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The Loons




Author/Designer: Peter C. Fenlon, Jr.

Box Cover Art: Angus McBri de

Color Stand-up Figures: Gloria Yuh ]enkjl1s, Dennis Loubet Adventure Illustrations: Stephan Peregrine, Liz Danforth Map & Floorplan Colorization: David Martin

Map & Flcorplan Inks: Ellisa Mitchell, Pete Fenlon

Map & Floorplan Design: Pete Fenlon, Rick Britton, Jessica Ney-Grimm

B & W Map (p. 10): Pete Fenlon

Woodcut (p. 29): l800 Woodcuts by Thonla. Bnvic_k and' His Scbool, Edited by Blanche Cirker, Published by Dover Publications, Inc., New York

Sdectiol1$ from Dover Pictorial Archive (pp. 20-21): Castles 0/ the World Coloring Book, Drawn by A.G. Smith, Published by Dover Publications, Inc., New York. Life in a Medie\Jal Castle and Vill<tge Calm'rig Book" by John Green; Published hy Dover Publications, Inc., New York,

Project Specific Contributions: Series Editor: Jessica M, Ney-Gnmrn: Content Editor: Pete Fenlon; Pagemakil'!g:

Suzanne Young; Layout: John Curtis; Art Direction: Jessica" Ney-Grimm; Cover Craphics: Terry Amthor; Editorial Contributions: Terry Amthor, Stephen Bouton, Coleman Charlton, Chris Christensen, Bmce Neidlinger, John ~ Ruemmler, Larry Simms.


Sales MAnager: Deane Begiebing; Managing Editor: COleman Charlton;

President: Peter Fenlon; CEO: Btuce Nei dli.nger; Editing, Dt1!tlopmen t & Production StaJf: J;.evin Barrett,

Monte Cook, John Curtis, Bruce Harlick, J essica Ney-Grinuu;

Sales) C'ltstOttiU Servia & OpuatioltS Stt1f Heike Kubasch, David Platnick; Sbipping Stliff Dave Morris, Daniel Williams.


1.0 STARTllNG Tl-lE ADVENTUR.E ." .. "_,,., _ .. _ .. _._ .. _ ...... 3

2.0 TH Loores OF lONG FELt _ _ .. _ ""~,,3

3.0 TH - Pl.A Y 11"'~ ..... ~ ... _.,_,_,., .. _"'."'."'_"""~,, .. "'., , _ .. _ .. _.3

J. J Wi[h.ac( Bte.m (PC # J ;. ,., .•. , _ ,., , ,., , •• ,,4·

.1.2: MlIJtf.;tS~ S~riu'lgfO!Ol (PC #2) •. "._ ....• ,."., , ,., "",,5

J,,3 A1f Mer [PC # l)., ...•.... ~ .. ,_ "., .. "., .. ""." . ., _,6

3.4 N ~rn.;;;l (PC #"i) , , , ", .. , '" , .. , .... , ...... _, ,., .. ",7

~lS Nari (PC #S) .. , .. , " , "." ~ .. ,..-.'''''., .. '''".".8

3",,06 Pa:ri.('l (PC #t5J , _ ,., , " "" """"" 9

4.0 THE. T ALE., _ _ .. _ "_".,,,."'.'''m"~,, .•. ~.,.IO

4, I Tf~f' Lew Roi'ld' I1rig:;u'd's .. " " •. ,," "."." •. , .. " 1 0

4,] The- Legend ef the Kinr:'s Hom " " " 11

4.3 TncL:llkl'! ;;u·d d~1! L1~ Teeasere .. ~ .. _._ .. ,., .. " 12

5" .0 THE: NP'Cs _ .. _".""."u"_"_".,, .. ,,_,, _ .. _".~.og" .. "'D'" 14

5.1 G!.W'!l.Elair.~ , " , .•.•.•. ~_,_ " _, 14

;5,2 M~. Billrg " " .. ,..., •... ,., .• , _ .. ,.,",., , , , , ,., .. , r S

5.1 T1lim Loc'Ch ""'.".L .. "._." "_ •• ~ "".".,, 16

5..4 FlIa(;1!ll~~ir1 " .. " .. , _ .. _ , , .. , , "" .. , '" , 17

6.0 Trm SJT!;S_ _._.,.~ "_"'_,_,,_,,_,,.,,_"_ .. '" ,,_" ,,~ 17

,6, t THe l.a!;~ irni ._ _ _ :].9

6.l Fuil.o'lrm's Hoaae ""''"'" " .. "." ,,.20

6.3 T~e T:...ow l;k~ by lOl"ll:Fell , •. ~ "." " 24

7.0 TllTE TASK: "a ••• "'~"~ .. , .. ,,~"'_ .• ;,.. .. _ .. ~ .. ~ ~ _ "' ~ .. _ .• _27

1. I S~1"ting the PR,l!~(!n ,., .. , .. _ .. '"' ,., .. , .. " , ,~ , • .2 7

'7.2 Aid:s. .. , •• ~* " , , , __ ~, .•• 27

7.3 Ob:!i~ck~ ", .. , •• , .. " .. " , , ".,..; w."" , 28

7.4 RIt'W3W - _ __ , 28

8.0 TBlE EN>COt;rt:-.,IT.ffiS "' .. , .. "'uo"., " ,,~,_ .. ~ _ , .. _ .• ,. 2. 9

8.1 ·l'Ico.m~:~r.~ with FlI.l.lcwiall1 , ", 29

8.2 'Ili!g:ruIl~l!~ Wmdl M.a.hll " , ",29

a,,] nroti nters with T aim "".'m •• ' , "m .. 29

© T91!4, 19B6. 19'9J "fCilk~l1I En~i:pr~t.$ ..... division of EhJl MOOlam.disi~g. &.rkd~.I" C;Jif~~nja.. US.A .. Mi.rJk .... rl.~ fi.Qlt ~.g Amil'O-:ry hi, M.lliU' A.~~ rllr~J lLl1i1~, "11.:1. 11!o1' !c\fd ifrk j!i i",W, ~,nd illI (:!;~.T;'jjC[l;tS and. P"6CC"I:kNLIiI. are tr~dcmatl;, j:ii!:Ol'll:l'i:jc~, O't" T ofkie-n Entcljlri.ses. .. o\.ll dh.!!([1lel~ :l:i1~I'pla{)~~ dmlJO<i foom th" wet·k. oI}R..R. Tolkien are OOLT.IJllrnl htwu~d~nar:ks w.;:d'u.n,k[,ljocm~ ·fi,c,m·Gtotfwll Bo)uiks (H;t11PI!"f Collom), pub~iib~ng .ru<cc~p; 1;>.. U!lWln J.'.irmll!l:l, Ltd. 3Jnd <GOOfg.~ lllkn & nWli .... , Ltd.. London, E!lg]~td. All rlght5 re:!er_i1.

Note:; ICE'~ f;:!"bJl..,..,."rt~ R.I..J!I~i~.tI:i:"~'1l'",k ~ .. [ ..... '1g,d compils'ti(>n(ffm;1!b!ri~1 p~violl~Jr PlJlbli~he,;J In []le old boxed edition <.if Mi.JJ&!"IIO'I~Rr&,l,1l.j"~' \Vbilc ha.lfofth" co.l.Ol"$1,snd-up Ig'IrE~;a.rCLI~W. ~ilW: .the <:A!\6f o;lilor1ar", I:h~ "d ve "Jl.LL"t" arid Eh.c ad .. enrure ";t~ ~ppea~ing:l& bh1d; -&; wh i1:e: t1'<'bQ!fpbn~ hi..'I'I': ~'P:Pc:!.r.ed in 'prim ilE!.rl;l[~.

:r~"~i~ 1M Rhl.Jaur


The folJowing advenruee i desigrled to help a.

Gatnem.~s['n learn some Qfeh.;;; fm~,1!: pOUlt'S or fUJ'lD'llng a. g;,'U1lCse;mon for O!!li¢or more p:layen. CQm;pl,et~ :~'11d(tlldy to run, it can be SI; , up in a few l:JJ inutelli lind !ayro in a few IMOL1.a;-S, ~t ... nsive notes provide [he Gam,e:mruter w:i:tI, a, comment,uy bce.c[ wuhrips mtended to mtJmlDaCC key aspects (f i.l ~od ,PRP adcv~I1t\.1:rc,

Slllce:this ad'l;'~ntuIe is a ieo-ill'! i.ngwo:1,it is more stnJlttur,ed. (han <I, norma] FRP scenario, (IN e also indude mort; i1.~g.DC items cltan wouldoonnaJ.ly be FOLlJ'1Id mth such ,a mcdess pn_tty.) The players' opricnsare li ited t but <1, feW' chcices, for tbe~ are Jccumpm.li.ed by dect:Dil~d i nstrucncns to the Ga,Jil~1.a5t!!'r n:gllIdi'rlg the hmdllo:g: of pky. In this ].\II'f,ly the Gan:remane-r .::, 'n g~t a gtipon d,toalin_g wLth specific situations. wi r{"~M:!lt h iivil'lg 00 liVolrk teo b .. ud. The :5ampJfl adeenture In d:te AWl' rules beek LS i\ mare: tyE?i~l, and ]~5.5 restrictive a.Jv~ril'11n="

TI"m SiIX PART'S OF TI'-I!, A:ovENTI..rru:.

This 8,c!ve'ntufc, which 15, entitled Tl.JJ?.I,,01J5 f)llh~ Ltl~'Frl~ ,EO!:rtaii'l:<i six Pafd:s:

(I) The PbY;;J,':>-----,which pl:O"Vld~s n sampl i ng of pregel'lrnatit>Cr characters, tndLtding theirlnstery, ph~i,ca'! t.t'ai~. and pecnliaeities, from which the gamer/[ film}' choose a. player-dlClt;1(;OCr (PC) of rheir I;'.hok,e;

(2) The Tale'--wblc:h escnhes the settif"Jg .ltld covers the b;i,lekgrot1.nd a:[Id pLat:

( .)) The NPCs.-a. cnal:C1,etel:-by-cnaradet desc:riptkm of the pOOI'ti[IiI~I1t nQlfI-pJayet· charnd.en:i

(4) The Sitl"&-- a levil!l-by-ll!yd. roem-bj-room description of eaeh ad:"'S'ntur~ sire, complete wirn nembered di ~,gtnns, floorplam, :md m~l$tr;.tlC!ns;

(5) The i'I-~k-;!l d.[~cus.s:joll of now r,o starr tlu! advenlute:, ,along w~'th Elil' ~id;;. due-s. obstacles, an.d rewards aWoilll[lng the advel'lo'[rers; and'

(6)Th~ EnroU:r;].t.eIS-wb ich cover typi.::a.] or

probable meerings hen'l"l':en (:[1': adventurers mod dlJeNPCs.

ST AltTINCl P!.1lY

Ski:m. each section of rhe advenro1:<: before: speikif!!!l wkb dle players. Pay pal'tic~llal: <rttenl'!flT! to (I) the physicall'l at'U.r,~ of the: surting point in the setting, (2) the plC1[ otll'lii:lea. in the tale, -(3-) the principal rrortplay-r-t' chaJracter (NPC) ;.d.'i;=aJ:i~s .. and, most jmpoj;'~ tantly, (4) me cask,

TI1.t'n gel: eog~h~rprivate.ir with each playre[, Add:eeM i~hc player' deslre.~ concerning the cha:rru;:terr~ nature find. ba.ck:gl"Ound., Afh:twmds". ~igll the playct :I pregCJl.(';[:atoo chamctc:r dTaMl from. the list given [I], Section. :1,0 R~fiew th~ (h;a:t;l4;;w(j~ nlsto-ry and aily ph;'StcJ traits or peCI.JllilrirICll,

At this poine, !:hc ind1vi.d,~tal p[aye1 chOl![act£rs (pes) <L1,'t= recadJ" fat ;~d:"'lmture. Th~ Gfllmernastel.' .:!\hoi.!ltt LlklI:Il to Secc.i on '7.1 and reread the rn.'itaiaL on" St;)'l'cUlg rhe PC.:;; ," G~th(!1.' the flayer~ [~C'thlt'r and heg!in by dl;K,dbing !!:ne: setting ~t ~hc srani.flg p~ in£:., (Tum to Section 6J ('oJ[ a det'~jkd d~cr::Lpt!ol'l-) 'W elcome ['0 Midd1,~-", .. tth,


'1« UuliS ifi~ L.n~ Etlt jg s:.et along the sourheastern edge ofrh~· 0JJdfeUll ofEru~dor .. bes ide- the Tron&l~w.5 and just north .of the Rivltt Bruinen, Th ~s lo.CJ{lon makes it an. id,e.0 incrodueaon to, and. mm~~niolJl or, the aciveutm'e folti'id in the' MER.P rules bm)k. The small <li'~ m.'l,p tn SeC[lQ,1:'l 6,Oshows the r~lariQn5hlp ohhe three "d .. enture sites. in {he eegien, T Itbe: Gamemasoer :sh.ould! feel free to move tt.e ad'\'entu;H~ sire ro al\()th!l:1' 1'I'1'l(;a Qrrvliddle-e,rrI;f1 if desired,

The l"IC;7i~. fewpa,ges ontain de:l,cr-lptiQllll of six pregeJ!1eIat,ed ,;:h~i~ tcrs [\Or the players to 'Wie: as p1ayer charaeters (PC!5). ChaI<lCtl!'f record sheets ate pl'Ovideri :!fll:L'!:r <;';lch d~Kripricm, en~lbli ng the Gmnemastet' ~'¢ photQCQPy the- h'llf~p"'i" ~(}\r!ITing a given Pc. Each play& -$hcll1.ld !J'l~'e hl~ own character sheei bdQi:~ begirming th e ad vcnti .. rre,

Since this is an m{l;'Oducto I)' ac!li=fI1'Cllife. ch~ !iki1l and stalt bonuses Oil d1e d~a:i:i'LCii',~' sheerssre a!:ready wmHeod fonh.e plare:r. In addition. names cummon to ru., PC':li m es ~ provided fQir each charae~r, but the players .~hoLlI.d. m] free: to make up their own,

3.1 WlLHAET BREM (PC #1)

\\Tillia,ft Breln hails froma. ... LHagc near Fcrnose in Artheci in. The s ~ [I .. fa han:!.e-s-cO\n:ed veteran of the wars a;gainsttbe J or airs, he W<l~ hto~!,gll!: Lljp 1(1 .1 w'lftiut':o; bmlSeho,ld.lr wm_~ hard!y suTr:i~i:l:lg when he announced due he wanted to be a ~[')Idiet,

B~(n".~ famJl]', l:'ow~ver, has long h~,d a feud wLth the local Lord; :SQ, like h:i5 old faJ!,:h~1: "\\JTiLu;jnc Rre'Jn, yotl.ng Brem.sougha: service ""~.5'li:whrt¢. H~ rook the Great East RQ ,d e<l:>twan:l, towaool:he Last Il:U1, Wh'!L"e ~1.~Dlor:><l.id recruiter .. from the So lIth 0 en s:rayed.

BTern Is a jO'o'IaI lad with a HeIY temper. He 10>'<".5 to bugh and S vors a good ooneest, Glve.n. to fighting, It makes 11 ronrest out of to e simplest of dispute:..

Brern carries :J. (+ I OJ yotW -Longbow and his greatgrilnd~Lh~T'~ C-"'15) rnagicbroads1,!';'Ql'd. "WQ,jf-:;;l~yttr." Inlaid inlioijve.r and ht)II,I$l;.-a in ablue silk-ecveredscabbaed, it is a noble we:tpOll wht(I11i~ys Wol'lle's ,1'0& Do'g~, (01'1 a m~ of 01-500) ~.nd ,grow-~ warm when within m~ of any W(}!ftuf'b_

Mis~:e.Ua.t18il'i1tL~ Skins

PerceptLO[l~ " .. " ". " " _,. __ ., _ _ +,10

Body De-vdop.lllel1lt: " ft •••• _44 (HDrs)

B;]sc Spdl~ Ol~: ., ,._~." .. . __ ,. .. , " +0 OS

Essellce R.I\~ " _ +0 RR.

Channeling RR; , " ,., , +5 RR

Poison R_R: "" " .., .. "'h.'~- •.. ,., .•.. + [0 R.R

Disease RR~ " "". _..,.+ro RR

S~(lif,dary Skills

Sta[-".,,\Ttthlng ; " +~~ •• "' •• , __ + 5 $?vi

R·ope-m,:!LSury " " , .....• ,._. -1- 25 SM


W· . (C' ~ ~ '1::1 -·-1 •. ,

estron .. ·alllJnOrl) _. ••. ,_ .••. "._ ,) .~'-';!ll=

N ah:l.j,duk " " " _ 3 Ranks

Spd] lists NO'l1,e

N;\i.tile '\.Vj!l;,aet Bj'~'n (;ilk.'}. "Br~rn") Race: ,lErL doran (Nor, man)

'<J -nlf.- "'I" ,!,J\f;"ll;;"h: n

Weight: I 84 lb~. H~I.r: Reddish Rm'ol.'l1 E}'e~~ BIuc

Den'l€'alIDl"; vV[ld. V <:K'OlJ

Spc.d.1.1: SC,lt em hi~ forehead, P.Nlfe:ls~'OIll:: Warricr (MC'J[t:en.'l1l)' G..Ilud) Leve'l~ ,


Value 97 89 9'0 68 77 S3 63


SI:roCngth (ST):

Agtllo/ (AG):

CClOso:tueiclITl (CO): rIlJfdHgtl']c~ (rG); bi!i;U.itian (IT) .:

Pr~sem:t (PR):

Appi!!alrance CAP)

BQlnu~ +20 +.5 +10 +0 +5 +0


I\'~O'\'·~m(!::nl ,311d 1vtmetJVe~

·N·Q Armor: _ ~,., ~ + 1.5 1\1}'·1.

Sofr Le'l.t·her; , "' " " +to l\~:M.

RigLd, L~<lt:'h~n ._ .. . ,_ .. _ .• ~_ ·S 1v[I\{

CI1<1I,I1: , " " ," " , .. " , -20NfJyf'

Pbtc; "" " , .. " - 5 MM


I-H Edg~d: ... +38 OS (+5.1 iii / IS :Bwadswo:rd)

I -H Concussiom .. " " .. ," +28 OB

2-1-1 "Vc<lpon~: """"""' ,., __ .. ",,, , _ 2 OB

Thrown: _ " " "' " .. m + 13 ,OR

M15sil<:: '" ''''m .,' -I-- 28 'OB C+ 3g wi + 10 LOl1gb-ow)

Pol ~ Arrii.s~: , ." u,. ". "" " ;, •• , •• " .. ~ •••• + 230H

Geneeal Sk~ns

('limb; ,+; ;" ••• ",., " _ " + [llvl1vl

Ride: ." """"." "---.- ----,., ,,, +1 t .M1Y1

~:h im: "",, " .•. ". ". """ " ' + II M1\o'l

Track: ,." "" ".,.~ _ .. __ , +6 '!\It

5ubtt:rf~1~ S:ki.lb

A·mb~~ll: .•. + " " ". +.0 SP

Sulk/Hide; "" " •. "'''"'+, , +5 IYIM/SM

Pi ck LoC'k: ,,, , .. ,, .•... " -" ,. " , .. __ +5 ~:

Dism.'ITI Trap; , , ' "'" ,,' '" + 10 SlYI

Magical Sk:Ulh

R,ead Ruucr " " _ "'_ , ,_" " 2~ SM

. I~c }I~nn: .. "." " " " _ __ -20 SM

l)LJI'ct:ed~pdb: ., " .. -20 'OB

Real:nt: .. " _ _ " ~.,." Olanneling

Pow"'t" Point'S: " .. ~ ~ , d O pp

EXPEriEUCE Pt:ii.: _ ~ .. ~._~~~~ _ .. IO.I'99lCP

E't·CUJ~~~~}ce Pf.l~ty: " - .. ~ 0 MM I


ntlerni ye Bomls: ." .. ..-._ _ +:5 DB. (+40 w[r h shi.r.[d)

A!:l)1or: . .. "' , " ., .. .,- , Rigid Leather

Sh.lt'ld: " .. +10 Sh ield

.Helrre " " " " ~ " Yes

i\rm Greaves: __ ,,,._ ,,.. one

Leg Grea\{~!;S: ~ ••.•.•..•..•... _ •...... "" .. " .. " _ , .. N'one


Mutfast Strangfoot is a sober young Hobbit frOl~ the Marish in the Shire. Little is known about Mutfasr, 01' "Mut" as he is oft-times called, since he is an exceptionally careful sort of feHow, given to never gettil1g into trouble. In fact. most folk consider him industrious and rather bland.

Quiet, careful, and keen of ear,Mut is fond oflistening to gossip and intrigues alike. He never speaks or acts rashly and rarely utters what is on his mind, but he has a hit ofiarceny in his SOli! and has lived through many an adventure in his vivid daydreams. It is the gl int in his eye that stirs the Marish women. A few of the old folk suspect that Mut is a bit bent, perhaps even a crook, but those in his family know the truth. Mut is the sort of Hobbit that likes to hide from passersby, the t)'pe that solves puzzles when no one is looking.

His most distinguishing feature is one common to his small family.

Like all of the Strangfoots, he has an unusual left foot which, in Mut's case, is adorned with curly blond hair. This oddity gave birth to Mut's nickname: "Whitfoot."

Mut recently It:ft home and went to Btee in search of his eccentric great-ullde Boffo Strangfoot. Armed with an antique (+5) Dwarvish mace, a fine (+15) Mannish dagger, a sling, a. spare dagger, and his. father's (+ 10) bluish hide shield (weight 5 lbs.), Mut took to the road hoping to Join Boffo in the quest to find the ancientStrangfoothome. But goffo wasn't in Bree, so Muc headed eastward toward the Last Inn with

but one due to abide by. Old. BofTo is somewhere up in the Coldfells ..



Name: Mutfast Strangfoot (aka "\¥hitfoot") Race: Hobbit

Height: 3'8"

Weight: 84 lbs,

Hairr Medium Brown Eyes: Green

Demeanor: Cautious, prudent

Special: Blond hair on left foot Profession: Scout (Baker's Delivery Boy) Level: I

Stat Value Bonus
Strength (ST): 91 -10
Agility (AG): 97 +30
Constitution (CO): 90 +25
Intelligence (IG): 79 +5
Intuition (IT) : 74 -5
Presence (PR): 69 -5
Appearance: (AP): 63 -- Movement and Maneuver

No Armor: +35 MM

Soft Leather: "" +20 .MM

Rigid Leather: ~25 MM

Chain: -80 MM

Plate: --95 MM


I-H Edged: +6 OS (+21w/+15 Dagger)

I-H CQncLlSStOn: -34 OS

2-I":J Weapons -34 OS

Thrown: +46013 (+61 w/+I5 Dagger)

Missile: +46013

Pole Arms: -34 OB

General Skills

Climb: " +41 MM

Ride: " + I MM.

Swim: " +36 MM

Track: +11 SM

Subterfuge Skills

Ambush: +4 SP

Stalk/Hide: +22 MM/SM

Pick Lock: + 17 SM

Disarm Trap: +7 SM

Magical Skills

Read Rune: -20 SM

Use Item: -3,0 s:rvr

Directed Spells: +5 OB

Miscellaneous Skills

Perception: + I 8

Body Development: 52 (Hits)

Base Spells as: +0 OB

Essence RR: +55 RR

Channeling RR: + 15 RR

Poison RR: +55 RR

Disease RR; +40 RR

Secondary Skills

Cookery +0 SM

foraging +20 SM


Kuduk (Hobbit.) 5 Ranks

Westron (Common) 5 Ranks

Sindarin I Rank

Spell Lists None

Realm: Channeling

P01ver Points: 0 PP

Experience Pts.: 10,235 Exp

Encumbrance Penalty: +0 MM


Defensive Bonus; +30 DB (+65 w/+ 10 shield)

Armor: No Armor

Shield: + TO Shield

Helm: None

Arm Greaves: None

Leg Greav·e·s: None

3.3 ALF MEP (pC #.3)

AJfMcpis;l quick £dl",w. Bernto a shephl.:rd's f<amay near Fenn as Dumi n i'lll southern R~UJd~Lil, he learned thl" !i'·li.v of· wiftness whir~ only seven When. hili fIoek was threatened by m.~tauding HiJlrnen. yOUIlg Alf 'ran two trulc$I[O warn the-townsfolk of the mtr,lck, His vilm: s;;n'.t!d over lulf the Fcnn:as D:rU!llf1'~ sheep all& p(l,\'vcntcd~n assault-on t'he-: town , The ],'ld earned the title "Fasr A~f."

