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Tourism and Sustainability

Assignment 2: Tourism and climate change

Tutor: Francesc Romagosa Casals

Made by: Peter Elek

Date: 20 04 2011
In my previous submission I chose Ibiza as my destination now I am going to choose t
Ibiza again. In the first part of this short essay I would like to write about the main impacts
and threats of the climate changes in Ibiza.
In the second part of this submission I am going to write about what we can do it to
avoid the problems what cause the climate change.
First of all let’s see what can cause the climate change, of course it is the global warming.

Greenhouse effect

I would like to try to explain what the greenhouse effect is brief. The greenhouse
effect is basically when the accumulation of industrial pollutants, such as carbon dioxide,
water vapor and methane, less heat can leave the atmosphere and trapped heat makes the
temperature rise. These gases reflect the sun’s long wave radiation back to Earth thus
warming the atmosphere. I think the most important effect of this process is to warming up
the earth surface that is why the climate always changes and as an effect the iceberg are
melting. The melting of the ice caps can cause flood in the populated area and agricultural
lands because this course of proceedings rising the sea – levels. I have mentioned above that
the greenhouse effect warming up our Earth it is called global warming. If we want to reduce
or maybe stop the global warming we have to take care of our planet where we live. We really
have to save the Flora and Fauna.

Save the Flora and Fauna

Industrial pollution is resulting in drastic reduction of the forests. Everybody has to

know how important the forests are in every touristic destination and our society. If they
know maybe they do not waste paper and they use recycle as much as possible. They should
also take actions to reduce industrial pollution. Trees should be planted in the empty places.
People are cutting down the valuable trees which give us oxygen. Industries can sell timber at
a good price and that’s the reason why they are destroying jungles for their own profit. The
destruction of the forests is also a cause of global warming and it cause drastic climatic
changes. If we do not protect and take care of the rainforests it will cause drought to the
agricultural regions. In effect of these the erosion is a quiet dangerous process which includes
to a reduction in yields and destruction of populated areas. The scientist says that the half of
the world wood – land has disappeared. If we deforest the environment the natural habitat of
species gets destroyed and animals and plants disappear. The seas are also endangered by the
factories such as oil from tankers. Many endangered species live in the oceans and seas and
they are becoming extinct if the oil spills into the waters. This is really reduce the numbers of
the visitors in Ibiza.

Reduce the pollution

Let me share my opinion how we can reduce the pollution in Ibiza. First of all I would
have some laws and regulations respected by industries. Everybody who is break the law has
to pay enormous fines. I would inform the people how important recycling process is and I
establish facilities for recycling.
The vehicles have also polluted our environment as cars run on petrol or gas. Car
manufacturers should try to make cars which can run on energy sources like solar energy and
water. I would establish a lower price of the unleaded petrol to persuade people to use this
kind of petrol.

Main sources of the renewable energies:

I would like to grab the opportunity to show the main sources of the renewable
energies. I think nowadays it’s very important and indispensible that we know our renewable
energy sources. Basically the renewable energy sources when we use natural resources to
make energy, for example water, wind, biomass and the sun. These resources are
unexhausted, so we can use without the risk of running out of them, but if we cannot care of
our environment we will destroy all of the renewable natural resources. We can find these
renewable resources everywhere so it would be easy to shift and use this kind of sources
instead of the others. If we will not pollute the island of Ibiza it will be more “healthier” and
attract more people.

Wind Power

One of the most important environments – friendly renewable energy sources is the
wind. It was long time ago when people started to use the wind energy for agricultural aims.
When we use the wind we do not have to be afraid of running out of it. There are some
disadvantages. Wind power can only be utilities in places where it is windy and Ibiza is not as
windier so maybe this cannot be a solution.
Solar energy

Nowadays in Ibiza the people can try to use this kind of energy source because they
realized that this is environment friendly. The Sun is a stable energy sources for the Earth. If
the Sun does not exist we cannot live on the Earth. The following renewable energy source is
the solar energy. The solar energy is environment – friendly and renewable, it cannot belong
to the fossil fuels. It belongs to the renewable energy sources. Solar energy provided by the
sunlight. Basically when we collect the energy from the sun and after we generate the energy.
How can we use the solar energy? It can be used in two ways. First type when we use the
solar energy to heat house and water or light buildings. It is called passive used. Nowadays
the technology is very well improved. It can offer to transform the solar energy and after we
can generate electricity. It is also used to gain energy for operating satellites and spacecraft.
This kind of utilization is called active.

Geothermal energy

The third valuable renewable energy source that we have to mention is the geothermal
energy. This is also environment – friendly and unexhausted energy source. We can generate
geothermal energy. We can use the temperature of the Earth. Ibiza is a geothermal empire; it
has a huge advantage because of the location.

Hydro power

Maybe this was the first renewable energy source that the people used. It is also called Hydro
energy. Water power is another renewable and environment – friendly energy source. We can
harness the energy of the water to produce power. We can generate hydroelectric power from
lakes and rivers. There are a lot of known ways to use the energy of water. The energy of the
water can be collected in water-based power plants, riverine power plants, these power plants
can be used with dams or without dams, by using the rising and falling of water, by collecting
the energy of water waves and by building watermills and pump based energy-containers.
20% energy of the world comes from the water energy this is approximately 2030 TWh.

After the coal, oil and natural gases the biomass is the fourth biggest energy source on
the World. Last decades researchers recognized that we will run out the fossils fuels such as
oil, gas, coal and wood. They try to find an alternative way to exploit energy. They developed
the biomass. The biomass includes animal waste, dead trees, and branches, byproduct of
agricultural products and dung of the animals.

We can use biomass to heat or generate electricity. We also harness it in the

agricultural field such as an energetic plant rising. We can easily generate power without
environmental pollution.


Everybody has to know how and why can we protect our Earth? The main aim of the
recycling that we have to use less non – renewable energy source and use more renewable
energy sources. In my essay I wrote a short presentation from the main renewable energy
resources for instance wind energy, solar energy, water energy, geothermal energy and the
biomass, before we run out of the non – renewable energy sources. I think we have to change
our resource immediately instead of the fossils fuels like coal, natural gas and oil. The sources
that I have mentioned before are not renewable energy sources. When we use renewable
energy source we do not have to take care of that we run out of them but we have taken care
of our Planet. If we demolish the Earth where we live, we cannot exploit the resource that I
have mentioned up. Protection of the World includes for instance that we use selective
rubbish containers to collect the paper, plastic, bottle and other rubbish. We use the recycle
whenever we can, for example buy newspaper which are made from recycle paper.

„It’s all about using less of everything, saving energy, buying

locally produced food, recycling our waste, reducing travel, planting

trees, investing in ethical businesses and lobbying politicians to act

before it really is too late.”

Chris Dews, President – Ibiza Eco Logic