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--A new Era of Internet Computing.

1st B.C.A, Vels University, Chennai.
E-mail:- danushram1991@gmail.com
Abstract architecture, the front end and the back end,
In this paper, we had explain about the cloud
computing with its advantage, application, What is cloud computing?
history, etc. We have also explained how it
will be a new era of computing. Cloud computing is INTERNET based
computing.In it shared resources, software,
and information are GIVEN to computers
Keywords and other devices are given on demand.
Customization, user-defined experience, A key element of cloud computing is
computing infrastructures, consumers’s customization and the creation of a user-
computing needs, telephony, Cloud defined experience.
Cloud computing infrastructures consist of
services delivered through common centers
and built on servers.
Clouds often appear as single points of
access for all consumers' computing needs.
The major cloud service providers include
microsoft, saleforce, amazon and google.

It’s History
Concept was introduced in 1960s by John
McCarthy. Amazon played a key role in the
development of cloud computing. In 2007
GOOGLE, IBM and a number of
universities worked together on a cloud
computing research project.

Application of cloud
It’s Architecture
Explanation with real time examples.
Its architecture with full detail.
It’s Characteristics
It’s Layers
1) Virtualization.
1) Client=It consist of required
hardware and software. 2) Utility Computing.

2) Application=It deliver software as a 3) Software as services.

service over the internet.
4) Cost :-Pay only what u had used.
3) Platform=It deliver computing
platform and solution to the client’s 5) Flexibility & Reliability.
problems. 6) Solving complixity.
4) Infrastructure=It deliver computer 7) No Maintenance cost.
infrastructure.Instead of buying
clients can use it simply. 8) Cloud computing is often assumed to
be a form of “Green Computing".
5) Server=It deliver different cloud
services. Why to choose cloud
How it works? computing?
Explanation of its working with a diagram. Comparison it with Traditional Licensed
Software and software as service and at last
concluding why cloud computing is best.
Important cloud computing
Operating System(O.S.)
Discussion about the three o.s namely:
1) O.O.S. OS(www.oos.cc)

2) CLOUDO OS(beta.cloudo.com)

3) EYE OS(www.eyeos.info)