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Class: 8th Grade Social Studies

Unit: Civil Rights

Lesson: The Shift Towards Black Power

Learner Objective/Outcomes: Students will describe what SNCC was and how they worked
towards change. Students will explain why there was a shift from nonviolent social action to a
more aggressive standpoint in the later part of the Civil Rights movement through exploring
MLK Jr.’s lack of success in Chicago. Students will explain how “Black Power” evolved out of
SNCC and why there was a shift towards removing white people from the movement. Students
will describe the basic goals, principles, and tactics of the Black Panther Party and how it
epitomized “Black Power.”

Content Standards:
14.C.3 Compare historical issues involving rights, roles and status of individuals in relation to
municipalities, states, and the nation.
16.A.3b Make inferences about historical events and eras using historical maps and other
historical sources.
18.B.3a Analyze how individuals and groups interact with and within institutions (e.g.,
educational, military).

Resources & Materials: Power Point with embedded video and images, SNCC Reading

1) Open with an image video of Stokely Carmichael. Ask students what the tone of his
overall message is and how this is different from what they have been learning about the
Civil Rights movement so far
2) Then show students the image of the SNCC sit-in. Discuss with the class what this
picture is portraying. Who is being violent? What are the members of SNCC doing? How
are they responding?
3) Use Power Point and images within the Power point to explain who SNCC was, what
they did, and how they did it. Explain the role they played in the nonviolent movement.
3) Use Power Point and images within the Power Point to aid in giving a brief introduction
to Martin Luther King Jr. and his role as leader of the Civil Rights movement and as an
advocate for nonviolence. Then explain how his attempt at change in a large Northern
City like Chicago was unsuccessful therefore leading to the rise of a new direction for the
Civil Rights movement.
4) Use Power Point and images within the Power Point to aid in describing how SNNC
evolved into an advocate of “Black Power,” violence, and a move away from involving
whites in the Civil Right movement. Have students read SNCC reading individually, then
discuss as a class how this demonstrates SNCC change in attitude. Highlight Stokely
5) Use Power Point and images within the Power Point to aid in explaining the basic goals,
principles, and tactics of The Black Panther Party and who some of its prominent leaders
1) Class discussion about the SNCC sit-in image demonstrates students’ understanding of
the nonviolent tactics of the group.
2) Class discussion after the SNCC reading demonstrates students’ understanding of why
there was a shift towards a more violent approach, “Black Power,” and the movement
away from using the aid of white activist.
Assessment Tool:

1) Informal assessment of student discussion will be used to gauge student learning.

Plans for Diversity

Diversity is built into this lesson. By covering the Black Panthers we are touching on a group of
organizers that are often not touched upon when discussing the Civil Rights movement. In
addition, presenting the controversial viewpoint expands on the different approaches within the