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µThe Hound of the Baskervilles¶, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is one of the cases of
Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Mortimer asked Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson for
advice because one by one the heads of Baskervilles family died a ho rrible death. The
Hound of the Baskervilles is a detective story from the Sherlock Holmes series. This book
was written in 1901.

I have seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie and so I thought to myself: Why you don¶t
read an Sherlock Holmes book?

³Dartmoor. A wild, wet place in the south -west of England. A place where it is easy to get
lost, and to fall into the soft green earth which can pull the strongest man down to his
death. A man is running for his life. Behind him comes an enormous dog ± a dog from his
worst dreams, a dog from hell. Between him and a terrible death stands only one person ±
the greatest detective of all times, Sherlock Holmes.´ 1
The story plays in 1the late 19 th century.


My book is about an strange case of Sherlock Holmes. The main characters are:

Mr. Sherlock Holmes ± the detective:

Sherlock Holmes is a flat character. We only know a couple of small things about him. We
know that he is very clever and fast. When he must think he smokes his pipe or plays the
violin. He is tall and lank and had brown curled hairs. Sherlock Holmes is my main
character but I didn¶t found more details about him.

Mr. Jim Stapleton ± the miscreant:

Jim Stapleton is a flat character. He is a normal high, lank man and has brown hairs. He
pretends that he is a naturalist but in facts he is a Baskerville who will get the bequest. So
he breed an huge dog who looks like the dog from the old Baskerville legend. He let write
a flash letter to Sir Charles to lure him in the Alley where he sick the hound at him. Sir
Charles get a heart attack. He compel his wife to impersonate his sister.

Sir Henry Baskerville ± Holmes¶ client:
Sir Henry Baskerville is flat character because we have no background information about
him. We only know that he is the son of Sir Charles younger brother and that he lived in
the USA. We also know only a couple of feeling s, for example that he was head over heels
in love with Beryl, the ³sister´ of Stapleton who is in reality the wife of Stapleton who plays
the decoy.


Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson were sitting in 221B Baker Street and wait ed
for a new client, Dr. Mortimer. Dr. Mortimer arrived and asked Sherlock Holmes for help.

Dr. Mortimer told Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson an old legend about the Baskervilles
because Sir Charles Baskerville died a strange death. ³These papers were given to me by
Sir Charles Baskervilles´ 2. The legend was: 1640, Sir Hugo Baskerville kidnapped the
daughter of one of his farmer because he felt in love with her but she didn¶t want him. The
girl didn¶t w ant him because he was a wild, cruel and evil man. Sir Hugo made a party to

celebrate the kidnapping. But the young woman run away towards the moor and Sir Hugo
and some of his drunken friends hunt ed behind the girl on horses and wit h dogs. Sir Hugo
and the dogs were faster than the other. Sir Hugo rode in a little wood but the dogs
stopped and got scared. The friends of Sir Hugo tried to follow them but they could n¶t. The
friend rode to the little wood. When they arrived the saw the dogs standing in the front of
the wood. Some of the friends are going into the wood and found the girl and Sir Hu go
lying death on the floor and a huge dog was standing over them. This was the first time the
hound of the Baskervilles was seen. Some of the friends died still in the same night.

Mr. Holmes wasn¶t really interested in this story. Dr. Mortimer read than something from an
old newspaper to Mr. Holmes and Watson. It said in the newspaper that Sir Charles lived
not for long at Baskerville Hall and that he was a good man. Sir Charles Baskerville was
not murdered and that the legend about the Hound of the Baskervilles was not true. Sir
Charles went every evening to the Yew Alley to smoke there. As he didn¶t came back a
long time his butler, Barrymore, went to the Yew Alley and found him there, d eath on the
floor. Sir Charles had a heart attack and died hereupon. The new head of the Baskerville
family was the son of Sir Charles dead brother who lived in the USA. Dr. Mortimer said to
Sherlock that there were unofficial details about the death of Sir Charles. In the months
before the death he saw over and over again a huge hound in the moor. He was very

          £ £
scared. One time I came to Baskervilles Hall, said Dr. Mortimer, and saw Sir Charles funky
standing at the door. ³There was a look of horror on his face. I turned quickly and saw
something moving between the trees. It looked like a small black cow. ´3 In this night Sir
Charles gave the old paper to Dr. Mortimer. In night of the death he found some footprint
of an huge hound in the alley.