Alf tired. of HIe !I:.'l ashepherd, however, so at thewise old age of nineteen he trudged! Im.t:thwa'~di[l search of ,ad ~'el'i'r;utC'. His goal was the Iost treasure ohtte: Low Rei-ail Brigan4s, a hoaedascrLh~d to;l (lQS;!;ibiy..:rllythi<ra! group of m1li:ga.de D~ned~dn.

AlJ carries a 5pl; i~ ]he'idoQlln, the (+ 10) m:JI, IC "Shcpn.'rd's S~\>'ord." Tins: S~?I' two h. ~{~~J:d rnkes three f'onns: 0111(. a ;~l'~tbLght beech s;r.aff; tbesecom:l, il':spenr~ llh 8'~aff ~ I1d tthird. a glLsterrlng gQldeJ'l Lbd,!! "'I'iib II hb.G':"k leadlethlit. A ~i~lI1:pl~ w11'IIultm.d ("cl:lm:ns"rc") resuks in t~~ :GTVOlid's il,nm.edi.ate'trnn[ummrioriac~anfingto the:wne:ld r' s choice, sO Alf uses the'\ 'e;apo:n.as his walking: staff. Asidl:: from hi. (+JoO) dagger and long PeW, it is AU's only weapon. Alflikl$ to tt<l'\'el light n~,d ~toffi ar rhe [hough!: of dtlTJiT'i,ing :lrmm or adopting a 5hi~ltL

N'1lTI~;. Alf M~ (aka "Frt juf")

Race:; GJ:li~.dQrt!;l] (Mix~d D!,ii',IEl'lldiog/Nolihnmn) .Hei.g~.t: :5'1'1O~

'Wnght: 1601bs,

Hair:: Tawny Brown

:Eyes:, l-I<lJ;el

DcmCli;n~;:u:; QI,1(I:t:,oool

Sp~ia1: \Valb with a Elise l imT Fmf"",,~hm; '\fi;~an:~ur (Stll.~phe!cl) Levell: J

Valu~ 95 99 90 60 73 33- 70


Sj,"j:cnglh (S]) Agility (AG) COjj$"tution (CO)! I[l~Higc.m;e (IG) Intuition (IT) :

PUS!;l1J e (PR} Appe;u'al1~e CAP):

BODUS +20 +20 +10 +0 +0 +()


M"(WiI{,elhr:tl1: and Mallen er

N'(I Armor: "" ~" , " "' .. """" +30 MM

-Soft learhej~: "' ,;; ,+ .. ,~, +10 MM:

Rigid Leather: " ,"'.,,, ,,,, .. , .. ,.-5 M'M.

Clll.i:n; """"""" .. ".,, , ...•.•.......... -20 MM

lP'la're:: .. "",,.,.+ , , ,,,., , ,. "" ,,' -6 5: MM.


! ~H Ecfgecl: .',.,"""'" .. ,," +3,8 OB (-I 48 w/+'IO Dag.)

1-11 COfl~,jQll: ••.•.• " """ .•••• "''''." .•• ".,-7 OB

2-1:"1 \V£apoIls , " +4808 (+5.8 w/+W TwoH .. nd s,l,I'i."Ord Ot Qu,;:u1:el'staff)

ThtO-Wi1: , .. , ""~ .. ,, ,,,., ••• ,., , ,. "., '" , ••• " '" " +28 08

(+38 w /'- I Q Da.gger or Sp(';.u)

M1:lsile:: , .. ,. """" "" .•. " .. "" +28 as (Long Benv)

Pole Arms: '" .. " '''". "," " "" " +380'8

(+48 wI +10 ~pcar.,lfike QiJarr:i~I'Sta'lt)

Gencr-aJ Sk~l&

Clllnb.: ,.,'" •.•..•.. , ,,, ,.+.215 MM

R.id : "" ,., "'" "" ,; " ,.,., .. +6 MM

SW[[I1: H;; ,.u.,""""" ,.,., ''',. '" u "',.,' "., " •. ,. +,26 M·M.

Track: ",' , ,,. ,, ,, ",,"" ".0 11-6 S1\of

Sttbtcl.fl1ge Skill. ..

Ambu>h: """".".,,",,.,.,", , +0 SP

Sta1k/rhdl;::; , "" , " "" +51'v11v1/SM

Pick Lock: """" ",, ,; ' .. , , , " .. ,', .. ,,, ,,",, +5 SM,

Disarm ·rl:ap: "., ",,'''''''.'''h.'' '.',', ', .. , +5 Si'vi

Mag1i~Oi!!l Slk iUs

Read .. Rune: .., " , " , -25 SM

'Use I'I,'.l':!nl: ""."." "" " "" -25 SM

:D'.L:reCt(:d SpdloJ: "" ""."" ,,' ,,,-.:5 DB

Nlis(Rjl1ineo1.1S Sk:ms:

'Pf:l"Cf'p!liIDtl: M.' " '" "" .,,~"'" .. " , , ~., •••••••••• + IO

J3od.y D~Vi<':l(lptll;!!ne: ....•. , ,' " , , '."."" , 38 (Hits)

Base··pdls OB: ", ~ ••• H " " "" +00:13

Es5cn~I::' RR: , ""; .. " +0 RR

Clia:n:m:]1Dg RR, , " .. "."" n. +0 fut

Poison T{R: "., ,"""' " +10 RR

Disease ·RR.: ~ ~~ " '" " + I 0 R.R.

St"e'QIIl!~iaIT Skins

Aniui,.t1 H ndling "" , +25 SM

'F.;o:rtagJlJIg·" '" "'" , ,'" ~.", .. , +5 S'NI


\V.~~lrofl (CatfllliO ) H+ 5 Ra:nh

DnnacI .. """',., , " .. ,"'",, 3 Rank

·Spdl Lists None

.Ileafm: g " .., M" " ~ ••••• " Es.s,~nce

P:O,liiU pojnt~: .0 ""' ,., """ .• ,,,.,., 0 pp

fuperi!!':lICe p~:; ", ...• , .• , ,.. " " "" 10,305 Exp

EnCUttlblC.m.ce ·Pe:naI!qr. " "."".,." ,., ~ .• (l MM


Def nsive Bonul;::: """"""'.,,,+20.DR

Ar:tnot": No. Arl'ill!;1C

Shield: " , "' " .. ". ", ,._, .. N,o·ne·

Helm: .. ,,' " ,.," ,"'" "., .. ~ ","' .. ''',. .. ''''' '' Y C!i.

Arm Gr.:!r:!:'V'I;:;;: , "'" '''' ",., , , "."" N0ne'

Leg G'rea ...::s:, ",. , .. ~ " , ," '" ,NOJiJiC

3.04 NENlEL (PC #4)

Bor:n.in M[th4{~'nd,ithe "On}' HavCTIs," Nemel is iI young Smda.·IJ. She is :1 s-pi:tmtcd ~d fai1:-fe~tt.\rl:d R~gg)' whose pa.r~;nts t'r;'l'r'ckct from. t!"ebetllo!f:!'! wHd$ of the Nil!' leID W ru;ljf: o.nly th irty YI;<l15 ago. Her hel'it;)ge is; om:' [)f ;~d ... ensure, f'Xpl:otilrioIi, and. i.ot1:igue·.

Las: pring. whi:L NmtiiiI. was e:fll;mp~ in the Valley of IDwa:t:Ye.~ O)b~uc :si:.!L}' feag;u,es n..otth of her hmJ'le, !>he came :LcrQSS a Dwarf rI.ltned Nari, After ,01; typi:c~.lly awk~i e:nootmtc.r by <I Spr[~lg (for Dw~[.IO'~ and. EAv,es are Ilme<t.'>}' ;Jlji.'i'l». Nenie.l warmed 1Q the stout \V~lr[lO[ alildmlhd. ofhet· ch:.e<tn1.5 .. Nari spake cfrales ofDtagon. oards in the f.1,t'~()ffMlSty MOlilltain1) and the twosh<!:recl a starlit meal, Nari's tale fuscin.ared N~'11id, [01' :!lhe' had ~Jw.ays \1{an[(~dt(lJ:a'i'el castw.::u~,d to' the lands if heer k.i:n!;;'t1en. The tU~[I~UirE!'B ab[}Lt'ltwhich. th.e D'w;lff lipok.e rwllled the '1':.,.11$ lih !i.1<lmed asa child, So, 'when N ri left later that CVWti:lg 'Neniel re&o]",uJ: tlo' seek the pla.clt! the \V,aniol' clUed the "Last Inn," Foll.owing a. hrief 'I'fs.it; home, Nenie1 p'OJ..L~..ed a few I:h~I]g:s ~I1J set oUJr a.hJ([Ig· ~f' Gr,(:ffit E~1i; RQ~d. 51.11: arrived ~L[ thl:! JL~t Inn this 1.11ornin ;

N e1::lI:el We81l'S bwe-,g.:~ garb aJJJd. caeries !it Rile { + 15) long blOw, .. broad weed, and :II ,d,a~m~t. [-i,e{ fIiIagi.c s:iJer rin.g, a gi.fi rroim her .LTl9~he r, :[n;i.1blc:~-·he:r to east r:,v{} ~:1(L;rn spell~ ach dAly (i.e., it is,;:I, +2. sp!;'U add,er). She is W'f:U~qujpped. fCH:' t~'!l,li]s of the: Wllde:IiJ"e. ... ..:;,.

NJ.m,e; N eniel

Race: Sind a Elf (Gr~ Elf) I-Ieight;: S'9~;

W,dght: 129 Ibs.

Hil'ir: Ligh[B!QWLl

Eyes:. Gtt"}'

O~~c:iJno~ Optimistit: burt decermined Sfe:da:l: Has 310 incrcdihle vocal ung~ Profwi.oa; Ra.nge:[

L~d: 1


V.t!ti.e 76 99 83· 72 91 9'6 100

IWnUil -1-5


+10 +0 +15 1·25


Stre:n,gth (ST)~ AgHity (AG} Const1wtion (CO)! mtdl ige.ncA!: QG) Intuition (IT) ; P~!1ertc£ (PEt):

Appearance (APr.


MQver_nr;1Ji[ and. M.mCl1ve·.

No Armor: , " _ _ +4D h11d

Sun Learher: ",., , '" , .. "~ ,,. ,., , +20 tvrM

Rigid Leather: _ _ _ .. _ " , .. -2S I\11\1[

Chain: .. " ; , ''' ~;.,,~,."..-65 Jv1I\.1

I?il:at~: _ ., , , ~SO MM


l~H. 6dg.,d: _ "- , .. ,, 17 OS

'li -H COll1J:U~SiOIl: " , , ",., - I 8 'OR

2~1 I W,e:l:pons! " _ -18 ,013,

l,"bt'Qwnr t s .. ,' , ,."" ,'" , ,,_ 4"'37 01)

Mt~$ile: +47 OR ( 62 w / + 15 Long Bow')

.P'o]e Arms: '" m '., , ••••••• _ •• _ ".,' , -1 S OB

'G~el-;ll Sl-:ills

·Clitnb: 'm' _ , •. "' ~ +4.3 'MM

Ride: _ , " +2 'MIvf

SWil"1.t: •.. _ , +43 MM

-rl':lck: ,., , " , +,8 SM

Subted1g'e Skills

Ambujj:hr - ·"""'.,.""' "'· .. " •• ~M .. ~ · , +1 SP

S~1\1kIr-:ride~ " .. +47 M}.1/SM

Pick Lode .. , .. , , " " ", .. -25 S"bo1

Disarm Trap: .. " ~.+ ; '",-IO SNI'

~gi.ca~ Sk.iJ1;,

Read Rune: "._.H · _ ....•••••• +S ~l\1.

Use Itcln: ,., .• ," , .•. , ,_ ,., + ZO SM

Dil:lt!Ct:ea . pellsr ." " +35 OB

Mi.s1Cclli~.,eQ];IS SkiIb,

Per<:cprioI1:: , ,. , +37

Body Deve1optt.u::nt: m ' 30 (Hit.~)

Ba:s~ Spells 'OB:: .. " " , "' +0 :08

Ssse"JJ.ce RR.~ .. - -., , ,." , ,~.'" +0 RR

Chan:n.d:img RR .. : , ' ., , .•. , , + 15 RR

PQi:!;olll{lt: , ,., , ;."' ,' +20 RJ't

·Di:;·~e ErR~ " ", _.; + I 10 ~R:R.

Se:comla:l.1 Sl!ci]J]!i

ACfOb[u;ic:; · · •. ;·.·'.~ .. "n " , +3,5 M

F~l!l:.;:;h[ng (crJ.c skm)~" , , ; +35 SM


Sindann (Grcry""df) "" , .. - .. , .. , ,., 5 ·I\,)wks:

\Vt=St;trm (Common) "" ~ 5 R~~1k;.

5pe'II Li:...st

P~th MMte'll]' CRal.i~'C![ B:l5c)

R.edm.!. n _ , , Cba:nndJng

1>Ol'I'C~ ;Points, , " ", l!PP (+ 2: ~pells)

Experience I)'t,'i; .. r ~ ~ ;_ •••• " 10, 175 &"p

Egcum.bJ:an(j~P'e:naltj't .. b ,~ ~ 0 tvllY1

De~emlvc Equiptneot

Def'l:ru>IVlI: :Bonu5i: m .. '.; """"".",, _ .. _ -1-3,0 DB

Atrnor: , ..• ,., '~ ",_" ", " ..•. , " No Arl'l1,OI.'

Shield: ".,' " , _ " , .. None

14idlll: "" ".+, " +_ r N·Qn~

Arm 'Groe,r'i'es: " ,,, ,, ,, ~,,."'., .. ,,,None

Leg Grr,ea"'r:~; _"'"' " .. ," _ .. _ _ ""'",, '" "' .. " •. , •... rNon~

a.SNARl (PC #5)

Nsriis a D1,\V;iiI:rff1'OIfl the' NaP!""i--N"'f~rij';Il, d~'B "Valley 'Of Dw:;tr.".'~\!l·!tn the eastern Rhl~ Mountains. The eldest .• ~t"n of the te.n:JIow'tlJed ,\fIl arrto'[ B;uri, he; W'J.L~ ~(;hoo,~ed m all'S of war from his ea:di,!'!st day:>, Hi! has alwilysbecl1, a rough" prL1gmciolul fi.giht~l' who rejoices ][1 it g>fiod 'OO'[)lbat.

N':il:t1l~ :.<160 grim 8JllJd 'SUS[)_1c~OIJS of the mot~i;'~,.!j 00'1' aU but ~~ 15 kllnl a:nd. f;unify friends. The 5011! ~x,cepl:ion was. an E]f~ m..'1~d~!l f1latned Nmld, WbQf~m!o.d®cI him of th~ d~crip" cion of the Elf Ar.ll;!l who 80lV€a b~ fa:r.!h~ :rn.JJlyyeal'~ ago.

Nari kfl: ho',r:I,'l!i~ last year in ~o;;<!i..ch c"£ gold and .i~".,.,h tot) bolsr_erhis fOlmay's w'C;\,!th, TIle mHapse of !;ndr l:!line claimed N ari' s brother and lef~ tChc: family wit'll ,~~r:de

I income, So Naru, be.lng the eldest, took.it lIponlllt'Jl~df~n embm,rk on i'I, qUrJ>[ torestore r]],-e:Ur fortunes. The: yOLmg \V arrior 11l1rtcfl ~d o:ff't.m.'f[lI'CI the Last Inn near rhe ~.ry Mo-tlfm~iD.s! hoping rosecure word of .iI Drrl~Ofl' S ue~1SU!re.

Nar:i w,c.'irS the t]j.olgic DVl'ilr v en chaiiflimad (whkh proteers him [ike plate ::!rit!or) tillat wa::s gilli.'ltl IJ) his £athe'L: by Arien, He also bears a stour ( + I ())~hidd. a sr'p'tlb (+ I 5) w<lrb.~.mr,ner·, a hand. ;liX:C., and two daggeT5. His grl;;(':~ hood cloaks his beini." wbichbrist!e-s with a Dng5n~llead co:wl.

Nrun'!':: N:¥i R.a~ Dwmf Hci,gffilt. 4'7" We-ight: I SO 11;,:>,

Hal~1r: DaikreddLsh~bwWln Ej'~t 'B'llLIIof;

Demeanon Grim, suspicious SpeJLia1: Btatd.s his hair and h~aId. P~ofe5SlO'tI; \VJrricn:

Level: I


V1!luc 99 81 96 70 9D 62 77

Bonus; +25 +Cil +30 +0 +5 rS


SEl:erlgth (ST):

A~ILt)' (AG):

Con~t:[t:L'tj,ml (CO) Imdligmoo:: (IG} r~h~.tion (IT):

Pl:l<i5e-nue (PR f Appea;ance (AI?):

Movelne!;ll; ;lJnd Mail!e~TVtt

N',o A.t'Il'I01': " ' •••••• ,,------"-.""" , , +1 0 M~M

5Qft L&mt:he-r: ." __ .,._ " , •.. - -10 Nil\1~

R:Lgtd Leather: , ,,,,, ,---, -,20 MM

Chai.n; .. , .. ,_, •. _ .,.,,~.,.,.u '.' .. ,",," ' •.... , .. , .. , ,., .. +a MM,

Pkl!;l:> " _._"""_,," .. ,,', " •..• '''''''' ,.-.Ji:5 Mb.1:


I-'rF Bclg:cd; .•.. "."""._ ,,, -.,-.-----, .. , +33 ,OS

l-~] COnClij!'i~,LO:i:':L~ , , .. , "', •••• .,..,.,--,,. ..... ,, ... +S3 DB

(+6S w/+[:j, wru:-hmtill'l:'lf"r)

2--11 W ~;;1pDI~S: " " ' ,_.' +33 OB,

~r]UOWtl:, "".", ,_ +30]3.

Mi ~si~t!: " " , •.• ,.,~.~ , , , " n •• n ,,',,' +8 OR

Po,frc NI111;<::: " _". • __ +33 OB

Grnel'\al SkilL.

Cl.itrlh~ ,,, ,', , " "."".",, , .. m , +1 I :wd

Ride: ' _ " ".-----,. -I- rr I NIM

$w'L!n~ ' __ -.------ " , .' '"' .. , ,~ +24 MM:

T ~:3!ck; """,, __ ,_._ ,. .. , •..... ' .. +6 SM

Su..bk.rfiutge Ski.J.J.5

Alnbudr: .''''' " , .,.",." ", +0- SP

St:aIkJHid~:. , , , " ..• '1-$ M}.-1/SIYl

Pick lock: "" ,."."." " .. ,,,." .. " +.) S"M

Di.~:!I:nn, T1:atp: ,,, .. ~ .•.. "." , , .. + 10 S.M'

,Magical Sk:l.lJ.5

Read Rune: .. " .. , ,.' .. ' , .' .• ,'." , ' -25 S.M

U;!;f: 'Item; " "."." ' .•...• "." .. " .. ~20 SM

Directed Spd1s: . "." " -25 OB


Miscellaneeus Skill!>

,Pel:c:~pr10irt:.,-"- •..... , .. ,., .. , , ", _ ',' + rs

Body De.wIQpmel'lt: ,_ ,,' •. , ",.""" 54 (Has)

Rmlic Spells OR: " ,.,., , +0 OBo

5sseE1GI1! H.R: m' ••••• --"-.--"-" " +4.0 HJ';t

Challltl(:Iing, RR: , , ""'H", " •• ' --- •• , •.•• ,.,', +5 RR

Po!son R~\~ '"_ __ , , .. ,., " ~ +40.. RR.

Dlse;(js~ RR:- .. ,. " ·".· ' , "-.- ,n. +40' RR

S-eiiXIilltl:'!:ry SkiI.ls

Sm~lthtng (ct:aft ikill) _.'.-"'" , "." +30 SM


Khli:ldul (Dwmvish) ~ .. "." , " 5 Ranb

\¥e.srr:J:Ol1 (Cmmnon) ''' ""-- ".~ , A Ranks

Si.ndal'In (Grey-elf) ''''_,,'.,.~ , 3 Rfl:flb

Spell. List)!;.


Re;tlrll:: , , , ', ...• ".,' Ch~llJlJ!1:ling

PCl~ P:oJ:ilJr.S:;: ., , .. , , ,."" , "---,, 0-

&:p~liellceP'~; ""., ,- .. " , 1 0, 1. 77 Exp

.Ene~.I!rn.brnnce Pell.:lky: ., ' ""..,' ".""-,." 0 JI.-[M


Defen,'live&nll;5.: --,-.- ", , +,0 DDJ

(+35 w/+l0 :!ihield)

Arrt'll:l'I;t .,."."' ", ' .,,' ---., ~ •.. , , -,. Chain Nla:i~

(Prot~s as Plate Armor)

.sh~e:J..& , " .. ,,"".- , , ,,,.,""' '." Y'e:;:

Hil:m~ .- --'." .. , , '. ~ .. " " , - Yes

Ann 'Grrnwcs; - .. ,., .. - , ' " " ,., .• (Y I!!!;)

l~ Grcm:ves: , " " .. , "", ' ,.~ ,,""."~. (y'f"Ij)

3.6 PARIEL (PC #6)

Pat·iel is a Dunadan Mage, the youngest daughter of the Mannish consul to the Elven Kingdom of Lindon. Spoiled yet compassionate. beautiful yel: rugged. and wild yet wise beyond her years, she is a formidable woman.

Manv men courted Pariel, but it was Enach, a Dunadan Lord from Gonda;, who won her. He found Pariel'~ many charms overwhelming and married the youthful Mage when she was nineteen. II: was a gJOrlOilS match. Unfortunately, their sparkling union lasted less than two WE'E'ks. Enach was slain by brigands On the toad south of Bree, as the wedding party headed south toward Gonder.

Enach's death overwhelmed his young widow. Rather than return home to the Gl'ey Havens, she brooded at Btee for over a week. Then, when her compatriots were asleep, she lit from her lodgings and rode eastward aIong the Great East Road in pursuit of her husband's murderers. A due connecting the thieves to the legends of the Low Road Brigands spurred her toward the Last Inn in Rhudaur.

Panel bears the tools to exact her revenge. (TIley are a legacy of her father's exalted service.) Her small, (+ 10) sapphire-inlaid, magic wand doubles her spell-casting power (i.e., she has x2 PP) and also enables her to cast up to 3 Shock Bolts a day without expending PPs (see the Light Law spelllist on the Base Mage lists). Her magic (+ IO) dagger Can be thrown 50' with no (OB) penalty and returns to her hand the following round.

Name: Pariel

Race: Dunadan (Highman) Height: S'S"

Weight: 12Slbs.

Hair. Black

Eyes: Grey

Demeanor: Fiery

Special: Her left eye turns green just before ic rains Profession: Mage

Level: I .


Bonus +5 +10 +15 +25 +5 +20



Strength (ST):

Agility (AG):

Constimtion (CO):

Intelligence (rG):

Intuition (IT) :

Presence (PR):

Appearance (AP):

Value 74 94 79 100 76 9S 97

Movement and Maneuver

No Armor: ' + IS 1'vilv1

Soft Leather: , -30 lvI1v1

Rig:id Leather: -15 MM

Chain: , , , -30 MM

Plate: " , , -80 MM


I-H Edged: +15 OB (+25 w/+IO Dagger)

1-H Co~cussion: -20 OB

2-H Weapons: -10 OB

Thrown: +15 OB

(+25 w/+IO Returning Dagger)

Missile: + IS OB

Pole Arms: + 10 OB

General Skills

Climb: ' + I 5 MM

Ride: , + 10 MM

Swim: +15 MM

Track:' + 30 SM

Subterfuge Skill ...

Ambush: , , ·+0 SP

Stalk/Hide: : ~5 MM/SM

Pick Lock: +0 SM

Disarm Trap: -20 SM

Magical Skills

Read Rune: + 3 7 SM

Use Item: + 175M

Directed Spells: , +23 OB

(+33 w/+l0 Shock Bolts)

Miscellaneous SkaIs

Perception: .' + I 5

Body Development: 36 (Hits)

Base Spells OB: +2 OB

Essence RR: +25 RR

Channeling RR: +S RR

Poison RR: +20 RR

Disease RR: +20 RR

Secondary Skills



W estrcn (Common) ' 5 Ranks

Sindarin (Grey-elf) .4 Ranks

AdOnaic 3 Ranks

Spell Lists

Lofty Bridge (Mage only) Earth Law (Mage on.!y)

Realm: Essence

Power Points: 3 PP (6PP w/x'}., Wand)

Experience Pts: , 10, 166 Exp

Encutnbtance Penalty: 0;0 0 MM


Defensive Bonus: + 10 DB

Armor: , No Armor

Shield: None

Helm: None

Arm Greaves: None

Leg Greaves: None


The Tale provides ;m ovoenrji:!W of the hack_grourld :md settlf:lg of the adventure. It is rhe sooryJine orpl(][_ Ddlber~telf v:n.gu.e. ::I:" to timc,u:he T ale intended [0 be ap'PI'Opocite for a gam- set in the m~d [0 late Third. Agt:.

