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Help for Your Independent Life

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A. Dignity Non-Skid Placemat
Vinyl Bib Dignity Ceramic Adapted Dinnerware
Nobody likes to Do dexterity challenges cause you to push dinner plates
admit that they spill, around the table when dining? These non-skid placemats are
but it’s a real chal- an inexpensive way to solve that problem. Available in 4 solid
colors, they stay securely in place, are hand washable, and are
lenge for some. This
bib is made from a suitable for indoors or out. Measures 11-1/2” x 17-1/2”.
clear supple vinyl
and blends in dis- B. 50007-01 Linen Your Choice
creetly when worn. C.
Hunter Green
$2.99 “If it is not
It’s machine wash-
able, features a catch E. 50007-04 Cobalt Blue a picnic, 50350 9” $19.99
cuff along the base,
and measures
18” x 36”. should be
50022 $12.99 no plastic.”
Jane Andrews
Director at
Wade Ceramics’ new line of Dignity high strength ceramic
dinnerware has been specially created to allow dignified dining
for those with physical limitations or dementia. Edges, rims,
handles, and colors have all been carefully crafted in collabora-
tion with England's renowned Stirling University Dementia 50355 $16.99
Invest in Yourself Center. Diners enjoy “real” ceramic dishes with broad rims,
high edges, and full handles to help them scoop, grasp, and sip
Most of us are very familiar with investing
in stocks, mutual funds, and CDs, but lots of Meal Time more comfortably. Available in white, green, yellow.

us are now coming to a time in our lives when G. 50332 3-Piece set $44.99
we need to invest in a less familiar commodity–
F • Extra strong ceramic - not plastic
• Designed for dementia and disabled use
Remaining independent and in our homes
• Bright colors improve food recognition
is the "return" on this investment, and many
• Dishwasher/microwave/freezer safe
consider it "priceless." To achieve this return we 50358 $11.99
• Rims, edges, handles adapted
often need to invest in products and services
that we haven't previously needed. Quality
independence products can be a big help in H. One-Cut Cutting Board I. Soft-Grip Utensils
People with limited use of Dinner shouldn’t be painful! If arthritis or other con-
meeting this investment goal.
one hand will love this ditions have limited your ability to grasp and hold
Using these items doesn't make us old. In unique food prep small objects, these Soft-Grip Utensils
fact, it's exactly the opposite. These items help device. Suction cups may be just what you need.
improve our quality of life by allowing us to be hold the board in The foam grip is
more mobile, be more social, and eat and sleep place while the 1-1/2” in diame-
corner ter – about the
better. They actually help us feel younger!
bumpers or size of a banana –
No other investment in our portfolios can F. No-Spin Pan Holder and soft to the
the spikes H
deliver that return. Sauté all day without your pan spinning away! This simple pot
keep your touch. Easy to
and pan holder can be indispensible for those cooks who are
food right hold with mini-
limited to one hand. Suction cups hold it to your stove and the
Warm Regards, where you mal pressure.
frame can easily be adjusted to accommodate your stove’s
want it.
Bill Boer, President burner pattern.
Polypropylene surface 50023
won’t dull your knives. $37.99
50038 $14.99
Measures 12” x 12”. I
50036 $56.99
2 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 888-777-6510 3
E. Comfort Spoon and Fork Holders J. Hand-To-Hand Mug
A These soft hold- with Lid J
A. Weighted Eating H
Utensils - Set of 4 ers slide onto Specially developed for those
Each utensil set comes with most standard with grip-strength chal-
a knife, fork, tea spoon, and silverware and E lenges, the patented design
soup spoon, all with com- provide an of the Hand-to-Hand Mug
fortable, built-up weighted ergonomically makes it easy to drink with
handles. Enough heft in designed, built- one or two hands. The dou-
each utensil (8 oz) to steady up surface ble wall design insulates the
a hand that has some which reduces drink while protecting your
tremor challenges. grip-tension hands. Lightweight polycar-
50019 $54.99 requirements. bonate. Holds 10 ounces and is
They are remov- top rack dishwasher and microwave
able and dish- safe.
washer safe.
Two holders per 50034 $15.99
B. Food Bumper - Clear
Continue to use your own din- B package.
nerware even if you are strug-
gling with coordination issues or
50030 $4.99 H. Whiplash Cup
are now eating with a single arm. If your range of neck motion is limited, this is the cup for you.
This clever device snaps around Its clever design is patented in 5 countries! The high side has a K
the edge of most dinner plates tapered lip that allows liquids to flow easily into the center of
(9” to 11”), and allows you to the mouth without neck movement, and the low side prevents
push food onto your utensil. interference with noses or glasses. Holds 8 oz. and is dishwash-
Dishwasher safe. F. Utensil Hand Clip er safe.
This clip holds securely, but won’t
50021 $3.99 pinch or bind. Just slide your 50286 $4.99

C. Eating Tool - Bag of 2

This clever eating utensil is a must-have for people with use of favorite eating utensil
into the clear plastic sleeve F
Meal Time
only one hand. It can be used in either hand and is ideal for
cutting bite-sized pieces of most foods. Press down on and then place the spring
the food to cut it, then turn the tool over to “fork action clip around your hand. Slips on and off K. Round-Up Plate
it.” Simple yet so useful! Heavy duty plastic easily. It’s a very effective solution for those If you struggle with limited muscle coordination, this plate
is dishwasher safe. Measures 7-1/4” in with grip and hand-strength challenges. may make meal time less challenging. The high inner wall of
length. this plate helps to keep food from spilling off, and helps to
C 50028 $8.49 coax those stubborn peas and carrots onto a spoon or fork.
50024 $3.99
50015 $7.99

