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Pohick Episcopal Church

9301 Richmond Highway • Lorton, VA 22079
Telephone: 703-339-6572 • Fax: 703-339-9884

Let your light so shine (Matt. 5:16)

MAY 2011
day to preach a fiery sermon that led to 3,000 people
From The Rector being baptized on the spot. Soon, those 3,000 Jewish
The Reverend pilgrims returned to their homes scattered about the

Donald D. Binder, PhD Roman Empire, taking with them the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Borne by the breezes of the Holy Spirit, the
message of Christ very quickly spread from their wit-
  joyous Easter Season to you!
ness and from the missionary work of the Apostles.

For Christians today, these fifty days of Easter are
Notice I used the words “Easter Season” in my likewise a time of great joy and festivity, captured by
greeting. For Easter is not merely a day, it is an en- our repeated exclamations of “Alleluia” and our sing-
tire liturgical season. In fact, it actually lasts longer ing of spirited Easter hymns. It is a time when we
than Lent: a full fifty days until the Feast of Pentecost revel in the presence of the Risen Lord, rejoicing in
(which means “the Fiftieth”). his resurrection and in the great promise of eternal
In Jesus’ time, pilgrims would often remain in life that springs from it. This sets the stage for a more
Jerusalem for those fifty days following Passover, intentional time of sharing our faith during the season
feasting in celebration of God’s deliverance of their of Pentecost that follows - appropriately, the longest
ancestors from bondage under the Egyptians. This in the church year.
would lead up to the Jewish festival of Pentecost - or And so I would encourage all of us to drink-in the
Shavuot (“Weeks”) as it was more properly known - wonders of this Season, luxuriating in the afterglow
which commemorated the giving of the Torah and the of Christ’s resurrection. Allow his Spirit to comfort
sealing of the Covenant with God at the base of Mt. and rejuvenate you so that you can face with grace and
Sinai. fearlessness the many challenges that lie ahead.
In the afterglow of that first Easter Day, the earli- Two thousand years ago, that is
est believers in Christ experienced an added joy during what happened with Peter and the
this festive period. Not only had the Resurrected Lord other Apostles. They went from whim-
appeared to them on Easter Day itself, he repeatedly pering cowards to bold ambassadors
walked among them for the first forty of those days, of the faith in a remarkably short time.
leading up to his Ascension. That is the power of the Resurrec-
When Pentecost arrived ten days later, a New tion. That is the power of the Risen
Covenant was sealed with the fire of the Holy Spirit Lord. It transformed them. It will
coming down upon the 120 in the Upper Room. It was transform your life as well.
a transformational moment. Where Peter had once And so again, I wish each of you a
cravenly denied his Lord three times, he went on that joyous Easter Season!
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to the fairground. When they got to a good ride three

From The Assistant Rector hands would reach out and the father would put a
The Reverend ticket into each hand. Then, when they came to the
Lyn Youll Marshall next good ride three hands would again reach out, and
again a ticket would be placed in each.
Rick Warren is the senior pastor and founder of The third time they reached a good ride, four
Saddleback Church in California. He is probably best hands reached out. The father was surprised, and said
known for his book, The Purpose Driven Life, which to the additional boy holding out his hand, ‘who are
has sold over 30 million copies with 4.8 million cop- you?’ and the boy said ‘I’m a friend of your son,’ and so
ies sold in 2006 alone (“By The Numbers: Top-Earning the father said ‘Ok, then you get a ticket as well.’
Authors.” Forbes.com. Retrieved January 10, 2009). His Warren had told the provost about our heav-
offices are located in the suburbs of Orange County, enly Father who loves His Son and loves his friends
California. There is nothing outside the office that so that all his son’s friends get ‘free’ tickets, not for a
particularly distinguishes them. Inside, it is a rather fairground ride, but for everlasting life. He asked the
different matter: artwork, books, well-designed meet- provost if he wanted to be a friend of God’s son. The
ing rooms, a recording studio, and Warren’s warm wel- provost said ‘yes,’ he did.
come. Warren said that he would pray with him right
Several weeks ago, my husband, Paul Marshall, then, and if he still wanted to make a commitment to
wrote an article for National Review Online, high- Christ, he should come to the church the next day and
lighting the desperate plight of an Afghan man, Musa. they could pray again. Note he did not force him, or
Musa converted to the Christian faith, and because of coerce him. He let the Holy Spirit do the work, and
his conversion, he was beaten and held for six months one more person made a commitment to Jesus Christ,
in brutal prison conditions. He now faces a death sen- announcing his conversion at the front of a church
tence from the Afghan government for the crime of service the next day.
apostasy. Musa became a Christian seven years ago, Just listening to Rick Warren is exhausting. Most
and has since been working for the Red Cross helping of us do not have his energy or his opportunity to ad-
to disarm mines. He lost a leg from an exploding mine. dress huge numbers of people. But, we might get the
He has five children, one of whom is quite severely chance to tell a story to a few people, or to one person.
disabled. In his article, my husband asked, rightly, I And if we speak, in a quiet reserved sort of Episcopa-
think, why our country was supporting a government lian way, someone’s life might be saved.
that was threatening converts to Christianity with
Paul’s article was taken up by Rick Warren in
his blog, and forwarded to hundreds of thousands of
people. The end result of this and several phone calls
was that Musa was released. A man was saved because
Saturday, May 7
others cared enough to speak out.
Rick Warren is a man who likes to talk about
7 am - 12 noon
his faith in Jesus Christ. His work takes him all over
the world, and he has met many world leaders. He
was invited to pray at President Obama’s inaugura-
tion. Not all Warren’s conversations are on the world
stage. Some are far more intimate. He told us about a
conversation with the provost of a large university in EYC is accepting donations in the Common Room.
China, who had been diagnosed with a serious cancer. Call Rusty Booth if big items require pickup.
Warren told the man that his own father also had can- Proceeds go toward the summer
cer, and then he told him a story about another father. youth Mission Trip to Keansburg, NJ.
This other father took his son and two of his friends
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Senior Warden’s Report Junior Warden’s Report

