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Greetings, Chargers!

I love when May flowers, with their vibrant colors,  The Dundee‐Crown community had another loss, in 
are in full bloom.  I also love to see when our end‐of the passing of our junior class president, Christian 
‐ the‐year activities at Dundee‐Crown are in full mo‐ Stilwell. Once again, our students and staff sup‐
tion!  Many clubs and activities are hosting celebra‐ ported each other during this difficult time.  Our stu‐
tions, classes are working on their culminating as‐ dents are selling “Clipboards for Christian” and have 
signments, and our staff and administration are put‐ raised $2,371.36 for a scholarship in his honor. 
ting the final touches on our prom, senior awards  While this was a sad event, there is no doubt in my 
assembly, and graduation.   It is hard to believe the  mind that Christian’s legacy of leadership and 
year is coming to a close.  friendliness will continue to bloom at Dundee‐
Congratulations to Maksym Levschenko, who was   
chosen by the National Tutor Association as the Tu‐ Upcoming events: 
tor of the Year! Makysym joins his fellow tutors and   
Ms. Stephanie Reed, our tutoring coordinator, in  Prom on May 7    
being recognized as the High School Program of the  5:00PM for socializing and pictures in the field 
Year.  house‐ parents welcome! 
Hurray to Cole Johnson, a junior, for bowling a per‐ Senior Awards on May 11   
fect game!  Way to go Cole! Speaking of bowling, I  8:30AM in the main gym 
hope you are all taking advantage of the wonderful   
opportunity to celebrate D300 Educator Apprecia‐ Relay for Life on May 13/14   
tion Week at the Randall Road Brunswick Bowl this  6:00PM‐6:00AM in the D‐C Bowl 
week.  Check out the district website for more infor‐  
mation.  Graduation on May 21   
  2:30Pm at the Sears Centre 
Kevin Dispensa, a sophomore, was selected for the   
2011 NASA Wings Summer Camp offered at South‐ We have had a wonderful year! Our seniors are out‐
ern Illinois University Carbondale. Nice job Kevin!  standing role models and our underclassmen defi‐
   nitely know how to push our Charger Pride!  Have a 
Edward Jones representative, Jarid Brockman, sur‐ great summer! 
prised senior Claire Duran in her chorus classroom   
with an award for being an outstanding senior.  Keep pushing our Charger Pride! 

Lynn McCarthy
PROM: Take Charge  
May 7
May 11 Available  
after school,  
LAST DAY FOR SENIORS: Monday‐Thursday 
May 13
from 3:15‐4:15 
May 21 Sign up in the media 
center or the  
Academic Support 
Center before 1:30 
Subjects offered:   
GradImages is the official photographer for our Commence‐
ment. Proofs will be sent to your home and via email within  English 
three to five days after graduation. Pictures can be ordered  Math 
online, by phone or by mail. Graduation Images can be con‐
tacted at 800‐261‐2576 or via email at www.gradimages.com.  Science 
Registering your graduate with GradImages provides them 
with the information they need to deliver your graduation 
proofs to you in a timely manner. Giving them an accurate  An activity bus is 
mailing address and email address will allow them to get  available to take you 
your proofs to you on the first try. You may also provide them 
with email addresses of up to six friends and family members  home at 4:15 
to allow them to celebrate in the accomplishment. 
Tea Pot Show No Smoking! 
The following students par- Please be reminded that Illi‐
ticipated in the Barrington nois law strictly prohibits 
smoking tobacco products at 
High School Tea Pot show
all times throughout all Dis‐
that ran from March 7th - trict 300 property. The law 
March 16th: Nick Bosshart, applies to staff,  
Molly Hirsch, and Stephen parents, visitors, and all other 
Gilbert and Olivia persons.  There are no excep‐
Lehrman. Olivia won 1st tions.  Here are the legal ref‐
place in the functional teapot erences: 105 ILCS 5/10‐20.5b 
category!! and 105 ILCS § 5/34‐18.11  


