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TEKLYNX Training Curriculum


Course Description:
This training course will introduce you to the major components of BACKTRACK asset and
inventory tracking software and take you through the process of defining a tracking system.
You will learn to define the structure of the databases used in asset and inventory tracking,
and how to manage the records in those databases. You will also learn how to perform and
monitor transactions, such as item check-outs and inventory moves. This course will also
cover system security options and label management, as well as tasks related to designing
and printing reports. You will set up a tracking system by following the procedures in this
guide, and will make use of the sample databases and templates provided for use in this
training course.

Course Outline:
• About this course

• User Interface Window
• BACKTRACK Components
• Database Maintenance Module
• Transaction Module
• Report Design and Printing Module
• Label Design and Printing Module

Designing an Application
• Tracking System Templates
• Creating a New Application

Security Groups and System Settings

• Security Groups
• Creating a Security Group
• Changing System Settings

Item Database Structure

• About the Item Database
• System Fields in the Item Database
• Accessing Item File Structure Maintenance
• Modifying Existing Item Database Fields
• Adding Fields to the Item Database
• Setting Up Math Calculation Fields
• Attaching a Relational Database to an Item Field
• Specifying Input Options for an Item Field
• Calculating a Due Date/Time for Items

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BACKTRACK 5 Training (continued…)

Transaction Database Structure

• About the Transaction Database
• System Fields in the Transaction Database
• Accessing Transaction File Structure Maintenance
• Adding Fields to the Transaction Database
• Attaching a Relational Database to a Transaction Field
• Updating Item Data During a Transaction
• Setting Up Transaction Preauthorization

User Database Structure

• About the User Database
• System Fields in the User Database
• Adding Fields to the User Database
• Specifying Input Options for a User Field

Location Database Structure

• About the Location Database
• Adding Fields to the Location Database

Data Entry Forms

• Form for Entering Database Records
• Accessing the Customization Screen
• Customization Screen Tools
• Assigning a Label to the Data Entry Form
• Setting a Tab Order for the Data Entry Form
• Adding a Picture Box to the Data Entry Form

Records in the Item Database

• Working with Item Records
• Adding Records to the Item Database
• Viewing Records
• Deleting Records
• Sorting Records
• Printing a Label from the Database

Records in the Location Database

• Working with Location Records
• Adding Records to the Location Database

Records in the User Database

• Working with User Records
• Adding Records to the User Database
• Adding a Picture to a Record

Item Tracking Transactions

• About Item Transactions
• Listing Users and Locating Items
• Checking Out an Item
• Making a Reservation
• Checking In an Item
• Moving Items

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BACKTRACK 5 Training (continued…)

Inventory Tracking Transactions

• About Inventory Transactions
• Restocking Inventory
• Taking Out Inventory
• Moving Inventory

Report Designer
• About Reports
• Report Wizard Options
• Creating a Report Using the Report Wizard
• Defining Selection Criteria for a Report

Advanced Report Designer

• About the Advanced Report Designer
• Areas of a Report
• Advanced Designer Tools
• Editing a Report with the Advanced Designer
• Creating Customized Report Fields

Report Management
• Copying Reports
• Deleting Reports
• Setting Security for a Report

Label Management
• Accessing the Label Design Module
• Creating a New Label
• Mapping Label Fields to BACKTRACK Fields
• Copying a Label
• Deleting a Label
• Defining Selection Criteria for a Label
• Setting Security for a Label

Customized Toolbar
• About the Customized Toolbar
• Defining Buttons for the Customized Toolbar

Task Scheduler
• About the Task Scheduler
• Scheduling a Task

Data File Management

• Backing Up Data Files
• Restoring Data from the Backup File
• Importing Data
• Exporting Data

Archive and Transfer Data

• About Archived Items
• Archiving Items to an External File
• Archiving Items to a Different Status and Location
• Archiving Transactions
• Transferring an Application

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BACKTRACK 5 Training (continued…)

Rebuild Database Files

• Managing Data Files
• Rebuilding Data Files

PDT Functions and Sessions

• About Setting Up a PDT/Mobile Device
• Programming PDT Firmware
• Configuring the PDT/Mobile Device
• Selecting the Application for the PDT/Mobile Device
• Retrieving PDT/Mobile Device Data
• Using the PDT Simulator
• RemoteLink Functions
• Working with Sessions

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