Given the shortages of nurses worldwide, this profession offers many employment and career opportunities. Here in Sunway University, we prepare nursing students for a diverse and rewarding profession that combines compassion with sophisticated health technology. Our Diploma in Nursing ensures that students acquire skills in treating, rehabilitating, counselling and educating patients, and learning to work as part of a healthcare team in many settings. The programme ensures that Sunway University’s nursing graduates emerge as professionals who are Caring, Knowledgeable and have Integrity when treating those in need of assistance.

Academic Calendar
IntAkES April & July DurAtIon 3 Years MEDIuM oF InStruCtIon English

Assessment & Examinations
Theory and practical assessments will be conducted throughout the 3-year programme. Students are required to pass the Sunway University final examination in order to be eligible to sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board Registration Examination.

Programme Structure
Year 1
English for Nurses Study Skills Principle and Practice in Nursing I Microbiology and Parasitology Psychology and Sociology Anatomy and Physiology I Communication, Public Relations and Medicolegal Aspects Principle and Practice in Nursing II Anatomy and Physiology II Pharmacology Surgical Nursing Cardiovascular Nursing

Year 2
Islamic / Moral Studies Respiratory Nursing Haemopoietic and Oncology Nursing Gastrointestinal Nursing Gynaecology Nursing Communicable Disease Nursing Orthopaedic Nursing Urology Nursing Obstetric Nursing Paediatric Nursing Community Health Nursing I Ophthalmology Nursing

Year 3
Malaysia / Malay Language Endocrine Nursing Otorhinolaryngo Nursing Community Health Nursing II Neurological Nursing Psychiatric Nursing

Semester I

Semester II

Malaysian Studies Community Health Nursing III Dermatological Nursing Emergency and Intensive Nursing Gerontology Nursing Research Management

The programme comprises both theory and practicum and lasts 3 years. Lectures will be conducted in Sunway University campus. Students’ learning and practice of nursing skills will be further enhanced in a simulated ward and skills lab before going for clinical postings at healthcare institutions. Practical experience would be attained in both private and public healthcare settings. Students will be guided by experienced nurses who have vast clinical exposure and have acquired professional skills in different specialities.

Throughout the duration of the nursing programme, students have access to various facilities which aid learning and acquisition of skills to becoming professional nurses. These facilities are listed below:-

• Classrooms • Lecture Halls • Simulated Ward • Skills Laboratory • Computer Facilities • Laboratory Computer Terminals • Tun Hussein Onn Library
KPT/JPS (KA 8253/PA8253) 02/13

Seminars, lectures and tutorials Large scale lectures For practice of clinical skills and nursing procedures in a simulated clinical environment To practise and acquire specific micro nursing skills To gather the latest online medical information, to complete assignments, and to undertake statistical analysis using statistical software Access to anatomy and nursing procedure software programmes for in-depth study On-shelf nursing and medical texts, and also online medical journals. Access to the library databases is also available to Sunway University students via Wi-Fi.

Career Prospects
Career prospects for graduate nurses are both exciting and rewarding by nature. Following graduation, many continue to take on more specialised qualifications, and also proceed to higher degrees. Due to the shortage of nurses worldwide, many nurses are offered employment internationally (i.e. Europe, the Middle East, USA, etc.). Please refer to the chart which details the academic and professional career progression of the nursing graduate.


Consultant Researcher Director / Administrator Faculty Head Academician

Master of Nursing

Researcher Clinical Specialist Educator / Lecturer Manager / Administrator

Healthcare Institutions (Tertiary Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Home, Dialysis Centres, Community Nursing, Non-Government Organisation) Institutions of Higher Learning (Colleges / Universities) Corporate Bodies (Pharmaceuticals, Insurance Companies, Medical Supplies etc) Industrial Organisations

Bachelor of Nursing

Nurse Manager Nurse Tutor Clinical Instructor Registered Nurse

Post Basic Registered Nurse Industrial Nurse

Diploma in Nursing

Entry requirements
SPM STPM or equivalent UEC 5 credits (inclusive Mathematics and Science) with compulsory pass in BM and English. Other accepted subjects can be: Geography, History, Literature, Commerce, Economics, Accounting etc. This would be taken into consideration (on a case-by-case basis, based upon SPM or equivalent results) and the application would be viewed more favourably 5 Bs with compulsory pass in BM

Note: Students with academic qualifications that are not listed above are advised to write to the Department of Nursing for the entrance requirements that are specific to those countries or institutions.

Sponsorship by Sunway Medical Centre is available
• Applicants are required to obtain minimum credit in English, Mathematics, BM, Biology/General Science and another academic subject. • Applicants are required to fulfil an interview and medical check-up. For more information, please email to

Programmes offered
DIPLOMA & DEGREE PROGRAMMES • Diploma in Business Administration • Diploma in Culinary Arts • Diploma in Events Management • Diploma in Fine Art • Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design • Diploma in Hotel Management • Diploma in Information Technology • Diploma in Interior Design • Diploma in Nursing • Diploma in Performing Arts • Diploma in Tourism Management • BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance • BSc (Hons) Business Management • BSc (Hons) Business Studies • BSc (Hons) Information Systems • BSc (Hons) Information Technology • BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management • BSc (Hons) Psychology AMERICAN DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAM (ARTS) AMERICAN DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAM (SCIENCE/ENGINEERING) (Majors in Actuarial Science, Architecture, Aviation, Biomedical Science, Business, Communication, Computer Science, Engineering, Forensic Science, Psychology) POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES • Doctor of Philosophy (Computing) • Masters in Management • Masters in Money, Banking & Finance • MSc in Computer Science (by research) ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMMES • Intensive English Programme (IEP) • International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) • Vacation English School (VES)

Programmes offered
PRE-UNIVERSITY STUDIES • Australian Matriculation • Cambridge GCE A Level • Canadian International Matriculation Programme • Monash University Foundation Year • Sunway Foundation in Arts
SUNWAY UNIVERSITY (kPt/JPt/DFt/uS/B15) Owned and governed by Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (800946-T)
no. 5, Jalan universiti, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. +6 (03) 7491 8622 +6 (03) 5635 8630

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS PROGRAMMES (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia) • Bachelor of Business (Twinning Programme/3+0) (Accounting, Banking & Finance, Financial Risk Management, International Trade and Marketing) • Master of Business Administration (MBA) PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING PROGRAMMES • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) • Certificate in Finance, Accounting & Business (CFAB) • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW)

All information is correct at the time of printing (May 2011)

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