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Annual Report 2005

Table of Contents
page 1 Profile
page 2 Chair’s Message
page 4 Board of Governors
page 4 Management Team
page 5 Strategic Highlights
page 5 Aquatics, Athletics and Wellness
page 6 Swim Educators of Lindsay Park
page 7 Operations
page 8 Finance and Administration
page 9 Facility Bookings
page 9 Information Systems
page 10 Sales and Marketing
page 10 Character Development
page 13 Volunteer Program
page 12 Daily Admission Rates
page 12 Membership Rates
page 12 Estimated Attendance
page 13 2005 Bursary Award Winners
page 14 Auditors’ Report
page 15 Financial Statements
page 19 Notes to Financial Statements
Inside Back Cover: Talisman Centre Sport Partners
Outside Back Cover: Lifetime Members

2225 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5B6

233-8393 www.talismancentre.com
Talisman Centre Profile
The general impression of Talisman Centre is one of attentive
management with a high regard for safety considerations.
The greatest resource of this facility is its people.
Talisman Centre represents all of these goals and more. Calgary is one of the most
active, vibrant cities in Canada and Talisman Centre is the hub of that energy. First
opened in 1983, Talisman Centre has become the second most widely visited multi-
sport facility in North America through innovative programming and leading-edge
technology. The newly renovated and expanded facilities include five gymnasiums,
two tracks, more than 20,000 square feet dedicated to cardio and weight training and
four pools including two 50m pools, dive tank, teaching pool, two hot tubs and a
steam room.

The Lindsay Park Sports Society expertly manages Talisman Centre on behalf of
the people of Calgary. A non-profit society, the LPSS Board of Govenors has 20
volunteer members — 12 representing sporting communities, three representing
neighbouring communities, two representing public and Catholic school Boards,
a Chair, the past Chair and a representative from the Past Presidents’ Advisory
Committee. An enthusiastic team of experts conducts Talisman Centre’s daily
operations — 41 full-time and 212 part-time employees.

Talisman Centre is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing people of different
ages and abilities inspiring, developmental sport and wellness experiences, assisting
them to achieve their goals.

Dual Mandate
To provide training and competition facilities and services for the development of
Calgary’s high performance athletes in their respective dryland and aquatic sports.
To provide facilities, programs and services for the wellness and recreational sporting
needs of the citizens of Calgary.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 

Chair’s Message
W ith the expansion behind us we were
able to get “back to business” in 2005.
We focused our efforts on providing customers
2005 was a with an exceptional experience in supporting the
achievement of their sport and wellness goals and
tremendous year for our solid financial performance over the year was a
Talisman Centre. strong indicator of the confidence Talisman Centre
The expansion customers have in our ability to deliver results.
we completed in It was a busy year. We hosted many events at the
2004 has affirmed provincial, national and international levels. We
our position as a enhanced our group drop-in fitness programs,
for example the blockbuster “Ripped” class, and
world-class facility dedicated significantly more resources to a robust
and the quality demand for personal training. The Endurance
programming we Training System (ETS) developed for Talisman
Centre skyrocketed in reputation and results. On
offer positions us the aquatics side we implemented fun and exciting
as the leader in the initiatives such as “Pumped Up Sundays” showcasing
Calgary’s largest floating water park.
field of sport and
wellness. The financial strength of the Centre remained a high
priority for us. Revenues were consistently strong and
costs were well controlled throughout the year. We
introduced “smart” revenue initiatives such as pre-
authorized payment plans for four-month and annual
memberships and we made efforts to reduce costs
through enhanced energy efficiency applications.

Our focus on community investment initiatives

continued. Among many other efforts, we worked
to provide better access to programs and services for
children at risk and their families and seniors with
the assistance of the Norlien Foundation. We were an
active member in the Canadian JumpStart Program,
sponsored by Canadian Tire and committed
to providing children with the opportunity to
participate in sport and recreation.

 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

However, 2005 was not without its challenges. Summer floods shut down the facility
for a brief period as high waters threatened Talisman Centre and Stanley Park Pool.
Stanley Park Pool suffered a net loss due to the rainy summer weather as flood
conditions held up approvals to fill the pool and open on time.

After 12 years at the helm, we also lost our Chief Operating Officer, Bernie Asbell,
to the West Coast. On behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge Bernie’s
significant contributions to positioning the Centre as a leader and innovator in the
sport and wellness industry. Following an extensive executive search by the Board, we
were successful in replacing him with Robin Mitchell, who brings a strong background
in customer service and a passion for nurturing excellence in people.

As I look forward to 2006, I am excited by the opportunities which are before us.
As an organization, we will continue to create an inspiring atmosphere in which our
customers may pursue their sport and wellness goals.

