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Solar energy

services as
reliable as
the sun
Impact the environment.
Improve your bottom line.


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going solar is You can participate
in a greener
Start earning revenue
without disruption to
already within tomorrow, today. your own operation.

your grasp. In an effort to reduce Ontario’s reliance on non-

renewable electricity generation, new legislation
Solar PV systems can be permitted/installed
faster than any other type of renewable energy
has made it possible for commercial businesses, power plant. Within months, you’ll receive the
REITs, and other organizations to directly financial benefit.
benefit from solar energy projects. Specifically,
by leveraging their facilities’ unused roof space What’s more, because PV systems are quiet

and/or vacant land to build and operate a solar and visually unobtrusive, you won’t experience

panel array, organizations can build a new disruption to your operation. And, they are

revenue stream while helping to save the planet. reliable over the long term because there are
no moving parts.
SunEdison offers turnkey solutions to launching
solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, either through SunEdison will be a true steward of your

the direct sale of equipment, or through a fully roof-top/land, using the utmost care in design,

managed approach that removes the burden of implementation and maintenance to protect

system financing, construction, monitoring, and your assets. Perhaps that’s why our customers

maintenance. The premise of this approach is come back—again and again. In fact, 44% of

simple: you lease your facilities’ roof space and/or our customers have more than one PV system.

land to build and operate a solar panel array.

You bear no responsibility or burden.
You simply collect a cheque each month.

About FIT

Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy generation is a cornerstone
of the province’s Green Energy Act. Under the program, participants are paid a fixed price
for the electricity they generate over a 20-year contract period.

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solar. from an Experience the dividends
of environmental
success with solar PV systems. There is no match
for SunEdison’s experience. We are the largest

idealistic dream to
solar services company in North America, with
leadership. over 300 successful installations to date, and

an economic reality.
years of experience in Canada, including Canada’s
Not only does going solar provide a new revenue
first utility-scale project.
stream for your organization, but it’s an ideal
way to demonstrate your commitment to Our promise to you is to make going solar simple.
environmental sustainability. Through our fully managed approach, we assume
full responsibility for everything from financing to
By providing the space for solar energy production,
monitoring to maintenance throughout the service
you’ll be responsible for immediately reducing
life of the PV system. All you have to do is provide
pollutants in the atmosphere, critical to sustaining
the space.
and supporting the health of future generations.
Your investors, customers/constituents, and other
Absolutely no upfront
stakeholders will value your accomplishments.
capital outlay.
SunEdison will help you maximize your project’s
green value through marketing and promotional SunEdison eliminates the need for any upfront

support, such as press releases, groundbreaking/ customer capital outlay. It’s just another way

flip-the-switch events, solar facility branding, we make solar as appealing financially as it

educational programs, and more. is environmentally.

Count on the one “Our experience deploying solar systems

with SunEdison has been quite simple.
partner who offers the
The beauty of the system quite candidly
experience to deliver. is that there are no capital costs to us or
operating and maintenance expenses…
Because solar regulations, incentives, financing, and, we’re providing a renewable solution
and implementation can be very complex, there’s that allows us to meet our climate goals
a confidence that comes only with the knowledge and objectives.”
that your solar partner offers demonstrated
 — Customer Testimonial

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SUNEDISON IS THE Maximize your Bottom line, you can be confident that SunEdison

will skillfully install solar PV systems, whether
lease revenue.
at one site or throughout your entire portfolio of

SunEdison’s experience implementing solar PV properties, on time, and with your needs in mind

projects gives us the confidence to offer superior every step of the way.

lease rates to our customers. We fully understand

how to maximize solar production through the right Sit back and relax.
PV system design, monitoring, and maintenance
Because our business model has always been
strategies. And higher energy output translates to
based on the service we provide and the energy
greater returns for you.
we generate, we developed systems of monitoring

While other solar energy companies promise solar and diagnostics—working in concert with our

energy solutions, we deliver. SunEdison is one 24/7 support team—to rapidly address PV system

of the few solar energy services providers who service issues. This combination of monitoring and

can consistently secure project funding. And service keeps systems running at peak efficiency.

