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ease arrange a dinner meeting for me and Mr. Daniel at Gadri Resto. It is very close to the hotel, so I can just wa

1. What is the message about?

A. Fandy’s arrival C. Fandy’s order to Putri
B. The Dayat’s report D. Mr. Daniel’s appointment

2. “I’d like to look it over before I see Mr. Sute.” The underlined word refers to ....
A. The meeting C. the email
B. The hotel D. the report

3. “It is very close to the hotel, ….” The underlined words means ....
A. near C. connected
B. related D. bordering

The Charity Duck Race will be held on 28 March 2011 to raise funds for the Indonesian
Red Cross. The ducks are up for adoption at Rp. 200,000 each, inclusive of a Rp. 20,000
free ticket. By adopting a duck, the participants not only contribute towards the
organization but also stand a chance of winning attractive prizes.

The committee

4. What is the announcement about?

A. Fund raising C. Price for adoption
B. The Indonesian Red Cross D. The Charity Duck Race

5. What will the participants get by adopting a duck?

A. A chance of winning prize C. Rp. 220,000
B. Rp. 200,000 D. Funds

Nearly 59,000 pedestrians were killed or injured in road accidents in 2000.

• Most accidents involving pedestrians happen at, or near, junctions.
• Look out for pedestrians at junctions, especially the elderly, children, and the
They take longer to cross the road and may have difficulty judging your
speed and distance.
• When turning at a road junction, give way to pedestrians who are crossing
the road.
6. What does the brochure above mainly tell us?
A. A number of accidents happen in 2000
B. Things pedestrians need to consider before crossing the street.
C. Junctions are very dangerous for pedestrians.
D. Giving way to pedestrians.

7. The word “pedestrians” can be replaced by…..

A. passer-by C. hikers
B. road users D. vendors

8. Which of the following information below is NOT mentioned in the text?
27 Maret 2011

A. Drivers may have difficulty judging speed and distance.

B. Pedestrians should be given way at junctions.
C. The elderly usually take longer time to cross the road.
D. A lot of road accidents happen at junctions.

Book Early to Avoid Disappointment

9. Which of the following statements best explain the sign above?

A. You are advised to place an order early to avoid being turned down.
B. You are advised against disappointment should you be turned down.
C. Do not get disappointed if you come late.
D. There are many buyers, so you must place your order early.

Accident prone area!

Drive with care

10. Which of the following statements best explain the sign above?
A. An accident has just occurred. You must drive carefully.
B. This is the zone where accidents frequently occur. Drive with care.
C. You must drive carefully to avoid getting involved in an accident.
D. There is a traffic jam caused by an accident. Please drive carefully.


11. Which of the following sentences best explain the signs above?
A. You can return the goods you purchase provided you do not use them.
B. You cannot return the goods if you have used them.
C. The moment you purchase the goods, you are not allowed to return them.
D. Goods are only returnable if you have paid for them.

Once, there was a tortoise that was incredibly talkative. It could talk incessantly for
hours without getting any fatigue. However, its fellow forest companions were not so
fortunate. They grew increasingly irritate with the tortoise since its speeches were always
boring and long-winded.
One summer, the forest was affected by a terrible drought. The only lake in the ntire
forest which provided water began to dry up and the animals grew alarmed. They sent
some birds out to look for alternative source, and eventually decided to move to a nearby
forest which had a big water-filled lake. However, the poor tortoise was in no mood to
rejoice. It was too slow-moving to reach the forest in time and asked around for help. After
difficulty, it managed to find two kindly crows which were willing to help.
They came up with a brilliant plant required the tortoise to claps tightly to a branch
with its mouth. The branch would then be carried by both birds with their legs to the new
lake. The plant was soon underway and the tortoise was ferried through the air in grand
style. When they were flying, the tortoise forgot the crow’s earlier warnings and began to
shout, “Look! Look! What a beautiful lake!” Unfortunately, those were the last words it
ever uttered.
27 Maret 2011

12. Why did the other forest animals dislike tortoise?

A. It never felt any fatigue while talking. C. It made exceedingly
engrossing conversation.
B. It forced them to listen to its nice talks. D. Its speeches were
boring and long-winded.