It has been a privilege to have served as Chair of the Board of Governors in 2005 and I
wish to extend my many thanks to our strong team of management and staff as well as
my fellow Board members for all their efforts in making Talisman Centre the facility
of choice for Calgarians and Canada’s developing athletes.

David Macaulay
Board of Governors Chair

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 

Board of Governors
Doug Bird* Chair of Executive Committee
Rob Davis* Competitive Swimming (Secretary)
Roy Diehl Competitive Swimming
Barbara Dunnette Fencing
Simone Gratton Catholic Schools
Peter Hiebert Synchronized Swimming
Dwight Jack* Rhythmic Gymnastics (Treasurer)
Martin Kennedy Soccer
Neil Kuntz Water Polo
David Macaulay* Chair of the Board of Govenors
Brett Maruyama* Erlton Community (Member at Large)
Peter McKenzie Past President Advisory Committee
Alec Milne Basketball
Ed Moore Athletics
Joe Recsky Volleyball
Gregory Rogers Rideau-Roxboro Community
Peter Saunderson Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community
Murray Schmidt Diving
Jill Tynan Public Schools
Verla Wong* Field Hockey (Vice Chair)
* denotes Executive Committee Member

2005 Management Team

Bernie Asbell President/COO ( January 2005 – July 2005)
Robin Mitchell President/COO ( July 2005 - Present)
Catherine Nielsen Senior Manager ( January 2005 – April 2005)
Reg Verley Sales & Marketing Manager
Garth Glover Finance Manager
Carol Kinley Facility Manager
Cynthia Watson Character Development Manager
Ashley Myers Sport & Wellness Manager (February 2005 - Present)
Darrell Moir Sport & Wellness Manager ( January 2005)

The following designation changes were made in 2005 to more accurately reflect the role
and responsibility of member representatives and staff:
Board Changes (roll out from 2005 to 2009):
• Board of Directors was changed to Board of Governors
• Vice President was changed to Vice Chair
• President was changed to Chair of the Board
• Immediate Past President/Chair of the Executive Committee was changed to Chair of
the Board of Governors
Staff Change: General Manager was changed to President/Chief Operating Officer

 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Strategic Highlights
Strategic Direction ONE
Providing stakeholders with an exceptional experience that supports them so they
may enjoy and achieve their sport and wellness goals.

Strategic Direction TWO

Creating and maintaining financial strength that ensures current and long-term
sustainability and reinvestment opportunities that best serve our stakeholders.

Strategic Direction THREE

Reinventing Talisman Centre culture/character as an excellent workplace that
promotes a culture of participation, nurtures talent and recognizes individual and
team performance in pursuit of serving our stakeholders.

Aquatics, Athletics and Wellness

The Experience Providers Team philosophy employs a multidisciplinary, results-based
approach to integrating physical activity, healthy eating habits and positive experience
to advance the benefits of sport and wellness and promote healthy living for all ages and
abilities. This wellness philosophy drives our programs, facilities and services.

The Talisman Centre Wellness Model . . .

. . . a model that provides exceptional experience for all customers using aquatic,
athletic and wellness programs and services. Talisman Centre experience providers
implemented the wellness model in early 2005 as a platform to ensure a good balance
of opportunities over all five pillars of wellness — social, emotional, physical, spiritual
and intellectual. The model incorporates the “Transtheoretical Stages of Change”
philosophy that allows providers to work with continually changing and evolving

The Buzz in the Zone . . .

The team strives to establish a dynamic culture in the Athletic Training Zone (ATZ)
where athletes training in various endurance sports can come together to support,
encourage and challenge each other. Programming is for both high-performance
athletes and recreational, performance-minded athletes of all abilities. The ATZ has
developed programs specific to two dynamic aspects of sport training:
Endurance Training System (ETS) geared toward athletes looking to acheive
gains in sports such as triathlon, distance running, adventure racing and all cycling
diciplines including downhill mountain biking and BMX.
Athletic Performance Enhancement (APE) for athletes involved in team and
power sports such as hockey, soccer, basketball, badminton, baseball and football.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 

Our Camps are all the Rage!
2005 saw an overwhelming positive response to registration in our Multisport
and Performance Based Camps for children and youth. Children were given the
opportunity to get involved in a multitude of sport and wellness activities including
nutrition sessions in the Sears Nutrition Kitchen.

Our Drop-in Fitness Programs . . .

Group fitness activities continued to grow at Talisman Centre in 2005. New drop-
in fitness classes were added to an already impressive group exercise schedule to
accomodate the 26% increase in participation, including more of the popular
“Ripped” classes.

Lovin’ the Liquid . . .

The Aquatics team oversees the specific aquatic needs of our sport partners and
those of special events, as well as conducting lifeguarding and swimming lessons.
They sharpened their focus on quality customer experience in 2005 by launching
the Aquatic Specialist Model. This resulted in increased program registrations and
participation by members and drop-in users alike. They also implemented the Teacher
Mentorship Program to improve the quality of lessons being delivered.

