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Volume 11, Issue 15

Points of Interest: Volume 11, Issue 15 April 14, 2011

Got milk? What Students and Paint: Not Simple

kind? WHS stu-
dents have their Submitted by: Matt Wyatt. project there and we
Blija ―I was very angry and wouldn‘t finish the pi-
say! When we were chil- very disappointed,‖ she ñatas.‖
dren, our parents taught said. I asked her if she Other Spanish stu-
Out of touch with us that paining on other was planning to con- dents are glad the cul-
the news? Up- peoples things and tinue making the piña- prits confessed.
dates on Japan and painting on the walls is tas. ―Well actually, I ―I think they were
the Middle East frowned upon unless wasn‘t planning on con- brave to confess and
otherwise instructed. tinuing until I found out face the consequences
are inside! Nowadays, we look back who was responsible. I like that, but I also think
and laugh at the fact, told all of my classes they were stupid to do
but to think that high that this project isn‘t the whole thing in the
school students are im- just about making piña- first place,‖ said a stu-
Table of mature enough to still tas; it‘s about giving dent who wishes to re-
Contents: put paint where it something back to the main nameless. ―But
shouldn‘t go is just sad. elementary schools and for the most part I‘m
On April 4th. Mrs. Carrie teaching them about glad they confessed be-
News 2
Wyatt‘s Spanish classes Spanish culture. I cause if they didn‘t I
began making piñatas would like to point out, wouldn‘t be able to fin-
Academics 2 as a fun little project. however, that they (the ish my awesome pi-
We started painting the students responsible for ñata!‖
piñatas on April 5th, and the mess) came forward Although it‘s a good
Student Life 3 on April 6th another and confessed. I respect thing they confessed,
teacher took some FFA them coming forward they shouldn‘t have to
posters off lockers with and I am proud of them. be confessing at all.
Our Voice 4 paint all over them and If they didn‘t confess we This whole thing in
showed them to Mrs. would have ended the (Continued on page 3)

Anonymous: Heroes or Rebels?

Submitted by: pose? Their secrets are clogging. They elude
Declan Fair deep; every time they do nearly all consequences
something huge that and, as the name im-
In the past few years, a seems nigh impossible, plies, remain completely
group called Anony- they manage to amaze anonymous, although
mous has been the sub- us with another as- we do know a little from
ject of much attention, to unding feat of former members.
but who exactly are they ―hacktivism‖, internet In 2003, a character
and what is their pur- vigilantism, or server (Continued on page 4)
Page 2 Volume 11, Issue 15
Calendar of Events
Submitted By: Irina
D e m e n e v a

April 15—April 28

Friday, April 15:

Track Randy Lyon
Engineering Expo @
UW-Whitewater, 7:30
a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 16:
WHS ACT Test Prep
Workshop, Rm. 102, Class Feature: Computer Programming
8:00 a.m.
Submitted by: Jessaca Summers
10:00 a.m. JV Softball
& Baseball @ Interested in computers? Like the theories and ideas behind mathematics
McFarland DH but hate the homework? Need some extra excitement in your life? Then look
10:00 a.m. Varsity no further than Ms. Laura Masbruch‘s computer programming courses!
Softball & Baseball vs Learn everything you need and more to program like a pro.
McFarland DH Programming I is all about the theory, as you learn Visual BASIC and begin
Boys‘ Tennis Quad to piece together in your brain what makes a program work. But Program-
Monday, April 18: ming II launches you into the wild and sometimes intimidating world of C++,
The Voice Brain- from the nefarious semicolons to the mysterious Jungle, and teaches you how
storming Meeting, Rm. to make programs from whole cloth. Both classes are absolutely excellent.
249, 10:06 a.m. Their rich and challenging curriculums are tempered by Ms. Masbruch‘s
Tuesday, April 19: amazing teaching skills—rather than just tell you what to do, she explains ex-
NHS Meeting, Rm. actly what each and every byte does, and explains things in plain English, us-
102, 7:15 p.m. ing complicated Jargon only after explaining what it means.
Incoming Freshman All and all, if you‘re looking for challenging and engaging classes, look no
Orientation & Tours of further than computer programming.
Building, 10:30 a.m. &
1:30 p.m.
4:45 p.m. JV Softball Faculty Talent Show
& Baseball @ Brodhead
4:45 p.m. Varsity Submitted by: Ms. Ms. Jen Hammerly or people from the elemen-
Softball & Baseball vs Lori Heidenreich Mr. Greg Stewart sing- tary, middle school and
Brodhead Everyone knows Dr. ing? You will get your high school. It will be
4:30 p.m. Track vs Don Deal is a great chance to hear many of emceed by ―Buddy
Edgerton & Jefferson trombone player and your teachers and peo- Love.‖ If you don‘t
Wednesday, April 20:
Ms. Lori Heidenreich ple who work in the dis- know who that is, you‘ll
FFA Banquet, 7:00
p.m. plays piano. But what trict perform at the Fac- have to come to the per-
Thursday, April 21: about other faculty and ulty Talent Show on formance to see. The
Market Day Pickup staff in our district? April 27, 2011 at 7:30 cost for the show is
4:45 p.m. JV Girls‘ Have you ever heard p.m. in the HS Audito- $5.00 for adults and
Soccer @ Palmyra-
Mr. Rob Bughman play rium. There will be $4.00 for students.
6:30 p.m. Varsity guitar and sing? How singing, dancing, com- Proceeds are going to
(Continued on page 4) about Mr. Dan McGee, edy skits and more by the choir robe fund.
Page 3 Volume 11, Issue 15

