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Resolution Honoring Frank Rouse

Whereas Frank Rouse organized the College Republicans at North Carolina State University;

Whereas Frank Rouse served the United States of America honorably as a United States Marine;

Whereas Frank Rouse organized the Lenoir County Young Republicans and served as President;

Whereas Frank Rouse served on the Lenoir County and Carteret County Republican Party
Executive Committees, the Republican National Committee, the Southern Association of
Republican State Chairman, and the North Carolina Republican Party Central and Executive

Whereas Frank Rouse was part of the grassroots movement in the North Carolina Republican
Party that worked to expand the party statewide, precinct by precinct in an age before television
advertising dominated politics;

Whereas Frank Rouse supported Ronald Reagan as early as 1968 and remained a Reagan
supporter throughout all of Reagan’s Presidential campaigns,

Whereas Frank Rouse served as chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, recruited
Jesse Helms to run for the United States Senate, and saw Jesse Helms elected to the U.S. Senate
and James Holshouser elected as Governor of North Carolina during his term of office;

Whereas Frank Rouse recognized early the effectiveness of television in campaigning, even
installing a television studio at campaign headquarters in the early 1970s for candidates to use;

Whereas Frank Rouse was inducted into the North Carolina Republican Party Hall of Fame and
was a James E. Broyhill Award winner;

Whereas Frank Rouse was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, North Carolina’s highest
civilian honor;

Whereas in private life Frank Rouse supported his belief in capitalism by engaging in
transportation subcontracting and coastal development, serving as President of the Atlantic and
North Carolina Railroad, as a member of the North Carolina Development Council and as Deputy
Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Transportation; finishing his career by producing,
editing and broadcasting a local cable news program, Coastal Headline News;

Whereas even after retiring from public life, Frank Rouse continued to be active in the
Republican Party, and shared his thoughts and opinions in his internet column “Frankly
Speaking”; and

Whereas Frank Rouse lived long enough to be gratified by Republican majorities being elected
in the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate in 2010;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the
contributions of Frank Rouse to the North Carolina Republican Party, with the understanding that

North Carolina truly became a two-party state under the leadership and accomplishments of
Frank Rouse and

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party recognizes the pioneering work of Frank Rouse as
being instrumental in building the strength of the state of North Carolina in all his endeavors.

Resolution Thanking the North Carolina General Assembly

Whereas in November 2010 Republicans won majorities in the North Carolina House of
Representatives and the North Carolina Senate;

Whereas for 130 years Democrat control resulted in government growth that included higher
taxes, greater regulation, and out-of-control spending;

Whereas the North Carolina Constitution requires the state budget to be balanced;

Whereas the national recession which began in 2008 has resulted in North Carolina having one
of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and the recession has reduced government
revenues as economic activity has decreased;

Whereas the Republican General Assembly has passed measures that reduce spending, that find
long term solutions to balancing the budget and that reduce government overreach, including the
Balanced Budget Act, the Health Care Protection Act, the Community College Opt Out Program
(which was requested by community colleges to give them the flexibility of whether or not to
participate in the Federal loan program), Health Insurance for State Employees Act (which would
require state employees to pay a small percentage of their health insurance) and the
Unemployment Benefit Extension/Continuing Resolution (which would have required the
governor to cut spending by a set amount if the 2012 budget wasn’t passed by June 30); and

Whereas Governor Perdue has vetoed all five of these bills after consulting with President
Obama and the liberal constituencies to which she owes her allegiance;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party commends the fiscal responsibility of the
Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly and encourages those members to continue
in their course of setting our state back on the right track; and

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party request Governor Perdue to put aside her political
loyalties and put the welfare of the people of North Carolina first.

Resolution Calling for Lowering and Capping the Gas Tax

Whereas North Carolina’s gas tax is the highest in the southeast United States;

Whereas the excessive gas tax drives businesses (and the corresponding tax revenue) to other

Whereas the loss of business results in loss of jobs which results in more tax revenue lost;

Whereas the excessive gas tax increases the cost of locally transported goods; and

Whereas with the current system and the currently rising cost of gas, the tax automatically
increases, creating an increasing burden on North Carolina citizens;

Resolved that the North Carolina Republican Party strongly urges the North Carolina General
Assembly to lower the gas tax, to cap that new rate and repeal automatic gas tax increases.