Swim Educators of Lindsay Park

2005 was another great success for the Sears I Can Swim Program with participation
increasing approximately 38% over 2004. 

The following key events helped to make this happen:

• re-vamped the look of our website
• launched into the Quebec market with great success
• developed a Teacher Mentorship Program to position within the marketplace
• launched a brand new Affiliation Fee Structure
• brought on board an Atlantic Regional Representative to continue building the
program on the East Coast  
• created valuable revenue opportunities by becoming the North American
distributor for A-Flex Technology Floatables
• sent the Floatable Toy Fleet across Canada to promote the “participation-fun-
success” philosophy of SEARS I Can Swim
• continued receiving support from Sears Canada, Swimming / Natation Canada,
and the Canadian Swim Coaches & Teachers Association
The Sears I Can Swim Program continues to gain popularity throughout Canada and
is now being seen as a leader within the aquatic industry, specifically for advancement
in program content, marketing and teacher certification.  

 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

The Operations Department is responsible for the planning, development and
coordination of all building operations at Talisman Centre.

The Sears Nutrition Kitchen is a practical vehicle for delivering nutrition education
both as a stand-alone product and as an integrated component of Talisman Centre
programs, demonstrating that healthy eating and active living go hand-in-hand. It
delivers a clear message that Talisman Centre values and promotes healthy lifestyles.
In 2005, we saw the official launch of both the Sears Nutrition Kitchen and Café
Santé. Over the year, the Nutrition Kitchen hosted the Junior Chefs Program, Healthy
Choice Cooking Seminars and Classes, Thrills and Skills Workshops and Corporate
Teambuilding Events.

In January, Talisman Centre hosted its first major corporate Family Day event for Sears
Canada. The event saw more than 500 Sears family members offered a variety of dry
land and aquatic activities including badminton, basketball, volleyball and inflatable
toys. They were also provided with a full barbeque lunch in the Foundation Lounge.
Talisman Centre staff and volunteers provided all of the extras including membership
sales, facility tours, coat-check service and cooking lessons.

Investments in new technology in 2005 included installation of plasma television

screens in the Executive Locker Rooms, the Nutrition Kitchen and the Legacy Lounge
and the installation of two point of sale workstations at Café Santé.

The Operations Department also worked closely with Calgary Police, Parks and
Recreation, neighbouring communities and the Aldermen’s office on improving
the safety of the regional pathway system to and from Talisman Centre, including
improvements to lighting.

Other key projects the Operations Department completed in 2005 included:

• a new shower system in both public locker rooms
• roof hatch replacement
• new boiler chimney stack cap installed
• new hand dryers in the ladies’ public locker room (they are three times faster
and use 80% less energy)
• landscaping and irrigation in the park
• major parking lot patch, repair and reline
• a Balance and Stability Zone added in the Fitness Centre — equipment
supplied in part by Fitter International
• planning for the main building roof replacement began
• renovations to Café Santé completed

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 

Finance and Administration
Finance and Administration supports all function areas of Talisman Centre by
providing financial and business analysis and responding to a wide variety of requests for
accounting and financial information.

The Finance and Administration Department evolved in 2005 to better serve

Talisman Centre’s financial and administrative needs. Garth Glover became Finance
Manager, Judy Campbell continued as Payroll and Benefits Administrator, Cory
Lanoway became Accounts Receivable Administrator and Ron Pitt took charge of
Accounts Payable.

After reviewing proposals and conducting interviews of various accounting firms,

PricewaterhouseCoopers was selected to perform the annual year end audit of the
Society. Thanks to our former audit firm, Kissinger & Co., for their many years of
service with the Society.

The staff benefit plan premiums were reduced in 2005. This is uncommon in the
insurance industry and highlights the healthy balance Talisman Centre staff have
achieved between work and play.

The Society Performance Award (SPA) was replaced with the Society Team Appreciation
Reward (STAR) to reflect team achievement. The reward is distributed to Centre staff
for achieving financial goals while maintaining a high level of customer service.

After 14 years with Lindsay Park/Talisman Centre, Catherine Nielsen, Senior

Manager, opted for an early retirement to spend more time with her family and to
indulge her passion for skiing and cycling.

2005 Facility Revenue

Admissions, Memberships and Programs (66%)
Facility Bookings (18%)
Food Services (8%)
City of Calgary (9%)

2005 Facility Expenses

Facility Operations (36%)
Experience Providers (31%)
Character Development & Administration (18%)
Sales & Marketing (7%)
Food Services (7%)

 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Facility Bookings
Facility Bookings oversees all fieldhouse operations, facility rentals and special events.
Facility rentals include all programming and data entry for our member and non-
member sport partners, special events, Talisman Centre programs and the general public.
Talisman Centre hosted three prestigious national level competitions in 2005: the
Junior Indoor Field Hockey Nationals, the H20 Polo Nationals (Canadian National
Semi Finals) and the Canadian Open National Championships in Synchronized
Swimming. A number of summer special events also took place in 2005 including the
SAIT Jr. Trojans Basketball Camp, the Swimming Age Group Provincials, Calgary
Tritons Swim Meet and the Region E Summer Swim Meet.