Each year the Algonquin Garden Club holds a Wristbands for Earthquake  
plant sale where we sell perennials dug from
our gardens at bargain prices. The money
raised goes to various charities and projects in  
the Algonquin area. One of the projects since DC One Heart is selling wristbands to 
2003 has been to offer grants to schools that raise money for the victims of the 
serve Algonquin students. The money can be
used to purchase books, media materials, or
earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 
science supplies that promote horticulture or Please become part of the global effort 
environmental studies. The funds can also be in the recovery and rebuilding of Japan 
used to beautify school grounds. Dundee by purchasing a wristband. The funds 
Crown High School has received $1,500 from
us through these grants to assist with your ecol-
raised will be donated to the American 
ogy program. Red Cross specifically for the earth‐
quake victims. 
Algonquin Garden Club Plant Sale
Saturday, May 7th
8:00 a.m. until noon
Algonquin Town Center near Butera Market
Friend us on Facebook!  
search: Dundee‐Crown Counseling 
Work Permits  BACK ROW: Mrs. Gavigan, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Tann‐
The Department of Labor requires a work permit for  heimer, Mrs. Wick, MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Blanchard, 
Mrs. Yakes, Ms. Drakousis, Mrs. Johnson  
all persons under the age of 16. The first step is for 
FRONT ROW: Mrs. DiCosola, Ms. Gard 
the minor to obtain a letter of intent from the pro‐
spective employer stating his or her name, the job 
and its description, signed by a manager.   Then that 
letter, the minor’s birth certificate issued from the 
county of birth and social security card must be  Transcript Requests 
brought to Mrs. Altmayer in the Main Office by the  High school transcripts are provided to students 
parent or legal guardian.   Students may not submit  when requested with the Transcript Release form 
these materials themselves.   Students under the  available in the Counseling Office.  There is a mini‐
age of 16 who wish to work are restricted in the  mum of a 48 hour waiting period before a transcript 
number of hours they can be work each day and  can be prepared due to the volume of requests.   
week.  There are also many restrictions for minors  Students should keep this in mind when needing 
on the types of businesses they are allowed to work  transcripts to be sent by a specific deadline date. 
in and the types of jobs they may be employed to  The first 5 requested Official Transcripts are free to 
do.   Hazardous jobs utilizing chemicals or power  current students.   Any additional Official Transcripts 
equipment are among those that are unacceptable.    cost $5.00 per copy. 
For more details, contact the main office.   
  Juniors: If you plan on playing Division I or Division II 
College Visits  sports in college, be sure to fill out the NCAA Clear‐
One important factor in evaluating a college is the  inghouse forms. You can find information about this 
campus visit. Consider this:  on the D‐CHS Counseling Website under College 
College Visitation Days—every student may take up  Bound Athletes. It is important to get these forms 
to two days during their junior and  completed and have your transcript sent to the 
senior years for the purpose of visiting a college.  Clearinghouse. 
These days do not count against a    
student’s attendance providing the proper proce‐ Juniors: Be sure to visit some colleges this summer! 
dure is followed.   See your Dundee‐Crown planner   When school starts in the fall the counselors will be 
for details.  meeting with all seniors and you should have your 
  "short list" of the schools where you are interested 
Summer Opportunities! Need help finding some‐ in applying. 
thing to do this summer? Check out the "summer    
opportunities"  section of the D‐CHS Counseling   
website. It is good to stay active during the summer! 
Don’t forget that you have to  
register your students for next year! 
Option 1: Complete the forms that were sent home and return them prior to Friday, June   
10, 2011 
You may make corrections to the forms attached to this packet and return them to Dundee‐Crown’s main 
office with your student or you may choose to stop by and complete the process in person during school 
hours.  Make sure that all contact information on the attached student profile sheet is correct.  It is im‐
perative that we have accurate records.  
Option 2: Registration Week at Dundee‐Crown; Monday, June 27 through Wednesday, 
June 29, 2011 
 Freshmen and Sophomores: Monday, June 27, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Doors close from 11 a.m. to 
12:30 p.m. 
 Juniors and Seniors: Tuesday, June 28, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Doors close from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 
 Make‐up day: Wednesday, June 29, 12 noon to 8 p.m.  Doors close from 4 to 5:30 p. m. 
Dundee‐Crown will be closed for registration data entry on Thursday, June 30  
through Wednesday, July 6. 
Free Reduced Lunch Program: The Free Reduced Lunch Program applications will NOT be available during 
registration.  The Free Reduced Lunch Program application will be available after July 18, 2011.  Families 
who do not qualify for the Free Reduced Lunch Program are responsible for payment of fees by August 
15, 2011.  The deadline for completing and submitting the form to the District for processing before the 
first day of school is Monday, August 1, 2011. 