Students and Paint: Not Simple

(Continued from page 1)

some ways relates to the marker incident on the stairs earlier

this year. Because of all the fights last year, the penalty for
fighting was upgraded from suspension to expulsion! If we
don‘t want rules to be changed i this school, we shouldn‘t be
doing things like drawing on walls, burning toilet paper, and
just plain fist fighting. Whitewater High School has great
teachers and awesome students, but some of those students
need an attitude adjustment.

Middle East Meltdown

Submitted by: Tho- Al-Jazeera and wide- causing thousands of trol with widespread
mas Weston spread networking pro- young people to try and support. The populace is
vided by the Internet, immigrate to Europe. becoming agitated over
The Middle East is in these malcontents are The next domino to the delayed elections
the middle of a massive able to more effectively fall was Egypt, one of and is staging more pro-
meltdown. Democratic organize than ever be- the closest allies of the tests in historic Tahrir
revolution is spreading fore. U.S. in the Middle East, square. The military has
like the flu, and no one The spark that started and one of the few reacted violently, and
is sure what country is this was Tunisia, where countries there that things look like they
going to fall next. While the straw that broke the supported Israel. Simi- may erupt again soon.
sudden and dramatic, camel‘s back was a col- lar, though less violent, Libyan dictator
these revolutions are lege educated street demonstrations were Muammar Qaddafi
not entirely surprising. vendor who burned touched off there, faced public insurrec-
A convergence of sev- himself to death in pro- brought on by years of tion starting in Febru-
eral factors has pro- test of his bleak chances simmering discontent ary when protests broke
vided fertile ground for of raising himself out of with Hosni Mubarak, out in Benghazi and
these uprisings. First, the country‘s wide- who effectively held dic- Tripoli. The state media
the median age in the spread poverty. This tatorial power through marginalized these by
region is in the low touched off violent rigged elections. The showing hired people in
twenties; second, these street protests which largest source of anger support of Qaddafi.
naturally restless youth ousted Zine el-Abidine was Mubarak‘s denial of Things became violent
live under regimes that Ben Ali, the country‘s widespread police bru- when on February 25th
range from merely re- former despotic presi- tality, a serious charge government security
pressive to outright po- dent. Unfortunately, the in a country where the forces fired on protes-
lice states; third, the interim government has police run most public tors in Tripoli. The re-
economic downturn and been unable to prevent services. In early Febru- bels fought back against
rising food prices in the the further economic ary, Mubarak submitted Qaddafi‘s disunited and
region have led to many collapse caused by tour- to external and internal ill trained forces, some
being unemployed and ists and their capital pressure and stepped of whom even defected.
hungry. Now, thanks to fleeing the unrest. The down. The military im- While rebels were mak-
news organizations like inability to find work is mediately assumed con- (Continued on page 4)
Page 4 Volume 11, Issue 15

Calendar of Events Anonymous: Heroes or Rebels?