GM Note: Whllll ~itl'fli1)g' ,he ;lJ\mflif.Tl: t1rl.lJ S~I;'~ I&; p&!ym, ~ G'ffJIflr.MiNWlir (CM) Jx.mfJ m:J r;J1l 'ifS&:tNm~4, 1 'mJ 4.2 .uta' ",i!'1rt' die irif(l1'l'tI(Z.tiQ:rr It! the pfa 'f:r ~tJers (pes); kmrbi:rrg lbir?g.s.from CldliJj~ pwm if 'lJrlw. b!lRf'DU! dxts.r.dtlQ:i[~ ..,J,irn lire Illl'lea,llI:r ftm.t.~ Itt/J tr'AkfJ , !'lyg mJI lo d('iltW 1& i1!f(ltTrMlirm tU S{:tiol~ 'f.3.Jo Jbu pl!n' oj ~ ~fory temo.ilu ~rnhw\m~_


In fDow-_gcmc . 1x!'!es" when the f"ligh Men ef Arnot made homes of cit;ldels SeD: hngh if] ~he Fll'l]~Ian:ld ofRhudaw, Pet:[;1'-d\N';UV'~5stm t,oJln,ed the region, ThC)' \!{i!t:'f' a, scorned race, few in number ;lirldalwge'mcr lOl.C.king ,fi:irnd!i Of allies.

These diminuti 1ft: 01 n ~. twisted r~lati Ve.5 of the ;!;mrdy DWl.r es hid. in ehe rugged. highli1:n,ds ,1.[01:1g the northwestern fI nks of rhe M1~ty Mo,tmmi 11$, There. [;ne.y carved caves and runnels out of the ~(lft: reck and shdtered themselves r,'m'lil their m,~my f!lle'lnle'S.,Th" Pettyd. \~;. ~. 'e:s were < ll{)r[tj:r~d lot.

D~~pLt~ lihe·ir .5oclUls,lofi, the P~!i:tj'~dwa:rl!f~ ev TItu:<lll~' cli!i;4prt!;lIH~d from: the Fell.la.ml. leavittg fe'!\' ll-aCC of the err crafts. Only ;m oecasional cave, mi11'~, 'QI:' runnel ii,~i:'V6d. to remmd dlCi'F Ina.nnis.h heirs of their age-old pl'fse:nee.

TI-i~ Q.). ... ONG OF' ALiN WEe!:-1

Abo].1'!: ;1 c:etltu1'Y ago an ulli'l:.,'1\,orr HLlhm'ln frcm'l. Rhudaur filmed T alll1 Lo och !l;tlll'.l:~h~ed across om:or'~he Petty .. c:hVrihotS;' g~~;ilte!>t works, the "Low Road." Thi~ nci~m tunne] W;M; hewn fI.'om a nanm ,I aqueduct and mn \;'1~~"QOI.1:1heast,~d.y from thr Ti"oUr;ha'Ws to CQldf~J ls.

T .din resolved to explore this wonder and gatkred 'h'13 henchmen fr)[ ;'l sortie intq th. cl.lI'pth~ uf~be Ilighlamfs. he band onrigallds spent weeks tracing the [IJ<ltlttl'lV course. Their j~i.1:rdilel w'i'f'"I:'ed over thrrty leagues ("J!Jc1ut I'OO mi!es)~ heginning at th~ Old Spring and emling at t he Low Lake beneath Long FeR After they ha uncovered most of the secrets oflh i;s crude bm noble subtctranean hi.ghwa r, Tal in's men

agreed to me the tunnel as a hLr frem which to st'rike out at cotnmcree along the main roads ~lf Rhudaur, They made thel:~ camr,~t the Old Spthlg and set l~p resti ng sires and. traps ;lLlong the Lo\v Road .... 0 rha c:hi!}' could e~cape to Low Lake if they were threatened, Once settled, u,c low H.D, & Brigands cmb.u'ked on a series of:mids wriii h all btl. halted ["rat:! ~ll"ll'lg tile neLghbor1ng highwayl:. TI~.€ nlthl~~~ bandlits earned a repuration f(}t: sava,gelJ llI.c}ng with a.fo,R.-Uul,'; in gems and coin,

THE END OF' n-I~ Low ROiL!) ltJUG .. .\,_NOS

AUthe whiJ,e, ihe Lords o:.:lRhudaru wercunahkto find T aI10'$ band,. ttgJ[\Cll0SS of the n~l'rcr:l~e~' of w::tr.ciorug:}l~y StTlt f()rrJl into tbe~v.ads, T races of tr,1ck~ .],edill~ p!J.t51.v:n; ro the bilh near Ime Old SprLng, hut aU the sLgrt~ disappe;;ll'~4 on it:he hardrock surface of dl'i! Fe~I-I",~d. T we }'e<lrs QfLUJ.b.id.led D-r1gandry pil:>.!;!Cd.

It was thi!'fI~~.'Mt Alblago] Qmarha:d came to Rb:ud:tur.

An accolmp]iih~d Vlarrior.,ht: haJ S;i::ILc:t~~fLJUy ~t'<".lkcd some of C<lXtl.oro[[' s most d:angelOllil bandits arid had e<lb~wl a n:ptl,r"-tion of be.i:ng 11 relentless mUJlIfrLmbt1L. H!.' assembled ;'l. pruty .lIt the Last Inn 'on the Great Easl: Road and conceived ,'1 plan to n,li? the Low Road Brigands.

A week [,.tt';l,·, AihiT<tso['~~valli:ior.s amhushM: Tal:in's band abo1.liI: ren mjJe"~ ~]OI'[h of the I..a~( Inn, Onl')' tin'!: of the b.l:'igaflm esear~d; th~ rest p~j;i...,hcd ilil.ahall of arrows, dying wi[h.cl:Jt secrer of the Low RQ;lId. Ta~~tl'~, treasure WM never recovered,


Ddi~l B::;t[iI:g ·w:lS sole :,;t~h'LVQr ,~moJ.lg Tallo's ~neo, Se>paraC«l fDJfil his companions; he had eluded Arb ~agol' s [rap.I..;ris l.::.ckoftA:'il.il1ung h'P~ him from hq)ing pace ViI Ltill the b;:lifilcl, ~tlr. it PL'OV\fd w be h is good fO~l.lri~~ Dditl rod!;; north into TmJ]shmw!i nkm; and h~waderecl. in search .of refug~,

'Ur:rfQt't:ullatlely" Ddin i:':ii:y'l::t: learncdtlrc W[;!y to the o.ld.

Spring, ~l{)f did he Rnow·of the northern Ulltl'}1 to the Low Ro .. d" His tgnumw.i.ch T~Hn h:ild been [JaO ~hQtt, Delln wandered for 1;Vee..b WlthNlf dLsCOvctli"l,g the access back . iflto the tnnne] Wril~r'l:" hi::;, c'Omp~rrLO:ri5 had stowed rbeil' fortune., llhe SOl'WW tl1..at acoxnpanied Icht loss of [-:ris frimds gl'~W del!:prt:r with C1Kh d,llY of the 50[itaJ:y search, WI, CJ'I the hiti.og snows of late autumn !iW~ptt down fr(l.ffi the Co.~d. fen~ Md c~lTettd the IUggeJ T WJldlia:WS., Deli n ,-.bt).O:donedhis futile quest.

Years later Del ttl l'ettdl'n;N:j '1:0 hili search, this tune wirh his cousin M ;n']awldanB~irg" The pair OOCU11~mte.d their )'ourncy in a series afroe.ii1i~., They :ii:!.':~r"vcl.I have dismvered the way baek to the Ltl'w.Ro;ad, but rTllOSt of th0ilt' teet!::!!:s petisheod when they wt:l~e slam by Trt1:Uli.


Not ]Qtlg ngQ, u d'.escmda:nl: ofM~'U"mwid;:"lrl Bai~'g-i1I.l1 old wm'fl~:t:l ~~.~~.I!.t1 Clg[~ &i:r:g--5~mbJ~d. upon a :sto-ry aboot Oii magic hom. It was a l.egend cOileemj.flg a tre.h~1,Jit'(!; which cQnt";;lnedih~ Wh.lce Kjn~!:lHo[ll, <l!Il instrument of ul1[o.ld v:Uu~~ The enchanted horn's ]olud OJ: .s.iIent d.~ eOL1ld (~']1l!!!edly reach for mm}' leagues, stjr.:rj Ilg th~ heaets of ftl~nds and SI:1:ikb1g fear !nrXl thesouls of rnCI¥I,[f:S.,

what muck Ggfa Ilmost, however, w;:as the fact tb:u: thE hom hmd heEf! sror~ll inIRhLJ,d:;Lur br IJ;;mdi'[l;;res.~mbHtJg T:lJin':;:oren. Cigfa. re;sof,,~ri[i;hac the Ki..ne's Hom luted with th~ treasure hidd~n 8Jf t:h~~ncl: of the Low Road . Exci~ed,shl! n:nd. £ll [[her, looking for a due Z!.~ to where the hem by. The only clue W'l!l ~ pp~n:

".upon (L ~k~, b~~M£ Ii jF-G, jjI''''''J JfiOIFi trff~! thft bird. td~ 'Ll-I~ S~IIr.rritl'" nliJ.rs) r!.:I willI, A1 Low .Gth.tf~ Hi.l'rl' hy;, R~rll~ .~JmJ uHrtlrm J.ny,

~~ ~fJ!! bftlldlljs bdT "~~IW ro Sl"Y', "

Ggrn em':S:ed [,'['1' ctLppfocd leg.1:i, fur she knew that the WOl,'d:li 'rVlt;[~ those or h cr :gl'e,ur Lin de"Mdil]~will@.iI:I" T alin's treasure was within re;;u:;l'l, bu. remained b~yDrJd her means, So, Og[<\ ~ougbc :tgrnlS whomLghtr ]YIAfSUi[' he-r: c!n:al:1J and 1\f:~CL1.e the fClrml~~ ~hr. had cg,ve1:ed 5tnte rh ildhood, T~ ~ fleXit day she t'rnvc:lcd [0 ~he Last Inn on rhe Gt-e:n fiast RQ::!i.d. TI~ere, :Sofie ~ .... as .~~lr1!:' 'I-n find:;ld"' .... n- I turers whQ might ,:';Uit her Jiiet:.<L;"

GM Nollte.; Cp Is !1I<l1Ilff fYJ Ire tlttails 'if di£ Trl'Je ~lIf' I>D .ttlI poim:t and~ a5 j~oled; 'IMi'u rnM~r1~ 'Jl1ry l~ 1h~ PO, (.le~ SuM'1 7.2 J&7' tilO"l"t Q.rI SJ<Nlil~ I1w. PG) S~~ J~ )I('lt ~}W\\.1 if ,fit. iybrnM!i~n i~l th~ foJ.fqwjprg S~'djO\IJ (4.3).

WiU~ if l:ImJ~~

D(ls:igl~ NQ[Ii!~ nJ? 1'I5o!" ?f ~&'U ,ftlilJ tWIIsb i:thlbJes Jk GM tJ:ipt:~mm' dut!s i~ >"I p~~k~Gfu fofftl t&!l: f",rpIH<!5 rom.!" 0flexj:~ €I I~ $'/~ing" fCs MW. ~I":! !;Ppr!!tlt?inilJ ~o ~olw i!'li)1!'~N',m, bu~ >"I't' p:rfSfj~~dl1.li!i~/p ~ fo1:VCifu' {bat'frr~~.

Design Note! 5«(h Ilr,~ rwnt is a wr!lJ(tlitnJ ~S~i~ lrrfu~ir[Mt :"StJ !J!l dmm~~l agrnl1}1 rl'l ~gi'lJ£J',r pl..u~. The wf.lorpse J'llIl'rro\I.lf I'ht PCs' ~lhffna6ve.fwijhcJul disI:~f~ I~ jt~!W' r! j~ ml{I1Jl'. It fS tj~~d .~ ~HSt' r! theli:i'm'ltJ !,I\lI!Iil.'I"l rf r}!I, (l:d'wrr!UT\t.

The se~ollid. W;ty into the lake' s dLtrnbcr 13 less circuiteus, Ir i~ a stair me InOO tb e fm.C"..e:of I..Dn~ Fell Shrubs ;;!fld trees conceal. this route, fot where the sheer diff of the fdl meets (:he st!rround:ing l;~l'rain, a. ba:llk of greenery covers l,l,.rll ar.looksl ike: t 1, e bass, In [€:;!l ity. hut'.-"evIT, the foot of Long .l:;",lI is two ·hundlttxl f~!::t tb elowthe "-PP;!fl';!1(h::l.!le. The pines and cedars Shmtl:d a sL:'l-f.ootw:icle opening :)JQrtg~hc cl}fr, .l gMih i 1'1 theearth which ~erve.o;: as the mouth of the cnmnbe:r which ho.~ds .low .bl..::. The lake i rsdf is t\lCk.e:dalQ:mg th!:botoorw of Long Fen) i1'l§iclre the cave that hLde.~ beneath rhe cliff- OI1~y two {~~t wide, the so-c:rrJled Pell Still. a:ngh::s steeply through the ddt and winds doWll ~ the S~lOre of the: hke in. the d1;mibcr below.

T AUN'.s TRJ:tfl$l,1RY

The Low ROJ.d Btiga:n,ru. srered their treasure, i.ndudi:ng the Kine's Hom, i.r1:;)1 stone '!!.lUJC bt~i1it by th~ Peny~dw,ttve~on at"[ islet: in rlre tniJdle of low lalk.e. n11~ two-chamber vault sar only :1! hutl'lcire:d rd:Llcl. fifty fce~ [rom. the boumn of the Fdf Scrut~ bUJr W'~.~ pw[eHed by the watery m.Of)t. Yet tT1is ms neil: th~' $ole

~e:feIl5e. Traps guarded thC'va~lJI:'~ rnterlQr, and b~::;ld.e rhe V<ll,:!lt T alia's men 3r~O erected. a emil made fiom. dIe boo[l'f:s of an ancient beast, a giant rnn:I~, Ine superstitious baric!. f~h th~r d.1c ntr.rnllgr::m,!l:rrt pO.~e-!lsed a m~giC"ll FOW~l' ""hkh dwrrncdthEcnoI, dark waters of the Low Lake ..



Th e treasute that Deli [I ~<JughtJ <lind. Ggf<ll .now 5ttks,.

I tes at Low .lak.'r. ,a ,,'li rru<lUy un dr.rgrOund. pool nestled ,11: ~h~ base Clf Long Fell Low Lake sersed <If! tbe northern .nminm of ~hl1' Low Koa.d .indpi'Ci'i'idiX~ Tarin's btig_Jl1cis wirh ample fresh w~r,er in times of refuge. There they made the'[I' .p~:jnC'L palhmuf. and there they stored their p!und:er.


Lew La,,"c can Q.n~}' be reached ~ia two routes, The nl'sr. the LowRo.1d,mtm; 'the cavern rhiithot:lsot!;,thot lolh &urn ,the southwest, .A narrow door and !>t:tl['1;lfay connect the nnsne] tao the caveat thr point wn,!:tc the Low L';[;;;e ~P[ll:5 'I}V~t ;1, f~11 ~ rid l~TJ1jpi:j I!S inre an it'HlIc.:es:!lihleurl;d.ergnxma stl.:ea:m"

GMNote:: 1l£ SlJJdJhtm elltmlu~ ({I tfu Lw RffI.~ Itlil Ihe- Old' Sf:rh~I' ~j 1'& p,]l~~~ ~~,r .,;nal'3N~boul.i1 'mndm Y"Tib hf, f!1\,'!ki;Hg ~'~j~ ·j'{j~1,11' irnpa-If.!ilU~. This teQ"j.l,&~ IlfJ/yll'l1e iffOC~l've VI'OI:Y ~lJ tIl(uh Lw .u.ke. (Su ffit mtlp &etow)


[ndeM, theee is 01 spf:cial CJLmLrry about tlte hike water.

Each SpJ[inglooJ15 aJJl1gtii:gOl:t£ h~l~. milking th~ pool their home u[II(ji the I:;ID:: Fall These ni:tnbJc,fo{it-p.mp~IIed. diving birds Jove: the ley water and. nuke nests GILl! oohhe flo:ni.n,g debris that fttilsfrom ~1")(J'il~. Their nOiCt:\.l,ttlfll calla ~h~) through the chamber ]ike the Ct'Y of aTI. ee:r!.!l ih.Qir and. a~ dusk or d."l'l'llIl, th~ muffled (''Itl.)fl,JS r~ilOUr:it1s through the forest !1e.'U LOl1lg F' eEL It. LS a beaubil:llI, ~l:mfltLng smllnd. As Tal.in 'i1J'mIld 110 dUllbt have it, the lQoflf> ,]tit ~hi!' emir living gt'cl!rdi ans of hi.!: treasure.

GM Note, Tlw r~.fl!:r'~nct !o "/{,;; brrds rei/'" ill lWiil~~'\.W·Jm1'5 p&m ~te~· .loO f~ loo,r:lg_~ _fo{J>}''Iii'ifJg tl'mif' 0)', tIE PCs willjhd ,r~.~ alo~ ul'lg EJlill1J lhe FeU Sj~iI'1'" '>V~!tb ~ds J~(wj"j tQ ~&I"wLakr,.


('£II 'ILC'W']'-AC" -N-' ., 'M'" AP-)

,a'u ,'. ," S ,

~ __ ,;0"'"

" I .. I ')-r'

f /

I r r



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r / j ,








~ '~~'-,m~I'"Y'''''

. ,

o 16 32km

[:0'===--'10=' ====Ol:::JO MlUE:S

I I ".~. ~.

,' ... -~.'

."' ~ ' .. ,



111>': fulkr",,~ing el1."1l1: ~U.mi'l;;lrizes '1h~ F'rjn.::i.~ NPGi: ill tlhlt ~~ve~turc. N£iIU!~ Se~ T*lbl~ (S'f.3}p. .252-154 ~J,l .Mnl"ftH ~~~[fi{: sk.iIl bomrst:!l not ]-lnwid~cI.hc~p.

M~k.: Mi$iile Mov

N:t£t1i! L~1 Hits AT DU S!tidd on ,011 MN(Ii!lgs

Cigf.-J.!hr!:$ J 3J N:> 10 N J5CJ~ J()d'_a -5 Dunnish &-rJ_ 18]'JP;' +~ BS, +15 DS, &fd ~'l:>J1 riEl;,~ & 'mtltli'!Jfl~: St:~ fl. 14.
M~~1tII &irg J GS RL J5 Y S~iS 50tr 10 D.ml~,jilig W;rrrjor. See p. ~ 5.
a~ &irz I 31 NQ 15 N Oip 3~~p 10 Duml,mdtiiLg VVi11"tior. Maim's son, ~e~ p. IS,
L.el'B a ir-g 3 6.1 RL 4() Y 7Qha 4S e p 15 Dllru~tlclit:l€: ,"V"lI:"rinr. M~l:m'. hotlh".r. bOC p. 15.
OOdIJifS Blirg I 37 N~ ]0 N 3.s~,p 4ilip 15 D!:Jnl!CnJlflg W .,m~r, La~r.s 50:1:1, .s~12 p, I5.
"him lo.cc.h 4- 52 C6 45 Y 7~ha 6slb .15 DL",I,,['nling R:algCr, SPa?( +2 sp"'li;); Ranger spell list~. Sec P: 16.
Mm: tI~e BQ;u 4 TI5 5L 40 N 6SHo 30 T :um's wlM bear. ~e<:.I" 1,6. 'FM(': secS,T--2 for- Sttu;ltlon c:ff'l!:c;;: "'II I)J.)..
Fuikwinn 4 55 No 40 Y 90h. SCkr ]5 Etj~;:IOfii_]1 &mlt~ Sec P' 17,
A~eWliil'rl 2 ]~ ~ 45 Y 52hs l\-CI$b zs .Ellacl:or;1,l1 &")i;It.. FUik~'I'i:m'~ sen, sec jl. Ii'.
tr..-:cll'ljllln "I- 70 No 30 Y BJbs 52.£b TS Er~f!,trmln W;1luior. E'U[I~;~'I1"i hj'¢lb~~. sri: ~', 17,
N~I, 49- }lQ 4Q y Sobs 36sp IS Eti,1.do~a 11 ·Wiltliit>r. l:recwian',!j 5-O1l. see P: 17.
Gnm. I IS No s N IS~p ]O:<p IO DUJ11~I,dilJg ~C'l.!t. P'Ujk'Wi3L1'~ DUllll;iSh servaru gi.ri. S<)~ -p, 17,
&~dn I 2:[ No .'5 N rasp ]Ssp ro Dunlending SmUlL ArC\'!Ij;j.n'B l!.iiifc, "~ p . .17"
C\)~cI{a r J() No 15 N 5<:L<L 5Sda lO DlliIJ~l1ding W3rrl r, NiRs' WIfe, 5<!~ r" 17 Cofl~ &: Cumm~.rIm bl- Le'V~J. Bib-- Hit tot;].l, Dn.- Th:f~nsL.-e Il.Dnu~ ofNPC (il1du.d.e.s ~hurJd. if ~n:r'J. AT - Ar.llllP.'r Typl'-; Nci=N'o J\l"mOL": CI1='~~lll; RV=Rigid .. L.:::aili~l~ SL-=&fL Leather; pr=Pb£E.

Mdee OIB - P~im:t')' ofr~'UI·'iC BC>nu~ in Mdoc and .... ~iiP"Ii'i~ ~w::d, Wnpoll Ab'bn ... ;;;.qo(ll' f"1)]kw Oll'~: ba = l;:oatcle·il1i!~; bo = bola; bs ::: broad5~VDrd: eb = rmo.s!JQw; d = dub; er = oomprui!e bID!!;.h = ,cl"~l; 11 = fbi1. bn ~ h.ll1d.:o;.ile: Ill> = haIbM··d; fa = ~v'd,!r1; ]t, = hmg bOl<'; ma = mace:

ml = m,ow~t'td I..,c~; Tl~ "" IJ~; 'p -- gU;J.ttl:rsIL11T; sb '" shore bow,; sr = 5cillljL~t;: ~ T = ~[Lng; ~p ;;;;;; sp~ , .~~ = slum sword: 1.5 ::: i:W'(i-lund ~wor.i: wh = WRX hamm~'; .....,., = ..JJl.ip.

:rr.-1i~~i1~ 08 - Offen.!l;~" p,.,1'1"" Wbrlfl u!slllg ~ mj~~;Ue W"'"r"", &,,, nl"'til'~ fOf IIo'.::ap-o'i .,hhre~ia·~ion~, MO'l'M - M'lJvr'T\<'ll1; and :Ma.w::LlYCl bonus, liS·:::; Biric Spell OB: DS = Directed Spells bClifl\L';.