THANK YOU to everyone that participates in the Target 
Take Charge of Education® program.  
If you shop at  Target, please consider using your Target® Visa® or Target® 
Card. Thank you for those who have enrolled in the program and designated 
Dundee‐Crown to receive this reward. 
Visit target.com/tcoe, or call 1‐800‐316‐6142  
to designate our school as a beneficiary. 
Sponsored by P.O.M.P (Parents of Music Performers)

  Illinois SPRING 2011


MAY    12           7:00 PM  SPRING ORCHESTRA CONCERT 

MAY    19           7:00 PM  SPRING CHORAL CONCERT 
MAY    21           2:30 PM  GRADUATION 
MAY    23  4:30‐6:00 PM  MARKET DAY (PICK UP 4:30‐6 PM) CHORUS ROOM 
MAY    23           7:00 PM  FINAL  POMP MEETING (LOCATION TBD) 
MAY    29           2:00 PM  MEMORIAL DAY PARADE (BAND REPORTS AT 1:00) 


  MAY 21, 2011   

    Graduation will take place at the Sears Centre  MEMORIAL DAY PARADE 
in Hoffman Estates.  Students in Orchestra will  SUNDAY, MAY 29 
participate as well as seniors in choir.  Students will  1:00 PM LINE UP                        
meet at the Sears Centre. 
            The 2011 Memorial Day Parade will be held on
    From the East:  I‐90 to the Beverly Rd. exit.   Sunday, May 29th. Students will be asked to meet in
Turn right on Beverly Rd. and proceed north approx.  the Immanuel Lutheran Church parking lot along Rt.
  72 at 1:00 pm for a 2:00 pm parade start. The parade
0.25 mile to Prairie Stone Parkway.  Turn right on 
will begin at Immanuel Lutheran Church and end at
Prairie Stone Pkwy.  And proceed east approx. 0.5 mile 
Graffleman Park. The students will then perform as a
to arena on the right. 
  part of the ceremonies at the gazebo. All students are
  From the West: I‐90 east to the New Sutton  to wear tan shorts and red/white/blue DC Spirit wear
Rd. (Rt. 59) exit.  Turn left on New Sutton Rd. and  on top. Those who need to pick up instruments from
the school for use in the parade will be able to access
proceed north approx. 0.3 mile to Columbine Blvd. 
  the school from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm. All
(traffic light).  Turn left on Columbine Blvd. and 
proceed west approx. 1 mile to arena on the right. 
school instruments MUST be returned to the
band room at the end of the parade. There will
  be a pizza party for all participants in the
  band room at school directly after the parade.
    Thank you on Butter Braids and Coffee
  We would like to thank everyone who
  supported our Spring fundraiser for Butter
Braid and Caring Bean Coffee. This popular
fundraiser was brought back again this year,
    with over $1100.00 received in proceeds.
  Friends and family can continue to re-
order the Caring Bean Coffee at any time
TIME 4:30‐6 PM 
  throughout the year and POMP will continue to
  earn proceeds from the sales. Please go to
  (Please mark your calendars)                       www.thecaringbean.com to place your order.
You will be prompted to establish an account
       MAY  23  (easy!), and then when placing your order
select POMP (Parents of Music Performers)
By ordering Market Day you can help support the  from the drop down menu as your charitable
Music Program.  Internet orders due by 11:00 pm  organization. It's that simple, and a great way
on Thursday, May 19.  Parent volunteers are 
 to continue to support our music program
needed on the dates above from 3:30‐4:30 pm to  throughout the year! Thank you also to the
folks at Butter Braid and The Caring Bean for
help re‐check items. 
  their support and partnership this year!