L. Scooper Dish
This combination plate and bowl has a contoured lip that
D. Universal G. Foam Tubing - Pack of 6 keeps food on the plate and helps push food onto cutlery. It
Hand Cuff Build up the handles of just also has a non-skid base to keep it in place on the table. Just
For those with about anything with these right for
little or no hand- lengths of brightly colored someone with
strength, this cuff foam tubing. Tubing can
I dexterity chal-
can prove very use- be cut to length easily lenges.
ful. Eating utensils, with a scissors or knife. Comes in
a toothbrush, or An outer slip-resistant skin I. Redware Deluxe Dinner Set sandstone
any other small makes it easy to hold, and its dish- Alzheimers patients have been shown to eat more food when color and
D implement can be washer safe. 3 different sizes in each served on brightly colored tableware. Light colored food stands measures 6”
inserted into the pack. out more clearly when served on these dishes. This 5-piece set
G wide by 7.5”
cuff and held securely by the wearer. contains fork, spoon, cup, inner lip plate, and a 3-compart- long. L
May be worn on the palm or back of 50032 $12.99 ment scoop dish with lid. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
hand as shown. 50290 $39.99
50026 $9.99 50017 $5.99
888-777-6510 5
Ultralight Transport Chair K. Designer Print Canes M. Car Caddie
This folding transport chair weighs just 14 lbs, folds in seconds to just 9” wide, and will A A little style when you go stepping out never hurts. You can The Car Caddie gives
support up to 250 lbs. Although light in weight, its seatbelt, swing-away footrests, padded dial it up a notch with these designer print adjustable canes. you a solid hand-hold
armrests, and rear brakes give it a full feature set. The seat is easy-to-clean nylon with a stor- All feature a comfy foam grip with wrist strap and offset design. at just the right height.
age pouch on the back. Seat is 19” wide and sits 18” above the ground. Perfect for a little They adjust from 31” to 41” and have a 250 lb capacity. It hooks in a jiffy to
shopping at the mall or dinner with friends. Allow 2 weeks transit time. the door or to other
Your Choice $24.99 attachment points in
A. 50238-01 Blue Frame with Blue Plaid Seat Your Choice the car, providing sup-
B. 50238-02 Black Frame with Red/Black Plaid seat $229.99 ($10) port where you need it.
C. 50238-03 Burgundy Frame with Black Seat M Great for tall trucks or
D. 50240 Black Carry Bag for 50238 $49.99 SUVs.
50210 $19.99

Blue Frame with

Blue Plaid Seat N. Handybar Car Entry Assist
Getting in and out of the car can be tough for some
people. The Handybar slips into the door latch of
Mobility 99% of all cars and gives you a great leverage point
for sitting down and standing up. Does double duty
as a seat belt cutter and window breaker in an
Black Frame with Burgundy Frame Black Carry Bag K emergency.
Red/Black Plaid Seat with Black Seat for 50238
50208 $44.99
Runabout Walker
Streamlined and amazingly maneuverable, this walker is
just right for people who need a little support, but are
still quite mobile. 8-inch tires let you go anywhere. 13 lb
weight and fold-flat construction lets you slip it in a car
trunk easily. The large rear pouch folds flat, and the wire
basket and tray (all included) add even more storage Chrysanthemum - 50266-01 Spotted - 50266-04
choices. Allow 2 weeks transit time. N
E. 50244-01 Black Your Choice
Tiny Flowers - 50266-02 Copper Swirl - 50266-05
F. 50244-02 Blue $129.99 ($10)
G. 50244-03 Red O. Transfer Slide
Slide your way comfortably into place in any car or
Nautical - 50266-03 Purple Flowers - 50266-06 other seat with this clever product. It’s made from
durable nylon which is sewn into a tube shape.
When laid flat, the inner surface slips easily on itself
while the outer surface stays put, allowing you to
scoot easily into place without straining or sitting on
I L. Transfer Board a bulky cushion. Folds neatly into a purse or glove
G Transferring from a wheelchair to the toilet or the bath can be box and is machine washable.
difficult. This solid hardwood transfer board with its 440 lb 50206 22” x 18” $24.99
capacity can make that task a little easier. Heavy duty capacity 50409 37” x 27” $36.99
Sport Rollator and two hand holds will keep you from worrying at that half
Many other rollators bog right down the minute you way point. 8” x 30”.
leave dry pavement. Not this sporty unit. The big 8-inch O
three spoke wheels not only add style, they also make it 50264 $44.99
easy to roll through the lawn or down a pretty garden
pathway. The handles adjust in height and have loop
handle brakes to protect your knuckles. Folds for travel
or storage. 300 lb capacity. Allow 2 weeks transit time.

H. 50242-01 Red Your Choice

I. 50242-02 Blue $179.99 ($10)
J. 50242-03 Black
888-777-6510 7
Designer Saddle Bags
A 3 external pockets and 2 internal compartments give these bags
lots of carrying capacity as well as plenty of style. They mount
on any walker, rollator, wheelchair, or bedrail with simple
PikStik Pro Reachers quick-clip strap. Unhooks easily for use with included shoulder
Simply the finest reacher available. Pikstik features jaws that strap so you can “hang on to your junk when the walker’s in
rotate to any angle you set, so your hand can remain in a natu- the trunk!”
ral position. Only 1.5 inches of movement on the grip com-
pletely closes the 5-1/2” jaws. “No-slip grip” rubber tip surface Your Choice
on the jaws keeps even tiny objects in place. Aluminum shaft $29.99
with durable lexan grip and trigger. G

A. 50212 26” $24.99

B. 50214 32” $27.99 O
G. Folding Cane
Designer Walker Bags When room is tight, or you only need a cane occasion-
Add a little style to your faithful aluminum companion. These O. Universal Walker Tray
ally, a folding cane may be just what you need. This Stop making all those extra trips. This tray fits over the handles
bags attach securely with hook and loop closures, fit almost any
model quickly folds down to just 12 inches. The of most walkers and allows you to bring dinner or whatever else
style of walker or rollator, and have plenty of pockets front and Colorful Cat Crowd - 50228-03
wooden derby handle fits nicely in most hands. The you want with you. Two cup holder holes even let you bring a
back to keep your gear organized.
cane can be adjusted from 33” to 37” and has a rubber beverage without risk of spilling. Removes easily when not
Your Choice $19.99 non-slip tip. needed.
50274 $19.99
50272 $17.99

Mobility P. Walker Basket

If your walker or rolla-
Aloha Pink - 50228-01 Butterflies - 50228-02
tor folds down nicely
H. Folding Cart for travel but your stiff
Indispensible when you need wire basket doesn’t,
to move some things around. this collapsable canvas
Groceries, laundry, or recy- bag is just what you
cling all fit nicely in the need. The interior has a
large 1.5 cubic foot basket. handy elastic strap to P
Aloha Pink - 50222-01
Hauls up to 100lbs! Folds hold things like a water
flat for storage. Weighs bottle upright. It also has a privacy lid so folks can’t see what
only 9 lbs. Basket meas- you’re toting around. Easy no-tool installation.
ures 12-1/2” x 10- Dozens of Dogs - 50228-04 Black - 50228-05
1/2” x 20” tall. 50220 $18.99

50246 $49.99

Q. Folding Cup Holder

Attaches to most walkers, rollators,
Camouflage - 50222-02 Black - 50222-03 N and wheelchairs with a universal
clamp. Adjusts to hold most popular
size cups, cans, and bottles. When
H N. Featherweight Reacher
not in use, it folds neatly away.
If your hands or arms ache, then a lightweight reacher may be 50216 $19.99
right for you. This 16” featherweight is only 2.3 lbs and
squeezes closed with the lightest of pressure. The trigger uses
the same motion as a gentle handshake. Rubber tips spread
Aloha Blue - 50227
4-1/4” apart when open.