TheT 1'()!I;;haw~ .11lJ O)!dfeJJ.'i ofRhudfillJ:f arc bCflHt:lfll~ but LmfP'rgiving highlands .colored in an <iI:stoundi.ng ~na:r of cO<I,Jlhm::sall.d ma~kc:d 6 y tJr~W" upol1mw gf stair-like gr';;f diff:s, Few Colk roam rhese w[Jd~,. Oniy hLllllocr"S, mDt.casts, and. jsolat~d I-:rml'llfn :milk.: th~ir h.OtnI;l:"SCll' the Fell-land,

ASlcic from the uiJl\l''el ~ru and i IlJllketpcF":li at the Last Inn. three Ionezs mm;pose' the primary non-pIayer charaetera (NPC:,: )tfl rh i:s ;ldv,cnwt(. Each is !cla'~ed to a member of Lh~ Low [told Rrlg~nd.s and.has ;11 'i'l:'sted [Ilte:fl:'.'lt in T alj:l:'I.i'~ treasure. The first .LsCigfnRnrg. who 15 r.esponsi.b.le for pl:om pti ng dl e pa:DCY ; tiro s<e:eldng the cache: ,at urw uk..::. Nit;.'_[ CQ1TJ.~S hl;tdi.5t~llL- cousin Maim Bai.rg.. a d:1lng:e:;rZY~I,s her-de:r who unwitt.inglv holds a due to th.e [oc;]!rjon 0 f the pool bdQW L(mg FdL Hm1lly. d'l~,tt: is Tjhn LQcc~, Tal.ln's great-grandsofl. Taim has dl;scuverea the treasure, ana. he gual'dsit.s whereabouts with '" ~av,~e zeaL

GM Note: Ni.lntl~Uy, !lll iI~~~~t<' r~iigbt iliwlw 1I'1i] 1~lrrkr?f }lPG, .f~rl! 11m Pc. b.mre 0::1 pf£r/llJf'o'l 0/ npriQfJ's tmd .l:O~td ~llC(}W11~ 1."i"1'!!j~,ay .tJl1y !uass,i~k ~rs(jll in tk I'"fgiO'fJ In 5"lloholl t~ ,th~, eM' s~~utJ dorur!lUnl alllhe]oM 'J.\..i.~ rmghtMil'WJ m~ impn,f1 QI'l rlm PO aHd rkiw ~dlo,mJUn;, ]]e. sfnm~' arl r.~ Of th~ tJ'lIJTt llwly .fl i~ /iYif I&: PG efrr.-JJ~1l:~ him, ~br. mC'r~ m'tiJ~l ~I' ~~ IMj r~ G\!I !Ikfllb Njl dlt., NFC. SIllt5 Il.flJ ~lIi~~,.n(! ola..It!ltH:rt tt :1i'l!JT.i' ll1ml'tdl,rr 1~ ~~ "'-'t bavdhm'/>eJ Ihr Nl?Cs jhep~'t'1J m~j ml01Wi1fY 10 tbrie itu[wit/!l-ftk

The three descriptions d~at fuUowinmrporate !ri,CI!:t of dl~ d.l!lTII!"Jl~:; a. GM' rl(l:ed.!; to ourlin;! when concei1;:ing :::Iml NFC E.1ch t[Jd.ivJduru'.i:I ;ilppt";'lI';;'IUC~, l~vel, pf{)f(:liC~ion. d:C'.r.rH~OIno1'. goa]~, an(t equipment are all listed.


Cifga .B.aitg is an oJd (3rd .Iv!) Dunnish Ilat-d who wOlScrippled at!: achild by a f<I.U ~ hL'! (n,wrreci whLlet'l.:m:ning from a war-pa'l:ty fr-om AlfIgm:n, To this d4y sh~ leans on her gnaded (magi,c) j;rnff as if it we1'"C a li.f'efine. (It is, :1&£11' '1l1. a x.3 pp muh:tph!::'f w[licb ~td~ +5 [~~ ull h~i.' ~~I] ~~tt~ooh-oIls) Her stoop l:ei.[Uf"OEa,s her short (5'3") profile. Troubled, bitter, and rome-whOle mean, she h1Ui· [itt:1e ]o ... e for others, G:fg~. shares he! dlJlt~ard ... E .l rfc wIclJ. T{LrttlaI~y ;all ofthe &it'g H~I:_

. The Biilleg blood also colors her appear,a:m:e. Like the rest: ofh!t:<f.tmiIy, Cig£.'l ]:,',l~ - J~:1fk red hair. pif::["!:ing gmell ey'~s. and SIl1aU ~'l.I:S. HeLW~'l{e. wdnklfid. faceand poim·e.d chin giv<c' b I1:t :!. mzclllfd lock, I'r is :1 di.~~nceruVlig COtln:['~!lJ;U1C(;,. UnH[Qttct"i[]~ ~~tti[I!' Clym.pi.r;rl!$ th~ [mage of a woman who [mlg ago lost any concern fm Olltfl.'bea!ut}" .

Otl~ j;hLl1g dQc$ f.lsc:im~t.e her, however, and that is the ~ne:s J I~j~l"l. She .Crigl~ly) beH~il it 00 be a powerful baw.lc attLi£ut whIch WIU enable her [:0 woe::Lv:e enchantEl"1JeI]LS with nI ~gk !l(l11:~'5. Her hunger for L!; will noe aba[c. SQ • .righl. seeks @.. means m1J" l"l'leaJl'lS, 'to 'l.G!]lure ·the l~O[l.l.

C 19rn' s pl:;l:n involves dL1r,j ng .". plll'!:y [,)f rD\.l:~g .~C"hjl!'npj~eis Int.Qbra:lIing thewiMs QfRDlUdal';lr and jQUrnr,YLl:lg 1:0 Lo~,g Fell. Lnrn~ s()Olrhl':;tri Coldf't.lk Udllg m~ clues fmm her l<ltiii t~nd e M:mawi.d .. n's poem. she bdl~ves rhe party can find Low Lake- and dl.im Taljn'~ tre ... ~ure. 'TIle lrei'l1iult;;;is her intl':;;. [ur <lJI she W~I11Ji ~'5 til 1:' prt:(:ioi[J~ white Kille's HOl'n. To thj~ el:ld, Cig[~ bas tnl.,.d~L'I[o the Last Innie $earch of CJJ1dld,ues.(,;)r her pIQy ..

5.2 MAL1vf BAJ:RG

M;um H,l!irg is Cigfa's remote QO'u;5ir:J. A Dun'('!lsn ]ler.;[l!t, he, his bnnhcr Laer, and their SOIilL;; Cks ;m,d Om[b{D:S tend a €lock of sheep 11' th~ tuins o.f an ancient ~ illfoti: th at Ol,,,,dooks the T er~gelliltn (S. ., T roll watt!:"'), ;t ~ribu'rOry of theriver Bnunen (S. "Loedvaeer") that fl.OIWS through the ~mtthern Trcllshcws. Their-otherwise pl~'ld rOl.l'CI]]C is ptluctu;![l::d by tht! nocturnal plundt:l:lllg (If dwir' neighbor's herds, raids which ]~a"'e fesl.llr.t>d in mOJ~ than om murder, Milin 81m:!. his lot are a dangefoFLls g::rQUp. (In rea,lity. Malm and b~r jD~ both .~ rd Jill Dt.m!Clidi:ng Wanio:Ell.)

lJ1'l.likl! Cigfa, Mahn do!!;!; not iOcfk hke ;} Bair:g. ~1mrt (5 '2r~), blond-haired, MId. che?ry-ey~;fl. hc:b ~5~h~ gtlg~,e of , sprite .. like hill-spirit. I .Iis colt,)1"hlt checked. pants. 'lI'ld sttipe-d! [erkins lend hiil\C:l. fi!:stLW q~l~~ry which

heli.es dll: furor thiJjl; drives his soul,

Mahlel it; (h c d irea descendant ofManawi c!mn Ba.irg and I:' 'tht' heir 1:0 rhe or:JIl I~gends associ~dwitl" Man~widOln':5 qUles£ Em T;!]in';t; rreaSI.t;I:~. These ,lgut' stories have m~lgllified the herder's aln:ady- cans; detabi,· greed, !Jut Ma!.1~1 h;~~ had no due ;'I_~ tQ the whereaboers of low Lake, so.I,!::.].,;;!:l> KQffeJ <J:[ puf.:>LIIlng Mmawl.dan's c(re:un-l1ncil now,

RoceJ1tly Cle.s Btlirg, MllJhl"S :"~!1, returned f,OIDl a l(jong trip IIJO Bree. Ie:;. toomcdacrhe Last Inn on hb way home, when he met. Cigfa and [earned of her proposals. Thli': lad u:rus&! the old woman's ofT..: .• \OIIi thQut [,EWe'.ll1 ng th.eir blaodries and, a Few night!> ht!l1:l:. he told his father Mal:m of~~r pl~ill to uncover a treasure in the (" .. oldfells, Maim realized that Cigfa had some!Kn,!r di5.C'O'IIered T :;J[i.n's ho.wt1. so the hefde.r developed :i pbll to. rollow her lead. Ie n~x~ (hy Maim set (}U[ rorthe inn, Ol"'!,1;)!: t.h~:re-, he br=gm a w:.ltch over: .igf:~,il"1!tei:1lding to shadow my p::m:y she' might' send (11..1( to retrieve the treasure that had ion.g ago e~.tIdJed h is ancestor,

GM Note: TIKi', ;~'Mtm 1.IJJ~IJf to j'(JJlow tk PO ,~I':I thril" jaJmlt)J 10 find 1~ LJ.w Uckt. OH!e .lkI~', th~ IJG art r,ro ./"mWr meruit". t::I M~~&'IJ,; F{).t, (,ilia lbt bmf"f will IItI':tlfrpJ ltuimllhe tru;!L~l:m ~ ill!y i?Wlf.rpoSfi.~/"'_ flf.cJ\wling h{{'n: liM pu. 1M, U~.i! r1r. PG; MIlMI is ~ma\w ,re: ?f 111 pmm!'1 rf Taim [(!I:tl,.

NO'l'l:l1,aJly. all NPC who !;r;Kks the P'Cs. would, have to ,00ntir.~~Ur rnru..:e raU:l' faJ; tracking maneuvers QIr, if ill vi:ual m.11.t".J.Ct., lii,alking manuevers • J n such a case, whet:!ever MOIirrlC"aDlc withIn eye~ 0 [ earshot ofth eo J)itrty+ the pes \'i,'Qtlid get a chance to &coverhi:mif they made a li'UCC,t:M]~.pe:rceprio'D [oU. (See Section S,.-4.l of the: MEIil P nIle book: for rno'l[e 00111 these manenvers.) For th purpos~s of dli$, lli1trodl.:ACrory ad1,lmtuu(!. however, WI!: SYg_ge::l[ th.~ GM simpJ:-y 1 r Maim sllIeeess{[!Uy f()UOW he parry.

Never abcve 5.1a~i[lg :l rival, .Ml.Il:m C3l.'l.'if!B rhe wlC:1pom nccdisary to extl:OlCt!:h1t booty rom an unwiul ng foe. His (+]5) rnagl\C shortsword has ,'In invisi.ble bbde whioeh gives; Mslm 30 ,exi1~ b61l!U!.~ (+20 Os. or DB) during the r, rsr round of allY m~]C:<!:. A pili:!:' o.f.!ih-'"C1"l Boots of Le:llpltliJ ell able him eo instantly le:1:p 25 fett in any dil~ec[i[}n '\.Ip to two, times ~. day.


T31m Leech standl> in th~ 1!V;LY of 1;h~ pbCl'~ ~Jrb(jr:h Cigf.t arJld M<Ii~m. The (4th T1i'~) DunlendingR,wg~f W. i6~ guard[~n of ,hIs great~gl·'ll1dfadu.r';5 treasure and now .rcsl,d C;5 in a !)rn ... r~ "~lv¢th;~~ o",<!.doo,b, the rop of the PeU S~iL' (the best .entry to the Low Lak Gll\i'eul). Whih, he h.op~"5, to (;:vmtl.~ally t'IJO'!'t' the treasure toil is home at PedoJ El'jl'l U1 eastern R.nuda1Jlt; Tsam now h[(:1':5 hi$ ume,

T ~i I'll sC;IJ1Gi.s j_ nt!! six feet [11 h,eight <lnd, is strong of bLti,ld. Hs mggrod feature,s, Hgb:c ~e~l1rdt ,Hld long. reddishbrow!'] hair are o/pica1of a Donnish nobleman, '!iUgg!'::stlh,g that T uim and hj$;inc~!:~or Talin Lo~.ch ~pl'a'l~ from n:ryal rocts, 'The R0.l'Iget" s pr-act::i(,'l~ clothes del little i t]5.ti,(~ to hi5 Odl ~tWlSf! ilUP()!>~jlg; (;g~l~"

T ;lLm ·is a 0001. ~l()of]Qflef' who Lost h~s 'wife and dWd~ l'C11. 00 s,icirnr:lil; a secre (;if yea~ al,"'O. His sorrow is d.eeps~ate-d. and dnves him to n:g,ru'd <ln~I,IIl;tlli,. r;r~hei' ib:il;l' M,en, as his best frL€'r1d:S:" His romp:m.tOTI is ;t fr[gh~nmg Wild ~oar (;;nlJed Mt.:!c, ... pug..r;itiJc~O!:i.~ bea:!it i,;,ihc SpOt·1tS fine!.!,'W>i)(rke:d copper ~he;)tll.iIllg on his lO[lg. sh.·i.tp [mho They :111m :flne p;lrtnt'!r,~~ 1" aitn thehl!.lnt~:r, and Muc the gat6- i1:HL Muc likes to root OlbJ:~ 1J,;lb~~ ~l1d.:5t<Jl. b.t=.i:r.y hushes w~ H~ T ;];trtl pbys n'lOIJ,O!'le~nes on h is wooden HHt.e~

T il,Ull.' ~ f1i.ll!:¢' j~ ~.~ dlO1:n. ;11 meeemusienl in~tmlTIC:lillt.b houses fit["Qng magic (~nd serves as ii, +2 spdt ;l!ddel) When pl"l)'c·d.J ill! f(l]!.;, wlt:.hin a 25'radill:l mtlSC [(:i5~t 10 power (I RR vel'.50LLS al..nd Ivl. Ch@:lilInding spell) or thej wiJ]_ become confused and unable 1:0 act (for 1-10 t&)' The R.tl1gci[ Iii. wdl-pr.ottcl:ed ilg~i~~st at1nbmhe$ whf:ll. he is .~cst inmusic,

Besides his f]t~te, T;I[m carries a. pai.rof d~~el's, a hand axe, ;1Irld a (+.20) y~'w Iengbew, Each LS a well-crafted h t'cirioom. borne down tb;L'Ollgh m.any g~n1l'mtuQn:!i, 111t!.dclicion to hi~ ,~.pd]8' they pm'i'ude the Ranger with fI OOIl;_<;iJ.t=fJbI~ ,It·sen~! wi.th Wftieh (0 de{~nd 11;$ 5UPPOSed l~g8'(y,

'GM Note: T(;l~'m ,~mi b{~ &fl',r .Mur ~rr d:.r. PC.' abWiJ<U5I1d~'tr5arit5. wbik .~lm tJ ~ l~n nr;..r{(Mbfc .for. Ml'1l~.11 will tfO Jrmll~ ue pt.M~rJ. \IIliflllbe. rir.dh ~ l~~illl IlItjJ M~, t..J4i li€ hOpes ,rmu t1M h'!.1!!l will. M£.:lIkul tht PO' "111'9-" fNJore r)j~y tJ~;!'u;h. Afi~ aU) it 1.-\!.!:l1nm.(~ Mab!, i, Ill.rk tl\!lIr/), !!!lsio-.

Muc the Boer has hcm a:dd.cd 1[0 illustrate [liro fa.;;:wrs critic..11 to most good ad Y-l!f.ltu!~. The fLr~.t ]5 :thi.lt fom[lL~ ~il:J' ~n hn,tis can be d,tnger~ om andexcitingadversaries whos<c y;,.:ry pre~enre makes ,t setting seemall Itne more real, After ~U, the}! serve as a Hilk ""0 our o.rn"",'OrJd. A ~imp~ e e~CoUIJ]'tE[" witb a potentially n:-ying ;;miHla1 ean be as mech :fun J8 a rl:ttUgglc a_gJ~~~ some hidl::ous creature, We ha:ve .nduded.Muc so that the GM Carl elIlpltryr suchan encounter wrtbQ·iJ~ h~"'iJjg to WetIT)' about the (m.o'stly tandem) rendezvous with animals wh id\ ,are j ilh~1'et'it in ll'lOS1!: seenaeios,

The second facror L~ chat OJ: eombinacion of 00 NPCwi~h an ~nLm[1l] (omp";"ii:!llOn C;\ifip£~~~tTt a serious ,ob~mde,Mo.~n: animals rd}' on Wi!][d~d.QPii:d ::>~'n!5C$ (e.g .• a Dog's: cr, il~ this case, [I Boa.r!s sense of smell) which give them certain adjj'·atlt.age~. Muc" fOl' instance, lnighr, .~iIn.d [ ;~ PC that ncirlrer be 0]' T aim can see, Int'].~f.flt T ;tiDl~·.s eyc.~ Oll'ld wic make up for m~ny ·or Mw::' ~

6ho,rt(omiIl:g~" .


GM Ni:I~ Uillikt Mamr a:nJ IMjl'1J F ~1{lWitljj fftijJr (i.'~<i11y aM tk pes_ He is tM Freud ~J CW~, ~f~:' ",t:nd .r"o~~JJ prow lo lte ta' J~pmu~·.~~5,:1:ry. Tl;e l'G tmlfsl ii~f birf~ (/f.1'if'Mlfy, for Fl!ilrcw~r.r i~ ofiF1Ot11:rj~rfu 0/ a I:llltJ}I:mtd Ill!' ([~~r.ld1'lll"',ditim,tet' w~~~W;'tjhJ't!t ,rm i!i;!i[krw or ~mpteJ&ra~lt.

l~uikwi;g.n is a grinly Nor~hman herder (and ';k_1l lvI

.scaUlt). Once a l0nf:r who h~l.rJt~ ~nd !u,m:l~d in the sonthern C,;.oldfeHs, ~le L!: now a. somewhat pt\C!iB~lIiJW shepherd. H~ resides. Will, his son (A:rt:'wian). F!'~cwli~J1 (Ft~ilcwian's brother), Fnxwi;ln's; MJn, :;lillld E{II'eC Dttn.nish wo1'h~.n tit &~'ih!J:L5l ;I S(JI:i]c;wh:t[ i'(!~~Of(!d. hill in ;:i~] ab~~d.oneJ DlmlcilJdLng hi.Uf(l'rt (5CC Secti,oQn 6.2).

Fuilcwian ,g['e'w up ~n the same hamlet in northern R}mci@:l.lr as Cig£~ B;!Iil'$ ,li'iU:! d-,-t= twoplay~d t.()~ei::be~· ;1I1l cbLJdn:n. Tiu:y \"i'crc oll~y 5ep;uraJtc:u wlren iii. FJo;urty 'Or A~lgIDlftt:LIn (tum frQllll Angtllilr) ,1IL],t,k.¢'d rill; ;;l:ttlt.mt;D~, \V1Jlle 'Cigfa. was lnJured and ]ost her paTent:- in ih!l: fray, Fl~1k1i'I'Lan e~t;~pedL.msl;;at'hil~J, for it [atel:' 1)U~'ned out ~bal:

FL1Lh:wiall'.!i ,~~u IU':f B<1!ti;; W,l"'; tht: ':r;~.Lt:Ur Ihm bl:!;ir,!:Yll:d thl: hm:lllet's m.l5t,.Cig_f<ll has never forgiven ~nyofFutrcwLanJ5 f,'llni]y for BOItis' m.i.sdeeds. Ontlre other hand, FtlikW!l'~L1 and Pte<:wia.l'l hold Cigfm ttspomibl~: fm B;}tis' recent dearh, (&l:i5 'I";'a5 h.ung a:[Gmeth Brin cwo months ago sfter heing reported ~_o;) .Iot:::'ll Dunadsn R;J:ngcr)

Fuilcwian is n o/Pi.c~ Eriadoran Northman: ruggC'<-{ pl:.}ffi;CLlqLl~Et, and proud, His p:nIE blue €foEf>, 'fair skill, kmg b]ondh:01ir. and he:;t!thf beard enhance me ~.mage of a toL1gh but l1QbLe-froniLlel'Sma:l'JJ. St"J!nding 6'6" and never wirJ)OUf his 8["{)u[ (+] S) bro.adswordt he belies the I.m.age of :th~ timid :sh!1:pherd. Of COUTSBc, :In!LlCh. of Fuilrwian's f~mi]y herd :h asbeen a.c~LLjred by t'~idi ilg for, 1 ike Maim, Fu[lcwi~Tl is =In ;i tcoj;J].pli:o;hl!d rustler,

Eu:,:c.ause of his y.ears in. the CoM£eTls. the No,!.'tlmt~l'1. herder knows much ofd'l t F eJI-I~.f1,d. He has OfU.'TI camped on the: nail near .Long Fen ana,. more thaI!. O[lG~" has heard [be Docttl.rn~1 cries of the loons c:ltl Low Lake, Thosewere sohtwy di1}"'Ij,bl'ightmed by i5QUg.:; and tales sp.:mhy pa:~~l]g C3.1I11pfit:e bards. One 'sm::], 8:[00"1' SP()ke. of ,J lost p~101 and, even rlQW. Flli~.cwilltil tt(;ulh hll'w he ~i1t .litiln.LTlg at rhc moon, Io',ronae:ring if the 100m had found the mere, Itwas a question he ne .... ~tpm!;ucd, 1;[IlCt: he ne ... er knew the lqJ;md. oEthe ww RoacfB.andlts or of Twin's TII:asuIIe.

Thisisthe greatest imny In the herd.,d's stolt:]'. Fnilcwt@:[1 even h!lJ it key to rhe v,)uI[ chat holds Talin's Treasure, a hy nh~E: GgC'.afem£mbe:rl!l from their youth (~~£ SEction 6.2 an: #Sf). But.~ gl"wly as F1,!ILJ c.wiw 1:s, he remains oblivi.C1U:;, t_o th~ dt.1~s hI! ~l.I(l1:l.e~lOld.~.

GM. No[f.! S~JJ F~l.ilv.'I'iim t:~'et' di sc iiJ1Ir.r me rom~wiQl,r ~hWcrr dJ£I~I'£ruitrt' .. md r./it lM ltjktJ r!l'l'l;1'U ~mfoul!feJ.ry 110([ If) 1:tGiW."1' (be bMrJ, lk will gatMr bisbtrJt"~r ana k.f~ s~nr ~r/J ~;. (ll~t; n,IIiljli11g the PC' iffort llt'll1:rfy illmnrmur.rr:l'lblc, ~I IiIJf P,w m~w .r(!~,n;/:I1it 10 rttk him !!I~ w{j&!ih'£llG~I!'ng 111l!i:r rillli"r. a-r nwll1'1'ktnl: clii~~~j d~!r rJjftl(ruir;ro with Cigfo:. Tbty ~rffilhr \Wr.I! to itlrilig<' Fu&whm I~or t'l'f.Q.lft a 1!,ruJ rilN1{fo:r 1& ,~!~~,


The .Loorrs if tor Ior~ Fldll'fvoJ:ve'l aeeundthree specific Site7~: (I) I:be La:st Inn; (2) Ma.hn·~ J-]m,I':;i!;, and (.1) !.h~ romple.:t at Low Lak-e by LlJng Fell,

Design Note: 5fiiIT rlit is a ,~!f~wi1rairltd adwhfwtt,rl"':ff is II .iifiullMf S!.!l'ttil'i&! JM~'jli ,I'1J~J Jt"-.llifNriotf, IJ.~ si,i,fcS il1 ktwttll lM!·pwtditr~h.ltr 51'rrff rlie PO J:nt [JJto"7liiWtJ ~~iwry ,Iit~~ jb;iDilily, bs ~. m1Jt'{, m:mnlll $UlUlri~j ~~~ GM jt~J know IDe

.PG' ,i!hj.rrl.lllt, &J.iJ ;.1 jpjqy 1M di_fFIM.lr Jo prtJr/f lkir I'UJlIJ.E, tille} ~~J'QT~ !.~ ~dWm/!m $lin ~!:(;.Jtg !~~ ~J' This fotiH I.~ GM' 1~ fCllrtb 001 1/ \,l:]iFiery if pilaf., providhrg. lioe mf!J.ft pro'Jf.m£.le aJ.ll;.7lj~n ~1111'S cwjt/] t~f1110~! rk~~~ii OJ CllItT.rr., .rk CM,(..,.dll 111'0 m( ~1·~'I~JarJiu.J JesigrJS 1(1)1'' rr-Nmn ~11eJ, QiF ~ CQ:PJ Sf:rrcrpiY '~mU wttl, nfJl flfW,!. IJ


Thi,lO :;IJdvrnttlt'e take;!; place along a route which runs e;a.st and d~C']1 noethesst througl1i ceflltl';U Rhttdam' ill EttOldor" (S~e II:be Flop!!: M~p T:u:l~w.) It ht:giM :~I, d'l~ L':I$[ .linT] :.J:ong the Gtewt: East Road, [ust €iiLSt of [be Last BrLdge wh ich &p;.1n.:;d,e ~oivcr. Mi:i:lh.e:i[h.~.1 (K "I~]o;;'lI~we.U''). From dle:te, the PG jot!ftley to Maim Bairg"~ house, fifty mi]~. east along th.eGreat East Road, After Jeanr.Lllg Maim's h{]m~, l:'he p"tty !-utn:!: r'rom,rhc: f,ighw:'ly !rnd. ,",h~ ihe d.d ,rQ<ld. northeast thrQugh the Trollshaws 1:eglIJ1,., They will calt.€: the: right fork where the road s plits lint}' mr.!.fs to the nortb, avoiL'ilngthe n1Jge citadel <L~ T er~g9s:t



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0' 5' 10' IS'

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Long F ~U is jtI:!iEm:)rd, ofchr:oc l-1:o'.i.I ;,md U~S orse :h~~IJr~d mUl!:.!il ~m;,t ofT ~[~go:st. It ;$. b~11 days travellby foot froln the Lasr Inn, The' cliff itsdf o"IJ€1;ioob the tlppe.r P01~[G:n of theruve-r &ul'f\~r1; Low Lakereses hen~"dl t~e groiI,Jrld akmg: ir,s !W1.l1!'hC'fll e-dge.


