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• Giving Learners Greater Success

• Better Employment Opportunities for
• Record of Achievement for Learners
• Reduced Costs for Colleges
• Enhanced College Brand
ED4Me Handbooks can do all this for you – no wonder
being described by many as “The New CV"
The Story!

Christine, a former college Principal &

Vice-Principal, was discussing a business
idea with Rob Brown who develops
software for on-demand print products
when the Eureka moment occurred…..!
A software developed system which
gives Students / Learners at Schools and
Colleges a better chance of
understanding their studies, improving
grades and employment opportunities.
It also reduces the Colleges Carbon
footprint. All the research with Colleges,
Learners and Employers indicates
strongly that the product will do exactly
that and is so revolutionary, it has been
dubbed by many as “The New CV”
Learner Benefits:

 Learners feel special and individual

 Understand their Course in greater depth prompting Greater Success
 Much better Job opportunity with ‘The New CV’ and the record of achievement
 Proud to show Family, Friends and Employers
 Constant reference book
 Portable document should they travel, relocate or emigrate
 Proud of their College or School
 Leaner’s ‘polled’ to-date say they ‘want it’!

What some Learners have said so far:

“Lot of Information….”, The Progression Chart

is “Very Useful”, “The layout is easy to read
and understand”, “It’s good to know what we
can achieve from the Course”, “You get to see
what you will be Learning”, “I’d feel proud to
show people what course I’m studying”, “It’s a
really good idea”
Business Administration Progression Chart
So what can a Handbook – “The New CV” – Contain?

Simply it can contain core relevant information directly relevant to their course and
how it is assessed for a better grasp. Plus, contains other relevant information,
progression charts, and so on….. What it won’t contain is non core information that
is better placed on other media such as College Websites, VLE’s, etc…. But it will tell
them where to look! Follow the grabs over the next few pages for a flavour….

Cover Personalised for Learner and Award Meet your teaching staff – with Images!
Welcome Pages from Key College Staff
Summary of Units - Good for Employers

About the Qualification

Pages from Awards
• A-Level Psychology (AQA)
• BTEC Level 2 Diploma in
Animal Care (Edexcel)
• Level 2 Diploma in
Bricklaying (Construction
Awards Alliance)
Assessment & Grading Progress & Certification Next Year & Beyond

All this content is held in the Content Management System with Colleges having
dedicated websites on Ed4Me Servers where they can create and pull together
relevant Awards, Units and Summaries and College info. Ed4Me create much of the
content for Colleges and one benefit is the fact doesn’t have to re-written every
year! The following page demonstrates a few key areas of the powerful Content
Management System but please do contact us for more information on this!
Log on and see your dashboard! College Content Library

Order Pages in Handbook with drag and drop functionality Assigning Content to Handbooks
Benefits to Centres:

 Standardised, customised, high quality course Handbooks

 More satisfied learners with greater potential for success
 College image enhanced and so more Learners
 Closer and more efficient engagement with Awarding Bodies
 Improved relationships with staff freed from bureaucracy
 Opportunities attract advertising to the high quality publication
 Pressure taken off college printing resources
 A system in place that can adapt to the growing complexity of qualifications
 Less photocopying and paper for handbooks – Environmental impact
 Lower business capital costs
 Progression facilitated because Learner familiar with opportunities
 Structure created is the template for years
 Better engagement with Employers
 Great Marketing Tool for Centres
Benefits to Employers:

 Employers can assess candidates in a more positive and detailed way ensuring
job role met in full and not just in general
 Save time sorting through potential candidates
 Employers could insist on candidates having course handbooks with
certificates to verify self-created CV’s
 Creates better rapport between Employers and certain Centres
 Employers will create a market in specific awards strengthening subjects and

What to know More:

 +44 (0) 7970 080695 – Chris

 +44 (0) 7973 854564 – Rob

 christine.bullock@ed4me.org
 rob.brown@ed4me.org