8 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 50218 $9.99

I. Great Grips
If grip strength is a prob-
A. Assist-A-Tray lem, then you already know
You favorite chair has a new friend. The Assist-A- that a doorknob can be a
Tray is held in place by the weight of the chair (or challenge. Great Grips are a
recliner), and gives you handy leverage when sitting simple and inexpensive way
or standing. When settled, you can swing the 16” x to make access easier. Slip
18” tray with cup holder right in front of you. Tray one of these over any size
adjusts from 26” to 32” and pivots 360 degrees. doorknob, and you will be
Easy 3-bolt assembly (wrench included). Perfect for I
able to use your forearm,
TV dinners or emailing on your laptop. Allow 2 palm, or even a single finger
weeks transit time. Deluxe Transfer Belt to open that difficult door with ease. Fits any size doorknob.
50258 $159.99 When someone needs steadying during a transfer or toileting,
this transfer belt can be very handy. The 4-inch wide padded 50380 $4.39
belt won’t dig into sensitive skin like narrow belts. 5 to 8 hand
holds around the belt provide lots of places to assist the wearer.
• Support arm swings forward to allow Quick-clip buckle adjusts easily and fastens securely.
easy access
Yak Trax Safety Walker
• Tray swivels 360 degrees C. 50248-01 Small 23” - 36” Your Choice Yak Trax slip easily over the soles of
• 16” x 18” tray D. 50248-02 Medium 32” - 48” $49.99 any shoe or boot, won’t scuff or
• Tray height adjusts from 26” to 37” E. 50248-03 Large 42” - 60” mar them, and provide amazing
• Works with most furniture traction on snow and ice. The
steel coil springs dig right
into the ice and hold
firm, so you can
walk safely. Even
if you’re just
A going to the
mailbox, you’ll
Mobility feel safer and
more confident
with Yak Trax.

Gait Belt with Handles

Ease an unsteady person’s movements safely with a gait belt. Item Size Fits Women’s Fits Men’s
B. Couch Cane The nylon webbing of this belt is 2” wide with 2 EZ-grab J. 50200-01 Small 6.5-10 5-8.5
Has your favorite couch become difficult to get up from? handles at key points around the belt. Quick-clip buckle in K. 50200-02 Medium 10.5-12.5 911
The CouchCane was designed for you. The weight of the front holds fast and secure and is easy to adjust. L. 50200-03 Large 13-15 11.5-13.5
couch holds it in place, and gives you a secure leverage point
to help yourself back up. Adjusts for couch feet from 21” to F. 50250 Standard Up to 48” Your Choice
33”. Height adjusts from 29” to 32”. Saddle bag pouch keeps Your Choice $19.99
G. 50252 Large Up to 60” $17.99
remote or cell phone in reach.

50256 $109.99 M. Folding Zipper

and Button Puller
If you struggle with but-
H tons and zippers, this
• Solid support when sitting or standing simple little device will
H. Dressing Stick make your life easier.
• Handle height adjusts from 29” to 32”
An essential aid for anyone who struggles with dressing chal- M The easy-to-grasp han-
• Fits couch feet 21” to 33” deep lenges. The 24-inch long stick has a combination push-pull dle contains both a but-
• 4-pocket pouch included hook on one end to assist with shirts, jackets, skirts, or ton hook and a zipper pull hook that fold out for use and fold
• Works with most furniture pants. The other end features a small hook for pulling up back for easy storage. Fits neatly in a purse or pant pocket.
zippers. It’s plastic-coated to prevent snagging your clothes.
Also great for removing compression socks. 50082 $6.99
50078 $7.99
10 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 888-777-6510 11
This sponge on a 22-inch handle is perfect for those hard-to-
reach situations. Keep one in the shower to reach those tough
spots on your body. Lots of uses around the house or outdoors.
Both are generously sized and 3 inches thick. Round scrubbie is
5” in diameter, rectangular scrubbie is 5” long.
E. 50054 Round Your Choice
F. 50056 Rectangular $5.99


C. Sock Magic Long-Handle Grooming

So simple, but so effective! Just roll the flexible core up, slip J Difficulty reaching above the shoulder can
your sock over it, hold the handles while you put your foot complicate even simple tasks like combing or
into the open end, point your toes, and gently pull up. brushing your hair. These long-handle grooming tools are
Presto! The terrycloth outer-lining holds the sock while the designed with ergonomic, no-slip grips and are just the right
nylon inner-lining lets the foot slide through. Hand washable. length to let you reach up and style your hair without straining
A. Compression Sock Donner Not for compression socks. a shoulder.
Compression socks can be tough to get on, and even tougher G. EZ Hair Wash Tray I. 50074 Comb $14.99
to adjust. This unique device features a patented guide for A great way to clean and
50084 $16.99 J. 50076 Brush $17.99
your heel, which keeps it aligned just right as you use the 17” style your hair without
tall handles to pull the sock up. Beats metal frames hands the adventure of a full
down - no sharp edges and easily disassembles for travel. bath. This lightweight
50086 $39.99
Personal Care tray has a soft rubber seal
at the neck to gently keep
K. EZ In-Bed Shower Station
The perfect complement to the In-Bed
B. Sock EEZ water where it should be. Shampoo Station. The flexible hose
Compression socks can be really difficult to take off. Sock-EEZ Patient-held strap holds has an on/off valve at the end to allow
is specifically designed to assist with the challenging task of the tray neatly in place a caregiver to both shampoo and rinse
peeling those rascals off. Slip Sock-EEZ gently into the top of G
during the shampoo. without refilling. Holds 2.5 gallons
your sock (a) and glide it down your leg(b), of warm water for a soothing and
along comes the sock. Turn Sock-EEZ a quar- 50052 $28.99 cleansing shower.
ter turn, then point your toe to glide Sock-
EEZ over your heal (c), now pull your foot K
D. The Wonderhorn H. EZ In-Bed Shampoo Station 50050 $23.99
gently out (d). Simple and easy with Sock- This innovative design blends the Caregivers and patients will both appreciate the convenience of
EEZ! functions of a dressing stick and a this in-bed shampoo station. It’s easy to inflate, gently holds
long handle shoehorn into one ele- the patient’s head up, and drains conveniently through a long
50294 $29.99 gant 24” package. The pusher sur- drain tube. A full 8” of depth helps control splashing and
a b faces and large hook have been spilling. Measures 24” x 20”.
specifically engineered to hold and 50048 $23.99 L. Self-Wipe Bathroom
pull clothing without slipping or Toileting Aid
snagging. The clever shoehorn also People with a variety of chal-
contains a notch to help remove lenges will appreciate the inde-
H pendence this device allows.
shoes and socks. You’ll find lots of
uses for it! It’s easy and comfortable to
use. Tissue is wound around
50080 $11.99 the 5” upper portion of the
c d
aid, and the angled clamp
D holds it securely in place dur-
ing use. After use, a release
button on the 9” handle allows
easy disposal in the
toilet. This item is non-
50068 $46.99
12 www.HomeHelpProducts.com
A. The Throne - Elevated Toilet Seat F. Shower Transfer Bench H. Adjustable Aluminum Bath Bench
Toileting on some elevated seats can be a bit shaky. Not this one! Stability has This 300 lb capacity transfer A sleek design featuring high strength but lightweight
been designed in literally from the ground up. Adjustable aluminum legs stabi- bench bridges that gap corrosion-proof aluminum. Suction style feet keep this
lize the seat and it all locks tight to the existing toilet seat bolts. Soft foam- between your bench stable. Drainage holes in the seat are designed to
covered handles assist with sitting and standing. The seat adds 4 inches of height bathroom floor reduce slipping. Tool-free assembly snaps together and
and is 22-1/2” wide overall, with 18” between the handles. and the tub. F
locks into place. Supports up to 300 lbs and adjusts from
Have a seat 14” to 20” seat height.
50058 $119.99 ($10) and slide in
without fear of 50042 $54.99
falling. Strong
aluminum frame
adjusts from 18"
to 22" in height,
is 30" long and
has suction cup
feet in the tub.
Two bolt assem-
bly. Handy shower curtain slot keeps
C water in the tub.