³The footprints were about twenty meters from the body ´4 and larger than the footprint of a
sheepdog. Dr. Mortimer described the situation and the alley and Holmes asked some
questions. Dr. Mortimer actually came to asked him for advice. He wanted to know what to
do with Sir Henry, the new head of the Baskervilles. Holmes said that he should came with
Sir Henry the next morning.

³Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville arrived at exactly ten o¶clock the following
morning´5 Sir Henry is a little, healthy, plump man. He showed Sherlock Holmes and
Watson a letter made of words cut out from a newspaper. In the letter was standing that he
shouldn¶t went to the moor or he would die. The letter were made in a hurry but Sir Henry
could not put out of calm. Sir Henry bought new shoes and one got lost in the night. He
and Dr. Mortimer went away and Sherlock and Watson followed them and saw a man with
an long beard in a taxi who drives slowly behind the both. 3

Later the day, Holmes and Watson went to the hotel where Sir Henry lived. Sir Henry was
angry because another shoe was missing. Henry decided that he went to the Baskerville
Hall. Holmes told Henry and Dr. Mortimer what they saw in the morning and asked Dr.
4 Mortimer if someone in Devonshire had a long beard. Dr. Mortimer answered that
Barrymore had an long beard and that he and his wife got something from the will of Sir
Charles. Dr. Mortimer would check if Barrymore was at home or not. The four went back to
the room and there Sir Henry found his new shoe, which got lost the night before, under
the table although there i t wasn¶t before lunch. At home Holmes and Watson asked the
taxi driver about the man with the beard. The taxi driver said that it was Sherlock Holmes.

Watson and Henry traveled to the Baskerville Hall. On the way they me t a soldier who told
them that ³a dangerous criminal has escaped from prison ´6. They went on and came from
³the beautiful green fields ´7 to a ³cold, open moor´8. They arrived at Baskerville Hall, a big,
          cc c 

          c! c 

old, eldritch and gloomy house. Barrymore and his wife welcomed Sir Henry and Watson
and showed them their rooms. Watson could not sleep in this night and heard in the house
the scream of a woman.

At the next morning Watson asked Barrymore about the scream. He said that it wasn¶t his
wife but that Watson saw the wife¶s face and he kn ew that Barrymore was lying. Watson
went to the post office to check if ³the telegram had really been put into Barrymore¶s own
hand.´9 The boy who delivered the telegram was not sure if Barrymore was at home
because his wife said to the boy that he was on the roof and also the boy gave the
telegram to his wife. Watson went after the conversation with the boy for a walk. On the
walk he met an strange naturalist named Stapleton. He asked Watson some question
about the case and invited Watson to went to their Pen House. Watson and
Stapleton 5went to the Pen House. Near the Pen House Stapleton saw an rare butterfly and
hunted after it. Miss Stapleton, the sister of Mr. Stapleton, went toward Watson and said to
him ³Go back! Go straight back to London, immediately. I cannot tell you why, but please
do what I ask you, and never come never the moor again. But my brother is coming. Not a
word to him.´10 Mr. Stapleton was coming back. His sister was lying Mr. Stapleton in his
face. She thought she spoke to Sir Henry. But then she found out that Sir Henry was in
fact Dr. Watson. Watson invited Mr. Stapleton the came to the Baskerville Hall. Watson
went to Baskerville Hall but Miss Stapleton ran behind Watson to told him that he should
forget what she said and that he made sure that Sir Henry leaved this place because the
old legend was true.

At next day Sir Henry and Watson had lunch in the Pen House where ³Sir Henry had fallen
deeply in love with the beautiful Miss Stapleton.´ 11 But Stapleton didn¶t wanted that Sir
Henry and Miss Stapleton became a pair. At a night Watson can¶t sleep he noticed that
Barrymore crept to an room on the end of the corrid or. Watson followed them
inconspicuous. Watson saw that Barrymore gave signs to someone on the moor. At the
next morning Watson told Sir Henry what he saw in the night and they agreed that they will
follow him in the next night. So they did that and Barrymore did the same thing like the
night before. Sir Henry went in the room and the asked Barrymore what he made on the
window. Barrymore¶s wife came in the room and abrogate the thing. They brother of

