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Prayer & Praise West Harbour Alliance Church

• Pray that the Lord would restore Jim
Baker to complete health.
145 Moire Road, West Harbour,
Waitakere 0618 (09) 416-8991
• Doctors report that Jack Noble’s health is Pastoral team
fragile currently. Please pray for his com- Pastor Matthew Mordaunt and Sharilyn 832 3922
fort, and for emotional strength for Stella Phyllis Charlton 833 3455
as she walks with him through this time.

• Our desire for a Childcare to operate out Jacob Lauaki - Joh Remiens - Barry Thomas
of this facility remains as we seek to build Executive
bridges into our community, but progress Tom McKean [Treasurer], Naren Nanjan, Pauline Thomas,
is very slow. Please pray that resources Matthew Mordaunt, and a representative from the Elders. 15th May 2011
and consents would come in soon. Church Office 416 8991
Pastor Matt ‘s office hours are 9am - 11.30am
• Pray that many people who come to the Sunday to Thursday. If you would like to drop by outside
Greg Laurie Auckland Crusade in June, these hours, please ring the church before you come.
and that Pastor Greg would be used pow-
erfully by God to speak His word. ROSTERS for May/June
date preacher worship pianist media m/tea lawns
• Pray for comfort, wisdom, and grace for
both the Thomas family and Pauline’s
mum is currently experiencing some
failing health. 15 Louie Barry Sharilyn Sophie Mele Ofa
Are you new to this facility?
We know that it can take a lot of energy to 22 Matt Tom Maureen Moya Pauline Barry
attend a new church, so please note that: Alliance
29 Matt Youth — Judy Barry
• The toilets are located down the passage
to the right as you exit the sanctuary.
• The Preschool ministry begins at the start 05 Matt Matt Aeran Natalie Raquel Barry
of the service in the Creche, and 5-13 year
olds are dismissed part way through the
service for Sunday School. Helping people move from
Communion: May 15th Matt Mordaunt
• Information on who we are, as well as on
June 5th Jacob Lauaki
brokenness to wholeness
all of our ministries are available online at
www.whac.net.nz in Christ
If you would like to include any bits and pieces
• Each week, we share a cuppa together af- for the weekly Newsletter, please email Pastor “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted;
ter the service, and would love for you to Matt at: mordaunts@orcon.net.nz, or phone the He rescues those whose spirits are crushed”
stay for a chat church office. Psalm 34:18
TODAY Greg Laurie Events

10.30 am - Morning Worship City Wide Prayer Gatherings

The Living Room June 23—Starting at 7:30 in LIFE Central (95
Led by - Barry Thomas On May 29th, we have the opportunity to wel- Mount Eden Road)
come the Living Room Youth worship team to
Speaker - Louie Giglio WHAC! This worship group is made up of Alli- Impact Equipping Rallies
ance youth from across Auckland, and lead a
Series: Hope in the shadow Session One: May 15th at Westgate Baptist
monthly worship night at BBCC.
(Formerly Northwest Baptist) from 5:00
Please join us for a cup of tea or Service Opportunity Session Two: May 22nd at Westgate Baptist
coffee following the service The weekly newsletter is a ministry to keep our from 5:00
Ministries for Children church family informed with what’s going on at Session Three: May 29th at Westgate Baptist
WHAC, while also helping newcomers to settle from 5:00
at WHAC into the life of our church. Between producing
Ages 0 - 1 If you need to take your in- the newsletter, posting it on the web, and prepar-
fant out of the service, a play area Harvest Event:
ing it for Sunday morning, it can take up to 60
has been set up in the foyer for June 25th at 7:00 & June 26th at 6:00
minutes each week. If anybody would like to
your convenience. continue this ministry, please see Pastor Matt. Vector Arena—Auckland
Ages 2 - 4 The Preschool ministry be-
gins at the start of the service, and Volunteer Needs:
is located diagonally to the left as
A Financial Update
Thanks to your generosity in giving, over the first New Believer Postie—each night of the outreach
you exit the sanctuary.
three terms of our financial year, our giving has Enfolding ministries—people to phone and follow
Ages 5 - 13 Kids club takes place in the
exceeded our budgeted needs by 17%... Praise up new believers
hall during the sermon. A notice
the Lord, and good for you! As you may know, Counsellors—Each night of the outreach for
will appear on the screen when it
there are a number of facility/ministry dreams
is time to dismiss your children. people who come forward at the Altar call
that we would like to pursue as a church family…
Prayer at WHAC and because of this surplus, these dreams are
becoming possibilities! More Information at:
Prayer Night: Join us in the church www.whac.net.nz & www.nz.harvest.org
May 19th and June 2nd.

Meetings Coming Up…. Birthdays coming up...

McKean’s: Please see Tom for details Elders Board—June 1st
Cam Baker - May 17
Mordaunt’s: Meets May 26th & June 9th. Executive Committee— Joh Remiens - May 25
May 18th Phyllis Charlton - June 6
Thomas’: Meets May 26th & June 9th.