(Continued from page 1)
(Continued from page 2)

Girls‘ Soccer @ Palmyra- was posted on

Eagle 4chan—an image
4:45 p.m. JV Softball & sharing site which is
Baseball @ Evansville now used for posting
4:45 p.m. Varsity Softball less than decent pic-
& Baseball vs Evansville tures, if you know
4:00 p.m. Boys‘ Tennis vs what I mean. The
Waterford character was called
Friday, April 22: Anonymous and was
No School quickly given a back
Saturday, April 23: story of a cyberbrain
Boys‘ Tennis @ East Troy made up of many people. The Anonymous images were used for many
Quad purposes and scattered cosplayers until it became the figurehead of a new
Sunday, April 24: group in 2007. The group was only beginning then, but once they started,
Easter they couldn‘t be stopped.
Monday, April 25: In late 2006, a toddler with AIDS was banned from an Alabama pool,
Professional Development spurring what would infamously become known as the Habbo Raids.
Day—No School for Stu- Anonymous was angry and decided to do something about what they be-
dents lieved to be an outrage, since AIDS cannot be transferred via pool water
Tuesday, April 26: or any other way related to a pool. Many members created avatars on
4:45 p.m. JV Softball & Habbo, a social networking site that is made to resemble a hotel. Their
Baseball vs Big Foot avatars were that of a tall African-American man with an afro. They
4:45 p.m. Varsity Softball would block the online pool saying it was, ―Closed due to AIDS.‖ Need-
& Baseball @ Big Foot less to say, this made users of the site very angry. Habbo immediately
4:30 p.m. Track @ banned the users with avatars matching the description, but though they
McFarland were kicked off, their message was received.
4:45 p.m. JV Girls‘ Soccer In 2007, Anonymous officially began by taking over the website of
vs Lake Mills white supremacist Hal Turner, costing him thousands of dollars. An-
6:30 p.m. Varsity Girls‘ gered, he tried to sue Anonymous‘ cyberbases 4chan, 7chan, and Encyclo-
(Continued on page 5)
Soccer vs Lake Mills
4:00 p.m. Boys‘ Tennis @
Watertown Luther Prep
Thursday, April 28:
The Voice Publishing Middle East Meltdown
Night, Rm. 249, 3:15 p.m. (Continued from page 3)
4:00 p.m. Boys‘ Tennis vs
Edgerton ing gains against Qaddafi‘s paranoia inhibited army, they were unable to
4:45 p.m. JV Girls‘ Soccer deal with the dictator‘s air force. The U.N. Security Council initially im-
vs Jefferson posed sanctions on Libya then authorized a full scale military interven-
6:30 p.m. Varsity Girls‘ tion led by N.A.T.O. to protect civilians. U.N. forces led by the U.S. have
Soccer vs Jefferson imposed a no fly zone and bombed tanks. Concerns have been raised
4:45 p.m. JV Softball & however over the lack of a clear endgame for coalition forces.
Baseball @ Ofordville/ These three countries are far from the only ones. Bahrain, Yemen, Iran,
Parkview Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait are all experiencing unrest. The U.S.
4:45 p.m. Varsity Softball cannot and will not intervene in all of these places; in the end it is going
& Baseball vs Ofordville/ to be up to the Arab people to erect the democracies they hope for. Only
Parkview one thing is certain: it is not going to be easy.
Volume 11, Issue 15 Page 5

Anonymous: Heroes or Rebels?

(Continued from page 4) ligion is free. They are mous on Westboro took down their site for
still continuing with Baptist Church. When two hours and then
pedia Dramatica for things such as DDoS a fabricated threat was took over one of their
copyright infringement. (Distributed Denial of sent to Westboro that subdomains.
The cases were dropped Service) attacks, bogus claimed to be Anony- While they are often
when he lost his pleas. mail, and protests. mous, Westboro told called nerds with no life
Later that same year, In 2009, Anonymous
Anonymous assisted in began attacking the Ira-
the arrest of pedophile nian government for
and sexual predator censoring the Internet
Chris Forcand by using and assisted in protests
cyber-tracking. The over the election. Op-
group sent the Cana- eration Didgeridie was
dian police a photo of carried out that same
and information about year, along with an-
the man. The arrest other operation that
brought mass media will not be named, to
attention to the group stop the censorship of
as a whole rather than the Australian Internet.
as individual hackers. More recently,
In 2008, Anonymous Anonymous has been
began their attacks on attacking anti-
the church of scientol- Wikileaks groups.
ogy. After the church Prominent Republicans
removed an interview such as Aaron Barr and
with Tom Cruise about his firm were attacked
scientology on business via DDoS, costing them
grounds, Anonymous thousands of dollars.
began Project Chantol- Anonymous believes in them to ―bring it on.‖ or kids with no goals,
ogy. They believed that freedom of informa- Anonymous denied some think they are
a business should not tion. sending the threat but heroes. They do more
own a religion and that Another recent event ―since they asked, they for people‘s rights than
knowledge about a re- is attacks by Anony- would.‖ Anonymous most activist groups.

