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Job: Job No: 11012037-RC1 Date:

Section Ref: By:

Description Symbol Calculation Result Units Reference

BD 28/87
Steel strength fy 500 MPa
Concrete strength fcu 40 MPa
Main bar diameter D 20 mm
Section depth h 250 mm depth<=500
Section breath b 1800 mm


Effective Concrete Area Ac hxb 450000 mm2 same depth Cl. 5.2

Tensile strength of immature concrete fct* 0.12fcu^0.7 1.59

Stress ratio fct*/fy fct* / fy 0
Minimum reinforcement (eq. 2) As min (fct*/fy) x Ac 1428 mm2 Reinf. spread evenly both sides

Reinforcement provided per face As 715 mm2 Equation 2


Short term temperature fall T1 Summer concreting 43 deg C same T1 Table 1
Modified T1 43
Long term seasonal temperature fall T2 Joint spacing < 15m 0 deg C Table 1
Coefficient of thermal expansion alpha 12 x 10^-6 per deg C 0.000012

Thermal strain eth 0.8 x alpha x (T1 + T2) 0 Eq. 4

Ultimate tensile strain eult 200 microstrain 0 Cl. 5.3
Shrinkage strain esh 0.5 x eult 0 Cl. 5.6

Stress ratio fct*/fb Type 2 deformed bars 0.67 Cl. 5.4

Restraint factor R wall cast onto base 0.6 Table 2
Allowable crack width w Severe exposure (Table 1) 0.25 mm BS 5400

Minimum reinforcement (eq. 3) As min fct*/fb x Ac x D/2w [R(esh+eth)-0.5(eult)] 2505 mm2 Reinf. spread evenly both sides 2504.62

Reinforcement provided per face As 1252 mm2 Equation 3

Early thermal reinforcement to be provided greater value between Equation2&3 1252 mm2