achieve on-time completion. And ensures that you continue to receive maximum
financial benefit.
That’s because our track record of developing
hundreds of solar power plants, producing Our success could not be possible without the

megawatt hours of clean energy, and abating knowledge and dedication of our whole team,

tonnes of carbon dioxide to Canada’s environment from the technicians based at our industry-leading

has won SunEdison the trust of the financial Renewable Operations Center to our local crews

community. Through a combination of our own in the field. From the initial planning phase through

working capital, revolving lines of credit, and the service life of a PV system, our commitment to

investor-backed funds (in excess of hundreds of customer satisfaction and commitment to system

millions of dollars), SunEdison has the financial performance go hand in hand.

resources to complete and support your project

over the long haul.

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rooftop systems

SOLAR SYSTEMS “The ability to simply put a piece

of equipment on your roof…while
reducing society’s need to build
new power generation plants is a

YOU ARE. no-brainer. If everybody can do a

little bit in that area, it’s a win for
utility companies, consumers, and
the environment.”

SunEdison’s experience in, and mastery of, the intricacies —C

 ommercial Customer Testimonial

in solar pv project planning, implementation, and support

ground mount systems
enables us to create some of the most innovative and

flexible solar solutions available.

“The construction went very quickly.

Each solution is truly customized to address our Join some of the world’s most forward-thinking It’s some of the best quality work
customers’ needs. Key to our business model is organizations who are already enjoying the I’ve seen. Everything worked
that we are “technology neutral”—we have the financial and environmental benefits of a the way it was supposed to from
freedom to choose the latest technology, leverage SunEdison solution. the start.”

competitive pricing, and mitigate the risks of using  — Government Customer Testimonial
a single supplier. That means that your roof-top or
ground-mount PV system design is just right for you.

“First Light”—Winner, Canada’s

Solar PV Project of the Year

SunEdison was the co-recipient of the 2009

Solar PV Project of the Year Award (ground
mount category) by the Canadian Solar
Industries Association for the 9.1-megawatt
(MW) First Light Solar Energy Park in Stone
Mills, Ontario—the first fully operational,
utility-scale solar park in Canada.

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financially strong. simplifying solar
here to stay. for the world.

Partnerships with leading SunEdison’s business model is centred around

financiers fuel our success. our ability to provide project financing while
providing predictable long-term returns to our
The importance of financing cannot be investors and lenders. Based on SunEdison’s
overstated in bringing solar PV projects from the proven experience, and MEMC’s backing, we’ve
drawing board to reality. Financial institutions earned the trust and investment of some of the
won’t invest in projects managed by developers world’s most prestigious financial institutions:
without a track record of success.

Asia Middle East • Beltsville, MD, USA

• Mumbai, India • Dubai, U.A.E. • Pennsauken, NJ, USA
• Seoul, South Korea North America • Portland, OR, USA
Europe • Toronto, ON, Canada • San Juan, PR, USA
• Paris, France • Prescott, AZ, USA • St. Thomas, VI, USA
• Lecce, Italy • Sacramento, CA, USA
• Milan, Italy • San Clemente, CA, USA
• Barcelona, Spain • San Francisco, CA, USA
AN MEMC COMPANY • Madrid, Spain • Denver, CO, USA

SunEdison is a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials

(NYSE: WFR), a global leader in the manufacture and sale
of silicon wafers, which are the foundation upon which most
solar cells and semiconductor devices are built. MEMC has been a pioneer in the
design and development of wafer technologies for 50 years and maintains R&D,
manufacturing, sales and support offices around the world.

As part of MEMC, SunEdison enjoys a broad industry perspective on future solar

technologies as well as the ability to better predict materials costs, expand our global
reach and enhance support for all customers.

For more information, visit www.memc.com.

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® 595 Adelaide Street East, Suite 400 +1.416.521.9111 www.sunedison.ca
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1N8 Toll free
Canada +1.877.322.1710

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