HEY! Irina’s Random Quote of the Week

Would you like to write Submitted by: Irina Demeneva
for The Voice? Attend
the next Brainstorming “It is a creeping, crawling, singing,
Meeting on Monday, floating pre-calc teacher!”
April 18, 2011 during
SAFT in room 249. See —Courtney Zawistowski
you there!
Page 6 Volume 11, Issue 15

Japan: Surprisingly Varying Options

Submitted by: Sara suffered several earth- when something sneaks gasaki,‖ and, ―do not
Hilliger quakes measuring as up on you and f***s you say that japan had an
high as 8.9 on the Rich- up, doesn‘t it? Sin- earthquake coming be-
Though there has ter scale, as well as hav- cerely, Pearl Harbor.‖ cause of pearl harbor.
been an enormous ing an enormous nu- This seems to be a that makes you sound
surge of aid sent to Ja- clear disaster on its popular discussion ignorant.‖ Anything
pan, if you‘ve seen com- hands, some people topic in the comments concerning Japan‘s so-
ments and opinions have been claiming that of articles concerning called ‗Karmatic pun-
circulating on the web, Japan got what it de- the incident, as well as ishment‘ has been
you‘ll know not every- served. As one Twitter on social networking widely re-Tweeted and
one shares that same feed put it, ―Dear Ja- sites like Twitter. How- debated.
compassion. After it pan, it really sucks ever, negativity is not The controversy con-
the sole tinues, both sides
overtone of equally static in their
J a p a n - positions. And, seeing
r elat ed as reports estimate that
p o s t s . Japan‘s situation will
Many users only grow in its com-
have retali- plexity and severity,
ated by there hardly seems to
bringing out be an end in sight.
opinions And honestly, seeing
such as, ―If as Japan‘s death toll is
this Earth- nearly six times the size
quake is of the attack on Pearl
Japan‘s Harbor‘s, and their
Karmatic situation is still going
punishment on, perhaps some peo-
for Pearl ple need to rethink
Harbor, I their statements. If this
dread to see was Japan‘s karma for
what ours bombing Pearl Harbor,
will be for it‘s gone on much too
Hiroshima far, and has come about
and Na- seventy years too late.

WHS Idol Results

Submitted by: Sara Hilliger
After much ado about something that is certainly not nothing, the eighth annual WHS Idol has come
and passed. Many students put in a lot of work to make it happen, with Octagon members decorating
and working backstage, as well as sixteen acts that rehearsed until they were ready to perform. The
acts included piano, vocals, guitar, drums, and dance for an exceedingly wide variety.
First place was taken by guitar player ―Buckethead‖ (a.k.a. Robert Wiley Deal), second by Marshall
Lilly on drums, and coming in third were Lauren and Connor Dalzin with their duet of Bruno Mars‘s
―Marry You‖. A fourth finalist, Abbie Werner, was selected for her Irish dance.
WHS Idol was a well-attended event, with a 131 person audience, the profits from which went to the
Octagon Club scholarship fund. With this year‘s competition being such a success, how are we expected
to wait until next year?
Volume 11, Issue 15 Page 7

