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To execute one

Maintenance activities Compliance to Minimise steam

time activities
for sustaining unit inspection work leaks in the
for better plant
operation list unit

D-2008 GG leak
and its associated Removal of hose
valves gland leak reels from
Loading of chemicals attended. cyclemax deck

Replacement of
Removal of strainer plug in CCR RGC LO CCR furnace
chiller skid to drain propane condensate drain north stack
of any water content. area. damper wench

Online leak attending of Gland leaks on Installation of cap

Chiller condenser tub head. PRDS deck on burner.
Steam tracing
east of CCR
Strainers - CH,steam
102C1001B,Caustic manifold near
injection pump,Caustic CCR main fuel
circulation pump,pre and gas pillar,CCR Opening of chiller
after filters of east b/l south B oil separator
102DR3001,Chiller LO pillar steam circuit for
pump,BFW Pump. tracing. inspection.
Furnace burner cleaning - Booster Gas Installation of
IH2 ,CH, servicing of air heater LP orifice plate on
registors,observation condensate line Sec oil separator
window sling. leak. bottom line.
Provision of
Cyclemax air steam ring on
Steam traps repair- b/n nSU filters steam CCR reactor 1
feed pump tracing leak. inlet line flange.
Stripper reboiler
i/l line b/v warm
up b/v bonnet
Sample point cleaning - leak arrested by
NHT separator,receiver caulking
leak - 102PSV3001B to A
by-pass fig 8 flange
leak,HAN b/l NRV b/v u/s d/s
flanges leak.
Valve servicing- NSU splitter
bottom GG isolation valves.
Forced S/D 30-31st Oct -
Gland packing( 8
locations) ; gasket
replacement (5 flanges) ;
Servicing of valve
102TV6008 by-pas b/v. and
subsequent replacement of
the same; Installation of
orifice plate on MP steam
draining ,etc.provision of
additional valve u/s of
quench steam control valve.
Safety valve repair and
servicing -
reactor PSV,CI pump
102P2007 safety.
Isom hydrogenation reactor
103R2001 catalyst sieving
and re-loading.
Off gas line to Caustic
scrubber tower leak
repair,hydrotest and
To execute any
additional jobs
schemes for
better and
stipulated time
easier plant

Sample point To put wire mesh

extension of on suction of
stabiliser trim cooler
cooler blower102C3003
Safety - sagety
chains on
Rigid piping monkey ladder
connection for air pathway,covering
supply to PERC of holes on decks
loading with plates.

condensate line Fixing of powder
extension from coated sheet on
drum to OWS pot. compressor shed.

Providing new
sample collection FCCU S/D jobs
point for fuel gas related to reactor
heater. and regenerator.
Line modification
for provision of
new control valve

Additional drain
line provision for
Isom silencer.

PERC line to
Bensat reactor
CCR NGC suction
drum steam
tracing lines
extended to OWS
Rigid piping for
steam drain from
pump 102P2004A