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Management Consultancy Proposal rm6090

MBA 790 Management Consultancy Project

Section 1101-3
Feb – May 2011

Student Name: Roshan Manwalan

Student ID : rm6090

MBA 790 – Capstone Management Project MBA 790-1101-3

Management Consultancy Proposal rm6090

Management Consultancy Proposal

How Family Stores in India are Successful


Family shops especially in South and the western part of India have been
very much successful in the recent decade. A few such stores are D-Mart,
Vishal Mega Mart, Pothys, Naidu Hall, Saravanas, The Chennai Silks. These
stores do not fall under the corporate stores like Wall-Mart or the franchise
stores. These family owned chain stores have grown from one to a number
of stores and the best part is that they still continue to dominate over other
retail giants.

Purpose of Research

My project shall analyze these family stores which have been successful and
a simple investigation

MBA 790 – Capstone Management Project MBA 790-1101-3

Management Consultancy Proposal rm6090

- To decipher why and how these stores remain successful despite being in a
small scale setup.

- To analyze the management style which is usually not that of corporate


- Their KSFs over other corporate giants

- Ways of communicating/ advertising their exclusivity.

- Initiatives taken by these stores to retain their customers.

- Analyzing satisfaction level of customers visiting these kinds of family

stores and the competing franchise stores which will be done thro surveys
and interviews from.

- Identifying core competencies and the Challenges these organizations face

and how they win over.

- Study on how these stores manage a huge payroll.

- How they train the employees to perform well.

- And finally, how they have proven to be different from other competitors.

MBA 790 – Capstone Management Project MBA 790-1101-3

Management Consultancy Proposal rm6090

The data is not readily available and requires an extensive case study on
behaviors and management methodologies of these organizations. My
project shall analyze the existing market scenario and how these
organizations make use of the business environment. The main reason is to
infer a proper business analysis which can be of great assistance to my own


This research paper will use literature, self knowledge and interpretation of the

topic under study. Personal insights are juxtaposed with the theoretical

assumptions behind the accepted concepts.

 Data sources: Internet, articles, scholarly journals, Proquest

 Methods and techniques of data collection: Most of the findings are to be

based purely on secondary data derived from research papers on the

same and also on own knowledge on the subject.

 Analysis: The report shall bring out the significance of family stores in

India and how they have made a prominent presence in business

irrespective of entry of retail giants who have failed to compete with

these family stores/shops. This research suggests that it is through

sound principles-based policymaking and management that this would

be possible

MBA 790 – Capstone Management Project MBA 790-1101-3

Management Consultancy Proposal rm6090


The paper will add to the body of knowledge on retailing by small scale
business units and will be of interest to those in the field. It will be mainly a
primary research and the information will be gathered from both primary
and secondary research. The study will analyze the applicability of existing
research concepts, theories, and tools for evaluating consumer satisfaction
over family stores. Trends in customer satisfaction over family stores and
key indicators of customer dissatisfaction over other stores shall be
documented and supported by to the best of objective information. The
study will analyze customer perception, and how these business units/
companies can determine the actions required to meet the customer’s needs
to make their business large.

Source of Data shall include interviews with managers and CEO’s of a

couple of family stores and their competitors who are termed here as ‘retail
giants’. The interviews, I expect, will give an insight on personal views with
regards to business concepts and tactics. The targeted population will be the
walk-in customers who visit the stores and a survey shall be carried on over
their preferences and their feedback.

Targeted population being teenagers, college students, school students,

working class of people and housewives who are the ultimate decider.
Probability sample shall not be applicable here since most of the required
information shall be concept based / surveyed.

The data will be gathered personally by me with usage of the above

mentioned research methodology and the duration should take a week

MBA 790 – Capstone Management Project MBA 790-1101-3

Management Consultancy Proposal rm6090

perhaps to gather and further a couple of days to analyze, refine and infer
results from it.

Data Analysis and Evaluation

Data will be organized based on different heads starting from Customers

expectations, management techniques, HR management, advertising and
marketing tactics. Basic criteria for evaluation of performance shall
include decision making, management therapy, employee performance,
and finally customers level of satisfaction which will be arrived from a
survey. Managers, customers, CEO’s and a random set of employees are
to be quizzed for this purpose.

Report Preparation

Managerial recommendations shall be compulsorily be done in order to help

add a vibe to the research to help these organizations thrive and compete
successfully on the long run. The presentation shall be made in PDF format
along with a slide show supported by audio clips presenting real time
interviews with CEO’s.

Budget and Time Schedule

The stipulated time frame of eight weeks is quite sufficient to carry out
surveys, study about the behavioral patterns of organizations, to gather data
and organize the same for a refined presentation which is sure to achieve
the research objective given the personal experience I possess and the time
frame given. The research has begun already with preparation of
questionnaires for carrying out the customer survey.

MBA 790 – Capstone Management Project MBA 790-1101-3