50044 $99.99 ($10)


Toilet Independently I. Adjustable

with the Personal Care Shower Seat
Bathe in safety and comfort I
Freedom Wand! with this rustproof shower
seat. Rubber suction feet
B. Adjustable Toilet Guard Rail won’t slip in your tub. Arms
Adjustable anodized aluminum frame attaches or back are easily removed if
C. Freedom Wand you wish. Assembles easily
to your toilet to offer safety and stability when
Sometimes you just can’t reach. Freedom wand is the right choice. It without tools and supports
sitting or rising. Width can adjust from 18” to
extends your reach 14” to 21”! Its sliding 4-finger design allows Freedom up to 300 lbs. Seat height
25”, and height can adjust from 28” to 32”.
Wand to grasp tissue, sponges, and razors quickly and securely. It’s easy to adjusts from 16” to 21” to
Will support up to 300 lbs and can work with
use and easy to clean. It disassembles quickly and stows discretely in its fit you just right.
many elevated toilet seats.
own carry pouch, so you can take it with you. This item is non-returnable.
50066 $44.99 50040 $54.99
50064 $37.99
Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms
No need to redecorate. Your G. Bathroom Grab Bars
existing toilet seat mounts on Grab bars are an essential safety mechanism in a senior bath-
top of this 4” elevated add on room. Each of ours is 1.25" in diameter and stands 1.5" off the
seat, allowing you to close the wall. Each bar comes with mounting hardware and a rubber
lid when you want to. Molded- gasket to prevent water seepage. Available in chrome with a
in arms rise 4-1/2” above the textured finish or white with a smooth finish. Professional
seat to make sitting and stand- installation needed. Prices do not include installation.
ing easier and safer. 300 lb J. Suction Cup Grab Bar J
capacity. Hardware included. White Chrome Fast and convenient to position,
Available in either standard or 50300 16” $19.99 $22.99 this 12" grab bar is to be used for
elongated bowl shape. 18” $21.99 $24.99 balance only. Suction cups are activated by pressing them onto
24” $24.99 $27.99 a smooth surface and folding the levers down. Visible suction
D. 50060 Standard Bowl indicators change from red to green when properly secured to
B E. 50062 Elongated Bowl the surface. Contour grip provides a solid hand hold. Perfect
for safe bathing while traveling.

Your Choice $54.99 50406 $14.99

866-336-1935 or www.servicemagic.com
14 www.HomeHelpProducts.com Find a screened and approved professional installer–FREE!
888-777-6510 15
B. Premium Overnight E. Disposable Absorbent Underwear –
Select brand by Tranquility
Disposable Absorbent Underwear When value is essential,
• Tear away side seam • Soft and comfortable!
Select brand products by
Tranquility fit the bill.
This disposable underwear
is ideal for active daytime
use when less bulk is
Tranquility products offer amazing absorbent desirable. Breathable outer
layer and ample full rise
capacity to solve tough incontinence challenges. waist panel allow for a
The products shown on this page absorb and comfortable secure fit.
retain over a quart of liquid! Tranquility tests a Kufguards channel liquids
and protect against leaks. E
garment’s absorbing capacity under pressure C. Absorbent “Chux” Underpad – Select brand by
(simulating real use) and publishes results in easy Tear away side seams for
easy changes.
to understand ounces. Does your current brand? Over 8 ounces of absorbent capacity will protect bedding, fur-
19 oz. capacity
Tranquility's patented peach mat material neutral- niture, or wheelchairs from leakage. Diamond embossed quilt
pattern moves moisture quickly away from source and keeps it
izes the pH of urine while absorbing it, eliminat- Units
locked in the pad. 23” x 36” covers a standard twin bed’s target
ing urine odor at the source. Another Tranquility zone completely Size Fits Weight Bag Case
innovation - Kufguards inner leg cuffs - channel B M 34"-48" 120 - 170 lbs 20 80
fluid to provide unsurpassed leakage control. Bag of 24 50326-11 $10.99 L 44"-54" 170 - 210 lbs 18 72
Tranquility keeps skin drier and healthier! 34 oz. capacity Case of 150 50326-10 $59.99
XL 48"-66" >210 lbs 14 64
Available in brief or underwear style.
50322 $17.49 per Bag $63.99 per Case
A. All Through the Night Disposable Briefs Size Fits Weight Bag Case Incontinence Other sizes available by special order.