Rhudaur .~5 apooll' and dal1gEl:otIS land. Overrun by [he Wi'tch-krng of Al1gm.a.f in J 409 of d-I~ Th'ru Ag~, its rugged. i'lnd. 'h$J!v'ily~~Ii'ClrJdcd bL8hr:ind.~ We:i'.,. ~H b1..:!!~ depo.ptnb:tctl Long ago, Now, It: is a: wLld~ertllbory, .Few v€stiges of the old Du:ned.1i!l Kingdom re:m<li t'hone ofthe most ~UiCilbr;:o: hci ng the Last Inn :by the Last Bridge.

The Last Inn is a rdatively modest srone hilVE:llwhich fOlTIl:S the eastt~'f1~'t1OS~ wa:)' ... srarion ;j11ong the nlli,ce-b~y Gf.r:.~t 'E.l::;t ROj,d. It is the ~I::ji~g¢ of ttav:ekni .• I-mJ:l[£'1'3, herders, and ;u:!.venttn:.frslivlng[ll. or jm .. lITIl1"ying thrm:lgh, Rfludam'. WI:~h(J1It 'Illy cempetiuon fl'o:m~OWli1SQl"lIalag .. ~. t:he: inn serves as the [oms fDr JDC@:I oomm.E'U€ and cultnre,

A ~vo-!i;rory:tn<linbl...riIdmg 'widt an att<l,ched shop jnd. :;:r,~.hI~s comprises dill! U -shaped inn complex, It .. :mrrQlIll(!.~ a gi:';lSty ootitr.y:a.d ..... wheJ['~ dt~ Wdr-5['~dl1lcl well 5it~rn :;l placid, mmfOLi:~h[e ~ttit"l:g. The ma;n door faces away hmn tb;~ l'~i'dat1it court alld look..li ,our. on Ithr. Gi'ei!!t East RC\lItt

A~idf from the oultb~,jIdln.g;. the first RoOl.' of tb.~ inn contains il£~~\rrl!~9dilit~Qn .. <;; for til ~ 1 nflk~,eper' s falnj'!y, as well ~Li> ;t kit~ben, n tavern, .~ prln.t~ IQ!J)ln, <L l:)~I:b]ic J:'QQJn. and two Q.u'uinM booths, Two Iarge commanal g'Lle'st J~i1H~ and fOil,.1twiJj.-h;:"b~d pr]Y,ll'\:m~Jm:;. oo,tnpQ5f t"h~ up~tair~. Thick ,C;1tpct:S andmpC!iulif:i>,hmry w'ood beams, ;!i[l;d It:dd:i5h. stXlnf' ltm.d the place a warm air.

A h.'lJfmdooa:. ~Q a dO:l:~£'1 patrons [odg~ 'l[:che L"st J.!1II~ 'Ie allY gl,~el1 time, Some aflt IL't<Jvdtngmcr,r:nanrs or '"tfvel1~ ~lu~r-I,\".hil," others are k'C<l:1i:: hnnters, (rappe.rs. hel'd~!s. :!Jrbd the like. AU enjoy the Lnl.1'rydn~ hc:>pit!1.li rr.y () F the chll'll;ty, forthright Gmmm family. Togl1:ther with their L:W'o SOIlS (L€cMon and Puil) nnd.th r£~' d:i1ughtre:rs (M:inna.

&nrii,=, Jnd. Gr~?fa), Rubh GrnnlIn.ana his wife Buta tUIl [I comfonabl~ and em eiene e!lJE~M:lllhmi!11~"

GM No~; H1~J~ ll~ !'1111 I~D""I'lrfllry h~. ~. 'l;'(lri~J~'lfd nuIM mndi:Jltl rotl.xlfoJ~ I?:fI~JPs! r/;.nr'li.;.;4 m JiOr Ii#Hrc'Jflrio, rt;r. cripp&-J B~rJ Cifgfl.. lmi:tg lJ(fUf:{fS Me prlll'fl~£ fOOi~1. At.ltlJ.ikr roam is rllk~tl by oil ~rrflt' taad 'MtIJ'Aoi!Mrh, ,!Jjtti()W Wfu [1111 be, ~h~ PC1 wab ,1)ry Ji:r«I'i>D:l'ls or tr~wl!i.rg tips they 1:!'lJgJ,1 ~~, Aforrldy r:ffo .. fIfr mid~ if I O!l~ rff th~ rom'rl:trJf!rMd JlU~f W. JHf~~uirf, Ld ~y r.h.r. dt/tsl .ft'm A~J, !:I lill1'c/;'nntj'rotll ~hr:

AmM~i V flitr!)~ !bty 3."nrn'tlly k~ to J}Nm~ft!~>. ne i!l~jry o.Jkr Vf;iUJ:r !:,r, {! httdtr IUlnwd GrorJ:1!~, Gmml ~J a p,'iw,re t'OOI,H .rmJ. ~prndf bio t"L'm~~~ ilr .r/~ IlIwrrt A>upiMg <,i;1'!1'~(~ ® C:!fi~ Maltl! Il(l~ pry~ bifH_fot- ~h& "I.i~N, ~piMJl t" J~"srgw:r tiM!. fl/J 'WOml:l~lJ$ pla:m with 1l'&mi to dx trMs,m? (Ma1fn .u\.~iu 'WOrJ..i'J Ms ulnrp' l'I~r[,J)


I, S:tahi~, Tbe ~table- comp~.exi ncludesninehorse :swU<;, a grain sreee, imd ;'L small :>Li1 ithy,

2. Shops. Here the two G~unul1 sons handle most ofthe inn's repair work. The: shops 'indIliidt: a c •• .tp'r:llt~r\ :o;110p,,:L cobb!I;:."~ b£l1.ch, a mill!ng, Vl'Jud, a I~the[working table andl [Dol store,

J, Grn0:rai stornge,

4. :Kitihen. The large ki:rcn en js su irr.d 'W pr~p~r:a([on of meals fOI up W thj~o/ people,

$. Tnv~. This zozj-nook i:Hh~ l1.ilJumofloC<ils l(J'okIKl@ fO'[ a hit of gossip- and drink, .Bf.!ild-es rhe Inn's gtH'-St.5, there are between Ot'lf: am! si;,: local fo·rk here -eVotty ev~nirlg ltflltil rlre .ev~ .... hour before midnight (11:00 PJ]l,).

6, Ptllj~k ROClTll. The main doo:t' opef!~ inw· ciJ!;: p~l:blic roons, whlci~ is [l~au::d. by abr~e stonehearth (thsr shaees d~.e ChLITInE:Y wrth ;t c"Q'LU'l1Iel'p~!'[ if! the k!td~.e'n). A b:Iir dcminatcs one wrli.L Four small tables .• r1i'!'() s:qtJMe and tWO round.permit quiet dining, A Ia!:ger table seats p<il:tie-:s of up to rw-clve,

7. Private Booths, Cllrt~in5 shidd these alcoves f[lorn. the public room.


~- -~~-
Ml!I~(! M}~!ljle MoO'
Nan,,,, l,,,l Hit!'! A.T DB Shid~ Oil 08 btl N.g!,~.!'
Rl.ihhGilmm ,j 66 N", 0 N ,641:J S51b to E,riarlirn::>n W~niQ\l'. 1[1l1k[!o1'pr~: of tb~ Last ]1111.
Bm'll GnJmm S of Nco 5 N 4Sg~ 40:;11" 15 Et:i<\c~~i"I A~1lml.~!:, 10 Flps:, .!',2, ;.;[M~t, "" JOBS, ·1·25DS,
bmw:! Anjrn':;'~ sp~U lisra &; S~rjai'r W.,." IlLlbh'~ l!fi(~,
L~ddDII Gnl:n~", 4 4.5 1\lc. TO N 7fu.. 600:;p to Eti:!.iIli;JT'afi &.o'I¢, Rl1bl/ s {it~T son,
.PUt! Gumm 25 N~ 2D N .}O© 4.Qsb 2.5 E1;'i~dto<~m~, R~~bl:;'~ s~(~nd, sou.
Mrml;ll. G;i,'!lll'IJ]! 2: 23 N", W N 2S"1~ 2.(41[, 15 E.l'i"Ih::<[·~I!IAn[m~">1:.6 pp~, -I- I add~l". kno~ .i'.IhJ W~~
Slf!rjoi~ W~~ PI"'"I M.ill''7' ~'61\5. ~.:aDS. R,d!.b'"['."~ &,jghrn;r.
I1mi"i.io€ Gtu.i1·.I'h 2'" N" !O N 2()d!~ 40.:<~, 15 &i...~<lf;J!<in &<>~I\I;.l~nhb"~: ~NOlLd dmgbL.,n,
GJ~r~Grumm t 22 No ]5 N 45d~. ~>Osh 20 Er!<ldClt"~il &1')1 11:. R~1Ll/~ duird dMlgb.toor.
M~ihol!,jd1 .3 '!j() No l~) N B~p 6Jcp zs [)unkndLng'Scout, .>\ :!~~t ,ll~IJTIU:I!'.
Al;!ld .5 5,] a. IS I'f SObs 15c:p IO EI~i'l\j(:iI';m Seour, A!~ldt1.lIt f[t.lr~1 '1;111:: ,,'I\iild~.!t'ly'OlI]~f':r,
'Gronll. ;,; so Np 15 N '}5~p 5llil ,W ISrl2ld.:>r~1'I Scour, A iocai h<'t.:k<r. Sr,t~,rJn;,Q" rJ f&: L4~( bm

'.: ·0


S. Downstairs I bUl.my, This passage conneets the pl:lhhc 1.:001:11 wid~ Ihe stairwell an.a a r1 e:-;iI to th!e' wlu;ey:trd., The pri.vJt~ rO<l'.m~:l1!d tl1.~ irmk€iZ'~T'5 qu:!t"tel';s open onto {be hal~",,":'1".


9, Si~i~!l

ro, Upstaiu H:J.hvay. ThL5 hall QP""115 onOO fOlII' pri.vme ;5Locst ~.·OOi1T1Sr l'i\~Qb[\ger ecmmcn ha.ITs, ~nd. ;'I h.uoony,

1. L COilUIUOll Hills. Thes~ two lru:~r!, infotnt;jJ chamhl];ts prlf"lq~ lodgings: fQ[ the less diiicrhni 1lJ~.ritlg paJtro:l1s,

f2. Peivace Gi.1JestR()~. T~cscfottrru01TlS accomodate o.!1le to f<),~t!:' gtl.M1;,S, Two~~~jl! 1:;,~~tt:hS.

GM Note; For ijlQf( \lif r.~ lAW inn, 5tt ~hr,. ~d1J'fil~ il~ tk frlfRP ndes ~ooJ

GM Nere 1~ PCs ut.<l'y Mih 1'0 MI1.,'I:!jrom lk L!i):t Inn I~ LO'18Fdl ~ ~y if dlr: l;f,rJ,ffFlfihrl~u 's ool>m, f:t~:rhr...m ~ it [biUhoorllri~,!J r1Cigfa&iTg~Jid, .~Jr~h jhc J3!1n:l arrJ rhe brJt'f' now hal! illn!'~1J.,t&r, C:;gfo: k:m,'1\1;11 IJmtl~ilC\lj)~ UJi,ghl fufp d:.e PG, IV"" aJ( FuilcWj'a:rr ~mlt' liwd ill Ihf sowbtrn Glij.r.llr) :fH lk~mt Wbtrl If", l.cw .Rearl &ml#.1 tj.lprmd~ liwd Ff.ola~'a1.r a:lso Uj~...wI:J:i'lglJ. }i'!1li~M ~~ kry (rei" #& bslMv) ~t1 * va!~!\t ""'hidJ ~W~ IitklJ 'j: T 1¥.J:2:fij-'i"t~ .. (Sm ktwJ'l 5.4 fo~ In~ ~iHnJ: F~[ift.t,vj!i;')

.'\ "

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~~ I ". •

I ,- "_- .-.,"

~ I -

Il' S' ](]" i~'

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• L

FLtiJcwian tn,e Herd~ ~jd.es glt gefIJhul~, a ]l'lrti<1[Jyre~ srered smite h~lT ,<;;et i.!~ dt~ i;,';~'lIl'm:Jt of i10J ~b<t~('jn[lclDPmll~h hWfQrt, Two conoenmc earthen wa& :mL'll'OWia. tIl!!! ~1,ppo::1' polt:lon's of the ~Lrnced lim,. rlu,: Olt~y rel~ll)ii!O~S af Wr1il!~ ~ ouce a fot'ood.ili!c' fenress, The Ehe:> called. t:he ~L~ C;nJlli Jill T en:.gnIl,:H. vll.c "'C[--[ill)City by the TroU1'r"Rtu," S[IJ.C£ It was built upo.n a steep heigh!: b~icl.c one of me f\i1IO 1.1:tg"csr tlWI:t5 bern in ~1(' Trolilisi.lam. Lying only a few mLl.es sotUJiH]fthe Great East Road ( and Q'n1y fm!it'W!li]~ north ofl'vbllCil R~d1:g'$ ~r.}~he b:JlI'>'l1 enre cornl:tlL;m.dl1:d'ltWO :gr~ <lvmne'3 of trade, Tod;ry.Mf:~~ shy away f1lo:L1\ ~1f: grass: 11il1, fOI: it i_" (QlrJllidere.d a hauneed PWIT,

F~t:i.I"Wti:~.I1J and his eDmp.-ltriots are happ)" to hiJ~ b!.!lllnd rhe mystique that shroods d'l df~o:rIi1~. Fr;w dm.rc to ventere dCl'sc' ~'nl)~~h to bother them. and those chat do a~ l!atlily f.oQl~ Q:~ disp"ltC'h~d FUi:ih:wj"'I'Ii'.s; ehi.ef r:h()f'e i~s k~t:pillg his sma.H ~l(:'rd (If :d.~ep and C.1tt~.~ fromroami.ng QUit of the endavcarop the: r'li:Ufort, SnKl.roe [mIn th~ ooo.king '!ires. is 111initnj:a~Jby usi.ng the proper rnlx. of dl'Y w=d, ;ami. a b[aE': dye is ~.dde;d t.o giv;t !t ;l Ocl1C'fwoddly CQi1~,

GM N~te; Nale, rk farll.i~ '_f mJf<tmr_for t'''J'll",iJ~i:r~ hidJtl~,.Ii .impl£ du~ Nke ~InQi.'£ jt'IJm afrn Lilli belltl)' O~t~~S prlsmet.mld lo~ri()t't Ibis (1p,tksto t~JWJUU!W:1 I;>lllrrCOWj ar:rJ,~ pal'lJrif 1''0 sl"Ju/J iil.k~'lITe w~'lb mry d,flo1il ~flhtir tJ~ily r~J"l/.l'w. S"ii(t thi£ i~ a stli!1'tij~' tlJ;""rl~~m; I't~ Qf wliJ.b! j'i!\(It w;d ~O- ~~ a. '<I~\1'Wfl' flY ~ "w'~'fJ ~.l tlllk l?G! ~Vt'l'.1,i&bt1,; ~()'l'i,.'t!,\IT, it ~1f.H ttl pai1l1 ouil&r tJmssity 1 mrl'1l£nin,g ~ff. ?f t&. rep~r,r:rIl#i~J~ t:f ~wry flCrW'fJ. EWM swr~ifj'glJ irmOeUt!lf.t.f 1U!1i,~iiif:~ {~1I JtaJ l& t.!aIWro~f r:ml,ll~. S(.'I, if you, ami ~l .tMP,C~ J'Q f,5rapr~fh 1l: "'il£ll-~tmteiw«J Juf{y Itn,.rrlITl T,w,l.:'b diryt.lst ~.mless ~r&;f'Wr~{morhji~d,

An a.~·el'~ge dm.}':l:t Benh~Ii.'i involves il bit of hel'dil1£ and tbi~'I.<ery and end;!; wLth a simple feast, The sevea l'~!;idf'nts-F[t~kwt'lri and his. SQn A:tcwi~n. Arcw~affl'~ wif~ Ba~d~, Fti;ilcwi ~n' 5 brother FreEWia~~! Fr6!::WL:1n':S &l:}ll. Nds jrld hi5 wife Coedfa, and a se:rvant gid naened Cimra:---sfla]'~ a !'cl~o[-'i'e]y ""~.$yli:fe .. Fuikw:Lan 01" FI:e:cwian blke turns tendmg the sheep a!lldle;lding the bQ'}'~ on nocturnal raids, w.oi!e the vola,,~Je BQ~!<,! oversees the' three CCl1l'l'S. Cr>l!df1l: I:mtllag~ tIle hO!~lSe:hll1ld wic-h~:lte aid of }hOlll'l;£ Gtnrn,

Every fi'~lrr:h W~~ (excepr .outing 'Winter) el'el:YO'f1~bttl;.

PtllLkwi,alll d:I:.1;'es ~he'smalI1]il:rd d'o".,'UulvCJ[tD a 5(;'dud.:-d.gJm by ~he River Brutm:n. Lh~ Qhj fam~Y!wlne~ite_ Tl~~j:e, they fish, picnic, and meet with other close fal:tIlUy menabets. Fuikwiafl ciree!. of ~:b~(:affOl_m. Iongago, so .h€ 1\e'.IFl..'trm: .tt lknh:lli:; ;mel. gU1uiis th~ bdongings of his b!:100d.

GM Not~·~ n~ p-d~k ~ffllft; '?f fl\l,[l'~'l 0/ FUihfcm J~ _,g:i'Jj;j,'p ,rJ,I&!Wf~k Pu ro _Pltrm:y ~"B,tli/}J~is <1~r1jiu, Ilrrry (lfI~ NPC U~iliC prcpt-r ~ltl'ji:tl5', b. lJQ Ca~! fm.~ J'l,jifcwhm wM/r he i, ~Jol'l~, 1Mt ~fNlI![d bt .00 pro~lem, Sl'tle! tim sJIrrl oj ~~. ,:uJvmlm't t:Orr~Jl'Ol1Js "vull rfJ~ mLUi:~1)~ &1 #;m"inj! o/Fr.!ikwirm 's ki~l, I:M a 1~()rIJMfj'cU1~rio, b~l<;n'ff, 1& GM m~ sf.1 rbe st~ulliit wdl rlk! • .J 'rif jiJr.rl.", SCI r&!I' Jhi. PG nmsJ ~'m .. ~~~~ lhe :ro«Mj~~ i!ltR,mhlli~ (&r re~ Of! lw:-h) i~l ~rdfr Jb f!I\Ioo,'d o!')iI(C'~jjj"i:rw most oil'!" OIl{ rif Ih :rf!'t':t :t£VG1l re~:i,/gm s,


.... M~iN Hall

~ 1,["Nll!o[)f.e~, !>1;,fbl~1

f 0'


I. M;cl.n trait This ancient road (O[u1IE'OQ;: the Bl'Udnen Valle}' to the south wIth the Great East Road :ll1d, ultiml~te:]j'~ the: town of C;lll'l~th B,:in. It W~;I; once a bury tt;l:dk route, hut r,:10~\1 it is ~l ~ddom-used. tra,ir.

2. Te~e,gneii (Trolhv;ltle'l') Fol';L1. .. , he i>wduj'-mo,,'lng i;'I'\I'ltl;:t~ of the' stream r.nak.~ O~:;! 1]j8~ l;read~erou;s". r:; Yen! the for-d is ru.nge["O'lllS. A f:ilI 1l'1lthe: l'OcKY S.tI't-,Li1ii '!'I'm ~:e;sl!h 1.1[1 r.hoe Ylctmll. talking 1- 10 hits pJ!J~ + 25 (~!:) atta:ck on the Grappling ilIIIe! . nb!l. {;.Lng AttaCk able ( AT -6).lf fh~ PC':;~I~f:: the find, it. is a Hard man f'kWIT on the Nl.oviJ1g' Maneuver Table (MT-I). SJ1ou1d t:lle pes C~'O$S elsewhere, r.h 'y must make an E;r,:tretnely [-bl:d man uver, The ford irsdfis difficult to disCIITIl,.5o the PC...:; wi'll need Eo :m]J ~. Hard (= 10) pereeptionroll on rhe 'statL{" .Manwver Ti'Ilhk(b.1T~.2) ill orderto SPO[ die propEr crossing point. 3, F!,!tll(;wmn· ... Hill. This cotnlltll.nding height is tcrnce~, ~li.mi QlccLl'[Picecl bl' d:l~ remains ofa Dunrush hiJlfc·rt:. A d,y moat surrounds r:h: bottom ,af the hill. Anoth~l moat eird.es the hill a.but), - h, way up the side, A 11 [gh earthen 'i'lfaU Iies in be[WCimtll.1Z moats, AI: the top of th ~ hill ~bolll' the second moat, all10th er earth~w.a1r 'ris~s, If served asthe ,kfendel's' fi.Ii1!O!.I, dC{f;n:o Both walls were once crowned wi.h wooden pal i sacl~.~~

,4., Gate -mll!.U. The isclln:hwklrd,.faci11_g g~te is th~ on ly entry to the TiiUfort. Here, the trail :swit: hes lxld: and forrh up the h&~idc.

5, S!ltIUtIJ[ 'GO'l]nlruOI:l (L4uilcwian'~ p.a.5tum). This oi'"a~ f1cid rovers [he hill's summit nnd now ,s_€~'BS as. a pa!ltm~e rot F!.Ii1cwiala's sheep a.InJd cows, It OIfiQ:. served as the: rownsi re for the: Ii iJI fOolil:\S DlnIe:11,d!i.L,.g resid.ei'hl:$_

6, BtDhl1~s (Fu,mc:wi."lf'i'.s ho~].t\.i':)' This rude stone comple once served a. .. the fine lodging fOlnt Du.nlen.di 1'I'~rh [f'f~lfl and h [s retainers. rt L~ clflly p~"rti<lUy resmred, but j t remains quite co·tnfuottabl€'. A description of its dHltlliJ!;[5 fOUm'l'"s:

<1., Mail] lJ.1!.11 ,. This 20' x20' chamber i~ no .Ionge!, roofed, It 0 nee served as an '!:.fItry lull and. greetil1g area for the Chiefram, but il is now simp~t a colll:tymrd whe:re the horses are st;lblll:d,

b .. Gr,elIi: H.'111 This 20'x40' chJlflber;s rhe main dIIling.and.em.erta.in!llg ;l.re,\, The wooden balconies that Onee en .ii'dcd the uppe.r walts ha ..... e toltl!d J''II!'JY, TVI'O great unlocked u;)k dOQrs gmu:d. t.~e tLntry, A wo]f.shaped door knocker decorates each sidle of ear:h one. Th.£y serve as, a m am; of 0011:£0)ling intruders, Unless elthr.:t one is pul1~{L a pair of Sl'Oli1JrS cO'!7eri.ng tl1.ii:' '6lxo' ;,'I:t~<i, in frord: of the door [nil away.relle:dii'lg ~1 300'1 :PIt;, The :stones are h,inged on a. c®.ntt:rwelghfred spr.ingl!llel::haJii~ro, ~n they swi'~g~k tiff' tQ their ol'iginal P'L,)5i[i(l~ (and reset) ;;fw: depositing the l'icr:iIt1(~) .In thr pir nap. VictllJ'U receive;l +30 (Me-dIm) FaII/CnI!J1-i ~u:a~k (se.e T <J:bk CST -2). [n order to sp01; the: rrilp, the PC llltLSt miLk~ a 3me:dll1l'l1 (+0) roL~ {)Iii !:hI[ Statie Mano('uver T,:ible (MT e2), Dis;a'crning the trap Iii it Hanl (- Toll) tuitm:UVfT.