A total of 154 schools from Calgary and surrounding areas brought in 8006 students
to use our facilities. Additionally, Talisman Centre provided the Physical Education
Department of St. Mary’s High School with facility space weekdays for over ten
different classes, bringing in over 8000 students.

Talisman Centre hosted 44 special events bringing in over 60,000 participants,

spectators and coaches. Thirty-one sport partner groups booked the facility on a
regular basis and brought in over 600,000 people during the year.

Talisman Centre was the host site for the Calgary Corporate Challenge badminton
and swimming events in 2005. Representatives from over 200 companies took part in
competitions over a one-week period. As a participant, Talisman Centre placed tenth
out of 30 Red Division companies in the annual event.

Information Systems
The key function of Information Systems is the installation, maintenance and security of
all communication and information technologies within the facility.
In 2005, a Storage Area Network was added to the computer network. Each year the
need for more information storage space increases considerably. This addition allowed
us to grow without purchasing new servers.

Webmail was implemented in 2005 as well. Staff members with an email account are
now able to log on and view their email remotely, enabling them to work at home or
check email when they are traveling. A wireless site survey and purchase of equipment
study was also conducted in a committed effort to bring staff and customers wireless
internet access.

Two Duty Managers were added to the department in 2005. These staff members
increased the security and supervision in the building by covering all evening and
weekend hours as well as all long weekends.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 

Sales and Marketing
Talisman Centre’s motivated sales and marketing team is committed to ensuring the best
in customer service through dynamic and innovative marketing initiatives.

The Sales and Marketing team expanded the distribution area of the four key Programs
and Services Brochures produced yearly which resulted in an increased run size from
30,000 to 42,000 copies of each. This strategy had direct measure in the significant
increase in new members, program registrants and drop-in customers coming into the
building in 2005. Select cross-functional pieces were also developed to complement
these core marketing tools, designed specifically to promote targeted products and
services within Talisman Centre and externally at trade shows and fund-raisers.

Other sales and marketing initiatives executed in 2005 included the introduction of
a special Two-Month Membership during the summer months, the development
of a Customer Relations Volunteer Program where volunteer members provide
customers with information about Talisman Centre and the institution of a Staff
Referral Incentive Program which offered employees a 20% discount at Café Santé
and the retail outlet and participation in registered classes free of charge.

Customer service initiatives implemented in 2005 included the establishment of a

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for four-month and annual memberships, the creation
of a Retail Coordinator Position to develop Talisman Centre’s retail strategy, the
implementation of a Customer Retention Strategy through customer and member
service calls and the introduction of Membership Appreciation Events where
members have the opportunity to show off Talisman Centre to their friends.

Character Development
The Character Development Team strives to build individual, team and organizational
strength throughout Talisman Centre and into the community at large.

There were a number of key character development initiatives that had facility-wide
impact in 2005, one of the most important being the implementation of Talisman
Centre’s Occupational Health and Safety Plan. With summer student help, the Wage
and Compensation Survey, Employee Turnover Report and a draft of an Employee
Perspective Survey were also completed.

Training and development saw a new Energy U initiative, I Can Action Emergency
Procedures and WHMIS, implemented in 2005, as well as the Aquatics Specialist
Project and the Customer Service Desk Coaching Project. Improvements to staff
uniforms resulted in much higher quality Sugoi clothing for both staff and volunteers.

10 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Numerous staff events took place in 2005 to celebrate our team’s success, including the
FRESH Event, Oktoberfest, Random Acts of Kindess Day, our Annual Gala, our
Summer Wrap-Up, a Volunteer Recognition Event, Paint the Town Red, a Farewell
Party for Bernie Asbell, a Pumpkin Carving Contest and the annual Deck the Doors
Workspace Decorating Challenge.

Community Investment

Talisamn Centre and the Calgary Health Region continued their partnership to
work on the Living Well with a Chronic Disease Program. This program has gained
such popularity that additional sessions needed to be added in the evenings.

Talisman Centre and the Kerby Centre continued their partnership to develop and
provide resistance and strength training programs to seniors. The project allowed
Kerby Centre members to access our weight room and therapeutic hot tub and pool.