Neil Sunderland, Senior Warden Mike Elston, Junior Warden

Just a reminder, the annual Parish retreat is a little Happy Easter! Spring has certainly arrived in
over a month away - June 24 through 26, 2011. The Northern Virginia, which means it is time for the An-
parish retreat is a wonderful and enriching experience nual Spring Cleanup. Please consider spending a few
for the parish family members, singles, married with- hours at the cleanup on Saturday, May 14. This annual
out children, and those with children. For those that event is a great way to get to know fellow parishioners
have not attended in the past, please consider doing while making the church buildings and grounds more
so this year. As usual, it will be held at the Diocese’s attractive. The terrific Sexton, John Sessums, has been
Shrine Mont Camp and Conference Center, Orkney busy planning for the event, and there will be ways to
Springs, Virginia (www.shrinemont.com). Visit the put the skilled as well as the unskilled to work.
Shrine Mont website to learn more. The Property Commission, which is chaired by
Reverend Binder expressed his gratitude to all Neil Sunderland and the Junior Warden, has been
the volunteers who participated in Holy Week, and working hard on behalf of the Church. The Renova-
to Vestry members who participated in the Maundy tions Committee, for example, continues its fine work
Thursday service. On behalf of the Vestry, thanks to in the Parish House. Current projects include paint-
all those involved in the Holy Week services and the ing the classrooms, a mobile communications center
other Lenten season events. (with the Communications Commission), electrical
While on the subject of volunteers, eleven mem- upgrades, and a new floor for the Common Room
bers of the parish traveled to Shrine Mont in late that will do justice to the new furniture. The Building
March to participate in the 8th Annual Shrine Mont and Grounds Committee also has a lot on its plate. At
Volunteer Work Weekend. These volunteers were the April meeting, there were
among the 150 volunteers who traveled up the hill to two proposals for Eagle Scout
take part in preparing the buildings and grounds of projects, and bids were consid-
the facility for opening the first weekend in April with ered for repaving a portion of
700 registered guests. On Sunday morning, the volun- the driveway and the rectory’s
teers woke to find snow on the ground. driveway. Members of the com-
Roberta Fede, Treasurer, reported that plate and mittee have visited other sites
pledge income to date has been very good. with outdoor lifts in a continu-
At the April meeting, the Vestry said farewell to ing effort to investigate all of the possible solutions for
Sarah Wooten as she prepares for graduation from improving handicapped access to the historic church
Garfield High School, and new beginnings as a Fresh- building. The committee has advised the Vestry and
man at UVA. the Historic Pohick Foundation that it is planning to
During this month, the EYC will have their An- make a recommendation to the Vestry in June regard-
nual Yard Sale on May 7. The Annual Spring Clean- ing handicap access.
up Day is scheduled for May 14. The Brotherhood of The search for a Cemetery Warden continues. At
St. Andrew will be hosting their Annual Frogmore this month’s Vestry meeting, there will be a proposal
Stew Dinner the evening of May 21, which will be for the cemetery’s future, which may include some
preceded by the First Silent and Live Auction. Tues- incentives for the next Cemetery Warden. Until the
day night tutoring will end for the school year with a position is filled, the Junior Warden will be primarily
party. responsible for carrying out the duties of that posi-
On June 4, Pohick’s Pohick in Pink Team, organized tion.
by Susan Homar, will participate in the Race for the As always, the Vestry wants to hear from the con-
Cure followed by a luncheon in the Parish Hall for gregation. Please contact the Vestry with any ideas on
participants. making Pohick a better place to follow Christ.
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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Christian Education How to Request a Prayer Shawl
Frances Sessums, Director of Christian Education
Know of someone who would benefit from a prayer shawl?
Feel free to contact any of the priests at Pohick. Shawls are
It is time to look toward next year’s Church School,
freely available to members of the parish, relatives, and friends.
and volunteers are needed for this very important
A small stock of prayer shawls are kept in Rev. Binder’s office
ministry. Helping in the Church School is a very re-
closet. After selecting a prayer shawl, send an email or a note to
warding and satisfying experience. Volunteering gives
Rev. Binder, dbinder@pohick.org. He will then let the prayer
one the opportunity to grow in their faith as well as
shawl ministry know if replacement shawls are needed. There
the knowledge of the Bible. It is also a way to get to
is no charge for the prayer shawls, however, a donation to the
know the young parishioners as well as the other vol-
ministry will cheerfully be accepted. As with other ministries
unteers. There are already quite a few people who have
in the parish, simply write a check to Pohick Church, and write
committed themselves to this wonderful ministry!
Prayer Shawl Ministry in the memo line or attach a note.
However, there are still positions open! Teachers, sto-
Each shawl is accompanied by the following prayer:
rytellers, doorpersons, snack coordinators, and aides
May God’s grace be upon this shawl...
are still needed. Training and support is provided for
warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing.
all of these positions. Volunteers are scheduled so that
May this mantle be a safe haven...
they work only two times a month, and substitutes
a sacred place of security and well-being...sustaining
are available when needed. If interested in knowing
and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones.
more about the program, please call Frances Sessums
May the one who receives this shawl be cradled in hope,
at 703-425-2857.
kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love.