GM Not~: PO ]tj~M~' ~nr( ~h~ dow kW:Jrlit1' ~r ,brrJ\'l jh,r h"oJIF !tifWl' .rr:rt,~tii~ l!x GrlJ~f H(JJ~ Ituies! J:'~~ilcw&1~1 b~rtm!!t Of (II. I1rJoo.,._forx1l 'l.~djP1in, In MJert() tltgolia.f¢ (~.irp.p, thePCSIlIM fiHt spOI lhe ffj~d\lf.ni~lrl Idi,'lt' 11 P£1'ITp#Ol~ roN cr ~ry 5fU(,'g_ f~ rff. rknrl 1'f.ry ofmut ~flQ.tr J1'mnll or l:>ri4' [h, rt'lW, oIl.l's~m{1rg

l~fj' '" \Ii! l'ia-if~U1'fJ owl doat a J1'Jfi pull !II! tile Jwr krrwh"r wi '1 k jIll? }VWf, tba~' rhe l'rrlp <ilr.l~;gM O(J~'ll!Jt: doiJfj( tm)\o'frJ,.f' (I l.If(Mm $iI~"~5ift.l& Qi'\11Ji"g lilt. d{Jtw:j~r E,I1q~gh bif,Qrr ja{[i)~~ will1tr.rmil' ;;)Wm ~O pill. ~m!ttJdx..J. .(i{IUt We trap rt.fttl: a1~1 !.1M aOO1' dll'em't rr~d to lM li.lO'];Y"j !1:t!y mll'!':oV.

e, Kit(hen.. A p8ii~~ of crude- woki ng cb.itnney~ dcminate the 15'.'\15' Ioom. The nook in tIl - fat comer houses a deep well, 'vll~ch is lJrotectc-d ' }' a (\1st)' wood al~d. brontJ':~ dQQr.

d, Pr:i\'ies, ,~ lIfQ stone sltOiftsc :stun serve the resi dcn.fl';_ e. Frullcwi:m" s mom, Once the Ch Icftail1' S [-[:111, this I5'dS~ chamber now houses FULlcwi;m~E1:l :mil. his ooHec.dor:l of b-Jorv.l?uikwi.iJlil h:lt> a. ch sst. fJJ.ed wLtn coins (30 gold pi~oes and moo silver pieo:::es) J.i~d jewels (tell jcwe:l,t; worth about 10 gold pi~ccs ""pi(loe). A pair oflb<oxeil lie ul1,demI!D'cl-i b is grcl!!t oak bed, One l'oltls.an .;ru:h<'U!Jtcd black n'OI1 Ring (a +2 Cll."l.A dimg spell adder), the othera + IS Long Bow, Arnst)' key l~;::~ l;I[lrI.~~.he sl.!k thatcaressesthe bow,

GI\of Note Af'i'Mr~m!~~mmpo"ltllltl t,~is key is J1(1jjar~; ¢J.1t ~f l'nf.' ~~ret.krys m~1dr. cjIJ,tkcldl1t. tiM J(JOf I~ IN wulf thai 'j~l~ T.:Il!nj;; r~ilj:rr, (S(t #7 ,In Sa"lion 6-3) The TICs 1J,'(qb: rtmt~ijkcf I'~l, if 1111 ikm is rtJl1.1i~ly fibt., it mWlf b.r 'I.l'(lub Ii2MnS iilDl1!l' Atlol.'ht1 h", if/his 1.J;pr. is {n tbt jXi.uesdrm 0/ T",fm Lu"rh (~Str~mm·)_J ~i'j~ G,3)

£ Fr,~q,~i3l1'~ :H!ODI, Prli'cy,ri:tll lives in WhiU; ..... i1![1 once an amlO!1' Tilt I S'x 15' room has "I,1a!Ls C(lvered by ri eh t.lpesn].es and :L~ the most romfot,( b.lt:' ch;mli:rr'f' ill the home, ,eX!e~pr. tnr its lack of wLflauws. Frecwian'streasure -[;5 stored il"l a seeret 5'~'x.S' ttook behind til .. 'bed's l1eardbo<!ird. It ~:s V ~d)" Hal'd (-20) to percei ve (~!&i= T "bl('MT-2) • and is l'eached h1 sliding the bed to tile side. l:t contains :D hag ton~in[n{!l 25 gold pii!.c~, ;lhundle hold.ing dme gem.~ (each won:h 20 go[d p ~ece:s). 1tnd ,1 hruwhidl l-mlcls a. n~c:kim:e wOil:'!;h 5 .' old. F ieces,

g. A1r'wi .. ur's room, ArcwiM ~nd his wife Boeda QC:cupy this [j'xlO' 1:0011:1. Thty mt:."i'"i;:[ b,yE' any valuable!; fll;n;,1i!Il(t:i1:l'enArcwiall disttrls . E=r, c.wian and rLuikwi'lll,

h. Ne[s'~:oof.l!!l. Tile 15';oo:l(1' chsmbee is hoese to Neb and hi,o; Wife Co. d{;;1.. he·il' rea=mcly d~ei!';I~cl Jng Nydbng:. slep[ in dle !,ol[(lW in th.~ oll!Si.de w[!Ill, guarding the secrct ~lry I ~CB:rr: r-p!Llt'e" The hQilow I~ Ba~r (+20) 1:0 :5e'e f!Om (he inside, bur. .... 1I:l"relll.e.iy f-b:ro. (-JO) 1;(_ :s,pm from th t: outsi dt:' ( tl.~e Peroecptiol1 MJlS On T:tbr~ MT-2).

i .. Cimra':s.mom. Here the scet:\la:mg1iri notmaHyl.L.·es in misery. It WilS una: ... [oQ'Qt cellar.


D~~.ign Note;.: Low lAk i1 ~'~'sry. ihe. f?G' uINm1illlpl, Com1til1~.i wi!"kLtmg ill!. ffitlmd~.!ll'i;)!ma tl"J'af 'iii spa:t~I:U&~f' '~I!1llf lr,f JI!'I~n ~lI;Q'''' 'j.{lI::wr~·ljwlm!ftS ~D 0'~iJ!.~ s~ ?/1},!(mJfJr al~d grtInJcu~ tltJpksiZltlt!, lh4tifJemW Flt/ti} ""'iiltJ~rl~ ~n: 1jtl"j #r:tfplymqJf'!frf~~s r;j 'lIlrt~rt':r"WI'l ~t. 'D;h maA-a II MftilW fi:U tbe mt1<r:t "~~l(jffttf2J:f~[b'~ Jj ~"'j!bli~ t& p.~.~ "' rdal('~"O Ibt PIf,:t m~d rlM~re ~K!pruyJ their J.ijlMl{~

J..oNG F~Lt

Tille- key to .find:LIlg Low Lake is, of CQu:ts~. Lo.ng ,FeU, ;'i..s"bll:l':T grey e!l~l'Ltpfner.it whi~h o~Dob ·~h"Ri.,,~:r BriLti.n·en about wrty miles northeast ofRi.v,gncldl. It L-;; m~ ii:np!O~ing he~ght.. \Vhat a:ppea:rs to be it t.h'~ee hundrf':d foat dtLff. however, i~ aci;:lJ;:lJ]y .~~ .~;I.I"8'~~' for ~hc F,;n d~~$ .fi·vc bun (hoed. feet f~:(lm Its true base hyLow Lake" The l.ower ('W'O hUl1cli~ FQQt. ~~(:tiOi1 of the w~n reaches into ~be cavernthar lies along !(j scmthw.e~mrn sidcemd~· 9bQ\!I:~..-;d by tht :surrounding wrrain (seethe LPng Fen ,t;Q,SSs€Gtion). Only a 5hnllJ-sh:rulldcd,1lL\·-.fQot VI,Id!l; Q:rI:!11n~ ,a.long me cliff's ed~~ provides a link berween rile' uppel and .!oweT portions or~hlC Fell.l1lu;, crevasseserves as d1C princip'1.i i!:ntryi:rlto Low Lake Cavern, (For [non': on thf ways i.l1to the cavern, 5~ S~~Cltiol.Q 4.3.) The: souud (1,f Leon-calls echo(!S dll'Ot~.gh the crack each ev~])ILIli~, betr a y .. l:ngd:ne'ptescnteof srHt freshw;l.t~1tbtlow. Thesebirds can b~ hC"~rd ::l n'la~ :H!,':lV •

. - - ... .. (

Aaxai.1 turn; ~:1ltl[ljg rh;:: base of me Lo'f~g Fd and crosses Sf.Jllfth:watd everthe R:iw.r Broinen at a ne~rby fQ~d. jl,lst he{01~e thjs h:lIjf mrs south an.d. ~,way from~he fl.trlk of th.!':

Fr:lI, tllL~Fd[ :Sr~lr appc!ll:s,li.ke a diag-onal sear k.l1ifi:ng ,1cHJ$S the- diff fac~ "M'o~t W~1:'ld,~rer.s see the: staircase M nOlh illlg .mor.e dl ali"'Il a great. crack ;n tIle' g1'ey g[an~te and g:i'i'~ i.t .lit"ltkLl(l'tLCft. [It: b here, hQwl';~~r,·':bjlj(th9~e i~ ~t'''j'';~ of the Low Lake should leave the-road am! head toward ch~ l!ipot: wh~~'~(:he !l:~ai!case appe;al.'s to meer the base Qfth.e e .... CiI.tiPIntnt,

1" T:bcFj~ll The dlff~s n. fiv,t lmnJred fOoQt high·gl: s mite facclrLs!.ng [tom the shore of Low Litke <lInd (Ailitt~11I3dng ile tht; ~-QP of fit] :Ol:it(ropp~ng c.1Heci 1.;:'ell'sBl'ow.

.2. The: Fell Sl1lk. Be.gb~~lllg behind. FdJ'~Brow,mhLs [WO [lJot wide sraircase ci:~ts di;igol"laHy ilCI'OSS the djff{~ce, Once itl!'e(l.(.he~ the mouth of Low Lake Cavern, i~he ~0LrCa:5G d(;;$tc:nd5 ina , ... Xtif!:!"; of winding,~w~~chbach, The ba~t:: of [he stalfS i!; 0111 :i rocky be~.ch bC~lde dl,e tmcier'&1"~'lund pool It il~ ,1 FI;trcl (~1O) m.anru\l'l!!l' to stay onr.he smits IlIflJ(l.cr good. oondh:iom Whcl\ It i$ stonny or ton dark, naY'e.r on the stE!p& is Extre'ff1dy .H.Jrd (-30).

3, Ca'l'e.r.n mOThth" A sixJo(]!t wide opening tl:l'ffi fot ;;i.bQ!.;f~ duee IUjj.~dL'ed f~et, ~Ioag th~· l !ne!.!.lhei'e the Long Fell wot!~d. rlu£maUy merge \vith the sun:ourlding ]"ifld:;C3.pe" The Pd!. of com.'se, d!l:s(ET:mls :l.noth.et rrwohuilldrecl £eet below the CaLVerD lTIDllJith,

4" T<!imL.11~dll'& ,.l1iv~. T;'IiLll L.Jedt ~l1dhi~ WiItI. Boa.1' Muc (!:i{:e Scrdotl 51,3) .live in t.hls 16' deep. 3' wide, S' c,tU C~Y<i!". This cave's ope:n:ing is IOC<lted j'U~[ above ground level hu~i[ 15 oolilletaled by J tree which groW.5 Ci~t: of the sid~ 'Of l,ol1g Fel.l,mak:Lng it H~['L{ (-W) lo pl1:rcei~e. T;;!h1:'1,'S eave O"l.\'"e::rlooks thf: po.rllt Whel1f: tile Pd[ St:aIT d~.sn::nd5 into. Low Lake Gv-rr.!ilJ thTIYIlgh t:hr: c;t""~fn morr.h. Since me r;.re¥a:sse wh~.cb serves as l1)t:!'Llth 1:0 .Lo,w Lake Chl("vem l$ (lIlly ITvO f~¢t wide wh~~k P@$ .. ses T:airn's cave. T aim <J:IIlid~ ~1C can cross the mouds with a short jLlnYp (cl\e faU, of OJlI,.l.rs.e.l,i~ J()I:1I! ycwQhlll1ciLeci ~et).

GM Note: r.~tm Ot.Mk.: avt Q~~ ~l t: h 7.5%;if fbi 6mtm,r roll,!! () ( - 75). S.b014"JJ IflQ" ~~, alerted i"O .h, 1'W' f"f~m~r J&y will wait iFf mnb~r.l'b, mtaJjng ~~ rfJt PG Flf.1rl ~"I1 me Ftll St'rJh", (Sr-r 5?'tfit:rfl 8.2fr· 1'lj"r~Qrr fi'!AJMrl!m wilh[lltJllJ


Anydescent into Low Lake Ca~'el'.n is treacherous, Strt:p and on~r avetag;ngtwo fc.'l1't in wl.d.tbjLfu~ F,~ll Stall' L1l" a dal1gel'C(TIlmmtt'I:LC:t.lt ilhoul.d never betaken H:ghdy. btlt it is cl1~ Qn~y way dO'l';l"n, ~hon of.,. d.r.op a.Long a rope O'f 11. iii ve through mid air.

Th¢: LoW' Lake j~ J d~<u' .• d~~p pool s.haped like aS8'V€"]i'I,. pointed star. But for th~ isbnd at i'ts center '-ind .• pair of rocky 5hdvg"~ th~,i'. serve as t:h~ JOW~I' h:nd~ng.s of tlte S1:a1LIW:n}'S that enter the chamber. clJe lak't: oocupies the whole of the cavern th~t 'bears its name, .I-IumlI-I1:ds of gm:dul Loom ned. the W'alocr <lnd, aJ~ n~gh[, uvm!:h,e Cha.lllber. inw a choraJ ·hall.

T~ CttVI> hM ~, two hUll'6:d {[)olhlgr. cd~.1ng aH.d measures abou[ four Iu.md.t'ed aCfOSi1 at r1;:5Jw.Ld.est:paiIlt, Rich d~poolt5iQf WLilJitf,,!l minr:rii'1!I~ amI eopper':be1lJf.ing rock lend. it ,m air of enchantment,

m.. Tb!!' Low Lake, Varying between fQ~l' fG>et" ;:Ind six hunc!.rl1:d {ceil: ·deep, the Low Lakeis an .a;nde!]t pool. A gr~<lt sp.rlng rum! rrolIlfa.H dr..unl>d. f[(JIITl thr.' l.(l-lfig l:::dJ oo1"LlSicoll1tly replenish Itsreservoir. I ttl W,ffi:rr:~'rs are cold and :fu]r of minerals and, b~.cau$e ·of [[S mQvltitN:l1it,. quite safe

1:0 d.ri!'lk. -

2. DwilL'l'eO l~'.rap." Constructed by th~ Petty-.d.wntv~:;long ago, this trap ~t!;,:rcl"5 the bl\lc ,of th~ FeU Stair. It i)';, VIl"[}' Hard (-20) 1.'0, pl::rceivC" ~J1jd Hard (~1O) ,0 disarm, (Consult T able MT -2nn t:h.f lURE n!l~,.li bOQk.)

Trap-- The Ttl<cch~nLs~r1 uses a steel ~~prlng which t:ciggers a group of fOlll:'teE:u spikes, AnyOlW p] aei illg IUQ((; th...lll 40915s of wc"ghr: On iU'l/' 0 f the hst seven mps of the Fe]] S~lIic will s~t offth~ tent', l-be sup w.[~ Ir·ec:eae three 1l)ches and a stonl£ wa:~r piLnd Wl I] <slide do'i\lIl. w.ud, ~cflding th~ ~P!.k~s 01.11: of th~ wall. Thol'l'i:: rictims C8!L1!g:ht on the sn.Lfs H'cdll'it um: 'rO duet +70 ~pe.af Jfcm:eks.

Thf: u'apo:spring n,,~~ts .Jt~rb"illg tr..iggct,;:d, fClr [he ;)jet of "tltLI1g off ~hc !:rap Qpm'> a wattr shoot,. Whrn. th(;; w.:al:cr {;nt~itiSth.oC ~boocundcr P!rt-sSLtre, it tLXI'.I1~ ;;t. w~tel'·wh~d wh ~Lh .mo,v('s a. st:ri.~ nt" ~gs :and rf!stnrc.~ du~ ~prillgli:1)~ch Jj, ~~m to a!)f:ldypo;u~ I:L'iJI1. (Se.e Design Not,~ Qnp:agc 25,)

~" va,,l!tt:

I ENtTlj'





D~igru Nou: 1Ji~tnfp is &rutJ ~m a prplTr,J'eo;~W<!:rkJ~rg frfUh.:i.l1i9ill ,~,~(i'IU,1:!lr • .arlg i1na ~~irlbil~ ike :rJ:lIl~l'ler m wlJtth II ~ t,J~tr'jl)f!'~.givt fin:: 1'(.; afiliiiJ.illJ:, 0/ rmli51j! «rrl J""'l!MfJ rhr.rn ~{jh ;:I' p~i!.l:2re m .rom ~~iiwrlli'!ll ~ makr .dJ(, ~1\\11(g.55~ry miD, I~r iIH1W,ICf', i,r~ t~is [flSI1 JMJ p~~'rs ,tmr ,u:~~p a ropt. wlJtth '~'P!'iM~S f~ ~t14t ~~1."ln sl<'lfr~J Or fJ,ry nUt III] II;' jam 1fJ: ,ltp' !iff" WI. ''!IiHr.il P.Mld. S~lclJ it t.rial ,~IIJs a Jot Iff j&i.ror to or/If. g<t.~lr., Rel1lmlilti!' !hm 1i!1! amfpr.!!X~ry ~ tI: r-rllp t~ol:!&l 'i'!foM !fIt $,~ilI 'if it~ In,ri{.isl's and I~ pvity til~ tl#uiIJlJl. T.~p" j/JJl.j~~!Yd grml rl'ea"Uffl ,(!rli ~l.!'l':a{!y I'h~ lil'l<I_g~.l'/~, J.l1.o ll¢lt flJ.,t1 tropt whi{~ ;:l.ff. .{ll'lt{IJlIra~ m;rl~ 1ll!f!J ~Cl ~ reo;t.

3., S1!llbl;r~tged w1liU"way. This 50' la:ng, f1;w(:t)eJ~i!',d £OOjj'll~ ~'i~g~ !:>'\>[V~ liI~ ib.e ~t:~~~;r to th~ ider where stone vaW~ w[,jch IwMs d~e' treasure lies, Slrllil::e: ~t J~e8 a f~w ;[:I'Ir::h~s below dIe surface (if the W~(.er, it is H;];rd( -] 0) 00 ,e-rcd¥e and l'~l=Juil'e:s ~ MeJ.ium ")lillIet~ver to cW.s:s.

4 .. bl,.~t A JO'[o.n:g, 20t w.ide, I ij:t tall s tone vatJlt lJCC!lpi~5 muehof the 40' d'i@.ll'!Itt.er islet. A!'Ii,de fi~m."I') :I CRil'~~ :Il'l.ad.e of glaJI1t nUI·tle bOI1iC$j. it iii the on1y m'llctmc Oil the: islet. it V~u[t m.b:}'. Theentrytothe Vomit [;5 b~tL"ed by a 5te:r.l £iQor. T 'l'i'Q' stairs d.e.5cend to the door, run 0rl'e\ning li'I'hich is only·.5' hi,gbaJ~4 3' wide. The door I~ lQd(ed~:nd l-J~:fd (~I.O) mopen, (Use T.3Hi! MT·2 in the ,MEl.:IJ ml,e8 book.) Of course a kef Obimit.:ied from r.ith,,~r:\,likwia~; or T ehhn Leech '\'\1m ~11IofJ;;l~ One raises cl1!.~ doot' using a handIts soc Il!f:al' rlie base, A~e-veroonnecDed to the toper th edoor, but hidclr.n in [hi!: walt connects ebe door ito thor Uitp mechanism In the outer chamlser, (Set: #6bdow.) This '1ever [S impoes ible to remove wif.hourt OOf!ngmt.0' the mLl.. fie:yond. the dM'[ it> a cirrut'Iil[ stone seai:tway whicb descends into :I. I O'xI 0' mom, thl!: Outee Chamber of the ",~ul1'"

6. O~ltei,: (l;al~be1'~ I\:()WS <:tf h(}~ es adorn me wal rs of thi.'! nO'xIO! l5oom"A5;idefiom~he5m~.rw.e.~entry. rJl€ only exit [8 :l !ite£'J dOO1' 8e~ in the orpo~ii:~ wall). 'hi!!; d,OQr Jift~(}pcr'l t\l'J!d pw'!tid~ ",o:~~~i!1oo ~I:tc It"lfll!:.t Ch:U;ilb~. AM"l.c;l.IJ~h it b not irlltiaHy l.ockcd, the doOfUS tra.w~d.

T:t;.'Ip -Th.: tt"?:i.p i .• :Mc:dll~~ (+0) rn pr.1",::~L"c,:bu.t Extremely l-]aI'c1 (-30) to disu'l'['Ij, (Ag;J;in,l;!.,~e T ~bk M -2 ~i1 ~he ,M£ll.P nIJ~~ boo!k.) If tilt" door is opened mDH tl'lI'1if'J ;)' withoutthc trap belllg dis"nn~cl. a series {If ieVltnl set i.l11.:h~ w.'):[[· Qpen a set 0,[ doors wb ich P([[[l ut the "W<littl[S of the Low Lake to $p~:Il[hro\;]gh the 'holes in. d-1JE w;l!]ls of ~h.~ OUlet Chamber" W~.tc;t pressuretorcesthe door to f:iJ.1, l'eshut,:md[ loCk; anci 'L~ also doses and locksrdl e door at th&v:lulc em.ry. (S.e'l!: #5,) V rf e [lrn.s (l'a.Pf)~d in the oob:m.fi~,ld dUIJt. the cb..'1IIIbcr fLlls. in only 12 rends (2 mi:nutes)' If they do l~Oil: @cape soon, the,. d.ro'.wrt. &.c:~p~ ~~ a~am~Jjc~hed~,? openi'-lg etthet d.OOil O;u~ .0£ the cli;am"bort, bod} ofwhkh ~(c lochd a.nct Ve.:rry Hard. (-20) to 0plm from d.1€ im,i~ (UJjIocking th~ riQ(rr whil.e sw:t~:~lminlilli,~ a t"n:a:nel~*': iIl.od.ified by -JOO + ch'an.ct~r's SWIl1Im,Lng skin bonus . .) As :i:lOre<:i.ab-ovf', kq- obu.ined f~mn e~[hel' ruikw:t:3!n or T ;I11lJl LoeGh WI I.! ope1;l!;h.~ ~1try dool::,

1.luner. C.hnl:il:b~r·, The l!ulu Cll.aIllh~T i5 a ] 0' x I O!FClOO[lil wi~h a 1 U' ceiling.WJth 1[1 rr~ strewn .",]1. over the floor, is T;iIin':; Treasure, It i6 the regaL}' of the Low Road Bdgal.14.

TaHn':; 'Treasure:

- I ,000 sj]~,~l' plec¢~, in pi1e~, run:ids t tbe remains ot I:1i'i!'O deeaved ch~rs;

- 50 gold p~c~e5, ~c'Ittf:red. ;]Jbout,

-_ Oil~e pe'nda:ntwoI;th 10 gald pi.eces" in a bag of

hlack silk ;·Id~}.i:rl~!dw;rh ~. ~!!':'I!t'!'IT1!-pojr1i~,d ~~ltr sewn with sL1v-eJ,}' rh I'f:ad;

- ten ge;rl1s, each worth Z gold pi~;

- ~~ +5 hW1\.[lswQ,rru;

- t-'WQ + 10 s,h.dd.;s;

- OOE JJli1{1;lC +5 dagger whkfu ,rrrtur~ to hm1d: of

mel' one round <tltel: be:ll1g thr,ow.n;

- o.t<!1" qu,tE:tel'!>t,dr, n x 3 PP spell mulcipl ~e.:

- a pi"lir of Beots CtfP~35ing (fit an)' 8U2!r:l:). whkh

leave no :fQotpri1"l'[t;

,- ;]: $l]i~ of + lo'pbte ~rnlQt~

,-, a 5VIl.t (lfn~JJg[c -1- [0 €h:am mail. whi.c1h is +20 lf~t1S mti'is:ile w~npCln ar.c''I.(h.

- [Ij Heinl ofNight--sight (fits aJny si:z~)" :whid.

