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Law on Social Organizations

January 12, 2003

Chapter One
General Provisions

Article 1:
This Law is enacted to establish and regulate the Social Organizations, in light of Article
(32) of Constitution enforced in 1964.

Article 2:
(1) Social Organizations (Societies and Associations) are the volunteer union of
natural persons, which are formed for ensuring social, cultural, scientific,, legal,
artistic and professional objectives according to the provisions of this law.
(2) Natural persons mentioned under item (1) of this Article shall be Afghan citizens
and shall have completed 18 years of age.

Article 3:
In achieving the objectives, Social Organizations shall observe the fundamentals of
Islamic Religion, provisions of the Constitution and this Law.

Article 4:
The legal personality of a Social Organization is recognized when its Statutes are
provided, approved, registered and published according to the provisions of this law.

Article 5:
A Social Organization may not operate outside the scope provided in the approved

Chapter Two
Establishment and Operation of
Social Organizations

Article 6:
(1) Application for the establishment, together with the Statutes of a Social Organization
is filed by founders not less than ten persons is submitted to the Ministry of Justice.
(2) The Ministry of Justice within 30 days from the date application is received, makes
decision about acceptance and denial of the application.
(3) If the application is verified, the Ministry of Justice registers and issues the activity
(4) If the applicant realizes that the decision made about the denial of application by the
Ministry of Justice is unlawful, may appeal to the relevant court.
Article 7:
(1) Two Social Organizations for achieving the same and specific objectives shall not
be established under the same name.
(2) Two or more of Social Organizations, which have similar objectives and
responsibilities can establish a union of such relevant organizations.

Article 8
Social Organizations shall have regular finance offices.

Article 9:
The Statutes of a Social organization shall be approved by Founders and shall contain the
following issues:
1- The title of the Social Organization and its objectives.
2- The scope, responsibilities and its internal governance.
3- Criteria for membership, rights and responsibilities of members.
4- Criteria for expulsion from membership and practicing other disciplinary measures.
5- Organizational structure.
6- Terms and procedure for calling the Congress or General Assembly and its authority.
7- Manner of electing the leading organs and their authorities.
8- Mentioning the names of Board of Directors.
9- Manner of controlling the internal governance.
10- Mentioning financial source and the manner of supervision.
11-Giving names of three financial persons.
12- Manner of amending and bringing changes in the Statutes or merger of the
organization with similar internal organization(s).
13- Establishing of Head Quarters and Branch or Liaison Offices of a Social
14. Dissolution and liquidation of a Social Organization.

Article 10:
(1) Head Quarters shall not be established outside the country.
(2) Social Organizations, whose Head Quarters are outside the country and run by
Afghans can establish Branch or Liaison Offices within the country. The activities
of such offices are governed under the provisions of this law.

Chapter Three
Dissolution and Activities Termination of
Social Organizations

Article 11:
The dissolution of a Social Organization shall take place according to the Statutes with
the decision of Congress or General Assembly.
Article 12:
In the following instances the Attorney shall make the decision for dissolution of a Social
(1) Lack of fulfillment of commitments written in the relevant Statutes.
(2) Practicing activities against the Statutes.

Article 13:
Disputes related to the dissolution of a Social Organization under Article 12 of this law,
shall be solved on the basis of Attorney’s written request to the court according to the
provisions of this law.

Article 14:
(1) In case the court orders the dissolution of a Social Organization, one or several
persons shall be appointed for liquidation, and distribution of properties of the
Social organization according to the provision of the relevant Statutes.
(2) If there are no provisions in the Statutes concerning distribution of the properties
of the organization, the court may transfer the properties to another Social
Organization or agency, which has similar objectives to the dissolved

Article 15:
The founders of a Social organization may not make provisions in its Statutes that allow
transfer of the properties related to a Social organization only to them, their relatives or
their heirs after the dissolution, and termination of its activities.

Chapter Four
Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 16:
Funding and the financial affairs of Social Organizations are transparent. The properties
of a Social Organization shall only be used to achieve its objectives.

Article 17:
A Social Organization, according to the law may have a publication in order to publish its

Article 18:
The Ministry of Justice may allow foreign citizens to acquire the honorary membership
of a Social Organization.

Article 19:
(1) The Ministry of Justice shall establish an office to carry on the affairs related to
register, examine the request, and the Statutes of a Social Organization.
(2) Authorities and responsibilities of the office mentioned under item (1) of this
Article shall be regulated by a separate bill.
Article 20:
Social Organizations established prior to the enforcement of this law shall submit their
Statutes to the relevant office of the Ministry of Justice within two months from the
publishing of law in the Official Gazette.

Article 21:
The Ministry of Justice shall provide the form and contents of the Work Permit and issue
it to the qualified applicant against fixed payment.

Article 22:
A Social Organization may have a special logo.

Article 23:
Instances not covered by this law, provisions of articles 403 to 439 of Civil Code shall

Article 24:
A Social Organization shall have a seal, in which the name and the logo of the
organization is carved.

Article 25:
This law is enforced from the date signed and shall be published in the Official Gazette.
With the enforcement of this law, the Law on Social Organizations published in the
Official Gazette number 714 dated 21.03.1991 shall be repealed.