Fee Assistance
This initiative garnered over 2300 visits to Talisman Centre in 2005 and subsidzed
approximately $55,000 in admissions and adapted physical activity program

Canadian Tire JumpStart

Talisman Centre was an active participant in Canadian Tire JumpStart in 2005.
There is a growing need to make physical activity a priority in the lives of Canadian
children. Talisman Centre and the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families are
committed to addressing that need by providing kids the opportunity to participate
in sport and recreation in order to better develop essential life skills, self-esteem and

Norlien Grant 2004-2005

Talisman Centre received $50,000 from the Norlien Foundation to enhance access to
programs and services for children at risk, their families and seniors. The grant money
was put toward facility passes, facility rentals, swim lessons, special events and program

Other community investments in 2005 included commitments to the Boys and Girls
Club, the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, the HEAR Society, Cops for Kids
and CUPS One World Development Centre. Over $10,000 was also donated to
sport and wellness organizations throughout 2005 for fund-raising purposes.

Talisamn Centre was also a proud sponsor of the Terrascape Racing Team, one of
the top cycling teams in Alberta, three members of which are employees of Talisman

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 11

Daily Admission Rates
Infants under two are free. All rates include 7% GST
Late rate for the last 75 minutes of each night: $3.00

Single 10-Card Flex Pass

Adult (18+) $ 9.25 $ 75.00
Senior (60+) $ 7.00 $ 54.00
Post-Secondary Student (25 & under) $ 7.50 $ 60.00
Youth (13-17) $ 7.00 $ 54.00
Child (6-12) $ 4.50 $ 35.00
Preschool (2-5) $ 3.25 $ 25.00
Couple/Family/Group Home $ 20.00 $ 145.00
Parent & toddler (2-5) $ 10.50

Membership Rates
1 Month 4 Month Annual

Adult (18+) $ 75 $ 225 $ 519
Senior (60+) $ 54 $ 145 $ 339
Post-Secondary Student (25 & under) $ 60 $ 180 $ 429
Youth (13-17) $ 54 $ 145 $ 339
Couple/Family/Group Home $ 145 $ 395 $ 859

Estimated Attendance
Memberships and Multi Admissions 500,000
Public Admissions 100,000
Registered and Custom Programs 6,400
Sport Partners and Special Events 660,000
Tenants and Other 63,500

12 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Volunteer Program
Talisman Centre’s volunteer program enjoyed a
lot of growth in 2005. Our volunteer team saw the Bursary
addition of 25 new members, bringing the total
volunteer family up to nearly 80 members! In Award
September, a new volunteer strategy was launched. Winners
The new focus of the volunteer program is to utilize
volunteers to enhance the customer experience. Talisman Centre believes
Along with this, our goal is also to make sure in the power of sport to
volunteering is meaningful and fun for the enhance the health and
volunteer as well! wellness of Canadians.
Our Bursary Program was
Because of this new customer enhancement focus, developed to financially
a new program was launched in November called assist athletes with various
the Customer Relations Volunteer Program. training and competition
The helpful and smiley members of this team are expenses.
often found near the south entrance at peak times, Talisman Centre is very
greeting customers, answering questions, serving as proud of all the following
a general information source and conducting facility 2005 Bursary Award
tours. In the first two months of the program, Winners (Recipients came
over 200 customers were helped by the Customer from six different sport
Relations volunteers. We are looking forward to partners:Competitive
continued success and expansion of this program! Swimming, Diving,
Gymnastics, Synchronized
Our other volunteer programs continued to Swimming, Track and
thrive in 2005. Our Childcare Volunteer team Water Polo).
and Special Events Program also increased in
numbers. This resulted in a quality experience for Jessalyn Almond
the children (more playmates!) and was evident Gabriella Brisson
in the smooth operation of some large events at Jessie Drabinsky
Talisman Centre. Our partnership with a number Brittney Hunt
of community agencies working with clients with Olivia Jack
disabilities was continued and these hard-working Nigel Joseph
men and women have done a wonderful job on Thomas Marks
our volunteer team. Finally, our APA (Adapted Kelsey Melenka
Physical Abilities) Volunteer Program was Stephanie Melenka
nominated for Volunteer Calgary’s “Leader in Teneshia Peart
Community” award. This affirmed the inspired Jennifer Song
effort these volunteers show while assisting our Adam Szoo
clients in their adapted programs. Kim Taylor
Lauren Yates
Volunteers were recognized in our annual
Volunteer Appreciation Event in April during
National Volunteer Week.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 13

Auditors’ Report
To the Members of
Lindsay Park Sports Society

We have audited the statement of financial position of Lindsay Park Sports Society
as at December 31, 2005 and the statements of operations, changes in net assets and
cash flows for the year then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility
of the Society’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these
financial statements based on our audit.

We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted

auditing standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to
obtain reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material
misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the
amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing
the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well
as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.

In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects,
the financial position of the Society as at December 31, 2005 and the results of its
operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian
generally accepted accounting principles.

