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Pro Gloria Miniatures Ordering Catalogue

This is the Pro Gloria Miniature Catalogue that shows which products we are carrying at the moment. If new products are available, we will update the catalogue list. However, in the next time we will run a full website with a proper webshop. But until the homepage is finish, we have to run a catalogue as this one. In the next lines you will see all our products with a little description, its name and its code as well as its price. Simply open your e-mail-mailing-system and write an e-mail to: Stephanhuber1@gmx.net with the codes of the miniature you are going to buy. Please add the following to your order: Your full name Your address (street, county, country) How you want to pay (if you live in Germany you can pay via Bank Transfer. International orders only accept Pay-Pal at the moment.) Postage for miniatures has a flat rate: Germany: 2,50 Europe: 3,70 Rest of the world: 4,25 Postage for flags: Germany: 1,50 Europe: 2,20 Rest of the world: 3,50 We will come back to you with all the next steps. Thank you for your interest and your orders, Stephan Huber Pro Gloria Miniatures


Beyond Good & Evil LC-01 7,45 This is a set including a priest with a wine cup, cross and long coat, a strupet pulling up her cloth, an horroractor with his beastmask on and a beggar. This set represents - as the title says the down and ups of the renaissance.


Countryside LC-02 7,45 This set includes a hunter with his lovely huntingdog (hound from eBob), a lumberjack marching out to cut some wood and a peasant with his typical sword and a basket full of goods.


City life I LC-03 7,45 This blisters includes a Landsknecht guard sleeping on duty, a harold with important news, a smith with the newest armour he has done and a woman with a broom, sweeping away the dust in the yard


City life II LC-04 7,45 This set includes one woman with a pot in her hand, a young girl with a newborn, a shoetrader with his stuff on a stick and an unarmoured Landsknecht thinking about if he should spend his money on new shoes.

How to use: The fl are attached t a paper sheet t facilitate the pri ti process, after the flag has been cut from the sheet this can be peeled off. For best results fold the flag in half first, then peel half the flag from the paper backing. Cut the paper back along the fold and ing glue the loose part of the flag to the remaining half. This gi es a flag that's not too thick that can be folded into any shape, however don't be tempted to pull any loose threads until the glue has dried, these can be snipped off later. Alternatively after cutting the flag from the sheet and folding it in half first peel it from the backing paper (if it curls you can iron it flat on the unprinted side) apply glue to half the flag add the pole and fit together; this can be fiddly but gives could results. Shape and again don't be tempted to pull any loose threads, use a sharp pair of scissors to snip these off when the glue has dried. Finally snip away any loose threads with a sharp pair of scissors (be careful not to cut yourself ) and paint round the edge ofthe flag to hide any white, then highlight the part of the flag that wraps round the pole to give a professional finish.

LF 01 -Burgundian cross - The sign that were painted on most Landsknecht flags. (Represents the sign of Burgundy. The German emperor overtake this heraldry after the marriage between him and the Burgundian lady) 2

LF 02 - Andreas Kreuz - As above. 2,20

LF 03 - Double headed Eagle - Sign of the holy roman Empire. (Some historians say that it represents the emperor and the pope) 2,20

LF 04 - Doubl headed eagle and german slogan "Noch Weiter" - (also known as Plus Ultra). the two coloumns show the spanish and german crown. 2,30

LF 05 - Fugger Flag. Represents the flag of the Family Fugger. 2,20

LF 06 - Heraldry of Fugger Augsburg - 2,20

LF 07 - Flag of Georg Frundsberg - 2,20

LF 08 - Heraldry of Hapsburg - 2,20

LF 09 - City flag of Memmingen - 2,20

LF 10 - City flag of Nrnberg - 2,20

LF 11 - Heraldry of City Nrnberg - 2,20

LF 12 - Reichsrennfahne - 2,20 (was carried by a officer next to the emperor)

LF 13 - Reichsturmfahne - 2,50 (Representing the Kaiser himself. If the Kaiser wasn't at the battlefield, it represents the highest ranking officer)