13. What was the eventual fate of the tortoise?

A. It managed to live peacefully in the new lake. C. It stopped being talkative to
its friends.
B. It fell down and died. D. It lost its new lake.

14. What lesson does the story convey to readers?

A. The usefulness of unnecessary conversation. C. The advantages of being
B. The disadvantages of being talkative. D. The drawbacks of keeping

With the discovery of pharmaceuticals, people are able to live a healthier life. Advances in
medicine and surgery have also enabled organ transplants. Life expectancy is much
higher than what it was hundreds of years ago.

15. What can we conclude about this contribution of science to mankind?

A. Science has helped solve problems. C. Science has helped us enjoy
our leisure
B. Science has helped improve health D. Science has helped improve

Scientists and doctors say that about 34 million Americans are too fat. Why is this? One
cause is the kind of food Americans eat. Many Americans like ‘fast food’. These foods
(such as hamburgers and ice cream) often have fattening things in them. Another cause is
what the Americans eat. They often eat little snacks between regular meals. These extra
foods add extra fat on their body. A third cause is not enough exercise. Americans like
driving everywhere, instead of walking. They often have machines to do a lot of the work.
Some Americans are also too heavy because of health problems. But for most of those 34
million Americans, the problem is the American lifestyle.

16. The text tells about ....

A. what Americans eat C. the American lifestyle
B. health problem in America D. why many Americans are fat

17. From the text we may conclude that ....

A. Snacks are included in the regular meals of Americans
B. Sixty-six million Americans do not consume fast foods
C. Eating little snacks is the cause of major health problems
D. Many Americans are fat because of the way they live

Good ideas often start with really silly questions. Bill Bowerman was making breakfast one
day. As he stood there making waffle for his son, he wondered what would happen if he
poured rubber into his waffle iron. So, he tried it and the result looked something like the
bottom of most sport shoes we see today. Still, when he took his idea to several existing
shoe companies he was literally laughed at. In fact, every single company turned him
down. Though rather disappointed, Bowerman was determined and went on to form his
own company, making NIKE athletic shoes.

18. It can be concluded from the text that ....

A. inventions often occur during breakfast C. a waffle iron became a
tool in making shoes
B. Bowerman did all the household chores D. curiosity can lead to a
great invention

19. The text tells us about .... 3

27 Maret 2011

A. How meaningless silly questions really are C. The unexpected result of

Bowerman’s experience
B. The process of making waffles for breakfast D. The first production of the
bottom of sport shoes

Tomatoes are full of nutrients and are an especially good source of antioxidant vitamin. In
fact, one serving of tomato will give you 40% of your recommended daily allowance of
vitamin C. Diets rich in fruit and vegetables are associated with lower risks of many
diseases and a diet which includes high intake of tomatoes has been shown to protect
against prostate cancer. Tomatoes are by far the richest source of lycopene, a powerful
antioxidant. Lycopene is highest in processed tomato foods, such as tomato puree,
because they are concentrated.

20. The topic of above paragraph is ....

A. The way to prevent getting various diseases C. The recommended diets for
healthy people
B. The functions of antioxidant vitamins D. The benefit of including
tomatoes in our diets

21. From the text we can conclude that ....

A. Only tomatoes are the source of a powerful antioxidant called lycopene
B. Lots of tomatoes in the diet can prevent prostate cancer
C. Foods rich in vitamin C can cure many diseases
D. The best source of antioxidants is vegetables

Number of school built (in

2002 5

2003 7

2004 6

2005 3

2006 2

22. From the table above, we can say that the number of schools built has gradually .…
A. stopped C. increased
B. declined D. stagnated

Means of Number of
transportation students
By bus 867

By car 180

By motorcycle 420

On foot 20

23. One of the conclusions that can be made from the survey above is that ....
A. quite a number of students come to school by motorcycle
B. only a minority of students walk to school
C. not many students come to school by bus
D. many students come to school by car