Pohick’s annual Vacation Church School will be
held July 11 - 15 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. The Hospice Volunteers Needed
curriculum is Gospel Light’s SonSurf Beach Bash. As VITAS Innovative Hospice Care of Northern
the students explore the wonders of the beach, they Virginia is now recruiting volunteers in northern
will also discover the Big Answer to the Big Ques- Virginia for “friendly visits” to patients at the end
tions about Jesus, who he is and why he is needed. The of their life. Visits made by volunteers help patients
kids learn that there is only one truth: Jesus! Please and touch families. HELP by visiting patients or
mark the calendar and plan on attending! working in the office. Orientation
There will be classes for 2½ year olds through fifth and assignments are made ac-
grade students. A parent or caregiver of the 2½ year cording to individual preference.
old must be present to help in some way. This is re- Please contact the Volunteer Ser-
quested so that the caregiver is nearby in case needed. vices Manager at 703-270-4300
There is also a nursery available throughout the day for or VolMgrNoVA@vitas.com.
the volunteers. The 6th through 12th grade students
are encouraged to volunteer as teacher assistants.
Volunteers are needed.
There are openings for lead
The Martha Guild
Connie Myers
teachers, assistant teachers,
recreation director, snack The next Martha Guild meeting will be on
leaders, assistants, nurs- Wednesday, May 4 beginning at 7:30 pm in the
ery leaders, and assistants. Common Room Annex. All women of the Church
If anyone is interested in are cordially invited to attend. Questions should
knowing more about the be directed to Connie Myers at 703-455-4652 or
program, call Frances Ses- jetskiing@hotmail.com.
sums at 703-425-2857.
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Shrine Mont, Virginia CAMP & CONFERENCE CENTER

Dates: June 24 - 26, 2011, from Friday dinner (5:30 pm) through Sunday lunch (12:30 pm)

Sign-up Deadline: Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shrine Mont Overview: It is that time again, for fellowship, physical, mental, and spiritual renewal at
Shrine Mont in the beautiful mountains of Virginia! Shrine Mont, located in Orkney Springs, 13 miles
west of Mt. Jackson, Virginia, is a conference center managed by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.
The Diocese owns 1,100 acres of forest land featuring trails, lakes, hills, and streams at the edge of the
George Washington National Forest, a stone’s throw from the West Virginia state line. The centerpiece
of Shrine Mont is an unusual open air stone chapel, the Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration, from
which Shrine Mont takes its name. Campers, conferees, and guests worship at this beautiful shrine

Fees: The cost is $143 for adults (ages 13 and over), $91 for youths (ages 8-12), $40 for children (ages
4-7), and free for children under four. If a crib is required, there is a $6 fee for the weekend. Babysitting
during adult sessions is available for an additional $10. Please note that these costs should not prohibit
anyone from attending the retreat. Anyone needing financial assistance should contact the Reverend
Don Binder at 703-339-6572. Fees are firm for the weekend, even for late arrivals. If arriving late, one Pohick Church
Annual Retreat
can usually get dinner until 6:30 pm. June 24-26, 2011

Babysitting Service: For parents with children, there will be a super program for young people, as well as a babysitting service ($10),
so parents can attend activities. Babysitters will be provided only during adult study sessions.

What to Bring: While breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided, bring snacks and your favorite beverages for evening fellowship time
together at the “Gathering Place.” Also consider bringing a flashlight, Bible, jacket or sweater, fan, and other personal items.

Study: There are three scheduled occasions to study, but note, no one is obligated to attend any of these planned sessions. One may
choose to do one’s own thing for part of the time, or for the entire weekend! Shrine Mont expects parents to be responsible for the
actions of their children, especially during the periods between the three planned sessions.




_________________________Email:__________________________________ Telephone:________________________

_____ Adults ($143 each) _____ Youth (8-12, $91 each) _____ Children (4-7, $40 each)

_____ Young Children (3 and under, free) _____ Cribs required ($6 each) _____ Babysitting ($10)

Total enclosed: $__________

Enclose a check payable to Pohick Church, and mark “Shrine Mont” in the memo section. For more information, call the Parish Office at 703-339-6572.


Page 6 • May 2011 Pohick Episcopal Church


Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, Virginia
Friday, June 24
Afternoon arrival Shrine
5:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Orientation in Art Hall Center
8:30 p.m. Compline
9:00 p.m. until… The Gathering Place

Saturday, June 25
7:30 a.m. Morning Prayer in Art Hall
8:00 a.m. Breakfast N
9:00-10:30 a.m. Session I, Group Photo at Shrine
10:30-12:30 p.m. Open/Activities
12:30 p.m. Lunch W E
1:00-4:30 p.m. Open/Activities
4:30-5:30 p.m. The Gathering Place
5:30 p.m. Dinner S
7:00-8:00 p.m. Session II in Art Hall
8:00 p.m. Evening Prayer at the Shrine
9:00 p.m. until… The Gathering Place

Sunday, June 26
8:00 a.m. Breakfast
Shrine Mont is located 1 hour south of Winchester or 1 hour north of Har-
9:00-10:30 a.m. Session III in Art Hall risonburg, and approximately 2 1/2 hours from the Washington, D.C. and
10:30-11:00 a.m. Pack, Check-out Richmond metro areas. To reach Shrine Mont follow I-81 to Mt. Jackson
11:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist at the Shrine (Exit #273). Turn left from DC or right from Richmond onto Rt. 703 (east),
12:30 p.m. Lunch then right (south) on US 11, follow through town, turn right on Rt. 263 and
1:30-4:00 p.m. Open/Depart follow approximately 15 miles to Orkney Springs.

Golf: Anyone desiring to play golf on Friday should plan to arrive at Shrine Mont no later than 10:30 am. Tee times will start at
11:30 am. Contact Warren Prados at 703-794-9063 for details on teams, course, etc. Tee times will also be available on Saturday.