Resolution for North Carolina Legislature to Enact Legislation

to Enforce Federal Immigration Laws

Whereas each State is a sovereign entity;

Whereas the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution reserves to the States, or to the
people, all rights and responsibilities not specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution; and

Whereas the Federal Government has failed to control the influx of illegal aliens into the United
States in general, and North Carolina specifically;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party urges the North Carolina General Assembly to
adopt a law similar to Arizona SB 1070, which was written to mirror federal law and to enforce
federal law.

Resolution In Support of Auditing the Federal Reserve

Whereas it is necessary to determine to whom the Federal Reserve has issued money during the
recent monetary crisis and to disclose how much money has been issued respectively to each
financial institution;

Whereas Congress, the Federal Reserve, and the U.S. Treasury have put the American taxpayer
on the hook for over $12 trillion dollars in bailouts and loans;

Whereas allowing the Federal Reserve to operate our nation’s monetary system in almost
complete secrecy leads to abuse, to inflation, and to a lower quality of life for every American;

Whereas the United States Constitution plainly states that it is the power of the U.S. Congress
“To coin money, to regulate the value thereof and that of foreign coin, and to fix the Standard of
Weights and Measures,” all of which meaning that this power does not belong to a private and
secret banking institution; and

Whereas HR 1496 has been introduced in Congress requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party asks all North Carolina members of Congress to
sponsor HR 1496; and

Resolved members of the North Carolina Republican Party are encouraged to lobby members of
Congress for its passage.

Resolution Calling for Election Reform in North Carolina

Whereas Election Law in North Carolina has been written by the Democrats in North Carolina to
tilt outcomes in favor of the Democrat Party;

Whereas the integrity of elections is one of the basic tenants of democratic societies worldwide;

Whereas certain recent changes in Election Law by the Democrats have resulted in voters losing
confidence in elections and in uninformed voters;

Whereas these recent changes have in many ways increased the potential for election fraud; and

Whereas the redistricting in the past has resulted in gerrymandered, illogical districts where the
legislators have picked the voters, instead of the voters picking the legislators;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party calls for:

1) The elimination of separate ballots for the President and the rest of the partisan ticket,
2) The elimination of same day registration and voting during the early voting cycle,
3) Making statewide judicial elections partisan so that voters have more information about
the candidates on the ballot,
4) The passage into law of Photo Voter ID, which is favored by a large percentage of the
state’s voters and which would enhance voter confidence by reducing the chance for
election fraud, and
5) The drawing of fair and constitutional legislative and Congressional Districts.

Resolution Regarding Use of Sharia or International Law in NC

Whereas the trend for activist judges to demonstrate a disregard for a traditional and common
sense interpretation of the US Constitution has accelerated;

Whereas the laws of North Carolina and the United States are based only on the valid application
of the North Carolina and United States Constitutions;

Whereas European and Middle Eastern countries have applied Sharia law with devastating
consequences, to include unequal treatment of women and extreme penalties for crimes of all
types, following the stealthy, incremental erosion of regard for their separate foundational
governing documents;

Whereas the interpretation of Sharia law excludes the application of any other law for Muslims,
regardless of their country or state citizenship;

Whereas Sharia law may conflict with the U.S. Constitution and Federal and state laws; and

Whereas Representative George Cleveland and Representative Ric Killian have filed HB 640
which would prohibit the application of foreign law in North Carolina;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party encourages the General Assembly to pass HB 640
to ensure that Sharia law and any other foreign or international laws are not valid in any way in
North Carolina.