POMP 2011-2012 Members
Elections  were   conducted
  at our
  May   2 POMP               
General  meeting   and we
  are pleased
    to announce
the Board  members
  the 2011-2012
Executive Advisor:  Linda Hof                   
President – Monica O’Neill                   
  Treasurer:  Larry Stilwell 
  Secretary:  Position Available 
We are still in need of someone to fill our Secretary
position next year. Duties involve taking minutes at the
monthly  general  meeting,   typing  them afterwards,
    and     The
making  copies for  next month’s
meeting.   If you can
help us  out with this important
any of the
  board   members  to discuss.
  If  you are    Sophomores,
   for 2011
interested and would like to split the duties with a
music  camp  attendance.
friend, the position can be shared by two of you! Applications are due back to Mrs.
Aukes by May 6. Please see Mrs. Aukes
Committee  chairs   will be  determined
  next   Fall at  our              
September general meeting. Thank you
or your music teacher for an application.
          to all POMP
members who have participated throughout the year in Scholarships awards will be
    distributed in May.
our various events and fundraisers. We truly could not
do all that we do for our students with out you! If you Please direct questions to Kim
know of anyone interested in joining our organization, Eischen at 847-426-0453 or Candi
please have them contact us at dcpomp@gmail.com. Kuczynski at 847-854-0920.
Have a wonderful summer!
May, 2011 Volume 2, Issue 7

2010– 2011 Board Members MANY THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS

President: Kerry Crawford WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU
847-836-1206 kerrycraw@aol.com
President: Karan Miller PSAE April 27th & April 28th
847-658-195 karan209@gmail.com
Testing is over, and thanks go out to D300 for providing nutrition each morning
Vice President: Connie Gross so that students could start their day on the right track. Also, thanks to the par-
847-275-4227 congro61@yahoo.com ents that helped sort, label, and organize the test booklets. Great Job Kids.
Vice President: Kathy Mack
847-658-1325 tkmack911@aol.com Teacher Appreciation Luncheon—-May 6
Thanks Paige Spangenberg, Chair, for putting together the teachers’
Secretary: Leisa Hastings lunch on May 7. An army of volunteers baked, cooked and served
847-854-0875leisa.hastings@d300.org the lunch to teachers as a thank you for all they do for Dundee-
Secretary: Laura Schaefer Crown.
847-426-2125 lschaefer@elgin.edu

Treasurer: Gwen Allen Pre-Prom Reception on May 7th

847-609-9067 gwenalln@aol.com Hats off to Celeste Zozokos and Trudy Tanner, for taking on the
Treasurer: Kathy Mountain job of organizing this fabulous party. The colorful backdrops for
847-658-5686 mtnrx5@yahoo.com photo ops and great snacks for parents and students created a great
start to the evening. Thanks go to all of the volunteers that helped
Faculty Liaison: Ben Churchill make the night special.
Exterior Committee
Thanks to chairs Shirley Sanders and Susan Klien who have spent many
hours pruning, weeding and planting around the school. Your hard
2011 meeting dates: work has paid off, everything looks great. And, thanks for taking
Held at 7:30 in the D-C Annex -
on the signage plans.
Media Center 2nd floor

Great America Tickets Still On Sale—Only $25

May 18
PACT still has tickets for Great America for only $25 each. The
attendance dates are May 7 and May 14. Tickets are available during
lunch hours or contact Kathy Mack
Check us out on the web at tkmack911@aol.com OR Kerry
Crawford at kerrycraw@aol.com to
place an order. This is our only
Or find us on the Dundee Crown High fundraiser of the year thanks for your
School website—Parent Organizations— help.
Volume 2, Issue 7 Page 2

Calendar for May 2011

May 6 1/2 Day
May 6 DC Oscars at 7:00 in Auditorium
May 7 PROM– 4:00 pm
May 9 Late Arrival 9:45
May 11 Senior Awards at 8:30
May 12 Orchestra Concert at 7:00
May 13-14 D300Relay for Life at DC
May 17 Jazz Concert at 7:00
May 18 PACT meeting at 7:30 in Media Center
May 19 Chorus Concert at 7:00
May 21 DC Graduation at 2:30 at Sears Center
May 26-27 Finals

June 27– 29 Registration Week for 2011-12 School Year



PACT Parent Organization Dundee-Crown High School • 1 Charger Country •Carpentersville •Illinois •60110
SAT MAY 7 OR 14, 2011

ONLY $25*
$2 5* Per Ticket

Buy your Tickets during Lunch, April 20th—May 13th

PACT (Parents And Chargers Together)
is selling admission tickets to
Six Flags Great America for either Saturday, May 7 or Saturday, May 14
which are designated as Coasters for a Cause Days
Regular park admission is $56.99 + tax, you save over $30 per ticket!