Directions to Shrine Mont: From Pohick Church, take I-66 west to I-81 south. Exit 273 at Mt. Jackson. Turn RIGHT. Go to
STOP sign. Turn LEFT. Go to STOP sign. Turn RIGHT onto State Route 263 to Orkney Springs and Shrine Mont. The trip
takes about two hours from Pohick.


Activities and Options: Indicate particular activities of interest.

Tom or Susan Mayberry, 703-494-6108, will keep track of others expressing an interest in all options.

_____ Swimming _____ Basketball _____ Volleyball _____ Shuffleboard

_____ Tennis _____ Sleeping _____ Fishing _____ Mountain Climbing

_____ Golf _____ Hiking _____ Eating _____ Bridge/other card games

_____ Horseshoes _____ Shopping _____ Antiquing _____ Porching

_____ Other
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Update on Issues in the Anglican Communion

Don Brownlee • Policy and Planning Commission
This monthly report is part of the Vestry’s ongoing ef- ment that keeps his Church controlled by others rather
fort to inform and update the Parish about the ongoing than freeing it.
controversies within The Episcopal Church (TEC) and the At the same time, the Standing Committee of the
Anglican Communion. These controversies largely involve Anglican Consultative Council held a similarly quiet
the blessing of same-sex unions, ordination of non-celibate meeting. According to daily bulletins on each day’s
homosexuals, interpretation of Scripture, and breakdown of activities, members discussed persecution against An-
traditional boundary lines between Provinces. glicans, particularly in Africa; the need to speak out
The relative calm in the Anglican Communion against gender-based violence, the role of the Bible in
continued through two more meetings this spring. The the life of the church, and continuing use of the “Ind-
Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops held its spring aba” discussion method of understanding each other
meeting in North Carolina late in March, with little and resolving disagreements. If more controversial is-
of the tension or drama that had marked previous ses- sues were raised, they did not make any of the daily
sions. At the same time, the Standing Committee of bulletins.
the Anglican Consultative Council was meeting in Presiding Bishop Katharine was unable to attend
London. due to a scheduling conflict with the House of Bishops.
According to Episcopal News Service, the House In other recent developments:
of Bishops’ meeting focused on the relationship be- • Bishop Shannon Johnson has named J. P. Causey Jr. as
tween Christianity and Islam, how to reach young acting chancellor of the diocese, following the sudden
adults with the gospel, and the proposed Anglican death in April of Russell Palmore. Causey is a member
Covenant. “We talked about recruiting, forming and of St. John’s, West Point.
educating young leaders, and that has a great deal to • Leaders of The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
do with inviting members of the church and leaders recommended that the General Convention not en-
to get outside church buildings and structures to meet dorse the proposed Anglican Covenant. After a period
seekers,” Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori in of discernment, as suggested by the last General Con-
a closing news conference. vention, the diocese’s bishops and General Convention
While some previous meetings have been torn by delegates said the proposed covenant diminished the
differences of opinion about human sexuality, emerging role of the laity in the Communion’s governance, and
technologies seems to be a bigger issue this year. The “creates a punitive, bureaucratic, juridical process…” el-
sessions are closed to the press and public; some bish- evating the authority of the Standing Committee of
ops who are inveterate bloggers or tweeters continued the Anglican Communion over the autonomy of mem-
to do so through the meetings. Other bishops felt that ber churches.” Instead, they suggested “we patiently
inhibited free discussion. Some bishops stopped, others continue the conversation (about differences between
continued. member churches) out of our bonds of affection and
Atlanta Bishop Neil Alexander presented a pa- mutual loyalty to the entire Communion.”
per on the Covenant, suggesting it would substantial- • In Washington, the Diocese of Washington an-
ly change Anglican ecclesiology (the doctrine of the nounced five candidates to succeed he Rt. Rev. John
church) by implementing “a more centralized author- Bryson Chane. Bishop Chane told the diocese’s An-
ity than we have ever had before.” Three international nual Council in January that he plans to retire this fall.
primates - from Canada, the Congo and South Korea He became the eighth Bishop of Washington in June
- who joined the bishops each delivered a response to 2002, and is one of the more outspoken voices in The
Alexander’s paper. Bishop Christopher Epting wrote Episcopal Church for “full inclusion” of gays and les-
on his blog, “I was surprised to note that all three have bians in the church’s life and ministry. The nominees
serious reservations about the covenant and whether it include three men and two women. All are married.
will indeed be of any use at all in resolving some of the The electing convention will be held June 18th at the
conflict in the Anglican Communion.” The Primate of
South Korea reportedly called it a “colonialist” docu- Continued on page 8
Page 8 • May 2011 Pohick Episcopal Church