Resolution Calling for United States Withdrawal from the United Nations

Whereas the United States supplies approximately one fifth of the United Nations’ budget, which
funds programs that are in direct conflict with fundamental American values, such as funding for
China’s population control program that enforces abortion, infanticide and involuntary
sterilization (human rights violations which the United Nations has overlooked);

Whereas the United Nations is composed of many nations which have long records of human
rights violations, which harbor various terrorist organizations and which are openly hostile
towards the United States; and

Whereas the United Nations has created an International Criminal Court that will have the power
to arrest and place on trial anyone it deems to be guilty of loosely defined crimes, and individuals
brought before this court will be denied the rights of trial by jury of their peers, the right to
confront their accusers and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and other basic
rights enshrined in the American Bill of Rights;

Resolved the North Carolina Republican Party urges our North Carolina Congressmen to uphold
the United States Constitution and to co-sponsor H.R. 1146, the “American Sovereignty
Restoration Act”, which calls for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations.

Resolution in Support of Repealing the Plastic Bag Ban on the Outer Banks

Whereas all businesses on the barrier islands of the Outer Banks were prohibited in October
2010 from supplying plastic bags to customers;

Whereas the purpose of such legislation was to reduce the amount of plastic bags found on our
beaches and in our waterways;

Whereas businesses were required to pay consumers for bringing reusable shopping bags to
stores or to supply them with more costly paper bags;

Whereas businesses have incurred additional costs to comply with this legislation during an
economic downturn when this capital could have been utilized to save jobs, hire additional
employees or expand their business; and

Whereas, a 2010 joint study by the University of Arizona and the Loma Linda University School
of Public Health found unsafe levels of bacteria in used reusable bags;

Whereas State funds have been set aside for the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources and the Department's Divisions of Waste Management and Environmental Assistance

and Outreach to monitor and study the success of the prohibition; which funds could be better
spent in light of the State facing a large budget deficit;

Whereas the affected citizens were not given the opportunity to debate this important matter
before the General Assembly voted on it due to it being surreptitiously inserted into the budget
bill in 2010;

Whereas the General Assembly voted in April of 2011 to suspend the plastic bag ban until June
30, 2011 because the major distribution center for paper bags used by retailers in the areas subject
to the ban was located in Dunn and the warehouse was severely damaged and rendered unusable
by the tornados of April 16, 2011; and

Whereas Senate Bill 318 will fully repeal the plastic bag ban;

Resolved that the North Carolina Republican Party calls on the North Carolina General Assembly
to permanently repeal the plastic bag ban.

Resolution in Opposition of Catch Share Programs

Whereas the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seeks to expand their
National Catch Share Program into fisheries in which North Carolina fishermen participate;

Whereas catch share programs threaten the North Carolina commercial fishing industry by
granting arbitrary shares of the total allowable catch for a given fishery to particular fishermen or
groups, and such allocations are not based on current needs or conditions but on past catches;

Whereas adherence to NOAA’s catch share formulas will mean North Carolinians may not be
able to eat fish caught off North Carolina’s shores by North Carolina fisherman, but they would
be able to eat fish caught off North Carolina’s coasts by fishermen from countries who do not
follow such a catch share program;

Whereas the Magnuson-Stevens Act, which sets the framework for fisheries management in the
United States does not establish any type of preference for catch share programs and recognizes
them as only one of many options available for fisheries management councils to consider; and

Whereas the livelihood of North Carolina’s working watermen are threatened by catch share
programs that include quotas for species protection that are not based on solid science;

Resolved that the North Carolina Republican Party opposes catch share programs and supports
the efforts of Congressman Walter B. Jones and Senators Richard Burr and Kay R. Hagan in
seeking to stop NOAA funding for these arbitrary and capricious programs that threaten the
future of commercial fishing on the Outer Banks and other communities throughout eastern North
Carolina; and

Resolved that the North Carolina Republican Party asks the North Carolina Legislature to draft
and pass legislation that will exempt North Carolina from any provisions of the proposed NOAA
Catch Share Program.

2011 Resolutions Committee

Martha Jenkins – Chairman

David Black – At Large

Bob Muller – At Large

1st District – Rory Richardson

2nd District – Wyatt McGhee

3rd District – Ceil Wasserman

4th District – Matt Arnold

5th District – Cornelia Groce

6th District – Bill Wright

7th District – Dwight Williams

8th District – Gene McIntyre

9th District – Cliff Priest

10th District – Phillip Byers

11th District – Dr. Joe Morgan

13th District – Dana Mazer