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Annexure A (Cover Page)

3rd Floor, Kamar Trust Building,
Aroma High school Ushmanpura,
Ashram Road,
Code – 1535

Financial Analysis

A Project Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for

Master of Business Administration Of Sikkim Manipal University, INDIA

Sikkim-Manipal university of Health,Medical and Technological

Distance Education wing
Syndicate house
Manipal – 576119
Annexure – B (student declaration)
I here by declare that the project report entitled

Financial Analysis
Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of

Masters Of Business Administration

To Sikkim-Manipal University, India, is my original work and not

submitted for the award of any degree, diploma, fellowship, or any other
similar title of prizes


Place – Ahmadabad (Name of Candidate)

Date- Reg. No: 520953489
Annexure C (Examiner’s Certification)

The project report of


Financial Analysis

Is approved and is acceptable in quality and form

Internal Examiner External Examiners

(Name, qualification ) ( Name, qualification)

Annexure D (University study centre certificate)

This is to certify that the project report entitled

Financial Analysis
Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of
Masters of Business Administration of

Sikkim-Manipal university of Health, Medical and technological sciences

Has worked under my supervision and guidance and that no part of this
report has been submitted for the award of any other degree, Diploma ,
Fellowship or other similar titles or prizes and that the work has not been
published in any journal or Magazine.

Reg.No- 520953489

(Guide’s Name and Qualification)

A practical study is an important part of M.B.A. programme. It
gives us an opportunity to relate theoretical knowledge with real
corporate situation. It also helps to improve our analytical skills,
communication skill and knowledge. The management programme and
our institute ‘IIMT’ provides real opportunity to provide to apply
theoretical knowledge in practical field.

Industrial training is the main part for the management student. It

gives a practical knowledge to the students who have to overcome the
problems and challenges in future. The training gives and outlook to the
students about the Do’s and Don’s of the industry. It makes us feel as we
are the part of the industry. I had a great experience.

I had studied the performance and effectiveness along with the

reach of Group V Non-Skid wherein the company is as a pioneer in the
market. I have collected primary data from the channel partners and
Influences, and analysis as per my knowledge. I have provided
suggestions based on the current trend, that can make the organisation
more effective and profitable.
Through this report, I summarize that I have strived to present
myself in best possible manner to ethically and systematically. I would
be thankfull for the feedback that can improve the project in all possible

To understand the market of FMCG and get knowledge of this field of

this I took my training in “RAMDEV FOOD PRODUCT PVT.LTD”

In this project report I have tried my level best to display genuine

information about the company, which I visited.

I, Dashrath S. Soni, student of the two-year MBA

programme at “IIMT” hereby declare that the report on grand
project work entitled “Financial analysis on Ramdev ” is the
result of my own work.

In this project report I have tried my level best to display

genuine information about the company, which I visited.

Place: Ahmedabad DASHRATH

The best way to have the best thought is to have many thoughts.
We think that whatever betterment I could not be complete without all
means of guide we have with us all time.
I am Specially grateful to Mr.Vijay Dodia Sir, Chief Executive
Officer of “RAMDEV FOOD PRODUCTS PVT.LTD.”, Who gave
me permission for my grand project.

Practical training is one of the crucial parts for the M.B.A.

students. I really thankful Mr.Alok Malaviya (H.R.Head) and Mr.
Divyang Padhiya Manager (A/c & Audit) without whose directions and
valuable insights this project would have remained incomplete.

I am thankful to my guide Prof. Amit Acharya who helps me in

all manners for industrial training. My sincere thank to IDEA
provide me all that facilities which a student may wish to be with him in
terms of library material. I am also thankful to director of our college
Mr. Ashish Patel who allowed us to have the privilege of the practical
training in our way of future orientation. As we all know that practical
training is one of the most learnable processes to learn and led to
improve our knowledge about the industrial processes.
Without the kind support and encouragement of my faculty
members, I won’t be able to complete my report. The motivation and the
idea for preparing the project report and the way of presenting my views
had been given by faculty. I want to thank them from the bottom of my

There are times in such task when the clock beats you time and
again you run out of energy and you just want to finish it once and
forever. My family made me endures such times with their unfailing
humor and blessings.


Objective Behind the Project
My objective behind the study of financial analysis. During My
training I want to found how to manage financial activity and how to
handle management staff and how to make a financial documentation
and I found that the growth of the company and all the financial Details.
Financial management is that managerial activity which is
concerned with the planning and controlling of the firms financial
resources. It is a decision making process concerned with acquiring
financing and managing assets to achieve the overall goal of a business
Financial management deals with procurement of funds and their
effective utilization in the business. It is also about managing
expenditure with in a limited budget.
It is about allocating money to the necessary items first. Financial
management means the management of the matter related to and
organizations finance. It balances expenditure and income.

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