• Refastenable tape tabs • Visible wetness indicator M 34"-48" 120 - 175 lbs 18 72
L 44"-54" 170 - 210 lbs 16 64 F. Disposable Absorbent Brief – Select brand by Tranquility
XL 48"-66" >210 lbs 14 56 Also ideal for
daytime use
50324 $21.99 per Bag $79.99 per Case All Sizes
when a brief is
Other sizes available by special order.
preferred. This
brief features a
visible wetness
Why Tranquility? indicator as well
as refastenable
1) Amazing absorbent capacity - tapes for a secure,
yet comfortable
Go ahead…compare! D fit. Full-rise waist
combines with
2) Urine pH neutralized = odor elastic leg, gath-
ers to prevent
A eliminated leakage.
10.9 oz. capacity
3) Kufguards = superior leakage 19.3 oz. capacity
D. TopLiner Absorbent Booster Pad – Tranquility brand
50385 Units control Add extra capacity to any disposable product with the addition
Size Fits Capacity Bag Price Case Price of this booster pad. A full-length adhesive strip secures the pad 50388 Bag Case
M 32"-44" 27.5 oz 12 $12.99 96 $94.99 4) Fewer changes = Lower cost + in place in the host garment. Adds an additional 10.9 ounces Size Waist Capacity Units Price Units Price
of capacity! Flow-through design allows the booster to fill to M 32"-44" 15.8 oz 12 $ 8.99 96 $69.99
L 45"-58" 33.0 oz 12 $13.99 96 $99.99 Greater freedom capacity, then pass additional fluid through to the host gar-
L 45"-58" 19.3 oz 12 $11.99 72 $69.99
XL 56"-64" 34.0 oz 12 $17.49 72 $99.99 ment. 14” x 4”.
XL 56"-64" 23.0 oz 8 $ 8.99 64 $69.99
Other sizes available by special order.
5) Try before you buy – Free Bag of 25 50328-11 $8.99 Other sizes available by special order.
samples page 19 Case of 150 50328-10 $67.99
16 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 888-777-6510 17
A. Reusable Quilted Underpad C. Disposable Gloves
This machine washable pad features a soft, polyester top, Sometimes things get messy. Clean up and protect with quality
absorbent padding, and a durable waterproof layer underneath. vinyl gloves from Tranquility. Worn on either hand, they dis- Free Sample Order Form
It will give you the peace of mind you need for a good night’s pense individually and are easy to pull on and off. They are
sleep. Generously sized at 34” x 36”. supple and stretchy and provide excellent tactile sensation for
the wearer. These gloves are also latex free, powder free, and
50102 $13.99 protein free to prevent allergic reactions. Boxed in 100 individ- We’re so sure you will love Tranquility Products that we want to send you a sample or two.
ual gloves. We know once you have seen and felt their amazing absorbency and pH neutralizing capacity,
that you will never settle for anything less. Follow these quick steps to order your free samples.
A 50400-10 Medium Your Choice $7.99
50400-20 Large
4 Simple Steps 1) Count your challenges with incontinence using box 1
at left. (Leave blank if privacy is a concern – this
data is not retained.)

2) Select products to sample in box 2 on reverse side

1 Incontinence Challenges of this sheet.

❏ Urine odor
3) Provide your address in box 3 on reverse.

❏ Problem with leakage

4) Cut out this sheet, fold twice as shown below, tape
sides closed, stamp, and mail.

❏ Mobility limitations
When folded correctly, this box appears on the
back panel and no private information is visible.
Incontinence ❏ Heavy voids Fold 2


Medications complicate toileting
B. Deluxe Bed Underpad with Tuck-In Flaps
Tuck-in flaps are the secret to a good night’s sleep. These
D. Microwavable Cleansing Wipes
Supersoft, hypoallergenic disposable cloth-like wipes are just ❏ Fragile skin or skin breakdown
reusable underpads stay flat no matter how much you toss and what is needed for care when traditional bathing isn't an
turn. Quilted, 3-layer construction keeps you dry and can han-
dle heavy incontinence. Top-quality, long-lasting pads are spe-
option. This pack can be gently warmed in a microwave to
increase comfort for the user. Large 9" x 13" wipes contain a
❏ History of urinary track infections

Attn: Consumer Services

cially treated to prevent mold, mildew, and fungus. Measures soothing aloe solution, which cleanses and moisturizes and is
32” x 36” with 18” tuck-in flaps. alcohol free. Each pack contains 16 wipes. Fall risk

Dunbridge OH 43414
50100 $33.99 50403 Individually
Order 24 or more
$2.79 each
❏ Bariatric care

Fold 1

PO Box 129
Bowel incontinence
❏ Uninterrupted sleep is needed

❏ Dementia

❏ Caregiver fatigue/burnout concern

Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1805

3923 28th St. S.E.

Difficult/combative case

PMB 375
Perfect for

See reverse
Bed Baths for step 2.
18 www.HomeHelpProducts.com
2 Choose the products you would like to sample (limit 2). Place an X in the appropriate size. Well-Pil-O Pain Relief Pillow
Selecting products which match the incontinence challenges total will provide the best results. A pillow with a patent! For 30 years chiropractors have recom-
mended Dr. Lionel Walpin’s Wal-Pil-O to people suffering with
1 to 4 CHECKMARK PRODUCTS 4 to 7 CHECKMARK PRODUCTS acute neck pain. The Well-Pil-O is the latest and greatest addition
to the line. A soft memory foam outer layer is coupled with the
Select Brand Tranquility Brand unique 4 in 1 support surface underneath. Turning it over or
Disposable Absorbent Underwear Premium OverNight Disposable around produces a different level of support so you can find
Absorbent Underwear exactly the right one for you! Measures 24” x 15”. Junior A
model is full size, but thinner. The Junior A model is recom-
䡺 Med 34”-48” 120-170 lbs mended if you are 5’2” or shorter. These items are non-returnable
䡺 if opened.

Med 34”-48” 120-170 lbs
Lg 44”-54” 170-210 lbs
䡺 A. 50126 Standard Size Your Choice

Lg 44”-54” 175-210 lbs
XL 48”-60” > 210 lbs B. 50284 Junior A Model $99.99
䡺 XL 48”-66” > 210 lbs
19 oz. capacity
34 oz. capacity
Select Brand C. Knee Ease Pillow D. Bedside Beverage Holder
Tranquility Brand If you need relief from pressure around your knees, this pillow Clamps to most bed rails, wheelchairs, or other tubular
Disposable Briefs ATN All Through the Night can help. It has a hook and loop closure strap that keeps it gen- frames (3/4 -1”). This
Disposable Briefs tly in place anywhere on your leg. holder features an 11”
This soft, foam pillow is covered long adjustable
䡺 in a white, washable, removable chrome goose-

Med 32”-44” 15.8 oz. capacity
Med 32”-44” 27 oz. capacity poly-cotton cover and measures 7” neck to
䡺 x 4” x 5”.