In some public buildings which are situated in earthquake zones around the world,
there are automatic announcements that are made when there is an earthquake. The
27 Maret 2011

Often, when there is an earthquake, people just don’t understand what is happening
and they have no idea what they should do. In earthquakes all over the world, more
people have been injured while they have been running to get out of large public
buildings, then have been hurt by the earthquakes themselves.
If you are in a large public building when there is an earthquake, move away from
any glass windows or doors. Drop down to the floor quickly and cover your head with your
arms. If you are near a table, get under it. Hold on to the table and if the table moves
during shaking, move with the table. If you are not near a table, drop down to the floor
next to an inside wall. Cover your head with your arms. Stay down until the building stops
moving. Never run, or rush, to try and get out of the building.

24. Which of the statements is FALSE ?

A. The people often become panic when earthquake happens
B. The people get injured due to nervous during the earthquake
C. The people should take a shelter under the table
D. The people should run to avoid being injured

25. The text mainly discusses about ....

A. what earthquake is
B. the problems of facing earthquake
C. the use of table to avoid getting hurt
D. the way how to protect yourself during earthquake

26. ... during shaking, move with the table.(par. 3, line 3 ). The word “shaking” is similar
with ....
A. trembling C. removing
B. striking D. replacing

27. To give instruction, the writer uses ....

a. Simple Present Tense
b. Present Perfect Tense
c. Direct Speech
d. Imperative

Natural phenomena take place all the time in the world around us in natural surroundings.
Natural phenomena include both living things and non-living things and scientists get a lot
of knowledge by studying these natural phenomena around us.

28. In the light of this statement, which of these is not a natural phenomenon?
A. An aero-plane crash C. hurricanes and typhoons
B. Formation of a rainbow D. the formation of honeycombs

In the process of canning, food is boiled in the can to kill bacteria. The can is then sealed
either before or while the food is boiling. This prevents new bacteria from getting into the
can. The food in the can is completely sterile.

29. The last line of the text “The food in the can is completely sterile” means that ....
A. the food is fresh C. the food is tasteless
B. the food is clean D. the food cannot spoil

Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has a bill like a duck’s bill.
Platypus is an indigenous of Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia. Although it
lays eggs instead of bearing its young alive, the platypus is a true mammal, not a reptile.
It nurses its young with milk as do other mammals.
Platypus has flat tail and webbed feet. Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with
a thick and wooly layer of fur. Its bill is detecting prey and stirring up mud. Platypus’ eyes
and head are small. It has no ears but has ability to sense sound and light. 5
27 Maret 2011

The male platypus has a hollow claw, or spur, on each hind leg. The spurs are
connected with poison glands. The platypus leg scratches and poisons its enemies with
the spurs.
Platypus lives in streams, rivers, and lakes. Female platypus usually digs burrows in
the streams or river banks. The burrows are blocked with soil to protect it from intruders
and flooding. On the other hand, male platypus does not need any burrow to stay.

30. The … of the platypus makes it look like a duck.

A. bill C. thick fur
B. flat tail D. webbed feet

31. The main idea of the third paragraph is ....

A. The platypus defends itself by using its poison
B. Each hind leg of the platypus could spray poison
C. The platypus attacks its enemy by using its hollow claws
D. The poisonous glands flow their poison through the hind legs.

32. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To tell the life of platypus C. To describe about the features of platypus
B. To explain about the habitat of platypus D. To distinguish between male
and female platypus.

33. Platypus habitat is mostly in ....

A. water C. humid area
B. swamps D. barren area

You’ve probably got minor infection. Sometimes it takes long to go away.

The important thing is to get plenty of rest. Take sometime off work and
you’ll probably be back to normal in a few weeks time.

34. What is the text about?

A. The doctor’s advice to a patient C. An advice for healthy life
B. The direction of taking medicine D. The doctor’s motivation

35. “ … you’ll probably be back to normal in a few weeks time”. What does the underlined
word refer to?
A. Doctor C. Patient
B. The writer D. Nurse

There are many kinds of airplanes that vary in size, speed and function. Today’s airplanes
can be divided into five groups - commercial transport planes, general aviation planes,
military planes, sea planes, and special purpose planes.