          £ cc
          £ c£ 

          Dc c 
          D  £D 
          D! c 

Barrymore¶s wife is the escaped prisoner and Barrymore and his wife fed them . Sir Henry
and Watson ran at the moor to looked after Selden, the escaped prisoner. They found
Selden but he ran away. Sir Henry and Watson hunt ed after Selden but he was too fast.
They stopped to ran and saw suddenly a tall man on a small hill who watch ed at them.
Watson recognized that Sir Henry might was in danger and brought him back to
Baskerville Hall. 6

On the next morning Sir Henry and Barrymore had an argumentation about Selden and
the result was that Selden could stay at the moor until he caught his ship to South America.
³Barrymore could not find the words to thanks Sir Henry enough.´ 12 So Barrymore told
Watson and Sir Henry about the letter which his wife found in the fireplace . But the end of
the letter was not burned. In it stood that Sir Charles should burn his letter and that he
should be at the gate at ten o¶clock. The letter was from L.L.. Watson wrote a letter to
Holmes and went for a walk where he met Dr. Mortimer. He told Watson who¶s L.L.. She
was Mrs. Laura Lyons, the daughter of one of Sir Henry¶s neighbor. Laura was a poor
woman because her husband hit her and then he le ft her. Laura¶s father was against her
husband and didn¶t speak a word to her. So many people gave her money that she could
start a typewriting business. When Watson came back to Baskerville Hall he asked
Barrymore if Selden was in the moor. Barrymore said to Watson that he had never saw
him again since he brought him food and clothes three days a go. Barrymore told Watson
that Selden saw the tall man too and that he looked like a gentleman. ³He was living in one
of the old stone huts on the moor. A boy works for him and brings him all the food and
things he needs.´ 13 Watson decided to hunt the tal l man from to moor.

Watson went to Laura Lyons to ask her about the letter. At first she said that she didn¶t
wrote the letter but then she said the truth. She asked Sir Charles in the letter for some
money because she wanted to divorce from her man. Laura asked him for a meeting at the
gate at ten o¶clock, but Laura didn¶t came because she found another person who gave
her money for the divorce.

Watson went home where he met Mr. Frankland, the father of Laura. He told him that he
saw a boy with a bag who went every day at the same time in the moor. At the moment he
told him he looked at the clock and said that it was the time the boy was going through the
moor. Watson went up to the roof, watched through telescope and saw the boy with a bag.

          ! ! 
Watson knew that place and went out to it. On the place there were many stone hut and
one with a better roof. Watson went into the hut and looked for information. He found a
letter. There stood that Watson met Laura Lyons. Watson waited in the hut for the tall man .
He waited a few minutes and ³Then I heard footsteps coming towards the hut. As they
came closer, I moved into the darkest corner of the hut.´ 14 Then Watson heard a voice who
said: ¶it was a lovely evening, dear Watson ¶.

³I went outside the hut, and there was Holmes.´15 Holmes told Watson that he stayed here
for a long time in the hut and that he was sorry that he must told lies at him. Holmes was
the tall man for the moor. He got the letter and said that Watson made a very good job.
Watson who was shocked at first got a smile on this face. Watson told Holmes what Laura
Lyons said to him. Holmes told Watson that Laura Lyons and Jim Stapleton were close
friends and that Stapleton¶s sister was in reality his wife. Then the conversation between
Holmes and Watson finished with a long cry. 7

Holmes and Watson began to ran over the moor. They heard another long cry and then i t
was quiet. ³I saw Holmes put his hand to his head. µHe has won, Watson. We¶re too late.´ 16
We went on and came to the rocks. There we found a body who wears the clothes which
Sir Henry had wore on the met with Holmes and Watson. They went down to the body and
Holmes turned the body around because the man is lying with the face down to earth.
When Holmes saw the face he got happy because it wasn¶t Sir Henry but it was Selden,
the escaped prisoner who got the old clothes of Sir Henry from Barrymore. The dog which
Stapleton sick on Sir Henry had hunt Selden because he w ore the clothes of Sir Henry and
had so the same smell as Sir Henry. Holmes wondered how Selden saw the dog in the
night so far away. Holmes had very good eyes and saw Stapleton coming towards them.
Stapleton arrived at the rock and asked whether it is Sir Henry. Watson could see the
disappointment on Stapleton¶s face when he saw that it was Selden. So Watson and
Holmes went back to the Baskerville Hall. Holmes said that Sir Henry must go alone to the
dinner by Stapleton because he wanted to trap Stapleton.