Update on Issues in the Anglican Communion, break away from The Episcopal Church. Vern reports
continued from page 7 that they were prepared to leave over the decision, but
National Cathedral. were asked to stay and worship with the congregation
• An Ohio court ruled in favor of the Diocese of Ohio that voted to leave. The vicar even asked Vern to con-
in a property case involving five breakaway parishes. tinue to serve as a lay reader, even though he was not
The court said, “It is tempting to conflate a litigation’s licensed by the bishop of the breakaway diocese. When
file size with its complexity…Nevertheless, despite the the loyalist diocese held its reorganizing Annual Coun-
sheer volume of submissions…this case is straightfor- cil in November, Vern and Connie appointed them-
ward.” It concluded that the property at issue was held selves as delegates from their parish. Vern reports that
in trust for “Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and The Prot- a theme of the Council was reconciliation with the de-
estant Episcopal Church in the United States” and or- parted parishes. Reconciliation also was the topic of a
dered the breakaway churches to “surrender the church special Lenten series, and Provisional Bishop C. Wallis
keys.” Ohl has now filed an affidavit with the trial court, out-
• The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is moving for- lining plans to both recover properties he believes were
ward on property negotiations with parishes that broke taken by the breakaway diocese, and reconcile with the
away from The Episcopal Church. The break-away people who left The Episcopal Church.
churches formed a new Diocese affiliated with the An- • This year’s celebration of Easter on April 24th was
glican Church in North America. unusual for two reasons: It was just one day short of
• The complicated legal battles over property continues the latest date Easter can fall under the calendar fol-
to play out in Fort Worth. The situation is particularly lowed by most Christian denominations in the western
challenging to follow because while the breakaway dio- hemisphere, and both Eastern Orthodox and western
cese in Pittsburgh now calls itself the “Anglican Dio- churches celebrated Easter on the same date. The date
cese of Pittsburgh,” the breakaway diocese in Ft. Worth usually is different because western churches calculate
continues to call itself the “Episcopal Diocese of Ft. it using the Gregorian calendar, while Eastern Or-
Worth,” as does the reconstituted diocese that is loyal thodox churches calculate it using the Julian calendar.
to The Episcopal Church. The breakaway diocese is af- The Secretary General of World Council of Churches
filiated with the Province of the Southern Cone. (WCC) is urging Christians world-wide to agree on a
In February, District Court Judge John Chupp common date, tied to the date of the vernal equinox in
ruled in favor of those loyal to The Episcopal Church. Jerusalem. The WCC made a similar A similar propos-
He said The Episcopal Church is a hierarchical church, al at a 1997 WCC conference was not implemented by
and those who have remained with the national church any member body. Some 80 years ago, the British par-
are entitled to use and control church property. He al- liament passed a law setting Easter to be the Sunday
lowed the loyalist diocese to begin taking inventory of following the second Saturday in April (thus, between
the breakaway parishes’ properties. it would fall between April 9 and April 15) but the law
Then in March, he “severed” that key part of his was never implemented. Others have suggested always
ruling from the other issues involved , and set those observing Easter on the second Sunday in April, or al-
other issues aside while that main part was appealed. ways having seven Sundays between the Epiphany and
He agreed to put protections in place regarding the Ash Wednesday. None of these suggestions has gained
properties. The loyalist diocese claims the breakaway much traction.
group is taking out loans against diocesan properties in
order to pay its legal bills. It is important to remember that despite all these controversies,
Bishop Jack Iker of the breakaway diocese hailed the work of the Church - globally, nationally, and locally - goes
the ruling (at least the first part) as a victory, and said on. We have provided backpacks, school supplies, Thanksgiving
his attorneys wanted to bypass the appeals court and go dinners and Christmas dinners to the Lorton Community Ac-
directly to the Texas Supreme Court. tion Center. Our tenth mission trip to New Orleans is set for
Former Pohick parishioners Vern and Connie Ep- May 8th - 14th. As our Rector has said, “ we will continue to go
pley, who moved from Pohick and Northern Virginia back “as long as we are able and as long as the need to continues
to retire to Texas, are in the middle of this struggle. to be so great. The Carpenter from Nazareth, we feel, would not
The parish Vern and Connie joined is one which voted have it any other way.”
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Episcopal Church

Bible School
July 11 - 15, 2011

To be held at:
Pohick Episcopal Church • 9301 Richmond Highway • Lorton, Virginia 22079
For children age 3 (only if potty-trained) through Grade 5*
Monday - Friday • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
To help the Christian Education budget,
a donation of $20.00 per family would be most appreciated.

Directions: Please fill out a separate form for each child attending.

Child’s Name ______________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
(street) (city) (zip)
Telephone _____________________________________ Date of Birth ________________________________

*School Grade completed in June of 2010 ________________________________________________________

Parents’ Names _____________________________________________________________________________

Medical Information (eg food allergies, etc.) ______________________________________________________



_____ I can stay and help if needed. _____ We would like to carpool, if possible.
_____ My child would like to come, but will need a ride. _____ I can provide a ride for _____ child(ren).

Please return this form to the Church office, either in person or by mail.
Page 10 • May 2011 Pohick Episcopal Church


Vacation Bible School

Name of Child _____________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________________________________________________________

Name of Parent/Guardian ____________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone _________________________________________________________________________________



Name of Family Physician ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone ________________________________________________________________________________

ALLERGIC TO MEDICATION? ____________________________________________________________

IF SO, WHICH ___________________________________________________________________________

ANY OTHER ALLERGIES - SUCH AS BEE STINGS _________________________________________


UNDER PHYSICIAN’S CARE? _________________

UNDER MEDICATION NOW? _________________



NOTE: By law a parent cannot consent in advance to any and all manner of emergency care. It is understandable
that in cases, other than the need for immediate emergency treatment, the attending physician may defer treat-
ment pending the parent’s permission to administer professional service.