36. If a farmer wants to spay insecticide over his farm, which type of airplane will he use?
A. A sea plane C. A general aviation plane
B. A special purpose plane D. A commercial transport plane

Apollo 11 was the first mission in which humans walked on the lunar surface and returned
to earth. On 20 July, 1969 two astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. landed in
Mare Tranquilitatis (the Sea of Tranquility) on the moon in the Lunar Module. During their
stay on the moon, the astronauts set up scientific experiments, took photograph, and
collected lunar samples. The Lunar Module took off from the Moon on 21 July and the
astronauts returned to earth on 24 July.

37. The two astronauts were on the moon for …..

A. one day C. four days
B. two days D. five days

To All Gourmets and Food Lovers

Not to be missed : Mouth-watering laksa
Fragrant 6
handbaked roti canai
27 Maret 2011 Tasty satay
And a lot more!
Business Hours : 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm

38. What is being offered in the above advertisement?

A. Mouth-watering laksa C. Local delicacies
B. Delicious roti canai D. Great meals

27 Maret 2011

For problems moving
free consultation, call us:your house or office???
The Professional
Don’t worry! House Mover
Tel: 04-8599988 (Mr. Fong)
We will show how easy it will be and
give you the most for you money!

No rough handling and zero damage too all

household movables.

39. Which of the following persons is in need of the service advertised above?

A. Mr. Chang wants to get his office cleaned up before he moves in.
B. Mr. Chin has just moved to his new house and needs help to get ready for a party.
C. Mrs. Roslan wants to shift his office to a new building.
D. Mrs. Kamala has just moved to a new building and needs a new set of furniture.

You can do a simple experiment to prove that water expands when it is frozen. All you
need is an empty glass jar. First, fill half the jar with water. Then mark the water level on
the outside of the jar. After that, put the jar in the freezer until the water is frozen.
When the water is frozen, take the jar out of the freezer and observe the new level of
the water. You will see that the level of the frozen water is higher. This proves that water
expands when it is frozen.

40. The suitable title for the text above is ....

A. how to freeze water C. water freezes when put in a
B. water expands when it is frozen D. water level in a freezer

41. “Take the jar out of the freezer “ is the … step in the experiment.
A. Second C. Fourth
B. Third D. Fifth

Mammals are vertebrates which are covered with hair or fur. Most mammals give birth to
their young alive. Mammals are also warm blooded and feed their young with milk
produced by the female, unlike reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and most fishes.
Mammals also tend to look after their young, too. For example, the kangaroo keeps its
joey in its pouch for some time before it is left to fend for itself. 8
27 Maret 2011

42. Based on the text, which of the following statements is true?

A. Birds are covered with hair. C. Insects feed their young with
B. Amphibians are warm-blooded. D. The joey is an example of a

27 Maret 2011

JERUSALEM: A quick-thinking Israeli airport worker averted a potential disaster when a

plane's brakes failed and it began rolling towards a busy highway. Michael Abush told the
newspaper yesterday how he leapt towards a Boeing 737 and stuck his work boot under
its wheels to stop it in its tracks.
"I yelled to the pilot to step on the brakes, but he yelled back 'the brakes aren't
working'," said the 40-year-old transport employee at the Ben Gurion International Airport
near Tel Aviv.
"I saw the plane rolling, so I ran towards it, quickly took off my shoe and shoved it
under the wheel," he said.

43. What could have been the potential disaster if the plane had not been stopped?

A. A collision at the busy highway C. A fire at the airport

B. An emergency crash landing D. A serious injury to the pilot
and passengers

44. How was the plane stopped?

A. The pilot applied the brakes.
B. An airport worker shoved his work boot under its wheels.
C. An airport worker signaled to the pilot to apply the emergency brakes.
D. Michael Abush threw his shoe to the plane

Excessive use of pesticides in farms and in the fogging of mosquitoes finds their way into
the air and pollutes the air we breathe. Breathing in too much of this polluted air causes
poisoning and defects in unborn babies.