What You Need to Succeed

Submitted by: Ab- look for common
bie Werner words and phrases,
and make connec-
Carpet marks are evi- tions between ideas.
dent on my elbows as I If you learn best
finally conclude my by hearing: Read
homework session. I your notes aloud.
feel dizzy from sitting Listen for familiar
up so abruptly. It‘s my words and phrases.
mind that hurts the Where have you
most right now. All I heard them before?
want to do is collapse, If you learn best
and rightly so, because by making im-
it‘s early morning. My ages: Draw pic-
homework load has tures or maps of
spilled over into my what you see when
sleep. It took me an you study. Do these
unnecessary amount of images bring to
time to finish my as- mind something
signments last night, you‘ve learned in
but why? Is it a lack of the past?
motivation? Loss of If you learn best
responsibility? Pure by order: First
stubbornness? What- review old material
ever it is, it‘s nothing and then take a look
new. at a new assignment in studying for a test or points. Afterwards, she
Balance… it‘s one of the same subject. Make doing plain homework would ―condense them
the hardest things to a timeline or list of is writing a song. I into an informal outline
reach in any area of life. events starting from the even take videos of my- form.‖ I think that‘s
Coming from my own old material and work- self reciting biology learning by order.
experience of poor time ing through the new. notes in a weird accent. Dunham advises,
-management, limited See how things pro- Believe it or not, that ―Study at a time when
concentration, and lit- gressed, or didn‘t. technique works for you‘re most alert.‖
tle motivation, I know If you learn best by me. If you enjoy utiliz- Don‘t wait until the sky
that school work isn‘t doing: Role play. If ing your creativity, con- is black and your mind
fun for everyone. Just you‘re reading a novel, sider coming up with feels dead. Also,
as most health articles act out the part of the some fun ways to get ―practice what you‘re
say, ―This is not meant hero or heroine. Does the job done. My expected to do.‖ She
to diagnose or treat that character remind ―study songs‖ may only mentioned how one of
[insert problem here].‖ you of anyone you make sense to me, but the things you do to
Studying is certainly know? This familiarity they help me to remem- prepare for a basketball
not a one-size-fits-all could help you write ber certain phrases and game is shooting bas-
type of deal, and you‘ve your essay.‖ definitions. kets. Practice spelling
got to realize that eve- Those particular ideas Madame Dianne out loud if you‘re going
ryone has a way in came directly from Dunham took lots of to be in a spelling bee,
which they learn best. How to Study by Gail notes in high school or something similar.
―If you learn best by Wood. Sometimes, the and college. She would Using good tech-
seeing: Compare old only way I‘ve gotten go back over them, niques makes complet-
notes to new notes, myself interested in highlighting the main (Continued on page 8)
Page 8 Volume 11, Issue 15

Trivia 3.11
Submitted by: Irina Demeneva
Last Issue‘s Question:

Which WHS graduating class is the first class that needs to complete an elec-
tronic achievement portfolio in order to be able to graduate?

A. 2012
B. 2013
C. 2014
D. 2015

The correct answer was B. 2013. Remember that you can submit your re-
sponse to lmasbruch@wwusd.org, and if you‘re the first person to get it right,
you win a prize!

This Issue‘s Question:

Who won first place in WHS‘s eighth annual WHS Idol competition?

A. Buckethead
B. Lauren and Connor Dalzin
C. Marshall Lilly
D. Emma Zaballos and Josh Cruz

What You Need to Succeed

(Continued from page 7) learned.‖ From this utes. Hopefully, then, swer. (All of this is just
experienced teacher‘s you don‘t burn out be- as much for me as it is
ing homework less perspective, a good fore the work is done. for other students.)
stressful. Keeping up grade is not necessarily It‘s important to re- Lastly, ―If whatever
with homework, in the goal. Rather, it‘s member to try your you‘re doing isn‘t work-
turn, keeps you out of the knowledge you‘ll best in school. At the ing, get some help,‖
big pits. ―If the home- obtain that we should same time, your whole Madame Dunham said.
work is valid,‖ Madame strive for. When your future won‘t depend on Look on the Internet
Dunham suggests, mindset isn‘t working, the grade you get on for helpful study tools,
―then the homework is try giving yourself one English assign- or ask a teacher or your
the practice you need to small rewards for com- ment, or a final exam in friends for advice, help,
pass tests, to learn, to pleting something. My math. It is helpful to be and good sources.
be sure you understand dad, who‘s a college aware of how you are ―Help is out there.‖
a concept, and to suc- professor, remembered doing, but try not to go Never give up, because
ceed. Practice helps one of his professors to the extremes of the carpet marks on our
you realize what you recommending not elaborating for every elbows today will help
still need to learn, and working continuously single question or just us achieve our dreams
what you‘ve already for more than 30 min- writing a one-word an- tomorrow.
Volume 11, Issue 15 Page 9

Chocolate Milk
Submitted by: Jessaca Summers
I think chocolate milk is the superior flavor over white milk.
Not only is it a more popular flavor, but it is also just as
healthy, plus it has the energy benefit of sugar. It also tastes
better in general. If it is made with real cocoa (as many choco-
late things are nowadays), then it also contains extra antioxi-
dants and can fight depression. Therefore, I think it is clear –
chocolate milk is superior to white milk in every way.