E.lmlclle!i the '1\l'e.:l~.',~:l!"tQ seem l::rtoD]'llight(trlmt is" 'Qg;t:5id~ .3nd wl1m tM lUOO rrll i~ '!.tp) as if ie w;l~ a cloud.}' dar:: and

~ the K~fle"~, Horn, <i m~"gic wh ire O~A10W ifl];l:td wi.th silyer. :kis il:'t41 PP (EsSellce) 5pcH mJuitiplie!' which gives the wuei¢er. :I. +20 bones when c),stit~g ~tny Blrd ~f'dk Th~ hOl'dl has two m.outhpj.ec~s,ea.chk.eyed to one ofth,e HOil.l" s ~WO' p-o W'e".L""S. Ullforrum'!:wly, th~ Hom can be blQwn onLy 2 cLC:I1C;SPC:L day. \Vh~[i M'Y'i!l'n~!l the l~FbLdc, ill] §b Imcb widhin a. roo mdrm. add +2..5 to nhd f OB and UB fot cia!:

Ile;\:J~ sux l'1)[!nds. Wh~tl blown d1.WLlght"hf [igh'rrn9u[:hpi~~:Q;.; the Fklm ;~Tl.;fk!i::!;> nO nQ~se, bntit win summon 3!I~}I one per;son witll.l[l· <I. [en. md~' ~'apgl1 whodH~~l,~er knows: to be pn:se.nt (within the rJng~).

B. The Low .Road. Tll~~ stairway learn, lip to a door and :1L p:]Ss~gc,w@." r:)\1iil;, thcncrthem termjnus of the: i!f!ci,ent Low Road, The l,ow Road tU11.S undergro und fa!.' nearly one: htmil:oot'l mll~ b1;J[.ls now oolI:lI'S~ a,t [he sOL1J:h~m end, (At the GM's di5C1."(;,.'tIO'Jl. :tt m~ry' be :blo,;:k~cl. ;"llon~' the Vilar ~ wdl) T!1Ci!le entering the passage an: in. :t()t:;t rude surp.:u.e..

9. W.lt'C!i'lll Her.;:, d\e:Low L;]k~ t;mlH;ies ifll~;;m Ililrtof",[,' gu:nmd. :;;trealn. 'fIn- ~treaU:L me<>t:ii lih", Ri v¢t Ilfil,lll ]'lenl ~fter ~. :sm.li:hw"rd' TQl!.IinlJey Qf~Ol,lll~ n:WQ m.He.~.


De looHg f!f tbt Lm.l Flll ad'i'e'f]t~~~-e l'fWolv'fS around. 'one qtle,~F= to cL'~~~: tlhdoCi1d~~[i!{']fLQwLCI:k.e;tl1d 1t-9~r;:O\le~ T ~in's T~iI5l.1re--IIl ratti.cular,r1e Klni s HQ·ro. It is nOI;; an ~fi:l;ylml.., hm the pes w.lJlfind that fof!'W worJtth.W:hilt' .accompIisnm.eIJI:il OOIli1l e easily.


TI1i5 nd1ilurrtlItebegIDs witi1rbf'I?Cs' SCPIT[;1tt ~nl.\'nl> at cl.l;!? !Last Inn. The.t'e:" they sertl e in hdi:H:'t!E:nemtllteri ng the miSEI:~Ssof tlaeir venture, Ith·~ Ihrd Ggf:il B.;r~~. CiSf .. W[[j rn:eet with fZ:~~hPC s~p~n.tery til apr,j"'::I~i!hMt:h ~dj(}l1!:ling the .im.1.Js Pt~hlic lloe>Dl C see Section 6. I :B'!t #7). Airel' s,'P~~kil'ig with l:hlZin ~lldi1,!i&t]~][}' mnd ~~lring hG'i::5dfof di'lir td ati".eIoyalty to h!t:t: cause, she win g::ithc;r.nctJl oogetber by the 11 Ba!ritil 1r.! he! pl'i:ll.;tI:e gueBi: 1.'Oo:m upstairs. She: wiU thtn offi!'r ~.ad. ;5 good pj~ct$ tn $oli_.&fJiilit:it ccmmitment and help eqllfp ·clj.em for tht-.I!' jOLlIDoey.

'TILe PG 5Jl(li(~M ~t to bmow Oli!f .;;tnoth.e'r"if they have 111m ~1lleadyt'net brtltl.~: d,m.it". Cigf:a wm see !Di~ that there .~ WJJ.1¢ oonrolC:m. Her plan !:,1lli;f6rd~rping the p~LI:tJ" but .J:te :5tLli d~;l;LI.'.e.!i 'OOmp!!tellt and. !:.<l.iP;aM.~ 1"1111"0:;;. Ally dillis~veneil::l, wi.U dtJom. bet ~trm:~gy.

TH~. r11l..,?"], STEP; THIS TItI!J' roB~ C1gfa wLil t;~ll for W'i:rt~:L • .:::piol::d: winel ho::r.1b O:;:l, ,and. (:;~k..c:.'O bt:fOrl.:: Q![:!lllrii[lg the plan GV~i.· iI ~:m1ill f~ast, She sllggests that tiler ile~k het ene:tny fuHL'iyj,[I.n ar EE[lhrtl'i~;. [~u:iri.ng .th~ h~[dm'51ey in tne .pmC-ESs. {.cigf<l! 'also wants ~.Q1111.e k:nQiw~.edge .ahcl<l;J:i: :Fuikv"LOI:I~;:; 11ot.1I1.e: and his ~:aildin~ eperauon, b~J:. .. he wm not rell the pet for f,i:~1:' tha!(; Ithqr rrught: n.-.iliz~ her gl"I1:ITc collectn ahout her foe.)

So fi~s~ the pes win travelto l3erlh.uis andsee the .~heplter.tlFllikw.i.;m. Their mCsJ>lun wrU b{':.oo learn as 11lJJU:dl as tfue:)f i:!lm abouc tb,e lay of the Ia:nil .in ~h~ sotl.t.h~r:iI1 Cniclfelh, dI.~Ti""ng whii'l:t chey e:lf.l. ;);bou:~dll~cto"thc: IOt:;;;lKion of the Low H .. oad. and Talin's hold at Low Lake. In addition, h}'buyif,g or .'l;~~IL~]g t:h(:krry'wjl'hol~~ F.!l~f:ng ~~"'piCiOIiS., llhc PC~ will h<'l'll"c :l .signifiC;ill;.stirtt. Bilt, thev nITLlSt :u:oomrlisb this si de mis.s;i.on without 1.t1~r:iO!nj'J:lg.Ggla 01: Up!l!litring Fuikw:tal1!.

T:H!15 SEroro S1iE('; Tl'li!': JOURNEY TO .Low L-!tilli Prom B~nhulili. rhe PCswrll head 'toW~ll'd the Col rirfeJ ls, Ggf1l.willlldl cl:l~ a11 she am <hh(l~~t thoe t-ale (~..,~ Sl'A:tliom; 4.1 ~Ild 4.1) aI'Id give th~l a t:opJ' (if illc'l poeu'L and sOlnelhillg resemM.iflg a.il aeeurate rnap" .Btlt. be-Y'C>.r1d thar, th~ B..,rd will b .. , ('lf1ittllthcip.lt is up to "t~h~:pe; to discOVLtr the ~p::c~~clo.c;tf.ion ·ofd.ei,t defltLml;l:lo;n ·and acI1Le'Vierhel:r g'00;u,


Cigf.l will Do<te-rkit the Low Road's. southern end. hat; co~hp.sed -fliiTId that a:I~y l:E:tLtl'nllia. the 1.lTId'el:;fl).'ollild t~unnd. wm he preCl1riousat best. This: is ;Ll""[~!'I')p(ll!:'!;;;!!rllt w;ll:n1ng;.. fox l1li:f word. ~~ tro:e a;nd, <should th~ PCS j_gnol:~ it" t.h~y lT1ig:llt be tr~pped LD the bO¥\'€l:$ of the ancient haU hewn by rhe Pen}'-.d;:w~e.~. She m:w o.1~ little for th~ PC~>b~~I: $ht' is 'trtty(;(llil cii!:m~d ;i:botl~ t[l~ {m:r<t il;l{ 1!h~ Kin~';!i Hom,

'1.2 AIDS

.AsJi~ief:rom .d1l1 POlZ'll1 and legell&, ei:gfa's P)t1gU:1 reglonal milp .s~rv~ as ·d'l~ pt'I mOlIJ' std, (S(l~r'Cigfi:l'~ M(Bp:') Itshows the rcere eastw:lld to FIIJI:LI.cw.tan':s residence at B~!lhtLi~, a.sw~Il.aI::[:bcmiljur 1..'n'I.il'l: into d~1t' TroJ]sh ,lW~ :l:nd Cold£dh ro the Ilo.rrh.

C·I'C. 'p'n.:'. MA'P. .. I ."tiiJ. £"\ is _. - -. .~

F~likwiali! C.WI pOOlvicle more de~.i]~d inf6trn.Jtioll. If the FG keep .nMn fti~ndry,he mignc(:vcJI dmw tnem. a m"p (SBf "FlIi IcWLan"£ ~nap··). btl!t c'lle 'pal:!:}' better ha\1~ a go-o.::! :r~!;;0I'!i far r1L"~.:Iir:1g h~5hd~r;;I!ciol1l:i'!lC' t:h~t docs fJ.ot e:\i!C'~I3~ Fuilcwiarr's own gree4)'be[lJ&endes. Fm~ul1Stance. they 1'titghr: lse looki~g fi:>l' a. Io~!r friend, Clrl:h~r iti!igh[ dairn. l:h.1.t[her pbn 00 ~[;tr.t ~mi.fie.

Obtt:rrLl1[llg Fuikwlan's ~~ is e'!.'m ttickLe:r .. Tl:u"ft LS ome [Xl8:s;[billi:}" but it lrl~I~1t not he deteesed, lessit ahrftrl d~,e d<mg~i!'om herd~r and 'hi!; kirl. Ai['("'m<1livl.:iy. m,e l?C~ c:m purchas~ the hy; howev,~r, ~gl!l!n th(;,party must IUlfC :I :oI:OIt:y s;~:rppOl:t:i.llg its plan. 5u.ch an excuse might assert that th~y i1!:~ lOQki~g fod::~r me..;=t:i' q;g a ceraain descnption (f,;,g" "m fll~ty kcya'b9'ut ~i~ 'Jlchl;~ long whi ell i~ ~Il,g!:a.nd wttll <I. DW<Bl"lll:rl symbo.I"j, om; w'hich op~:ns a. kli:ep doo·. or iii ~nine ently. Shouting carenot [Q o.ffe~· tQomud'l Q'~ ~oo J:iu Ie,. th ~·IPC." thll:rl m ight vo!1.tntee'1" ;:t fiL!W si !.".~ pieOi!$ for know]ed:gc of such an :tIlem... or a gold ptecc Of 1:W0 fOf acrual possession o(rhlt:· by.

Furdw:r ,!fcL~ ,~Di: few. Mo~r are ttl we POS::;~ss~fnl of ttl e pOlIL'ty' s <Id,"TI"Si1Jrie5;~M;nhn [lad. T aim-.nc.LfhfT .;:l which win offer aid. W:ld.~rffilr cireemstanee, Acg;~Lisjtion ofrhese :l1JCnl.~; ~.l,I(h 21..<; TiLim's key and map, depend OCl. 1:11e: PCi abi.!ity Ito vxnquLs..h their ~()e6.


nll1: Qhs.r,ade~ wnftQnting th~ :PC!!l ;,I!:\~ ~):JLigh, hLid: by no means, o·verwhd.ming. Since the usually active aT.Id. dani5'l;:n;m!i b~~:!i~'!; [}flthLtd~jjt'& ToolJ,t;;ba.l.I'f.s anA. CoJdfi=lI!i are ~,Qt IJJv-olved. th~ primary probkrn~rey(llv~' m:ound tlte lte:rndn., tb~l;!~ps! and tWQ NP("..s.

THE TEl~.ll""']N

fTh.lJ doul!:r ~Ii a wvgh lmd~ pf!l:ti@lady ~11~ .:J,t!!:;l:fII(H:ciJ. f)f the Gte"'t East RQ~d. C1Jfs, an.,i l'Q&;'y hi:Ib ClOl'el: the .1aJ:id:scnp.::; fort::slls and fens Em almost ~1i\e~'Jl h illside and ·hollow .. Bvm dmp~r mvd pl;'lrl.G c~llIQ:tlravd in 'ilil!) wild loc<lk

For pl,ltPQ~e!l. of this adventure, It is slIgge5ted. that IDovlllg maneuver ~1ol~:ii only bemade when the: 'rCs acri\'e~y ch.:tllcngc J. cliff or $U'e;L!'It, $1;!.{JI asin the CMe of the Trollwarer Ford lli:'<I!1[ F!J.ik1l'r'.uan':s hOL1S(' ,or the Podl SrtiBLr eut inrf.) Ithelong FdL These trials provi.ele sum,ci'f:~~t excitement t~)r beginning PO; and might even best someOIlE. Addi~ional iln~neuvel1> ffivol",wgu:l:nin are s~ggl'.~[ed onl1" whe:!'Iii:he PG arovdy tackle a ;5Lg:tJmfiom obstacle (e.g., they [~J!ve rr.be. trail in ordE!!I' to scare a spire ufroci:;: h~CITU;5.e "it looks int[ig:u~ng").


T npi5I]J~~ be the r-oughl?~1!: foes the P'u face, TI1e door into the Gre.'lI(:H.~1I ,.1; l~uilcWLru:a'~ h01.1se (S(l:C &X:ti.U1'1 6.2 :;);t #6b ) is the fi:t~t of these d('\"iIJdl}' m.ech;1llliisms. but It C.'lill be avoi d.eJ.alIDget:h.~r by a p:1l:lftJ' ;;:ho()~ing eo :l:Ltllpry kMCk Oil the dcoe,

The tmps ~i: eh"" L:Jng Fell (.S(:E' &Ci:iorJ 6.3 at #2) ~ nd In me V;;lult onthe Low L'Lke (S'flE: Sectioe 6 .. 3 <It :#6) are less fO:Eg1 I;'i o.gJ~qth C111f1 be deadJy, ]f peroeivoo, however, I.h~ flri:t~"p' Co'!:!l b.~ bYP[ll5;5Cd by OlvQ~diIlg th~ Iowct" stcp~ of the Ftn~.ai:\!':l.i'i'tivdy simple O'pel~I:LOI1. The fieoonJ ~TIllP (all be overcome \.'i'~d] a. good d[S3JI'miflg .roU 01;, even if it is set ott, with cmll1 o:r e~c y~~th: kl!Js 9b(::'l~r1td foom FuilC1i'tiim or T aim.


PG geIlm;-,aHy have Iess .(DU~ooJ. o!;l~r NPCAl d')..aII they do O'i'eL' the terrain or tmpsL Lik:eibec wei'lther,. NPCfl are caprieieus, Unlikf,; de weather, wllkn has been QmltJtedas 11. fad1tJr in this hgim]LIlg; scenario, the NPCspn:S!?n:t.Dcru pmbIe.,.l1S £o:r the partY" M.alli. hll'peS to shadew t:bem. at ev~ry W~fl and <lItt..1ek wh~]) th~y hj:lv>t; F©l1~t~i1l)ed th~ vaiIJL[t ;1.!1tl.'l~ ~~t their wi><~k~$t moment, T i\Lm ~~"h co' !1,I1J,oo~h any intruders. Tann'soBoa:. Mll'Ic makes ~]Llt:I even more da_llg~u~> p~llit:icu.ladr on the ptecmri~ ~tep~ of d'l e l:;'e~] .stall'.

Then there is Puilcwian (see S:'f:crrioi1 5.4). the one NrC dut the PC:;; can i!1fl~e~lQ;. H~ iITldh:i~ kin C,1t1 qLl~c:klr Jc:f'CilJt Ul(,; p.utr, i(m:otl~e.d. andreadi .. cd althQ.'l!gh. JJkt ibr1y NPC, be can be overcome jf .. lone and attaeked by a lj(JOrd~['l<1itcd gIoup.f~i.k:w.L:iLn',!; !';~lt::[],gtbi~ ~!1c'h that, e~"tn ifhe[s quickly slain, he might &ignil1cantly weakn" t],~ ~dlle1!ltm:inggmii'p. Every ci1aLl(:llige un derwkefl stands a (h,1jJJC~ ofhl-ltting th~ FC!>.


Ggfa offe~ die ,P'G ~~ QfT~lil1":'l T f£iI$t:!OO (Se-eSOCt:LOIl 6.3 ;'It #7), ~l'i:vc th~ Kfu~'~ H()[[h Thi!; is il·t;OrioSudel"ilbJ.e fQn1:me [:0'1:' yU'ung <lId.ve:nt\]P::r:!l. In addltiun, ehe Bm:J is wimllg to offer S golJ.piec~s i\pi~cea..s; an <l!d."'ID~'1: ~gaLm~ ,e:Nf'£l1lSecS, Th ir~is 1:.1 ~t~te genlfl:mrs.

Other treasure lies in Bwbuis (see SeC't~on 6,2 at #6e and #60. By overcoming or robbmg FULi.::WL<I![l ;tr:Ii:1 hi!> brothr:J'f~\ecw"'·:ln. the PCs Call .• 1cCILJ LI"eEVen m.'i1rt booty. Some :res lJmi:sht even seek todml!bkc!"O\5~ Cigfa <Iud kegp tIt.:: Kine's Hom. rhljng t'etd~utiOrl <U some funne date .. inc 'i1Jlr~~i .. on of greed versuseisk wiU d.[.ctJ[(': rhe 8UCoeSS or failLtte: 0::,,[ the gt~Otlp.


GM No~(t; In (i ryJJi£al~~mari.o, ~~. GM fJ~~r 1Qll to klmm'l!rnmJt11l1 ~ll~~~tUtT'S, ilISir~ l! {;Mi't $j,r tIp J~:r dll p!raro[;:j" mli'1!g O:r tJJ.l!. i'd1:J1.P E't,lalocI'lIM TllblL (Itlbl~ STJ O).l~ fl#'b O! w.:; tk OCs Wf)~U m~o~r Q~rolr (tk (f!l'J.'~M~'l~ ~1:J.) .""J;.i}~ (;N' ~l& >'>I'1.t~l4ti\'ily t11'N." By (jdJ(r.w, !lfF'Jpriw nl1lJif.im (,Jld tJ:Jmp.itrillg ~~c dflfm.~r" .&etmr£.ii ~b, lWL! P('£Htt;" !'~ GM r~m Jelmni1ir \!'lJJrJ~m' tN. PC~ mro1.ffJter ~r5 C1' NPC1.

Only thre-e encounters dfe,ct the this ~ellture .1fid aU il:l~oO~"'¢ dl';;: PCs m.,~!.:ting one of the NPG" The foUowing notes ~ how how the NPCs might react uuder ce:J.t:a.i:nl S"pe<e:ific: c:jtCU!n!>nl~UC~'i;.


k noted. Fuilcwian d)e herder is a me~oenJiry sort of f~HGw+ Oppotl:uni:;tuc and skiiI.od ]TI the arts oftllie:-very, 11f ist'lot ~hO"v!!' mayihcmClT mt~rde['. J~ i& 'be,o;;t t:O me'l!'~ h:Lrn when .be :[3 alone.

Any encennrer Wjtfll toPe h:erdr::r wiJI :;;~~m <I.wkw~~, Puilcwian alway.:; bears h.~, clc<tclJ:y broJ.d.sv.rpru and WtU bep it .;h:,,"w.f1<lt:ldLCadyllnC~[ Inc is ..om Fot~aIblJI:, Sb.nq,rd :lnyooe mike an, ~~¥e[1i. move w6.i:eh s.e~1TI:> d.'lngrr-o'llS, FuHcwi~n will. mak-e an ex:ampl.e of the FtOOL sot. Even if no onemakes $uch a move, ~liQ;ll'IreV~r, he wm n:rr!f!ji~l suspicious (If their motives, ~Q can;: ts$uggC51tW,

IfFuil.ClI'I'ian survives a fight wnth the PO; or J.IsOO<l'en; 5iJmflt"hu:ng missi ng ;:If~r they have left, he will seek 00 exac[: r~.enge.l=his will mean gJ.rlcrmgh:is brother ;Iud sons for ,a hunt (J'L', should they bf::gone, [elv1flg a nate hef0j'~ d~p<l![ltingon tniL


Encounters wi~h Makn, wi] I O«L1-"r il, nvp w~y~t I1:rne PC~ wiU e~lthe:r ~po[ l"he D~m nl,~h w<ttriQ( ns he ~~~ tbl>m. 01'" M,""hl'l~ wm ;lnpri~~ them :l!ftfr they secure T3~.[n'S Trea~UH.

Should Mah'l1 be dl$COve:f!:d,n-= wLll wdgh the simation, He 1l:I1:ghl~ act ncnchalanr ani! att€:mpt to "act" h[s w;:),y out ohhe siruation, For insrance •. M.1.~m might clotim '~h<l!t recent footings nearhis horne led. him to wat(h the p.'lIT)' ,'IS they tray,dled dlfongh I:h~ .mOl, or h I; migh~ pretend to be: a warder who seeks poachers. Ma!m. WIJ! -anly fl{'cnfhr is surehis rase bas &iled_. andh~ w:il] fliO[ fight unless cornered.

In ch~ 1mr (1!i~e: where he must run, JvlaEm.might employ his Boots of Leaping to g;et~L h~ad. start. He cau jttnlp qt]iddy and U1]:p're(hE~h]y, fom ng most ]}1..qn>l.teru. Unforttlllate.lr, he: ,c;tl:l only I.~o;,~ ~hi" powel'wioe a day, :;0 th~ W1ot1T10t" wdl be j61di-c:ioU5 about l'e8Gltjn_g to such a racue,

Mrul.ll aLso .~ikes to use surprise in a melee, Whl],1:: his LO\1T1P'DStte bow IS ~afer, 11i)'l irwi.l'>iblr: ~kOlrt lW"Q.[ul oftrn ensbles him mstrn"o!~.()pponel"Ut:;.befordhcy even krl(]lW b£ is <lulled. Once he ;:;W.LLlg_s the blade, thougb, it becomes vll;,ible, and M.alm l,s.·care-fu~ 00 m~.ke[h.e-inLti<'l1 blowo:ounr. IfMahn cOi:n'l1"rap :a foe "1'10:1 ambush miD, he migbt: choose his bow, bu.[ g!!:D.crally he jptoJl;fer.!> his .§wol!d. .


T~l:rLl],;15, thtelm~u~ofb:rgeIy o;;:ontro][illg nis po:;it:[.oil'l.

Acoomp.m.ied.byhis Boar Muc,h~ can keep wil.t<'h over the Entry to Low L:iko!' GWITtlLno;:;t Qfth~ time, His R,mg""'" $Ki1bm,lk:!: hi,m 3. vigHant <1119 fotm:1cbbk fQ<l:.

T aitn .. I~kes t-o k~ep hi.dJ.c:r1 tlillt;~I hi~" p:rl::}' 16 v~:dll;::raM~, ideally :l)Qm.ewnc[con the FdI s'f.<1.DT" 11118 gIVf:S :bim a sec l<lIgl':it who cannot n[dy fle~" The~gel: knows that escape: down the srairs is ob~nl!ct-t:d by tJug DW<lh'm $pik~·U"ilp, and thae t1 ignr up the S[oJl;p5 :m(gln be al.1 but I

insane, Using Mac to h.oM the top of the: l=eU St:a~r, hi1" I

employs hl:s: fme Long Bow ro [;tiD arrows on hi,~ ltrlfo:r. nmate ad.vffin,:u~ie~.

Since T,;;t[m ohen play:,; hi~ {lut£. (10% of dH,ltime,roll 91.-100). merlloJ'[CaJ ,PCs m.igh!td.~~oov(':F his pre5~l1n. Th~:il i~ 'p':~rt~CI;!!ni]y ·trtrc 'Of;t patry that waits :lIIlJ.d observes the long Fell area bJo.rE': in~nlpttflg [0 descend ttlliO- the GIVI.l1n" B.y discovering TQinl., the pes ll~li1~ m.ti ~rn.li:muu~ opputti.i[I~l!:y ~u ;!'>'(}Ld ;mL"lnb~n~Lllg and pos,s~bly f~taI ;nlibu.sb.,

If corrfront.e:d. T'1jm wil !resorr. to tI:5'Ll1g his Lt:ilnd. axe, t"e~reO!ltiF!~ mttlhcs cave or'~ak:~r:Jg ehc fdl S1iairup rhe difT. Muc wUl WVC.[ hi" t.I"i1:r-e:at and, shollJ.d l' aim be i!lj ~!,ed o~' killoo,t:fi.e '\\li1£1 Bo~.r wll i f.l.lt.t1 OTt hi~ iD0J..5.w,r's enemy Wldl .. f!riglnmng vemg"'aElIce" MlK will gtJl'e:lin}i"OrrJ.e hepeeceives to be ~ d3nge.~o the Ra!lgi!r.