Lg 45”-58” 19.3 oz capacity
Lg 45”-58” 33 oz capacity 50118 $12.99
䡺 make

XL 56”-64” 23 oz. capacity
XL 56”-64” 34 oz. capacity positioning easy for a
patient. Slotted sides help to
accommodate most bottles, cans,
8+ CHECKMARK PRODUCTS 3 Send Samples To:
Rest and Comfort and cups - even with handles.
50122 $35.99
Use these products in addition to one of the
products in the 4-7 group. E. Allergy-Free Orthopedic Pillow F. Foam Bed Wedge with Cover G. C-PAP Pillow
Covered with soft Pristine Allergen barri- Raising the head with this sturdy foam C-PAP users often struggle to find a com-
Tranquility Brand er fabric, this pillow is specially shaped wedge can help circulation, improve fortable sleeping position while they have
Address___________________________________________ to correctly align your neck and spine. symptoms of acid reflux disease, and their mask on. Not anymore! This special-
Wake up with a refreshed neck and back, reduce swelling. Much better than trying ly designed pillow allows the face mask to
and without that “clogged up” feeling to rearrange pillows all night long. White, stay comfortably positioned while sleeping
䡺 TopLiner Absorbent Address___________________________________________ from allergens. Measures 25” x 19”. washable cover zips on and off easily. 12” on your side, stomach, or back. No more
Booster Pad This item is non-returnable if opened. elevation x 26” width x 24” long. pressure points or rubbing - just a good
10.9 oz. capacity night’s sleep! Measures 26” x 20”. This
City_______________________________________________ 50128 $39.99 50120 $37.99 item is non-returnable if opened.
50124 $63.99

State___________________ Zip________________________

Select Brand Please allow 2-3 weeks for sample processing and shipping.

Have Questions?
䡺 Extra Large Underpad
28” x 30” Tranquility Care Center
10.6 oz. capacity
Extension 7 888-777-6510 21
Microbeads Moist Heat Products B M. Heel
Microbeads represent a major development in moist heat A Pillow
therapy. Heating them in your microwave releases a soothing, Heels are
penetrating moist heat without added water. Microbeads among the
recharge from the humidity in ordinary air. They don’t dry most vulnera-
out and can’t rupture like other inferior products. Great for ble parts of
treating arthritis pain or stiffness, or just to warm you up! the body to
A. 50132 Mitt $21.99 sores. This
B. 50134 Round Pad $19.99 unique pillow
C. 50136 Neck Wrap $19.99 cradles the M
Pressure Relief System foot in a soft
Sleep on a cloud of air! Every 5 minutes the ultra-quiet air pump alternates the cotton fabric
bubble comfort cells to insure pressure relief all over your body. A cost-effective filled with
Warm and Cozy Comforts C alternative to more expensive hospital systems, this pad helps protect vulnerable cloud-like poly filling. Hook and loop closure
Soothing warmth with a lightly-scented fragrance pack is just heels, hips, and elbows. Ideal for those in bed for longer periods. The pad fits keeps the pillow gently in place. One size fits all.
moments-in-the-microwave away with these plush warming neatly under a fitted sheet and will support 300 lbs. Measures 78” x 34”. Machine washable. Navy.
boots and mittens. Eucalyptus, clove, and cinnamon all blend I. 50106 Pressure Relief System $99.99
to revitalize, comfort, and calm you. Slip them on and relax! G. Warming Neck J. 50108 Replacement Pressure Pad only with Flaps $44.99
G 50112 Pair $36.99
and Hand Wrap
D. 50138 Microwaveable Warming Boots $14.99 Slip this plush wrap
E. 50140 Microwaveable Warming Mittens $14.99 K. Elbow Protectors
into the microwave for
Soft synthetic sheepskin will
a few moments and
cradle and protect your sensi-
you’ll be treated to a
tive elbows like nothing else.
soothing warm wrap for
Pressure is relieved, but air able
your shoulders and
still can circulate. Hook and Adjust
those cold hands. Moist
loop closures hold the protec- N Heigh
heat, gently scented
tor gently in place while
with lavender and
allowing the elbow to bend
chamomile, lasts up to
and flex. Machine washable.
an hour and is reusable K
over and over.
D 50114 $11.99
50130 $29.99

T N. Overbed Table
der ice! This table is easy to maneuver on its 4 swivel casters. The wal-
E H. HandiRail Te Rejo nut wood-grain laminated top is sized comfortably at 30” x
Half Bed Railing 15”. Height adjusts easily between 30” and 47” and locks in
The half bed rail is place. Chrome plated T-style base keeps the table stable. Just
F. HandiRail Bedside 30” wide, supports what is needed for someone spending more time in bed.
Assistant up to 500 lbs and
A great assistant for those features the same 50098 $84.99 ($10)
who need a little extra lever- adjustable and sta-
age getting in or out of bed. ble “feet to the
F O. Synthetic Fur
HandiRail easily slips floor” design as the
L O Comfort Pad
between the mattress and box No Assistant model. Comforts in two ways:
spring to provide a stable grip Tools The unit is held
for you. The adjustable feet Required L. Foot-Free Pillow 1) A thick lush pile of
tight to the bed by Finally a way to get those covers off of your tender toes! The dense, synthetic fur
allow use with most beds and two adjustable Foot-Free pillow was developed to help those who have gout, helps to relieve pres-
transfer weight to the floor straps connected to tendonitis, or other conditions where even a little pressure on sure on aching bones
for stability. Removes easily the opposite side of toes can cause pain. Place the pillow at the bottom of your bed and joints; and 2)
for linen changes. H the bed frame. to elevate blankets or sheets and your toes will stay warm and Increased airflow helps to
These straps dis- pain-free. keep moisture vented in sensitive areas. This pad is
50094 $69.99 connect at the rail and can be attached or removed without machine washable and generously sized at 30”x 40”. Use two
lifting the mattress, making linen changes very simple. 50116 $29.99 pads together to cover an entire twin mattress.

22 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 50096 $119.99 ($10) 50110 $22.99

Order 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week
Web: www.HomeHelpProducts.com
Secure Phone: 1-888-777-6510
Fax: 1-616-328-6779
Mail: 3923 28th Street
Help for Your Independent Life PMB 375
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
C FAX or Mail Order Form
Page Qty Item # Name of Item Color Size Price Total

A. Turn 2 Turning Aid

Turn2 is a reusable patient positioning aid which allows a single caregiver
to turn and reposition a patient in bed. The Turn2 straps attach to the
bed frame and rails using hook and loop fasteners.
C. KeyGuard Pro
Caregivers have greater control and flexibility in performing a variety of Handing out keys to others who need access to your
patient personal care tasks. Improves patient safety and comfort, and home is expensive and unsafe. A keysafe is a great
reduces risk of back injury to caregivers. Available in 2 sizes. solution. The KeyGuard Pro has an easy-to-set com-

50390 15" x 35" Up to 250 lb patient $39.99

bination system with a phone-style keypad that uses
letters or numbers for an easy to remember code. It
Satisfaction Guaranteed! Shipping and Processing:

Subtotal Amount Add


50392 30" x 40" Up to 350 lb patient $49.99 has a large storage area for multiple keys or access We strive to make every purchase satisfying for you and we stand Up to $15 $4.99
cards. Rubberized exterior and protective keypad behind our products 100%. If you are not happy, contact $15.01-$30.00 $6.99
cover prevent scratches to door and protect from customer service at 888-777-6510 for a return authorization. Tax - MI
$30.01-$50.00 $8.99 Residents 6%
weather. Body is 4.5" tall by 3.25" wide. $50.01-$79.99 $9.99
Certain body contact products are not returnable due to the TOTAL
> $80.00 FREE!*
risk of health hazard transfer.
50395 $29.99 *Heavy or oversized items freight
Each is identified clearly in the catalog and on the website.
surcharge still applies when these
items are ordered. Free shipping
Returns HHP Returns 3923 28th St. S.E. promotion excludes Alaska and
Address: PMB 375, Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1805 Hawaii.

