with OpenGL using MPI (Message Passing Interface) for
communication between multiple QS20 Blades.

Web Development

• An online School Management System using JSP and an MS Access Database.

• Used ASP, Crystal Reporting, and SQL Server 2000 to develop an On-line School
Management System for a client that managed firm data within the academic
organization over the internet.
• Developed a web application that integrated major areas for the computer spare part
business firm like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Employee Management, and Customer
Management and provided a reporting system.
• Wrote a Web Crawler to extract movie information such as Movie Titles , Ratings,
Descriptions, Image Paths, etc. and query to a server. Add data into an SQLSERVER
2005 Database and wrote the data access layer for the Web Application using ASP.


Available upon request