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This chapter presents the entire training period with the activities done bythe

trainees. This shows the accomplishments and skills being enhanced duringthe

internship period that gave them the best training ground as a beginner.
Accomplishment and ContributionOJT is a three letter acronym for "On-the-Job Training",
which is a form of training taking place in a normal working situation.

See Training.

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The trainee’s contribution to the company was mostly in maintaining

theequipments on its good condition. He was able helped the regular employee

inrepairing and building the equipments used in the yard. Such would help them

tominimize their work and finished it for a short period of time and with high quality.
The trainee also do such house keeping on the times that there is no
work. Cleaning the barracks can be a simple way to minimize accidents.

The trainee also shared with them new knowledge such as conversion ofunits

and basic formulas. It would help them to compare the values usingdifferent units and to

get values in a simple but accurate way.

Competencies Gained

The training inside the company is learning experience each day. Thetrainee

learned to appreciate the lessons studied in school. He was able torealize the

importance of theories and formulas that was discussed inside theclassroom. And also
to understand that everything that was thought inside theschool can be a tool that can

be used in future career.

As the trainee was working as a trainee at Keppel, he learned to becomea hard-

working person. Time to complete the output product is not important, butthe quality. He

also learned to follow the instructions as what the superiors saidand to accept opinion

that they suggested.

At the school, being late is better than absent. But as what the traineelearned at

Keppel, being absent is better than being late. Being absent can be acause of

emergency situations like sickness, unpredicted travels andphenomena, while, being

late is a cause of misbehavior and unable to managethe time.

Lastly, the trainee learned that on-the-job training is not just only a subjectto be

passed or a requirement to be completed but on-the-job training is anopportunity to

show what skills, talents and techniques that the student learnedfrom the school and

also an opportunity to experience the life outside thecampus; serving companies like a

professional on the field of the students’specialization.


At the end of the trainee’s OJT, he was able to repair different types ofengine

and able to help in solving different kinds of engine troubles. He was alsoable to handle

pumps for reconditioning and assembling. For him, all theequipments that were used

inside the company were his output project.

Impact to Field of Specialization
The training served as the stepping stone of the trainees to the reallife of

an engineer. It served as the beginning the real life of being an employee.The trainees

have realized that learning is a lifetime commitment that iscontinues even you already

have a job. The training gave the students moreinitiative to their chosen career. The

students were more encouraged to pursuethe Mechanical Engineering course. The

training inspired the trainees to enhancetheir skills and knowledge in the field of

mechanical engineering. The traineeswere given some ideas what could be the feeling

or situation being an employee.The training enriched their individuality as a beginner

and created the foundationof being a good worker. The best thing that the trainees have

gained inside thecompany was the good orientation of the person having the higher


As a mechanical engineering student, the OJT made me realize theimportance

of the course that I am taking. It made me realize the essential role ofa mechanical

engineer in a company. Mechanical engineering can take the workof electrical and civil

engineering, but, no other course can takes place the workof mechanical engineer in a

company. To be a competent one, not only an


engineer must understand the process and the underlying principles but also

beknowledgeable of the operation of certain equipments that carry out the process.An

engineer must also possess good communication and leadership skill.

The students have undergone a good training. The task given to them wasan

application of design 1, design 2 and ME LAB 2 of their course. The design ofthe bolts

and nuts has a great in connection to the subjects. The design of theflywheels and other

machine members deals with the study of design 1 itself.Parts of the engines and kinds

of pumps were exactly related to what wasdiscussed inside the classroom. The trainees

were technically given actualproblems that have a main concern with the mechanical

engineering subjects.The nature of the career course was the main focus of the training.

The trainingof students will be useful if the nature of their training have the major

concern fortheir chosen career. The trainees would able to use the experiences they

havegone through during the training whenever they are already in the field


The company created a good service to their clients and gave the besttraining

for the students. The students must have a good company that wouldgive them a good

training ground and would enhance their knowledge andcapabilities. The school must

have the good coordination for some companiesthat offer an annual On the Job

Training inside their company. The school shouldprovide more budgets given to the

OJT coordinators to have the best monitoringof the training the students are taking. One

of the best ways of training is theprovincial trainings that would give different

experiences to the trainees. An out oftown training would give more self esteem to the

students. The mechanicalengineering students have their training every 4th year and
second semester ofthe year. It is more efficient if they will take it 5th year of their last

semester. Insome cases having their training during their 4th year of school would

sometimesaffect the rhythm of their schooling because in mechanical engineering

thestudents OJT have their preferred pre-requisite subjects that once not takenwould

give a big effect to the arrangement of the student’s subjects. Instead ofthe regular

schedule of years of studying, once being affected by the pre-requisite subjects, the

students would waste some of the time spending for thesubjects affected by the

OJT. For the company, they should give more lectureson the technical parts of the

company like Auto Cad and Mechanical Devicesused by the Department.