Holmes and Watson had breakfast with Sir Henry where they found out that Staple ton
looked like Sir Hugo Baskerville. So Watson and Holmes found the motive for the murder.
Holmes and Watson told Sir Henry that they went back to London and that he should went
to the dinner by Stapleton. When he went back home he should go across the mo or. Then

          "  c# 
Watson and Holmes went to the station nearly the house of Laura Lyon. He told the boy
who carried to food to the stone hut that ³You will take the train to London, my boy. When
you get there, you will send a telegram to Sir Henry in my name.´ 17 So Sir Henry thought
that Watson and Holmes were in London and he will told Stapleton the story believable.
Then they went to Laura Lyon House and told her that Stapleton was married and the
Stapleton exploited her to lure Sir Charles to the gate.

Holmes and Watson drove to the Pen House to observed it. Holmes were behind the
house and Watson looked through the window at the front. He saw Sir Henry and
Stapleton but he couldn¶t see Mrs. Stapleton. Mr. Stapleton left the house and went to a
hut. From the hut came a strange noise. ³Then Stapleton locked the door, and went back
into the house and into the dining room.´ 18 Watson returned to Holmes and told him what
he had seen and that he didn¶t saw Mrs. Stapleton . Then suddenly came the fog from the
moor and with it a huge, black dog. The dog was burning. He was hunting after Sir Henry.
³We were so frozen by the ghostly and unnatural sight that we let the hound go past us,
and we could not move. Our friend was near to death, and we were helpless with fear.´ 8

Then the fear was going and Holmes and Watson shoot on the burning hound. One shot
was hit the hound and so Watson and Holmes knew that the hound was not invulnerable.
But the hound didn¶t stop and hunted still after Sir Henry. Holmes and Watson run fast
behind the hound. ³I have never seen anyone run as quickly as Holmes ran that night, and
I could not keep up with him.´ 20 Then the hound caught Sir Henry and wanted just bite Sir
Henry with its huge teeth but in this moment Holmes shoot and hit the hound deadly.
When Watson arrived at the place Sir Henry was lying the hound was already dea d. It was
burning still and Holmes put hi s hand into the flames. It looked like his hand was burning to
and Holmes recognized that it was Phosphorus. They sent Sir Henry home and went back
to the Pen House. In the Pen House they looked in every room until one. This room was
looked. ³We threw ourselves against the door, and as the lock broke we went in.´ 21 They
found Miss Stapleton captive and battered in the room. Stapleto n did this because his wife
thwart her husband to sick the hound at Sir Henry. M rs. Stapleton told the both that her
husband had a hut on an island in the marsh. At the morning Holmes, Watson and Mrs.
Stapleton went to the island. On the half way she turned around. On the island wasn¶t Mr.

          #  c" 
          #D c 
          #  ££ 
          #" ! 

Stapleton but they found out that Staple ton battered the hound with bones and found a
Phosphorus bottle in the hut. Mr. Stapleton would sick in the moor because he lost the way
in the fog. ³After what we saw and felt last night, we cannot be surprised that Sir Charles
died of fright.´ 22

In the last chapter Holmes and Watson talked about the case. Holmes told Watson what
he had done in the time between the waterloo station and the found for Watson.


The book ¶the Hound of the Baskervilles¶ was easy the read. Sometimes I must looked up
a word but else it was good to read. I enjoyed read ing because it was a really interesting
and exciting book. I hadn¶t any problems. There were no irony, annoying or et cetera. Only
the escaped prisoner is in my opinion a weird person. I would recommend this book
because it¶s interesting and exciting and not too big. This is a really good book.

Ê  Ê  
22.5.1859 Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a
medic and author. He has written the Sherlock Holmes books. The model for the part of Dr.
Watson, who narrated the story, was himself. He died at the 7.7.1930 in Crowborough,

The Hound of the Baskerville has been filmed 24 times. The latest film was made in the
year 2002. It was made in the UK and David Attwood was the director. Holmes was played
by Richard Roxburgh and Watson by Ian Hart.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is just one book of the Sherlock Holmes series. Other
famous books of this series are:
? Ä»The Three Gables«
? »The Sussex Vampire«
? »The Problem of Thor Bridge« ´239

All the Sherlock Holmes adventure had an core of truth or an old legend was the model for
the story. The legend is from µThe Hound of the Baskervilles¶ gave it in reality.

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&&  '£! D£ c (
$$%  )$% $***   'cc £ c (
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