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Wipro conducts 10 weeks Training Program.c

Training is divided into following 4 parts.

1) FRP (Fundamental Readiness Program)

2) PRP (Project Readiness Program)
3) CRP (Corporate Readiness Program)
4) RLL (Real Life Lab)

FRP-3 weeks Training Program
PRP-7 Weeks Training Program

You will be tested on all the above, except CRP. CRP will have
an Impact Session, which will be a transition from "College 2
Corporate" along with ERT (Emergency Response Team)

After Completing FRP one has to take 1 test, minimum

percentage for passing this test is 70. Questions based on
MCQs. You can clear the test quite easily.c
After Completing PRP one has to take 1 more test, minimum
percentage for passing this test is also70.

FRP will probably be outsourced to NIIT. PRP will be conducted

by Wipro.
Both FRP and PRP test u have to write inside Wipro.c
In FRP you have to study C, C++, UNIX, Object oriented
Programming & Flowchart & Algorithm basic. Wipro will provide
you all the material.c
In PRP, you will be put into different BUs / Streams and will be
trained on them. BU is nothing but a Business Unit.

In RLL, you will be given a project based on PRP and you will
have to successfully complete it.

Your salary, after training, is determined by the score you get.


If your score is 60-70, you will get the least slab.
If your score is 70-85, you will get the middle slab.
If your score is 85+, you will get the maximum slabc