B. MedReady Medication Dispenser Free Shipping for $80 Orders! Payment Type 䡺 Check or Money Order enclosed.
Orders subtotaling $80 or more Please bill my credit card.
Multiple medications at different times can con-
found even the most diligent adult. This dis- after discounts will be shipped at no 䡺 Visa 䡺 Mastercard 䡺 Discover 䡺 Amex
penser is as easy to set as a simple clock,
works with most pills, and can keep a
additional charge. Excludes Alaska
and Hawaii.
䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺䡺 䡺䡺䡺䡺
Please list all digits from your credit card. Expiration Date
patient on schedule with their meds for NOTE: Shipping surcharge still
at least a week at a time. Up to 4 sepa- applies to heavy or oversized items Signature: _______________________________________________________
rate doses per day can be configured. A (see below). Most in-stock items
blinking light and special low-frequency, delivered in 4 to 8 business days. Ordered By Name______________________________________________________
audible alert signal even hard-of-hearing
Street__________________________________________ Apt #___________________
patients when it's time for that next dose.
Locking cover protects from tampering; built-
Heavy or Oversized Items: City_____________________________________State_______ Zip_________________
in battery saves programming and keeps dispensing Some bulky items require shipping Daytime Phone (______) ________________Other Phone (______) ________________
for 48 hours in the event of a power outage or travel. and handling surcharges. That
amount is noted in parenthesis after SK Code 䡺䡺䡺䡺 Email______________________________
50088 - MedReady $169.99 the item price. From back cover of catalog
50092 - Extra Dispensing Ring with Cover $16.99
Alaska/Hawaii: Your HomeHelp Ship To (Only if different than Ordered By)

representative will provide shipping Name___________________________________________________________________

• Non-compliance with medications is a significant cause of emergency room admissions for older adults. • charges. Excluded from free ship- Street__________________________________________ Apt #____________________
ping promotion.
24 www.HomeHelpProducts.com City_____________________________________State_______Zip__________________
OttLite…Enjoy Life in HD
Dr. John Ott’s pioneering work in lighting has led to today’s remarkable OttLite 508
Technology. OttLite lamps provide high-definition natural lighting with a precise
balance of wavelength, brightness, and contrast to make reading and crafting much
easier. This unique technology allows better focus, but also allows the eye to be more
relaxed. The result is enhanced clarity, vibrant colors, and reduced eyestrain. Don’t be
fooled – there really is a difference. Enjoy life in HD.


G. Super Ear Personal Amplifier

Stop missing out! This personal amplifier can zero in on
OttLite HD Floor Lamp
F. Moshi Voice-Command Alarm Clock sounds up to 100 yards away with its multi-element highly-
The same elegant styling as our table lamp, only in a
If you hate fumbling in the dark with tiny buttons and sensitive microphone. Ideal for church, the theater, or even
floor model. Reading in your favorite easy chair will
switches on an alarm clock, then this is the clock for you. just watching TV. Comes with both headphones and discrete
never be the same. This 25-watt lamp will make text
Moshi responds to your voice commands! Check the time, set ear buds. 30-minute auto-off feature saves batteries. Weighs
and colors as crisp and vibrant as you’ve ever seen.
the alarm, or turn it off without ever touching the clock. just 3 ounces.
One handed easy adjustment puts light right where
Calendar, night light, and thermometer also included and 50198 $79.99
you want it.
respond to your voice. Say “Hello, Moshi” and the rest is a
A. OttLite HD 3-in-1 B. 50280 Brushed Nickel Your Choice snap!
Desk/Floor Lamp C. 50282 Honey Brass $129.99 50182 $39.99
This versatile model features a 3X
magnifier plus a work clamp, and can
Sights and Sounds
be configured as either a floor, desk, or Talking Watch Collection
clamp light – all included! Position the These beautiful gold and silver-tone watches hide a secret - They talk! Press one
light, magnifier, and clamp exactly Freeing button and the watch will announce the time in your choice of male or female
Shippthis page Your Choice
where you want it. Satin champagne ms
voice. The white face with black hands aids readability. The hands on the face syn- $49.99
All ite
finish is a pleasant halfway point chronize automatically with the voice prompts. The perfect watch for those with
between brass and nickel which blends
with any decor; 24 watts.
challenged vision. All feature expansion bands for an easy fit. Men’s case measures
1-5/8”, Women’s 1-3/8”. One easily-replaceable battery powers everything.
e Talk!
50142 $159.99

D E Why OttLite?
• See details clearly
• True-to-life colors
OttLite HD Table Lamp
This sleek and stylish lamp blends seamlessly with your • Low eyestrain
home’s elegant furnishings. Available in either brushed
nickel or honey brass, this 20-watt table lamp has a flexi- • Low glare/low heat
ble neck which adjusts up or down and tilts or rotates to • Energy efficient
precisely illuminate your designated area.