The prior year’s numbers were reported on without qualification by the previous

Chartered Accountants
Calgary, Alberta
March 1, 2006

14 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Statement of Financial Position
at December 31, 2005
2005 2004
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents $ 1,673,759 $ 1,188,782
Accounts receivable 319,668 450,794
Current portion of pledges receivable 134,583 570,680
Inventory 33,416 22,867
Prepaid expenses 3,323 17,173
2,164,749 2,250,296

Capital Assets (note 3) 987,754 1,093,242

Donations on Deposit with Calgary Parks Foundation (note 10) 211,426 85,128
Tenant Improvements 59,228 98,713
Pledges Receivable – 14,000

$ 3,423,157 $ 3,541,379

Current Liabilities
Demand bank loan $ – $ 650,000
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 728,661 1,180,807
Deferred sponsorship – Talisman Energy 500,000 –
Deferred revenue and grants 1,056,305 936,421
2,284,966 2,767,228

Deposits from Tenants 29,906 29,640

Deferred Contributions (note 4) 918,767 968,767
3,233,639 3,765,635

Net assets (deficiency)

Net assets invested in capital assets 987,754 1,093,242
Net assets restricted for Stanley Park Pool operations (note 5) – 52,234
Net assets internally restricted for athletic bursaries (note 6) 249,316 249,316
Unrestricted net assets (deficiency) (1,047,552) (1,619,048)
189,518 (224,256)

$ 3,423,157 $ 3,541,379
Commitments (note 10)


David Macaulay Governor Dwight Jack Governor

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 15

Statement of Operations
For the year ended December 31, 2005

2005 2004
Facility Revenues
Admissions, memberships and programs $ 5,207,086 $ 4,333,048
Facility bookings 1,423,209 1,222,433
Food services 612,842 543,660
Stanley Park Pool 89,029 82,852
Operating contribution from City of Calgary 694,000 680,000
8,026,166 6,861,993

Facility Expenses
Facility operations (note 8) 2,857,427 2,749,258
Experience providers 2,407,432 2,227,260
Character development and administration 1,445,735 1,395,145
Sales and marketing 564,830 565,383
Food services 595,982 434,746
Stanley Park Pool 89,029 79,127
7,960,435 7,450,919

Excess (deficiency) for the year before the following 65,731 (588,926)

Other Revenue
Investment income (note 7) 57,849 52,831
Naming rights and other sponsorships 670,146 662,929
727,995 715,760
Other Expenses
Amortization of capital assets 294,240 288,930
433,755 426,830

Excess (deficiency) for the year before the following 499,486 (162,096)

Capital Contributions
Capital contribution from City of Calgary 454,000 359,000
Capital contributions from other sources 16,667 47,657
470,667 406,657
Capital Contributions
Building improvements and capital expenditures 504,145 584,691
(33,478) (178,034)

Net excess (deficiency) for the year $ 466,008 $ (340,130)

16 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Statement of Changes in Net Assets
For the year ended December 31, 2005

Invested Externally Internally Unrestricted Total Total

in Capital Restricted Restricted 2005 2004
Assets for Stanley for Athletic
Park Pool Bursaries
(note 5) (note 6)

beginning of year $ 1,093,242 $ 52,234 $ 249,316 $(1,619,048) $ (224,256) $ 122,428

Investment in
capital assets 188,752 – – (188,752) – –

Net excess (deficiency)

for the year (294,240) – – 760,248 466,008 (340,130)

Distribution of externally
restricted net assets – (52,234) – – (52,234) (6,554)

Balance, end of year 987,754 – 249,316 (1,047,552) 189,518 (224,256)

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 17

Statement of Cash Flows
For the year ended December 31, 2005

2005 2004
Cash provided by (used in)

Operating activities
Net excess (deficiency) for the year $ 466,008 $ (340,130)
Items not affecting cash
Amortization of capital assets 294,240 288,930
Amortization of deferred contribution (50,000) (116,233)
Amortization of tenant improvements 39,485 39,486
749,733 (127,947)
Net change in non-cash working capital items 302,165 107,739

1,051,898 (20,208)

Financing and investment activities

Decrease in pledges receivable 450,097 64,400
Additions to capital assets (188,752) (307,269)
Decrease (increase) in donations on deposit with Calgary Parks Foundation (126,298) 93,549
Increase in deposits from tenants 266 15,075
Increase (decrease) in demand bank loan (650,000) (1,000,000)
Transfer of Stanley Park Pool net assets (52,234) (6,554)
Increase in deferred contributions – 1,000,000
(566,921) (140,799)

Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 484,977 (161,007)

Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year 1,188,782 1,349,789

Cash and cash equivalents, end of year 1,673,759 1,188,782

18 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Notes to Financial Statements
December 31, 2005

1. Nature and Purpose of the Society

Lindsay Park Sports Society (the “Society”) is a not-for-profit, non-taxable organization incorporated
under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta.