Strawberry Milk
Submitted by: Sara Hilliger
While some of my fellow students are taking the generic
route and taking the side of boring chocolate or white milk, I
say, why not be different? Strawberry milk is the epitome of
individualism, people. It is pink. And it‘s a beverage. What
gets more unique than that? Just about everything could Soy Milk
come in a chocolate, plain, or healthier form. How many
foods can you name that are pink? Case closed. Submitted by: Declan Fair
So many people like milk—we drink it at
lunch, we put in our coffee, we use it in
White Milk baking, and we put it into cereal. We don‘t
think much of the flavor. Well, I, for one,
Submitted by: Irina Demeneva do. Sure, you can have boring old milk, or
There exist obvious benefits in the consumption of you can get fat with the evil chocolate milk
white milk (notably, skim milk) when in comparison to and the gut-wrenching strawberry, but
the consumption of chocolate, strawberry or soy milk. why do that when you can have delicious
For one, the very essence of white milk is that it con- and nutritious soy milk? Allow me to tell
tains fewer calories and, in the case of low-fat and skim you why I think this.
white milks, a fat content of zero. Chocolate milk and When I put milk into my coffee or my
strawberry milk are both loaded with sugars and un- tea, I want something sweet; not a bland,
necessary additives that take away from the otherwise plain, old, ordinary drink, but a sweet,
unquestionable vital nutrients found in regular milk. heavenly liquid that brings ecstasy to your
As far as soy milk is concerned, seldom few can tolerate mouth. In order to have this, you need
the bitter taste of such a substance, and fewer still are soy. It seems that when you put your milk
willing to withstand it for the sake of merely a couple of into baking products, they always turn out
additional nutrients—most of which are also found in wrong—if you add plain milk, it‘s too bit-
regular white milk. Studies have shown that drinking ter; if you add chocolate it‘s too chocolaty;
three glasses of skim milk per day will help you main- but if you add soy milk, it‘s just right. Fur-
tain a slim figure. Further studies have proven that thermore, soy milk is far better alone than
men and women who drank a lot of white milk in their all other milks.
developing years were far less likely to suffer from os- So now you know why soy milk is better.
teoporosis later in life. With that said, it is fair to con- Don‘t bother with that old, rusty milk from
clude that good old white milk is the more beneficial the 1700‘s—that is so last century. Drink
choice of beverage. soy milk!
Staff Page 10 Volume 11, Issue 15
Irina Demeneva Tales From La La Land: Precious Robotic Life Juice: One
Squeamish Girl’s Perspective On Being A First-Time
Layout Editor Blood Donor
Jessaca Summers
Submitted by: Jes- donation! Although, think? What if the
saca Summers I‘ve become a little… blood samples are be-
Copy Editors Who here donated suspicious about parts ing used for… some-
Declan Fair blood? I know I did! It of it over the time since thing else? Such as,
wasn‘t as painful as you I donated. Specifically, say, genetic engineer-
Sara Hilliger might think, though. why do they have to ing? Or robots? Or su-
The needle was tiny test for iron of all perheroes? Or geneti-
Reporters and you really couldn‘t things? Sure, it‘s a nec- cally engineered robot
feel your life juices essary mineral and superheroes? …And,
Matt Blija slowly draining out of large amounts of it help frankly, if these sorts of
Irina Demeneva you throughout the both the donor and the experiments did turn
process. In fact, the person who ends up out to be the final desti-
Declan Fair little prick they put in needing it to feel better. nation of a few blood
Ms. Lori Heiden- your finger for the iron But then, what if that‘s units, who would ob-
reich test hurt more than the what they want you to ject?

Sara Hilliger
Jessaca Summers
Abbie Werner Photo Feature
Thomas Weston

Irina Demeneva

Featured Artists
Irina Demeneva

Ms. Laura Mas-
Miss Rachel Wilson

This photo was taken and edited by sophomore Irina Demeneva. It is of a

retired World War II fighter tank that is on display in Chicago, Illinois. The
edits, done by the software Gimp, created an older look and feel to the over-
all nature of the photograph.

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