(parent/guardian signature)

Pohick Episcopal Church May 2011 • Page 11

drinking alcohol are other risk factors for colon can-

Health News Tips to Prevent Colon Cancer
Carol Heddleston, Parish Nurse
Helping the colon: Add dietary fiber to meals
with fruits and vegetables; adequate fluid intake; en-
Colon Cancer zymes like raw vegetables; and good bacteria like live
Many people with colon cancer struggle after be- yogurt, bananas, and onions. High fiber from natural
ing diagnosed. Colon cancer can be curable, manage- food choices is much more beneficial than fiber sup-
able, or terminal. As technology advances, there are plements. Vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and fruits are
many more cancer survivor stories as well as healing actually far more protective than grains.
therapies and websites for patients to read and be- These are a few suggestions to consider to help the
come encouraged. Many cancer patients search for as- colon:
surance of hope, so anything which offers possibilities • Eat five to nine-and-a-half cup servings of fruits
of cure is welcome. and or vegetables per day. Fresh is best, frozen second
Colon cancer kills about 50,000 Americans yearly, choice, and eat as many raw vegetables as possible.
and destroys the lives of many others. However, it can • Choose 100% whole-grain products and make
be preventable, requiring regular checkups that may sure it is listed as such first on the list of ingredients.
find small things (polyps) that could turn into big- • Limit fast food. Choose healthier - such as veg-
ger things (larger adenomatous polyps) like cancer. etable subs or salads. Bring lunch to work. Consider
Knowing family history is important as well as main- meat substitutes or high protein alternatives rather
taining a feasible diet. Examination of stool DNA and than meat for some meals.
genetic profiling is another important factor. • Limit or avoid alcohol consumption.
Scheduling a colonoscopy can find and destroy • Choose healthy fats. Remember: cancer loves
small growths before it is too late. The test is not sugar.
painful as many may think, and it only takes about Symptoms of colorectal cancer in the early stages:
15 minutes. Most people who have had a colonoscopy • Rectal bleeding or blood in or on the stool
would agree that the preparation is the worst part. The • Change in bowel habits
preparation requires a prescription from the doctor of • Stomach discomfort (bloating, fullness and/or
a gallon jug containing a powder mix. The patient will cramps
fill the jug with water to make a drink out of the pow- • Constant fatique
der. The instructions are usually to drink one 8 oz glass • Unexplainable weight loss
of the mixture every 10 minutes until the entire gallon
is finished. After the first few glasses, bowel evacua- Send News!
tion (in the form of diarrhea) will begin. Before the
gallon is finished, many people find that their evacu- Articles for the June 2011 Pohick Post are
ations are totally clear, and all the waste material is due no later than May 15! Forward input
gone from the colon. by email in Word compatible format to
There is no single cause of colon cancer. Nearly all Lori Buckius, raebuck@aol.com.
colon cancers begin as noncancerous (benign) polyps, Design concerns & items for the Sunday
which slowly develop into cancer. Service Volunteers page should be addressed
Those with a higher risk for colon cancer include: to Carmel Hodge, cchodge@aol.com.
• Age 50 or older
• African Americans
• Eating a diet high in red or processed meats
• Have cancer elsewhere in the body
• Have colorectal polyps
Colon cancer may be associated with a high-fat,
low-fiber diet, and red meat. Smoking cigarettes and
Page 12 • May 2011 Pohick Episcopal Church

Frogmore and Silent/Live Auction

Pohick in Pink
Mark the calendar NOW for Saturday, May 21 Last month the formation of a team to participate
with the festivities including a silent auction starting at in the Komen Global Race for the Cure to be held in
4:00 pm and ending at 6:00 pm followed by the Broth- Washington, DC on Saturday, June 4 was announced.
erhood of St. Andrew Frogmore Stew Dinner at 6:00 Several people have registered, but there is still time to
pm. Do not miss the fun and food! Admission to the join the team. Register as a walker, a runner, or to “sleep
Auction events are free, but better bring a checkbook in for the cure.”
The team will be composed of men, women, teens,
to select auction items for upcoming birthdays, Christ- and preteens. Most importantly, this event provides
mas, or desired items. Light snacks and drinks will be an opportunity as a church family to offer support to
available during the auction. church members who have been touched by breast can-
Frogmore Stew, which is made from shrimp, po- cer, and to provide an opportunity for awareness and
tatoes, corn sausage, and other goodies (but no frogs), education for the youth in the parish.
will be $15.00 for adults and $7.50 for children (12- • Register online at
18) with under 12 free. Alternate fare will be available • Select “Join a Race Team”
for kids and adult beverages for non-kids. Please see • Enter the Team Name: Pohick in Pink
Brotherhood members during coffee hour for tickets. • Register as:
Come and join the fun with the congregation and ex- • Walker - Registration is $40
tended families and friends. • Runner - Registration is $45
Donations have already been received for the auc- • Sleep In for the Cure – Registration is $40 - be
a member of the team and sleep in - no walking or run-
tion: a week/weekend at Nags Head, two round trip ning required
tickets to anywhere in the Continental US, a beauti- • Kids for the Cure - ages 5 – 12. Registration
fully framed picture of Pohick Church, multiple gift is $25. Kids must be registered with a registered adult.
baskets, and many more interesting and unique items. Activities for the Kids for The Cure include a fun run.
It is not too late to donate items to add to the silent Neil Sunderland has kindly offered to sponsor a
lunch at the Church following the race. Team members
or live auction fun - a Gift-In-Kind letter can be pro-
can return to Pohick after the event, and enjoy a bit of
vided. Gifts can be received Monday through Friday in Pohick fellowship. Please contact Susan Homar, homar.
the Church Office. Items that will sell for $7 or more susan@gmail.com, Susan Yarwood, or Kathy Kirkland
are welcome with the exception of large furniture and with any questions about the event, or suggestions for
clothing. Feel free to donate books that will meet the effectively growing the team with the Pohick family.
$7 rule - first editions, autographed copies, or new, but
also donations can be china, silver, jewelry, re-gifts and
all sorts of goodies that need a good home.
Volunteers are still needed to help with the auc-
tion set up and cleanup, or for soliciting local vendors
for gifts. Volunteering is fun, and the volunteers get an
early peek at all of the auction items.
Auction proceeds benefit Pohick’s General Fund,
and the Frogmore dinner proceeds will benefit the
ministries of the Brotherhood of St Andrew. Food Pantry
Look forward to a wonder-
There is a collection on the first Sunday of each
ful, fun-filled auction, fellowship,
month for non-perishable food items. These items are
and dinner. Any questions or vol-
contributed to the Lorton Community Action Center
unteers to help set up the auction,
for its food pantry. Please consider bringing in an item
please contact Mike Morgan in
or two on the first Sunday and it will be included as
the Church Office at 703-339-
a part of the alms giving. Food brought to the church
6572, ext 103, or mmorgan@po-
for the 9:00 am service is brought to the altar by the
ushers for a blessing.
Pohick Episcopal Church May 2011 • Page 13