The purpose of the Society is to oversee and direct the management and operation of Talisman
Centre (“the Centre”) in accordance with its by-laws and a management and operating agreement
between the Society and the City of Calgary. As part of this agreement, the City provides the Society
with annual operating and capital grants. These grants are for the original building only with the
operating and capital requirements of the two expanded buildings being the sole responsibility of the
Society. The City of Calgary is the owner of the Centre and the land upon which it is located. It provides
training, competition facilities and services for the development of Calgary’s high performance
athletes in dryland and aquatic sports in addition to providing facilities, programs and services for the
fitness and recreational sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary.

2. Significant accounting policies

Capital assets

Moveable capital assets which are purchased by the Society are recorded at cost and movable capital
assets which are donated to the Society are recorded at their fair value at the date of contribution.
They are amortized on a straight-line basis over their estimated useful lives, to a maximum of ten
years. Immovable capital assets, which do not become the property of the Society, are expensed in the
year of acquisition.

Cash and cash equivalents

Cash and cash equivalents include cash and short-term investments that are highly liquid and readily
convertible to known amounts of cash.

Donated services

Volunteers contribute a significant number of hours to assist in the management and operation of the
Society. Because of the difficulty of determining the fair value of the services contributed, the value of
volunteer services is not recorded in these financial statements.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 19

Financial instruments

The Society’s financial instruments included in the statement of financial position are comprised of
cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, pledges receivable, donations on deposit with Parks
Foundation, Calgary, demand bank loan and accounts payable and accrued liabilities.

The fair values of the financial instruments approximate their carrying values at December 31, 2005 due to
their short term nature.

The Society is not exposed to undue interest rate, credit or foreign currency risk.


Inventory of food, beverages and clothing is recorded at the lower of cost and net realizable value. Cost is
determined on an actual basis.

Non-recording of City property

The original building complex and its major equipment components were provided from the City of
Calgary’s capital fund and are the property of the City; therefore they are not recorded in these financial
statements. All building additions, improvements and immovable capital assets become the property of
the City of Calgary and are expensed in the year incurred.

Revenue recognition

The Society follows the deferral method of accounting for contributions. Restricted contributions are
recognized as revenue in the year in which related expenses are incurred. Unrestricted contributions are
recognized as received or receivable if the amount can be reasonably estimated and collection is
reasonably assured.

Admissions, memberships and programs fees as well as facility booking fees are recorded as revenue over
the period that the services are rendered, with the prepaid portion recorded as deferred revenue.

Sponsorships and grants are recognized as revenue in accordance with the terms of the sponsorship or
grant agreement.

Capital contributions used for building expansion and improvements and to acquire immovable capital
assets which do not become the property of the Society are recorded as revenue in the same year as the
expansion, improvement or acquisition is expensed.

Investment income earned on funds used to finance the expansion construction was recorded as grants
and donations for expansion of facilities. Investment income on other funds is recorded as investment
income revenue when it is earned.

20 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

Use of estimates

The preparation of financial statements in conformity with Canadian generally accepted accounting
principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts
of assets and liabilities and the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the date of the financial
statements and the reported amounts of revenues and expenses during the period. Actual results may
differ from the estimates.

Comparative figures

Certain prior year figures have been reclassified to conform with the current year’s presentation.


Experience Provider expenses includes the costs of programs and services conducted by the aquatics,
athletics and wellness departments. Character Development and Administration expenses include the
costs of the human resources, finance and administration departments.

3. Capital assets

2005 2004
Accumulated Net Net
Cost Amortization
Athletic Equipment $ 1,670,677 $ 1,062,901 $ 607,776 $ 724,821
Office Furniture and Equipment 502,407 236,875 265,532 271,734
Computer Equipment 328,811 264,923 63,888 60,561
Café Furniture and Equipment 88,910 38,352 50,558 36,126
$ 2,590,805 $ 1,603,051 $ 987,754 $ 1,093,242

Included in office furniture and equipment is a nutrition kitchen valued at $50,000 which was received as
a contribution from a sponsor.

4. Deferred contributions

In 2004, the Society received an anonymous contribution of $1,000,000 in exchange for the right to name
the fifty meter pool complex constructed in 2003 “The Calgary Foundation Aquaplex”. The naming rights
are for a term of twenty years. The Society has recorded a portion of the contribution $50,000 (2004
– $31,233) as revenue for the year and deferred the balance of $918,767 which will be recognized as
revenue on a pro-rata basis over the remaining term of the naming rights.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 21

5. Externally restricted for Stanley Park Pool

The Society has entered into an agreement with the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pool Association (COSPA)
to operate the Stanley Park Swimming Pool. Under the agreement, the Society receives an annual
operating grant of $15,000 (2004 – $15,000) from COSPA and must operate the pool in accordance with
a public use policy. Once the public policy has been satisfied, the Society may operate the pool for its own
account. In accordance with the public use policy, an operating contribution of $10,000 is paid to COSPA.

