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Definite Article – ‘The’

Indefinite Article – ‘A’ or ‘An’

‘A’ is used:

♦ Before a word which begins with a consonant. Example: a woman

♦ Before a singular, countable noun. Example: a banana

♦ When we mention something for the first time. Example: I saw a dog.

♦ Before a word with a long sound of ‘u’. Example: a university, a uniform,

a useful book, a European, etc.

♦ Before the word one. Example: a one-way street, a one-eyed man, a one-
year course, a one-day holiday, etc.

‘An’ is used:

♦ Before a noun which begins with a vowel. Example: an apple.

♦ Before a word which begins with a vowel sound or a silent ‘h’. Example:
an hour, an honest man, an heir, an honour, an honourable man, etc

♦ Before a singular, countable noun which begins with a vowel or silent ‘h’.
Example: an orange

‘The’ is used:

1. When the same thing or person mentioned again, that is, a particular
thing or person. Example: I bought an orange. The orange is sweet..

2. When there is only one such thing. Example: the earth, the sun, the moon.

3. Before the names of famous buildings, etc. Example: The Eiffel Tower,
The Great Wall of China.

4. When a singular noun is used to point out a whole class, race, group, etc.
Example: The bear is a strong animal.

5. Before the special names of a rivers, seas, oceans, mountain ranges, groups
of islands, certain organizations, political parties, and countries such as the U.S.A.,
the U.K., the U.S.S.R. and the U.A.R., The Nile, The Dead Sea, The Pacific
Ocean, The Himalayas, The United Nations, The Republican Party, etc.

6. Before the names of holy or important books. Example: The Koran, The

7. Before an adjective when the noun is understood. Example: The poor need

Articles are not used:

1. Before the name of a person: Example: I am a fan of Michael Jackson. (not

A or The Michael Jackson)

2. Before the name of a place, town, country, street, or road. Example:

Barcelona is a beautiful city. (not A or The Barcelona)

3. Before names of materials. Example: Gold is found in Australia. (not A or

The gold)

4. Before abstract nouns used in a general sense. Example: We love all beauty.
(not a beauty or the beauty)
ill in the article >a<, >an< or >the< where necessary. Choose >x< where no article is used.

1) I like blue T-shirt over there better than red one.

2) Their car does 150 miles hour.

3) Where's USB drive I lent you last week?

4) Do you still live in Bristol?

5) Is your mother working in old office building?

6) Carol's father works as electrician.

7) The tomatoes are 99 pence kilo.

8) What do you usually have for breakfast?

9) Ben has terrible headache.

10) After this tour you have whole afternoon free to explore the city.

1) My grandmother likes flowers very much.

2) I love flowers in your garden.

3) See you on Wednesday.

4) I always listen to radio in the morning.

5) Alex goes to work by bus.

6) Don't be late for school.

7) Listen! Dennis is playing trumpet.

8) We often see our cousins over Easter.

9) She has never been to Alps before.

10) What about going to Australia in February?

1) Last year we visited St. Paul's Cathedral and Tower.

2) Mount Everest is highest mountain on earth.

3) Loch Ness is most famous lake in Scotland.

4) most children like sweets.

5) summer of 1996 was hot and dry.

6) Plaza Hotel is on the corner of 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

7) My sister often stays at Uncle Tim's in Detroit.

8) Our friends Millers moved to Florida last August.

9) smog is a problem in big cities.

10) Our children go to school by bus.

Hi John,

I arrived in USA last Monday. We left Rome, flew over Alps and made a quick stop in

London. There we went shopping in Harrods, visited Tower and enjoyed a sunny

afternoon in Hyde Park. On the following day we left for New York. time on board

wasn't boring as there were two films to watch on monitor. people on plane were all

Italian. Before we landed at JFK airport, we saw Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island

and Empire State Building. hotel I stayed in was on corner of 42nd Street and

5th Avenue. I don't like hotels very much, but I didn't have time to rent an

Please say hello to Peter and Mandy.


) Lucy has dog.

2) Let's sing song.

3) Emily needs new desk in her room.

4) I need blue pen.

5) Ben has old bike.

6) Peter has aunt in Berlin.

7) We listen to English CD.

8) She has exercise book in her school bag.

9) The speed of this car was 160 miles hour.

10) They finished unit.

1) There is new English book on the desk.

2) She's reading old comic.

3) They've got idea.

4) He is drinking cup of coffee.

5) The girl is pilot.

6) Leipzig has airport.

7) This is expensive bike.

8) Look! There's bird flying.

9) My father is honest person.

10) My friend likes to be astronaut.

 1. He left _____ home without informing anyone.

 2. There is _____ box of sweets on _____ table.

 3. Do you need _____ degree in Economics or _____ degree in finance to be a

better manager?

 4. When we arrived, she went straight to _____ kitchen and started to prepare
_____ meal for us.

 5. He has _____ cut on his leg and _____ bruise on _____ chin.

 6. _____ Mt. Everest is _____ highest mountain in _____ world.

 7. Switch off _____ air-conditioner please. I have _____ cold.

 8. We reached _____ top of _____ hill during _____ afternoon.

 9. Do you like _____ weather here? Isn't it too hot during _____ day but it is very
cold at _____ night?

 10. _____ attempt has been made to collect _____ funds to start _____ public
library in _____ town where I live.