Pohick Church Activities

May 2011
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
MAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Easter 2a 9:30a Staff Mtg. 4-8p Yard Sale 4-8p Yard Sale 4-8p Yard 7a-12p EYC
7:45a HE I 2:30p HE/FX Prep Prep Sale Prep Yard Sale
9a HE II 6p St. Francis
7p Tutoring 6:15p Bell Choir 8a BSA
10:15a Christian Ed, Choir
Inquirers’ Class 7p EFM 9:15a Fair Meet-
11:15a HE I 7p Prayer Shawl 7:30p Choir of ing
12:30p St. Cecelia St. Ministry Pohick
Alban Choir 7:30p HE/LOH 8:30p AA
5p Youth Conf. Class 7:30p Martha
6p EYC Dinner (all Guild Meeting
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Mother’s Day 9:30a Staff Mtg. 6p St. Francis 6:15p Bell Choir 8a BSA
Easter 3a 2:30p HE/FX Choir 7p EFM 9a Spring
7:45a HE I
7p Tutoring 7:30p HE/LOH 7:30p Choir of Cleanup Day
9a HE II
10:15a Christian Ed, 7:30p Vestry Pohick 9:15a Renova-
Inquirers’ Class Meeting 8:30p AA tions Cmte Mtg.
11:15a HE II

15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Easter 4a 9:30a Staff Mtg. 2-3:30p Tea 6:15p Bell Choir 8a BSA
7:45a HE I 2:30p HE/FX Time Talk 7p EFM 6p Frogmore
9a HE II
7p Tutoring 6p St. Francis 7:30p Choir of Stew Dinner and
10:15a Christian Ed,
Inquirers’ Class Party Choir Pohick Silent Auction
11:15a HE I 6p Community 8:30p AA
12:30p St. Cecelia St. of Hope
Alban Choir 7:30p HE/LOH
5p Youth Conf. Class
6:30p EYC (all groups)
Pohick Post Deadline
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Easter 5a 9:30a Staff Mtg. 2-3:30p Tea 6:15p Bell Choir 8a BSA
7:45a HE I 2:30p HE/FX Time Talk 7p EFM
9a HE II
6p St. Francis 7:30p Choir of
10:15a Christian Ed,
Inquirers’ Class Choir Pohick
11:15a HE II 7:30p HE/LOH 8:30p AA
12:30p St. Cecelia St.
Alban Choir
5p Youth Conf. Class
6:30p EYC ( Jr&Sr)
29 30 31 JUNE 1 2 3 4
Easter 6a Memorial Day 9:30a Staff Mtg. 2-3:30p Tea Ascension Day 8a BSA
7:45a HE I 2:30p HE/FX Time Talk 6p Final rehears- 9:15a Fair Mtg.
9a HE II 9:15a Historic
7p Prayer Shawl al before concert
10:15a Inquirers’ Class Foundation
11:15a HE I Ministry 7p EFM
7:30p Martha Guild 8:30p AA 12-2p Race for the
12:30p St. Cecelia St.
Cure Luncheon
Alban Choir 7:30p HE/LOH
5p Youth Conf. Class 4p Sounds of
Pohick Concert
Contact the Parish Secretary, Vonne Troknya, troknya@pohick.org, to list group meetings or events on the calendar.
Page 14 • May 2011 Pohick Episcopal Church


1 MAY 8 MAY 15 MAY 22 MAY 29 MAY
7:45 Jim Bartholomew Bob Johnson Rodger Jones Ken Evans Lane Phillips
Mike Vaughn Becky Wagner Tony Marsico Mike Zane John Springer
9:00 Tom Bland Hal Yarwood Mo Faber Wes Speer Matt Gurrola
Don Cook Susan Yarwood Santos Garcia Sean Hartig Dennis Myers
Jim Hayes Don Buckius John Godley Terry Mullins John Pasour
Greg Wilson Randy Cudworth Grant Hodges Rita Smith Debbie Pasour
11:15 Bill Bland Chris Brown Don Homar Sandra Caesar Angela Edgemon
Mike Wooten Bob Davies Nancy Sage Bill Hosp Steve Edgemon
7:00 Jim Bartholomew Andrea Gurrola Rodger Jones Leslie Schwoppe Michelle Booth
1:00 Michelle Booth Chris Brown Roberta Fede Jim From Angela Edgemon
12:15 M/M Brown M/M Myers Pasour/Remaly Brooks/Mayberry Buckius/Faber
AM BJ McPherson J. Sunderland J. Sunderland J. Wells J. Wells
J. Holm N. Bireley N. Bireley N. Sage N. Sage
A. Powell A. Cannon A. Cannon H. Parker H. Parker
J. Schmid C. Heddleston C. Heddleston J. Buckley J. Buckley
E. Pitcock J. MacDonald J. MacDonald C. Foster C. Foster
A. Marsico M. Merriam M. Merriam C. Hanchin C. Hanchin
D. Pasour/S. Caesar R. Teale/B. Wagner R. Teale/B. Wagner R. Stankwitz/N. Conte R. Stankwitz/N. Conte
AM J. Brimmer C. Hanchin BJ/K McPherson K. Tracy S. Homar
7:45 M/M Evans M/M Evans E. Bartlett M/M Evans M/M Evans
9:00 M/M Remaly M/M Perconti M/M Heddleston M/M Bland M/M Yarwood
11:15 M/M Heintze M/M Thurston S. Caesar M. Yezek K. Kirkland
7:45 Marleen McCabe M/M Roger Jones M/M Paul Peterson Stew Remaly Edie Bartlett
9:00 M/M Gerry Gray Roberta Fede M/M John Godley Mary Howard M/M Fuzzy Thurston
11:15 Anne Cannon Beth Atkinson M/M Bill Poad M/M Rick Nelson M/M Don Homar
7:45 Wagner (R) TBD TBD TBD TBD
Springer (P)
9:00 Homar (R) TBD TBD TBD TBD
Elston (P)
11:15 S. Harding (P) TBD TBD TBD TBD
M. Harding (R)

