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Italiana Numero 11 MAY 2011
Campeggiatori In sintesi notizie flash dalla Sede nazionale. Ampi servizi saranno
pubblicati sul prossimo numero de “Il Campeggio Italiano”
Tel.: 055 88 23 91
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The not-so-great weather
conditions did nothing to
Notizie di rilievo: ruin the meeting in Portugal
 Rally Amicizia of a large number of teams
from seven European
 Patente (Turkey, Croatia, Germany,
 Raduni Switzerland, Italy, Spain and
Portugal) and two non-
 Notizie flash European (Canada and
China) countries that gath- Zmar is a huge campsite of over 40 hec-
ered there for the rally. The tares, and its management team has al-
inevitable changes in the ways been accustomed to hosting inter-
UFFICI CONFEDERALI: programme notwithstand- national guests. It probably never imag-
Orario giorni feriali: ing, the camp’s manager, ined, however, that it would be hosting
apertura per il pubblico dalle
Lourenço MELLO managed guests from Canada, or, even more ex-
ore 9,00 alle ore 17 to keep everyone happy with traordinary, from China. The Friendship
a cheerful and spontaneous Rally was a great chance to exchange
(pausa ore 13—13,45) atmosphere of friendliness ideas and make new friends, to enjoy
and allegria which, despite evenings of music and wine. Above all it
the meteorological condi- was also a chance to learn about how
tions, was immediately evi- things are going in two very different
countries, about life in Canada (where
the 2012 FICC Rally will be held in Que-
bec) and life in
China. China is
very slowly
starting to ap-
preciate the
world of out-
door vacations
and, although it
only has 12 offi-
cial campsites,
it is looking at
Siamo su internet: Italy with inter-
federcampeggio.it est.
The Portuguese President of the F.I.C.C. was particularly celebrated:
Joao Alves PEREIRA, accompanied by some of his councilors: SAINDON
President Pereira often expressed
his deep gratitude to Confeder-
campeggio for having organised
this Friendship Rally in Portugal,
but he also thanked President
Picilli for his book about tourism
“en plein air”, full of information,
practical advice and data about all
of the camper federations in
Europe. It is a book that will con-
stitute a point of departure for the
next triennial of the FICC.
At the end of the Rally, awards were handed out to the
Portuguese Camper Federation (F.C.M.P.), and to the old-
est team headed by Mr. Hans REUTEGGER. An award was
also given to the teams who travelled the longest way to
get there: Louise SAINDON (from Canada) and Milian HO
(from China). The most distant Italian club was the team
from Perugia, the A.C.Perugini.
Presidents Pereira and Picilli, who was accompanied by
National Councilor Giovanni Grassi and by the general sec-
retary, I. Vai, also received memorial gifts.
The Zmar campsite was given an award for having organ-
ised the rally with such efficiency and for having created
such a great setting, the bad weather notwithstanding.
Zmar has also joined the Confedercampeggio Circuit
“Ciao Campeggio”. We now have another really great
place to go in Portugal.
During the Rally, participants visited
the city of Evora, a UNESCO World Heri-
tage site, as well as the areas sur-
rounding Odemira, a city in the south-
ern region of Algarve. Hiking, wellness
centres, shopping, lots of raised
glasses and photos completed the pic-
An increase in RV sales? Impossible!
While recreational vehicle manufacturers and dealer-
ships seek to find ways to make it easier to sell new
vehicles, the government is passing news laws that
effectively harm the consumer. On the basis of the
reforms being introduced regarding Fiscal Federal-
ism, the Legislative Decree covering “the ordinary
autonomy of revenue of the regions and provinces, as
well as the determination of costs and standard
needs in the sanitary sector” approved by the Council
of Ministers on 31 March of this year, and which has
not yet been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, the
Salone del Camper: new Web site provincial registration tax, known as the IPT, will un-
With a background photograph depicting nature, dergo changes that will affect all M1 vehicles
the spirit of “en plein air” is beautifully repre- (therefore also auto-caravans), as well as light com-
sented in the debut of the new Salone del mercial and industrial vehicles. By the end of May
Camper Web site. The important industry event another decree will be adopted which will determine
takes place for the second year now at the Fiere the applicative criteria concerning various categories
di Parma from 10 to 18 September. of vehicles. The tax, in effect, will double for new ve-
The aim of the event is to encourage dialogue hicles, while they will remain more or less unchanged
between the various industry sectors: manufac- for used recreational vehicles. The ANFIA-APC, with
turers, accessory makers, accommodations and whom we spoke, declared itself against the new IPT
tourist destinations, dealerships, experienced rules in a press release. It is tax that only we here in
campers and neophytes. Italy must pay and which will only add to the fiscal
The newly renovated site went on-line on 5 May burden of the industry, which is already one of the
and features fresh graphics and updated content, largest contributors to the coffers of the State and
it is easy to use and, highlighted with a white which is still in a delicate phase as it attempts to
background, there is a “NEWS” and services sec- deal with the on-going economic crisis.
tion in which the Salone del Camper will reveal
the novelties in store for visitors to the event. Confedercampeggio National Assembly
www.salonedelcamper.it A National Assembly of the Confedercampeggio has
been called for Saturday, 18 June. There are many
topics on the agenda, among them the 2010 Finan-
Important agreement signed cial Report and proposals to confer “Honorary Mem-
bership” status to various Directors. The meeting
to protect consumers begins at 10am in Calenzano.
signed an agreement re-qualifying warranty inter-
ventions at the Headquarters of Assocamp at the
Ascom Confcommercio in Parma which calls for
strict collaboration between Assocamp, Truma
and Dimatec with regards to the warranty inter-
ventions of all Truma components. This has been
a much-desired goal of the signers for a long time
now, and will allow for a considerable increase in
the number of authorized centres who can work
on camper engines and systems, thus guarantee-
ing improved service to the end-user. The leaders
of Truma, Dimatec and Assocamp were all pre-
sent at the signing, as was the Board of Directors
of Assocamp: Angela von Schenk for Truma Ger-
many, Mr. Fernando Collini and Mr. Marco Zani
for Truma Italia, Mr. Patrick Schmid for Dimatec
and Mr. Vittorio Dall’aglio for Assocamp.
AL-KO ATC a winner at the
DCC Technology Awards 2011
The ATC (AL-KO Trailer Control) system
won the award at the DCC Technology
Awards 2011 for its contribution to this
system, which improves levels of comfort
and safety in recreational vehicles. ATC
was also promoted by ADAC tests. The
new device, which is linked to ATC via
radio and can be installed inside the car,
will now also be available in Italy by the
end of the year. AL-KO was the protago-
nist of the DCC Technology Awards 2011,
a competition promoted by the most im-
portant German camper association, the
Deutsche Camping Club. It is a recogni-
tion that a jury assigns to firms who have
developed innovative systems in the field
of accessories for campers and who have
given an important contribution to the
improvement of comfort and safety of rec-
reational vehicles. AL-Ko won the award
in the caravan division with its ATC (AL-
KO Trailer Control), an electronic device
which reduces the risk of side-slipping
and stabilizes the trailer in critical situa-
tions by automatically braking and gradu-
ally reducing oscillation without the
driver having to intervene.