During the year under the terms of the agreement, the Society transferred the externally restricted funds
related to Stanley Park in the amount of $52,234.

6. Internally restricted for Athletic bursaries

The Lindsay Park Development Foundation (“Foundation”) was dissolved on January 1, 2003 and the
assets, liabilities and net assets were transferred to the Society. The purpose of the Foundation was to
act as a trustee to administer the funds from the Western Canada Summer Games Foundation, together
with any other funds received, for the purpose of improving the quality of the services offered at Talisman
Centre and assisting the development of athletes training at the Centre.

The Society has agreed to continue the work of the Foundation and accordingly has restricted the net
assets received from the Foundation for the purpose of providing bursaries and grants to athletes and
Sport Partners training at the Talisman Centre.

7. Investment income

Investment income earned during the year is comprised of the following:

2005 2004
Interest and other investment income accrued on funds on deposit $ 54,848 $ 57,935
Gain (loss) on disposal of capital equipment 3,001 (5,104)
Net investment income $ 57,849 $ 52,831

8. Facility Operations

Included in Facility Operations expense are the following utility expenses:

2005 2004
Electricity $ 672,183 $ 708,921
Natural Gas 364,805 403,433

Total $ 1,036,988 $ 1,112,354

22 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

9. Disclosure of a significantly influenced entity

Lindsay Park Sports Society exercises significant influence over Swim Educators of Lindsay Park Inc. (“Swim
Educators”) by virtue of its ability to appoint a majority of the board of directors and to manage the affairs
of Swim Educators under the terms of a management contract.

Swim Educators is a not-for-profit, corporation pursuant to the Canada Corporations Act. Its objects are to
educate, promote and perpetuate the art, safety and enjoyment of amateur swimming through
instruction, training and publication and distribution of teaching and coaching aids and achievement

The Society has advanced $138,500 to Swim Educators. The advance bears interest at prime plus 1% and is
repayable at the unanimous discretion of the board of directors of Swim Educators.

The Society also has an outstanding account of $217,442 (2004 – $267,650) in accounts receivable for
operating advances made to Swim Educators.

The ability of Swim Educators to repay the loan and the outstanding account is uncertain because it is
dependent on Swim Educators continuing ability to obtain sponsorship fees and to eventually generate
revenue in excess of expenses. Because of the uncertainty of collection, the Society has provided an
allowance for doubtful collection of the entire loan and the outstanding account in a prior year.

The Society has included the following operating transactions with Swim Educators in its Statement of

2005 2004

Management contract fees earned $ 85,000 $ 85,000

Investment interest earned 18,145 18,678
Swimming activity supplies purchased 20,929 13,231

10. Commitments

Access Advantage Endowment Agreement

In 2004, an endowment fund named Access Advantage was established at the Parks Foundation Calgary.
The income from the endowment allows the Society to provide subsidies and fee assistance to patrons
of limited economic means in order to improve their access to the Talisman Centre. During the year, the
endowment fund received from an anonymous donor a donation of $1,249,000. The Society has agreed
to increase the endowment fund to $3,000,000 by way of contributing at least 15% of its annual excess
of revenues over expenses before internal allocations to the Endowment Fund. The contribution from the
Society for 2005 was $82,237 (2004 – $nil) and has been recorded as an accrued liability and Character
Development and Administration expenses at year end.

Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005 23

Income related to this endowment amounted to $63,567 in 2005 and has been included in Donations
on Deposit with Parks Foundation, Calgary and was recognized as Naming Rights and Other Sponsorship
revenue. Administration fees of $11,608 related to the Endowment Fund were paid to the Parks
Foundation, Calgary and were recorded as Character Development and Administration expenses. The
following is a continuity of the Donations on Deposit with the Parks Foundation, Calgary:

2005 2004

Balance, beginning of year $ 85,128 $ 178,677

Contributions 73,576 155,299
Interest 3,272 3,469
Administration charges (2,509) (2,317)
Payment to Talisman Centre – (250,000)
Endowment interest 63,567 –
Administration charges on Endowment (11,608) –
Balance, end of year $ 211,426 $ 85,128

Energy Contracts

a) Gas contract

As at December 31, 2005, the Society has an agreement with Enmax for the period of August 1, 2003
to July 31, 2006 to purchase a predetermined amount of gigajoules at a predetermined price. The
amount of the commitment remaining under this contract is $318,000. Additionally the Society has
a new contract effective for the period of August 1, 2006 to December 21, 2010. The amount of the
commitment under this new contract for fiscal 2006 is $145,000 and $363,000 per annum thereafter,
to the end of the contract term.

b) Electrical contract

The Society has an electrical agreement with Enmax for the period of July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2006
and July 1, 2006 to December 31, 2010 to purchase kilowatts at a predetermined price.

24 Talisman Centre Annual Report 2005

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