The Sunday Service Volunteers Schedule is also available at Pohick Church’s website, www.pohick.org, under “Ministries.”
Pohick Episcopal Church May 2011 • Page 15


1 MAY 8 MAY 15 MAY 22 MAY 29 MAY
7:45 LC Scott S. LC Julia M. LC William P. LC Travis F. LC Brad M.
9:00 LC David G. LC Dru H. LC Kathryn V. LC Hunter G. LC Sara W.
SC Melisa L. SC Slayton S. SC Casey L. SC Hannah V. SC Steven C.
T Isabel H. T Keighan S. T Amanda L. T Parker L. T Christina C.
T Emily E. T Kathryn S. T Mikey K. T Isabel H. T Kieghan S.
B Hannah V. B Jacob H. B Kirsten H. B Graham H. B Slayton S.
11:15 LC Klint E. LC Brad M. LC Amber M. LC Jonathan C. LC Scott S.
SC Steven C. SC Victoria C. SC Sarah B. SC Rebecca B. SC Mitchell F.
T Christina C. T William H. T Ben L. T Mac M. T Kathryn S.
T Sydney T. T Catherine H. T Mary B. T Sydney T. T Emily E.
B Mitchell F. B Rachel P. B Hannah G. B Jordan C. B Melisa L.

Computer and Monitor Needed

Have a desktop or laptop computer and monitor
Chore Card
Kids can pledge to lend Mom or Dad a
that is not really used or need? The Communications
hand around the house with this flowery card.
Committee is seeking the donation of a computer and
monitor for the new Welcome Center that is being
• 8 1/2- by 11-inch sheet of heavyweight paper
developed. The computer will be used to continually
• Construction paper or card stock
display a PowerPoint or other similar slide presenta-
• Glue
tion that includes an-
• Con-tact paper, optional
nouncements about up-
coming events as well as
1. Fold in half an 8 1/2- by 11-inch sheet of
pictures. The computer
heavyweight paper so that the shorter ends
does not need to be ter-
match up.
ribly powerful or have
2. Cut a flowerpot shape from colored con-
a lot of memory since
struction paper or card stock and glue it to
it will only be used for
the lower portion of the card face. Attach only
this type of application.
the bottom and side edges and leave the top
The monitor needs to
be a flat screen type that can be mounted to a wall
3. Cut out a bunch of colored flowers and
with a screen between 15” and 18” inches diagonally.
thick green stems and then glue the stem
Questions can be directed to Tom Rivenbark at tom-
tops to the backs of the blossoms.
4. Once the glue dries, print a different chore
(such as “fold the laundry” or “walk the dog”)
Adult Mission Trip on the back of each stem.
The next Adult Mission Trip is May 8 - 14, 2011. 5. Inscribe the inside of
The team will return to New Orleans for its 10th trip the card with the words
to help in the rebuild effort. If interested, please con- “Pick a flower and you will
tact Susan Homar at homar.susan@gmail.com. If in- see the jobs you’ll pick
terested in helping fund expenses - rental cars, building this week for me” and sign
supplies, etc. - contributions are welcome and appre- it. All that’s left to do is to
ciated. Checks can be made out to Pohick Church “plant” the flowers in the
and indicate Adult Mission Trip on the memo line. pot and present the card.
Thanks to all who continue to support this mission.
The Purpose of Pohick Church is to be a nourishing community where Christ’s love is experienced and taken beyond its walls.
Non-Profit Org.

Permit No. 2
U.S. Postage

Lorton, VA

Date: _____________________ Subject: _____________________

To: The Vestry
Pohick Church Staff Pohick Church Vestry
Rector: The Rev’d Donald Sr. Warden: Neil Sunderland
Binder, PhD Jr. Warden: Mike Elston
Assistant: The Rev’d Treasurer: Roberta Fede
Lyn Youll Marshall Register: Chris Brown
Lorton, Virginia 22079-1519

Priest Associate: The Rev’d Dr. Ruth Members: Femi Ayorinde, Jim
E. Correll, Ed.D. Bartholomew, Michele Booth,
9301 Richmond Highway

Return Service Requested

Seminarian: Daniel Cenci Tom Buckner, Jonathan

Minister of Music: Linda Egan Cooke, Angela Edgemon,
Director of Jim From, Andrea Gurrola,
Pohick Church

Christian Ed: Frances Sessums Rodger Jones, Kristina Myers,

Youth Minister: Rusty Booth Tom Rivenbark,
Parish Secretary: Vonne Troknya Leslie Schwoppe
Finance Admin: Mike Morgan
Sexton: John Sessums
Telephone: 703-339-6572 • Fax: 703-339-9884
Church Office Email: Troknya@pohick.org • Web Site: www.pohick.org