Get a twicket while you’re there for only $19.99, and go again on any normal operating day
That’s like getting 2 days for less than the price of 1

*Please Note: Purchase is non-refundable & purchaser is responsible for own transportation to/from the park *

Please complete the order information below

Name _________________________________________________________
Email ________________________Phone ____________________________
No. of Tickets ______ X $25 = _____________ (amount enclosed)
Money MUST accompany order – No Exceptions

Make checks payable to PACT

For further information on how to get tickets

Contact Kerry Crawford 847.836.1206 kerrycraw@aol.com OR
Kathy Mack 847.658.1325 tkmack911@aol.com
1 Charger Country
Carpentersville, IL 60110
Fax 224-484-5098

May 3, 2011

Dear parents,

As discussed at recent Board of Education meetings, there is a possibility that all three high schools
in our district will need to go to a 3-Block schedule next year. Due to the financial situation in our
district and the state of Illinois, a 3-Block schedule may become necessary to balance the district’s
budget. Currently, this is only a possibility, and no final decision has yet been made.

If this becomes necessary, students will take a maximum of three classes per day next year
(instead of four like this year). Over the next several weeks, counselors will be creating two
schedules for each student; a schedule based on the 4-Block day, and a schedule based on the 3-
Block day. In order to create a 3-Block schedule, your student’s counselor will have to remove
several of your student’s current course requests.

Today, during advisory, students were asked to indicate which classes are most important to them,
and which classes are least important. They did this by rank-ordering their current requests.

In order to create a 3-Block schedule, your student’s counselor will review this sheet and remove
the classes ranked lowest by your student. Please note that they will always first schedule students
in courses required for graduation. For example, even if your student marked his or her English
class as the lowest priority, the counselor will not remove this class because it is required for
graduation. There will be no change to graduation requirements next year.

Again, remember that the 3-Block day is not a certainly; rather, we are just preparing for the
worst-case scenario. It is everyone’s hope that there is no need to move to the 3-Block schedule.
All current requests will remain in the computer, so that the school will have the ability to
generate two schedules for every student, depending on the final decision to be made before the
start of the new school year. We will notify you again if the decision is made to change the
schedule for next year.

Please also remember that the State’s financial crisis continues to be a problem for schools in our
district and in districts around Illinois. We encourage citizens to contact their elected
representatives to ensure their voices are heard on issues that directly impact District 300 and
their daily lives; a list of elected representatives, including their contact information, can be found
on the district website at www.d300.org, under ‘About Us’ and ‘Community and Legislative

Push the Pride!

Lynn McCarthy
Join in the fun with the 1st Annual D300 Special Education Track and Field Meet. It will
be held on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. at Harry D. Jacobs High School
outdoor track, (the event will move into the field house if the weather is bad). The
individual grade level times are: Grades K-2 @1:00 p.m., Grades 3-5 at 2:00 p.m., Grades 6-
8 at 3:00 p.m. Participants will be grouped by age/ability.

Students in D300 who have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) K-8th grade are invited
to participate in the track and field events. Events are: 50 yd dash, 100m dash, 400m
dash, 400 m relay, standing long jump, softball throw, high jump.

All events will begin with a flag start. Parents must remain with their child/children
except during their event. Parents will escort their child to the track for their event.
Parents can wait in the stands during each event and then escort their child off the track
and back into the stands.

This event is sponsored by the Adapted Physical Education Staff, committee members,
and PPS in D300.

For further information please contact:

Julie.Belin@d300.org, Thomas.Parisi@d300.org, or Johanna.Wilkinson@d300.org