~rne:mber t.hat T aim Mm <1111 about the Low hb C~YIilll m.d the'i'ctiult. IT rilizmg his knowl~d.ge- aDOUI the tt'.l'PS and safe rotllte~, as well as h ~s k9f, he: tID .skillfully Ol.ll'1mrn~llvct ,~n but the cleverest of pes, therebfP!:o1,i'jd~ ing the: p:any a considerable dl,,.r~enge"






.. ....





----------------[ l~~---=~~------~~

Ag: e ; __ 1.) i ]

G~ndcr.: J) l ]

Weight: 4) [ ]

[.'i)'e~; 5) [ 1

6) f ]

7) [ ]

8) [ J 6) ~~ __

9) [] 7) ~ __

W) [ ] is)


1)-- __


J) __ ~__:_ _


5) __



Tot-oll', &:01111>

Gw:nn.t LeveJ; _

bpp:ri>ellce ~oLrui:s't ~ _

Ji'oWH ~oint!i: _

ArtruJt:Wiilm; _

~!~d (+2.5 DB) - Hd'm~t (.:; 1\~«J:ltlU'n) Cli Am~ GJ:!!<1ves (.S 0&) 0' leg G[I:oi]j'C:~ (-5 Ml'I15) IJ

I ~fuii(lmlent!k M.;'jiW.~llveJ: Skill C:tq'lory::

NQ AmlO~ oa ---M.1(UDJ.lrn

[1ft Le.1.dl!ef t1DQ' Nllmbtr

R.igLd .Leathct tJlJ'IJClCli ~

Ql1ii1rl QO[l ·OJ I]Q-R,*,,~~ OIJOOCl 00IJlQ' --

Wt-<!!POll Skill Skil] ... ;II~~gory:

l-H Edgd::l DOCD:I ClClClClO I-H Crmo.!s' ion 00 _ _ ~O 2-Hanru:d' ~IJ!JOO COCIOD 00 n CD:JJfO aoCJao: OOI..DCI IJQ Q QOCJJIO


:SiJihh!::tJi~ Skill Category.

A .. L'Illl lli J:l _ _ _T-lD

:St.alk/Htd~ DO JJ 000'00

Piek L()c:~ _QQQQ OOOOQ aOClOC!lI ~g

Ibll:e 1km'U~

Stat A.Ci_____....,_ Id_~ [.---

CO _

C-o _

S!;at l?,~~"ilSivii IteL'III

Bun1.LS BOlllrL1S I!!OtlUli



Sptei~l elllll.L5



AG_ n:xx.z: +Q
Al' ___ .ll.:.:n;x -I5
AO ___ J!:1l.Ul{ -30
IT ___ XJ::U;{ -45
5'T __ ;l:,nu -6'0
H __ +r ___ OB
S ___ OB
ST~ ___ Ol~
AG ____ ~O'B
A~ ____ 0.11
sr ____ _____.:O1l.
AG_ _ __ MM
IT ___ __::______II,-f
A _:______J,1N.I
lG ___ ___ ~M
XX.llxx.:o: KX);hlX YXxx;.: ~
rR ___ __MM/SM
10 ___ ___ 5"M
ilT~ ~'\il
DC-,_ _sM.
IT ____ ___sM
AGi-.....",,_, __ Oil
IT __ _ __ SM
co_~ +5 - ____ Sp
XXXX_~:>:;11 _on.
-- -- o 0001 ODD 611 IJ1;JGIQ IJIJ:lOO

IJI;:UW CD:l\:Ir:t OD:luOi Oocr.JQ IJI.IDO 000001 Og;;JI]

On1ER_m.OOl€ .. EAlttn ROLE pLAytng PROOUiC"C'S

82003 Midld~c·(\'nfth Campailln GllIhbl™/+ map $120.00

HI! p'ilckOO page:~ + a fld] 24" x 36" CQ~t:I[ map rn-5.eD"l: ofM:iddle-elliilh (origiJIalli( "u"']i~hed as tWO sepam~e t~tle:s, MiMM~ank C{JI,llpllign &:

Athi8i'U[.ttOi' Gr1idl!.f:wa:T!:. ,V"'fw,m!,~ J &11)- Ure. wa~I-(!ooomefMrll:e<!r;:~ or l'I(irt~Vl.re:~tem Hll00f, ~~ weI! _M 1lJie. shl'ltlowy ]i!;11ds L[!M eomprise 'l.h~ f~~1 Qf HID cOI1lIti:n,~,f]trureind[j,a:e~ iil'l the In-deptheoverage o,f the ~MHlfe Ojhs~ry of ~ Wr.st 1i'lh,em~ !Ups. datr:ui,limllJ; lop0gimphy" ,c:Limune. trade routes & pOplIlJllliol'l renler:> W'iU heOp£ilnyMiddl,e-B.lilIl!hC$rnpfligla_ AiS(l'J:llcl'\!id~:!ire it comp.rehem]Vle g'J.QSS!u), OIiDId an Ei,viish dktioll<tll)' prcovirle.s!l()~S' on p[t)rnunc:iation;md grammar.

'fiJi!), ;&mrd,y ,o,rnibi!t screen htc[udes all (bo MIERP tables l1iee.ded ror lmttl~,s, trIMr.,'lI!\ij,J,tLHlg, and! aetien. TJ~ !LC['illli'lliil'lli".lill.'llffis34" x 1 ~ " and the !t'W'O 1 ?n Ji:ll"refe-rt:rlce &Ile.els ean M Cl~OO as $lCl'eeil extellder.s,

<It.21I108 MI1.RF' Fm>teI"M.afl,SlM $,l!iOl)

'fhisl'ine;.iy packaged IL'tIlled setillcl.lldl.e~ ICE':l original 2' xT poster map ,(If Mtdd[C}·~UI,j {oooo, in tbe M:Lc!(Ue-e.'lI1ih Campaign (jnide)~~d leE' ~ 22~x34U NQnhwe.!:tEm Mitid!le·e.aniJ rn.ap (al£Q'iti Lite Nortnw-estentl M,It1dl.e. B."llth Oa7-e1!tee(). T~e h"'[) occL~;i.fllOO r.-~aps OlIrf: IleaVlt.fj)Qpe; in :rm!el" fbmJ..a~ !N:i~h lila grid. ,,, ... ~Ia:'y ~ NOCRJ;A,SlBSi - are $U~e t'O be a mua~ for ~j:L.j" Mj,ddl~-(mli!h gamer or CIiI~hlJ:;i!l,~t

,],hisin1~,j:£!J I'¢,le~j)(!, ~n Uw r!~"* R'(l~f.m~ fJjJrl1i:d{lM.-~r/h series ~;~r<~ ~~ NQ!~h Kin.g'doiYi ~a[ W81: tpl:itini:0 three ifjdepertrlent, n.e.ighboril'l{l hurtlesre, $~nw:s ilJlJh yellI g.61 (!If~lhe nilrd "'ga, MITch of t,ile fIl.ate:ri:!ll aove:rlog Art!nedaRn and C~r;Jai,~n w!lsprtevlwsi)' a ~'ailahi,e in .Ktmgr.,r,~ of tJr{! NO'l'i'~j am. Th~ Las: .R€cal!~J ,of Card.-)lf1J'1_ 'iIl'he information am. Rl:JllldfllLllf', together witlil more ex~tillS]v,e 1un:: concernlng the; Imi~h[.:anl~ of sundered Ar.oor. e . has IJt."....r 1uF~iIffidl in previous modules, Color maps (!If Arth.ooai]]!, Cardnlan Rill~da!i!.lI", thilroQd, Amillmi'nM, f'(im~t. etc.

1#2tJi[l6 Y:aI3ir- and MaiarlW!l ~ .PcopJ.es: of M.~E $15;'11l'

Vat.:w mid Mflj'ar j~ Uw tint boQk: ][1 ICE' s [Jew ~ Pe.rJph:s O'jMidti!g· ~a.rth" series, Th~!1i!a'i!,i.~hlJ'-il.tustf<lted c,h:arac!.er oompewiumooclIluleot-s 1:[1lC Holy Ones: tile eX8Jlloo Valar (Maruwe, EIb~Tmh, .A.ul(i, the. Blaek Enemy MOl'g(llth, etc_) .and! l~e: Vala(s.~llImCiltfl:1 ser""anlt.~, the Mni:tiJ!' (Dam:j.df; Saranran, the Balrogs, .$,[Iumn, ,eLc}

'#1tH!1'7MiI~~SI Tirith'm! - CilaJdds of Midd]e~rtb $a5.m.l!I

l1te, fiml in a series (Jf CiLlli1ds.,Dlliiis flew Dnl:1Jlingo~' MUfr:li'i Ti;;ilhv~. wi [I fC~ttl!rc a IJmfid :oow, e:~.p~l'I.dedl andlim.p:m1,lle,d 1 fit.)! J ft cOlor ,c:ity ma:p ltuefEl "lith .. fi'ilW l~y-uu,t vo'Hh ]'I~willl¢riQr art, ~ pmt!uC'~ has ilillllh:e iillioml~iJJm[yu<u ]teoo to U1tieYlJlurcrumpai;gn to n!In.e farnDIJ.8 GumdedCit,>' or Mln~ '''M~'El, (N0t~~ thi~, p;;p.L;q,~i) Jilr'c'ri'~IJ~ STII4330 I},

~n1Iis is the :C'llIm(lali1ii(l[i~eferetloe b~1!,:; tf.I Hle Nartfiwe",l~'rn. MiJt!Je'-tW:J'tli Map.sefi~ , 'fhl~ 160pageS(lit];!\cebook pm'Vide~ critical factS f'Ol'ro,le p,layj~g c.amiP~igllS Set in ailY rut.eitllilfl~~Ol'''''ef'.bel1'!lmtl!)r, R~DI)~ ooS1eli!)tinnJl1, S:I~ '~lltries. ~md inf(llImatioTion LI'illde. rollltes titS wd!~s dll!la em mp~:!l~pIilJ mid d!rn .. t~d~l<ln tl1~ world preOOflIDd visu.flll]y ~i1 '~~.e map sct, TIle g~e!.tet."Ii'ruso il1crudic·:; a. 22"1{ 34Y OO!till: mapo of IWljfl:iwcsi:e.rn M'id.dl.Je-MrrIJhJ.

These [lo,eprodulCtl> au: ~oMfifbe.t[cer tc[ai~ :(JiLltlots worklwidc. Aval I· able at oott~r g;I:llii1e .~tor.e:r--Q:r OfinlaCl ICE, [nc_ P,Q, .Bllx 100, Otiarlottesvilt.e ... -VA. 22902,. USA. Pirl~salm s!1rb1oc~ ID nWlien.dotlJ witlil,@iij~ prior nur~w.VISA ami MAS1'iERC'ARD orders (;ml! ,ca:ml{)r;i;

I req:lile.;:jil'l) call ('3'mJ) 325·0479, Virginlil fc.sJdenll~, Camllclliilll5 •. and O''''~~NeMcwWm,et'S (:rul (&04) 2~:5-'391 '1, P]!I!:Me rnate phooocm:ltT.!. (1rllring bU1line~oo!!lrn: 9<.11I1-5pm fl~.iBrem 1rMne). MO.lld<l:y"frlooy.

(::a!!1 '0'1"' m1t\'l fOf <lI f~ C1IUlkl.~% .



Jiil~lE DJSlI?u\ YS

Th~rr.oduct m!1!talr:!~ I;i!!!g~( Vl!t5!Om (calk.:!. dis:play.!i) ·or !:h~ Layouts fOT rhe sample g.'lIJll~ s~tti'l,g in P.~f!! VI gf .Ml1R1' (p..98-1 I 2), as wdl. as ~"Jtrtic. rotnnltysj.Ji:·dbpLt}'~rhafcan be u;;;edfpt camping;. l':rlCOtt:lllH!fS;, or, bantls ehar caJl::e pbce in. die rour.lltysiti.e. AJ~{)t;r.IdtjrlOO are H'<Irupar-ern pll~~~ s.hee~~'!'iIiJh Imgdru (roru;;l.~tiJlg of h!<lI{~.gom) 1~[iD~ en dn.mt, 'These sheets (all be placed OV<11: :rIle Jispl:tys eo ~iJ in ~~Q;[\,iI!'Ig movement, Th.ehe.x~,g-ol]f;(h~e-s) ean.be used to gauB'-e distances and: eo resolve 1ll(l1l\eil'llent.

Dm',[[lg play, the Gam.t'.I1LaStel' should only m~e~l ~o th.Ei: p:l.a~'C.l'S' [M pruts ofdl~ clisphr~ \ .. hich theyna'i'e ~lre.ady dismm-oo, To, lIQ;QmfPli..~!'n ~his~l.e OM 1Il<L]' !!I~he!; !;.ove;r ~b~ lm.di;'lQ[lv~ ?out'li with ~-J1D1:t.:i of p.1pcr or hr.llI1~y cue th~ d~5IJI~p into l:i~pr.mtJ:: pi ~';;~5 ([J~1..mny SC.P''ll'~tc: 1."O!Jl_ cr h~gl!;) :L!1r::1lbn[lg t~~ ".1 i;~OQ:ll Pl~Ql!~ ~n~ play 1l~ they ;Lf.~~nt~I.'ed, •

11:11E sr AN[ll..tJp CHARACTER.S

The !l:i::arld-lilF ~::h.~a,c~[~ <~re print:ccljn :f~in C0101' 0.11 heawy, (lOOted: cardboard \Vben em out, folded m1d pla.cecl [1'1 the p,I;iJJl>~jc ~tI.!JJd&,tbey provide i~1,d[v!dualfigures,fu(r the chararrers. These figul'es .Q,:II'i'l:fhtit profes8ions. hit .... levels, armor, and some ofrhe mO,IT ~m.portITFJtOOJiliU;SCS prmted 01] the ba.c1, Till is ~am.e mt"omw.·bun m.ty be placed on rile s [11 PC charnctcrf1gu.,rn;"_Hsea,p(f1,i:~ so that you can change tin V.oo~5 If the d:l:ilr.1,Ctiert reach a new experience l£vd.

NO'M S_JI.rlMml fi.g~m mlfd IfJ~',~'mlfffl' ~'r~ d.ro <lvnrMbr" !o '1ff1J:I1#ttI ~rMm .mJ ~~x~.:r. MJ"i~'~fWl',%liN k }1i~mffiia'iJ imlMJli'!ilb'ld", proui,nI! 01' 'Iorr;) il.'~~J w~&..jli:!1l~fi!' r7.n,sCJI~il%'.JI'<1'11jd1"""r ... m <l F.'l.llll:!.l)' Ji'.~~ P/..1yfrm ,::nvil'mw~'1~, AjilU'!'Ilr!l~ 111flIlJ/;:".mm ~'li1J.~t~".:::rJ r~1T1 ,MI~.I;rll M!i<4~:t:r! 4'fi'.t\li!lldj't:.a~#twlkJbJ'a._'1!J~Hiij.@,'lJr~C~'l'i~m!:1.l!~r<'!~rlrlnym...ro/; UI ~~'rj!~!otlm~ (S1?l!'1Il.r~l~ OJ Ui!~!'''i4 t~il~~ M.i fh,l)f'm::r=) Ill' jlJj!;f!i:~'::'! rno~rJ ~[J (llir lk r!ifii:f;'1'1Il1i~ !lrJ &r,I}/'I'd-;'ri1M~r'~jcl'_,r.t:t' ,m'Wler~ aml~~ ;f)r~l~ ~'j j1;l1i-£ ~fW!1II1;tb,,:'tlIi;Jj'i'!~!l!nl'_ Otk.r ~J)t~ <if~\I.I~,,*= $Uch <l~ oM~ pi'~PS,.:1!1! lit: I~.d il! a .irJ!iJlr, J.IUI!'It4'I",


N,arm:. Clll;tlllU'fRa~. P~D:f.e~~1.UIJI ~,~ddirJed] [;;llrfE.lU>:

Lvl ..: E:~pefH~n~ u'I'd

MO'O'M. = lI.1aV-..!.l1l!!:nl' ~:!'Id M.1n.!ii1;~r Mnl'!S fO<! A~mo:r lIIom:i.'lI.i,y wo~rn, AT := i\.1TIKII' T}~ (;.~" tll!:' IlJ'i:1~ of <l1m'J1J:i' 1l0r,IlNoi[J V!'J:rJi)

NOi!1£; RL = Rigid L~~dl~~ SL= 50ft Lc:~dwf; Olai:n;Pl;]Joc,:

Ii "". H.dllll.«t; Ae. = AmI GL:~ll!I"1~; LG '" L::g GI'~a:Y'e~,

[I'll. =:: ])cf~miyc Ilooo~ (spc:ci.:11 bonus b om~ i.i; lloInna]lr u.g;;l, ~'$" ~nL<!!~, OOTILIS, d£f>truiw: ~d[ Lo~Ltlfr,s.. ~h:.)., DR i.ndLlo:i!l:~ sp!l:o:::i~i Ihr(>nlll~ if one i. Ir..:l!Gilil:d m par,rnlfl~~~, Sh ::= Sh[~d.

on = Ol}l!lls,iw ilemus V¥e'.lPO[l ~t5~d & \1/IIll!]Mlflllxmm) WCliIPOEl {al~<J(ry.

TIli.:l o:s iJ:id1ilotl~ weap()1'l bOOl.I'~ if "nil- i~ iii<i i(,ned III 'F';;!~~ll.the~~ TIre \\.~fFl ~r~ry ~bJ,m~rll~lrrll~ a~: .£ '" I-H Edg«l" L = I·f-! C'-'llCJ,lSS;On, T = 2-Hiu,;d",dl, Th = Tlil:owj!, M =, Miss~k :P' = P[)['I:~f111~

101:: \'I\'IIJl(I1j ~M"'o:'I\2tlai'll mri 00 = b:IL1[:I!-JL1!~; bu :;;;;;, billla; h; '" brO!Jll4.~urd; ill = (!~OW; d = ,d,lIb;, cp = oomFit~ bOl.'iI;' d3 = ,j~gg~n fI ;;;;; Hilil; ha'" b;U'1.h:<:.ei hb '" halbard, j.l. =jnvd1rt,; lb "" hmg 1:.0"11; I".l!a = !L",.t~;:

ITIIS ;= nliOmin,g ~tu~: till! ~ InIJ'1.mtd Lux,,:; m: = n~ ''=F' '" tt'-'~~[!<.titnfl; "" = '~1i'.;,w0l :1:'O,i~ (ft~O}D",c O!!l MBllJfl T~.hJ~ AT -4 l'lfiJth 1l1~mb~e

[yng<: "n-l, ~rn.h crj~, OlQ.d' ~ Ih". Rau!!" .,f50» d:' = ~h"ft be-,,_.; ,!r. = ocilllll~r: d = sr:, M!l;: sp = Spl~J:r: ~s = sl10rL ~"ilJ;l:J;

ts '= ..... ".!;wflo:ilil ,~"":)''':t ''';b = !{c",,' h.frnn.;:~ wjl = ,,:1\:1"_

!PI ,:;;; l\:l_J i?'o:lla~ (""i"~[J l>Qmr~ i~=)- "+#~ ir!d!i",,~.~ ~ +# '1"""1 .. rlJ.t~

"4t"iili.ili~"m.ll ~. 'K,# ,ip(!oU ,=~lttipll.et"{:I!l~dr ;.I1du.ci.!!,] im, pp~ gil'€:R).

.Ifll:l = ll""", Sp"R Ll.B,

])oS """ Di~cL~ Spdl~ 'bomo:;,

N'Ote:i .F'o~ ~p~roxlm;l.t~'vI1lt]'5 fO~'::fth<='r ,skill,bonwe5, ~G.;un~m~~t Gill! refer IW [he Malter Chmarur T allJ~ST·J (~l' IJ- ,Ml;.Z~'i4)

lddle-tta,rtb Roie Plflyi~g ACCl$$OiY l!ruk includes:

THE LOQNS or THf LONG FELL, ;lll ~l1tJ~T'LlIll'\l ;'IJvcrllUTt in "[he TroUlih~'I\'~ th,ll' il1tii'{'K.1uJ:i'!$ iIdERP'" ltN:I(,~S to Tollii.:-ril ",ul'[d ;Lnd th~ ~~'Ohdcr~ [If £l.flta5j' rotc pt1;V'ing in 1iddJ('-";.'JGTh. The :,\aJl::lun Ll)dnrk!;.:

- 6 §tully (If-~l'lop~rI ch~r-1f't""'~ n',~dfl r')'T"~~~r :hnd enjoy w1[h IlD pN~p,Tr;lIIUlJ (JI- h;b:We,

- b:ttn;;i".. JJlur.~.hr dfr G:,.m>l'TIiL'l:.;.t~ to hcl p Icr..~ "\1 'Ol'lcnlI.:J GM:;. learn the 9uhtkOl('"'i f (T,~{tlng imd running ,11~ ad.vtl'l,' ~llrc,

- M~p'" 8.' flool"pl.!:n-l' of lilt" ,j(.q mm~c site. gC<1rrd spo:ciflcally tor [he GMt with m' IHlI;1I·Ii.11J Jh"r ~lw"[lld j"itl;JII' bc> WIl1~e-.if,·d. from [he I'LL '(!I"B.

1].05TAl'iD- P FlGlJRJ;<; l'XL1Ui;;ill!'q' lc-elJddC'd JLJ full color, An tll..:peop k enCOLJIl rered III 111: Lwr!$ ~f rlx LoIJg h'#.lIC l[l,dll d{·,:j, ~s well as [he CU'J1JJ t"C1> and fo t~ nlf' th'~ ~anlpl~' ll'l'l'nrql'C In th.~· .~bM/f-1'41rth ir(~~ N"')'lf~- T,LlJL·1bud .. c,

L6 I? AC£5 or COLOll rn..q!<r..A TS brmg @chrcm urc ahrc when ,liun.:[-tlP rtgtUN~ aloe placed I) their >Uhan',', Yi:lltl1 :j.~" a ,.m'Lt':'; "lew of tlse [~Tr,~Ln ,md t~ ;r("t,n)1.lhl'! .:Ji~phy~ ilLcludt· eob

1ll11p~ and nOClt'"plam ol~ .

- The! L:!,;l Inti, FL11 t. I.m'!, H0liS~, & he Long Fell ItJr ~l L' adventure III dus ... \i(TC5~()fr Pl.1(ll.

- The Rulm-d ClII'tJ fA' r~~" T~ll\ ] >lh· for ,,11l~ scenario lit riie ,.1I1.iJdlN'lIl'th -A~l.r PJIl)i~rg "u!,sbC!o ,

U]CF. I~"'I" use wi~ h M.tR~) and fL"h.rJ.("Wt ?.rdJ.i· i./i!lrg Mr,

(5"'1I1.(, ,..,f d-lL~ m:.l[ .... d:a( w~ ~ ;:.t1'C~,t[)~'I<jr r~.,hti~lH'd lIT th~ Im/iL,d

flm ,:'.11[1<)11 ,1f "lj·JJj 'e -~.!l r;f~ Rolr :l·lilyr.Ng.1

Come to Middlc-e arfh a, d t~1I?pn.eTIce dlnfling

moments St'IC JS when rhe R Ing~ .. 'raitJ,s ilppl'Ocll:hl.:'a

Strider and rhr Hahhits on Wr:~LlTcrl. p~

d(:1t~'l' r/,\!, l rp ?f rbr.· ddt, .111 tfk 5.Ir1i' aW{ll from the bodl, t&y

fitl; 1.-ntlltt rhml SI1\.~~ .1 sfMJow rrse, (}r~f :S~'a ow or m(ln !"fum • {JUt', n'91 suabmJ thtf· f'j'fJ, 611111 the ,stlirJ(1"W~ sfI'mcJ M grC'\.v, S~'ott t/"N"e fljult! be t1l} d01lllt;lH'(~' "t }.,Uf bfcl.lk _figMn~s wrrr

S,llltl1rtlg .r/)ff( (111 I slop" l(x~kifig lav,,·.ll (II! d,em, , Fro-JCI.·

t/;O~tgl.lt that Ix h/mtf. a filml fliH ,:/S if wnOln~'HS bm/l$h and fdt tI ~btl r p r~1'{ j'lJ: !"hl U, 1 "iX17 thr sbrrpes Sri'iW~' l.rd\t'oI~1'IuJ. 1

-, It' r~tUW!ilr.ip Of i~