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The Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011, and your June Horoscope

The partial solar eclipse on June 1, 2011, will be followed by a total lunar eclipse June 15, 2011.
The solar eclipse takes place in the 12th degree of Gemini which symbolizes the struggle between
new opportunities and past conditioning. The lunar eclipse highlights the 25th degrees of Gemini
and Sagittarius: The anticipation of pleasures to come competes with the need to control urges
that threaten to expand too rapidly.

This June is a month of passion! It starts off peaceably enough with the Sun and Moon trining
Saturn in Libra and Pallas and Vesta in Aquarius. They form a Grand Trine in the air signs. This
wonderful configuration favors relationships of all kinds. Ideas are eagerly communicated and
shared. Make significant strides in networking and communications. The smooth advancement in
all things intellectual and mental can be expected as well.

Mars, Venus, and Mercury line up in Taurus, adding sensual and sexual overtones to the mix.
There is a strong urge to splurge on items of significant beauty and value.

This love fest comes to a screeching halt when payment comes due on or near the lunar eclipse
on the 15th. The lunar eclipse brings unexpected surprises during the middle of June. The Sun
and Mercury oppose the Moon, Pluto, and the North Lunar Node and square Saturn, Uranus, and
Ceres. This configuration, called a Cosmic Cross, symbolizes conflicts arising among the various
departments of life. Some may suffer regrets or even take the walk of shame.


Relationships are emphasized. It’s safe to give up control to your spouse or partner for a short
while this month. Take time to listen. Your independence will suffer very little. A change of
scene may be needed in order to deal with unexpected developments around the middle of June.


Material, financial, and vocational advances are likely. This June can be memorable for a change
of luck or unaccustomed successes. You may need a loan or have to deal with another’s losses
around the middle of the month.


You’re on fire! You impress others. A romance can proceed to the next level. Formalize what
gives you pleasure. Suddenly your enthusiasm comes up against the concerns of your significant
other near the middle of June. Clarity turns into confusion. You may want to take two steps back.

Your privacy and home life are intensified. You work behind the scenes. Intimacy is treasured.
Responsibilities grow on or around the 15th. Your health or routine may be affected or disrupted.


Your social life explodes. Local travel can be frustrating, though. You appreciate what your mate
or partner has to offer. Sudden changes direct your attention to creativity, children, or romance
during the second half of the month.


Even though your career or profession grabs your attention, your financial situation is troubling.
You find solace in your work or in taking care of others. Tension at home will need to be dealt
with during the second half of June.


Travel or a change of scene is favored. Expand your horizons. Take a chance even if you feel
down. You are going through a major identity crisis, but you can focus on the positive this
month. Expect frustrations and miscommunications to be disruptive on or near the 15th.


Security needs are stressed. Unfinished business continues to hold you back. Seek comfort in the
security of your home or from those you have known the longest. Financial stresses bubble up
near the middle of the month.


Harmony rules in your relationship with your spouse, partner, or significant other. You may feel
a little tied down by social commitments you made earlier. Suddenly, you come into your own
on or around the 15th of June. You feel like your old self. Try to maintain some sense of balance.


Believe it or not, you are excited about your work, career, and responsibilities during the first
part of June. Money is a little better than it has been, and you like keeping busy. You may be
working outdoors or in the yard this month. Something comes up near the middle of the month
that redirects your attention indoors. Someone needs your help.


Whether you enjoy people, ideas, or ideals, June starts out quite favorably. You excel in
romance, love, and creativity this month. You continue to make progress in your long-term
goals. Opportunities to meet new friends and spread your ideas come on or near the 15th of June.

Things around the house or home are intensified this month. Home entertaining can provide
much needed breaks from your concerns about the welfare of others. This month is good for
relaxing and reconnecting with family. Activities at work require your attention on or around the
15th of June.