45. Who among this group of people is at high risk of pesticide pollution?
A. A farmer C. A pregnant woman
B. A working mother D. A mother with four children

Present this Voucher and you can buy 5 books from the fiction series at


Valid until 31.03.2011

46. The phrase ‘Valid until 31.03.2011 means that you ....
A. must use the voucher on 31.03.2011 C. may use the voucher after
B. can use the voucher up to 31.03.2011 D. should use the voucher after

Cameroon is a West African country of ten million people which has been very successful
in growing food for its people, unlike many other West African countries. Since 1971 it has
doubled its output of major foodstuffs such as maize and potatoes. Now it is one of the
few African countries able to feed itself. This was not the case five year ago when the
country was only 75-80% self-sufficient in food. Although isolated pockets of hunger still
remain, the World Bank nowadays gives Cameroon money to sustain, not to achieve, self-
sufficiency in food production.

47. The text tells us about ....

A. West African countries C. Cameroon’s ability to feed its
B. Cameroon’s food production D. Food self-sufficiency

48. Which of the following statements is TRUE about Cameroon?

A. The World Bank financially supports Cameroon to maintain its self-sufficiency
B. Cameroon is the biggest and richest country among West African countries 10
27 Maret 2011

C. It was the World Bank which financed the production of food in Cameroon
D. Similar to other West African countries, Cameroon has always been self-sufficient.

Freedom from hunger and malnutrition is a basic human right and upholding this principle
is a fundamental basis for human and national development.

49. The main point of the above sentence is that ....

A. It is the right of all people to get food and not to suffer from hunger
B. Countries should be productive and cater for human development
C. Human rights are an important feature of a country’s development
D. It is the right of governments to see that there is national development

50. Choose the best order of the following sentences:

1. Reporters use interviews, research, and investigative techniques to gather

information for their stories.
2. A paper gets the news it prints from its main sources.
3. They must have well-developed news judgment to sort out important stories from
those that have little
public interest.
4. Gathering the news is the first step in the production of a newspaper.

A. 1, 2, 3, 4 C. 2, 1, 4, 3
B. 4, 3, 2, 1 D. 4, 2, 1, 3

Last holiday, I had the chance to visit the Penang Butterfly farm, which _____51_____
situated in Batu Ferringih. The farm is about half an acre in size, _____52_____ by fencing all
around and a net, which keeps the butterflies from flying away.

To gain entry into the farm, I had to buy a ticket _____53_____ RM 4.00. Once inside, the
scenery was _____54_____. There were shady plants, a waterfall, a small pond and some
small caves. What greeted me were scores of multicoloured butterflies which I _____55_____
among flowering plants and bushes. As I walked around, I saw different types of rare
butterflies which I _____56_____ in my life. Besides the butterflies, there was an insect zoo.
One particular insect that caught my attention was the praying mantis _____57_____ colours
were so much like those of the surrounding leaves that I could hardly see it even though I
knew it was there. The pond, situated in the middle of the farm, added charm and beauty to
the landscape. In the pond, there were Japanese carps of beautiful colours, which by itself,
was a sight to _____58_____.

I spent about one hour in the farm, _____59_____ every minute of my sojourn there. The
exit from the farm was through a handicraft and souvenir shop. Here I bought a
paperweight decorated with butterflies. It is such a wonderful place to visit. Would-be
visitors to Penang should include a visit to the farm in _____60_____ itinerary.

27 Maret 2011

51.A. is B. was C. were D. are

52. A. surrounds B. surrounding C. surrounded

D. surround

53. A. renting B. totaling C. amounting

D. costing

54. A. charming B. breathtaking C. heartbreaking

D. pleasing

55. A. flutters B. flutter C. fluttering D. fluttered

56. A. have not seen B. had not seen C. will never see
D. would never


57.A. which B. whose C. that D.


58. A. see B. watch C. observe

D. behold

59. A. enjoys B. enjoyed C. enjoying D. is


60. A. their B. her C. his

D. them

*** Do your Best and Good Luck ***

27 Maret 2011

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