D. 50276 Brushed Nickel Your Choice

E. 50278 Honey Brass $89.99
H. Men’s I. Ladies J. Ladies K. Ladies
50190 50192 50194 50196

26 www.HomeHelpProducts.com Ladies watches enlarged to show detail 27

A Stand & Hand Magnifier Combo
These combos contain two magnifiers for your home and travel use. Stand magnifiers are
designed to rest right on the page, so perfect focus is easy, even for a hand that shakes a
little. Bright white LED lights make it easy to read and last for years (2 AA batteries not Built-in
included). The hand magnifier comes in the same magnification, is also lit by LEDs, and
is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse for your travels. LED
A. 50156 5X Combo 2.4” 16D Your Choice
B B 50158 7X Combo 1.9” 24D $59.99

E. Ultra-Loupe
Where did I
7X set that mag-
E nifier? Never J
worry about
C C. Lighted that again! Built-in
Hands-Free This handy LED H
Craft Magnifier 4X Loupe
The 4” round lens magnifier
J. Frameless 3.5” LED Magnifier
of this 1.5X magni- goes right
H. 3X Designer Magnifier The crystal clear 2.5X lens almost seems to float on this stylish
fier gives you a with you. magnifier. No bulky frame to block your view. For close-ups
Slip the cord This stylish magnifier provides a large 2” x 3” view and 3X
clear picture of magnification. It also illuminates your work with built-in LED there is a 4X bi-focal lens near the handle. 2 bright white LED
what your hands over your neck and tuck it into a pocket, and it will lights are concealed in the easy-grip rubberized handle and con-
light rated to provide 100,000 hours of light. Handle folds out
are doing, and for always be handy when you need to read some fine print trolled by a simple on/off switch. 2 AAA batteries not included.
of the way when not in use.
very fine detail on a nutrition label or medicine bottle. 50144 $19.99 50154 $19.99
there is a small 3X 50268 $5.49
bi-focal near the
base. The hands-
free neck strap and integrated lighting really make your
Sights and Sounds
work stand out. 2 AA batteries not included.
50148 $19.99

K. Get the Big Picture Lens
Desktop LED Lighted Magnifier Read the newspaper and look at the pictures without
I straining. This lens is 10” by 12” optical grade acrylic
D. 5 Inch Magnifier This big and bright 2X magnifier will quickly become one of
Handy for lots of tasks, this large-diameter 2.5X magnifier is your favorites. The adjustable neck allows you to position the and will magnify the page by 2X. The 1/16” lens is
4” lens right where you want it. The LED lights bring cool,
I. Pop Light Magnifier
still lightweight. The secret is its high-quality acrylic lens. rigid, so images and type won’t distort. It’s also light
Carry this little gem in your pocket or purse when you are out
Crystal clear vision with low weight. The 6X bi-focal near the white light right where you need it. For fine detail there is a enough to hold, easy to clean, and won’t shatter if you
and about. The 2” x 2” lens pops out of its protective case to
handle lets you zoom in on even the tiniest text. 6X bi-focal dot near the bottom edge. 3 AAA batteries not accidentally drop it.
reveal a crystal clear 2X magnifier with integrated light. The
50270 $17.99 included. 50160 $29.99
AAA batteries are included. Indispensible for those dark
F. 50150 Desktop LED Magnifier $39.99
restaurants with fine-print menus.
G. 50152 AC Adaptor for 50150 $9.99
28 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 50146 $9.99 888-777-6510 29
A. HearPlus Amplified Phone
Great ior
Designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss,
this phone features an extra loud ring, visual ring indicator, Sen one!
and a headset that amplifies up to 38 dB. Meets the highest Ph Wake even the
standards for hearing aid compatibility. Large caller ID dis- E
play, speakerphone, and 3 one-touch dial buttons make for
simple use.
soundest sleeper
50176 $99.99
without their

Amplified handset +38db
Adjustable extra-loud ringer
• Speakerphone
• Three one-touch memory buttons
• 30 Number phonebook
• Large caller ID display
• Desktop or wall mount
E. Sonic Alert Digital Clock
Large 1.8” digital letters help you read the time even without your
glasses. Up to 113 dB alarm will wake you from the soundest slum- F. Sonic Alert Analog Clock
ber. If that still isn’t enough, the powerful bed shaker will shake you Don’t worry, you won’t need hearing aids to hear
up to wake you up! Dual alarm lets you choose two separate alarm this alarm clock. The alarm is adjustable and goes

Sights and Sounds C. Talking Atomic Clock

This clock sets itself! Put 2
times. 9-volt battery backup. all the way up to 113 dB (about the same as a car
horn at 4 feet). The easy-to-read analog face is
C batteries in and you’re 50186 $59.99 backlit and flashes when the alarm goes off. There
B. TV Direct Personal Listening System done! Keeps time to the is even a 12-volt bed shaker. 9-volt battery backup.
If others complain when you control the TV volume, this may be second using radio signals 50184 $42.99
just what you need. Unlike other TV amplifiers that uncomfort- from the U.S. Naval
ably hang from your ears, this personal system loops around your Observatory’s Atomic
neck with just the speaker in your ear. It’s far more comfortable. Clock. Press a button and
Battery lasts up to 24 hours and recharges in its own stand on the the clock tells you the G. Low-Vision Playing Cards
TV. A real improvement in clarity and convenience. time, AM/PM, date, and Cards are a lot more fun when you don’t have to struggle to see them. This
50174 $139.99 year. Alarm settings on the C deck was specially designed by a leading ophthalmologist to allow low-vision
rear of the clock make for players to easily distinguish the value and suit of the card. The black outline
easy use by the visually impaired. Measures 4” x 4.7” x 2.5”. around the large numeral makes it “jump right off the page.”
50188 $37.99
50162 $6.99 G

D. Flipper Remote
Finally a simple remote! Flipper H. 10” Card Stand
was specifically designed for older Games with lots of cards or players with dexterity
adults who struggle with lots of challenges call for some card holding power. This 10”
buttons. It controls the vast clear acrylic stand will allow you to keep at least a I. Card Holder - 2 Pack
majority of TVs and cable/satellite dozen cards organized and quickly playable. Play on! If limited dexterity has taken the
boxes. Programming is easy, and fun out of card playing for
once finished, the remote can be 50166 $7.99 you, this handy card holder
locked to prevent accidental may be just what you need.
re-programming. Can even It will stand upright on a
be programmed to display table, but it is also small enough
only your favorite channels. to hold in your hand (just in case I
B 50172 $29.99 you play with someone who peeks!)
50164 - 2 Pack $7.99
30 www.HomeHelpProducts.com 888-777-6510 31
SK CODE This catalog has been brought to you by your friends at:

Help for Your Independent Life

3923 28th St. S.E.
PMB 375
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1805

Shop www.HomeHelpProducts.com or call 888-777-6510

Wideline Style


Sleek and stylish sunglasses that are made to work with

your prescription glasses! Forget about those expensive and
fragile prescription sunglasses. Cocoons make it possible
for you to keep your favorite glasses on when you venture
out into the sunshine. Lens is scratch resistant and polar-
ized. Protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. Chose
50169 from 2 styles in simulated tortoise shell, or black frame.
Wideline style fits over glasses 5-7/16" x 1-3/8". Pilot style
fits up to 5-7/16 x 1-7/8".

50168 Wideline Style Black Frame with Grey Lens

50169 Wideline Style Tortoise Frame with Amber Lens
50170 Pilot Style Tortoise Frame with Amber Lens
50171 Pilot Style Black Frame with Grey Lens
Pilot Style


Your Choice
Wear th ur $44.99
over yo !