This paper we'll demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the current DNA and RNA codes are incorrect

and offer a new six alpha code organic primer to replace the current for digit the DNA codes. A second line of evidence we will explore examines the “final organic product” of the dna codes which are proteins, enzymes, hormones, anatomical structures and prescription medications. In reality, the prescription drugs are the most tangible and valuable outcomes of the dna and rna codes since these powerful proteins are used to treat mankind’s most debilitating and fatal diseases. How does one know whether a particular dna or rna code is wrong or incorrect? Usually scientists validate the procedures and outcomes of their research efforts. Classically, validation requires One or more predictors correlated against one or more criteria. That is, in a valid dna code, one would not expect serious side effects in a molecular product which had the right formulation or “organic recipe”. The fact that each and every one of the over 4200 prescribed medicines as referenced in the PDR (Physician Desk Reference) has side effects logically argues that something is wrong with the code. One does not get sick when one eats a natural apple or orange (with no pesticides), because the right dna and rna codes are contained in the instruction set. Somehow Medical Science has convinced “the laymen” that side effects are “normal” and “necessary”, but in our opinion, side effects represent errors and omissions, especially the inclusion of sulfur and its various derivates. This naturally leads to our next major flaw in the current Watson-Crick Double Helix Model; which was theorized in 1953 and has never been seriously challenged or for that matter validated. In fact, the most fundamental flaw with “the central dogma” is that it is a totally linear model with linear Metaphors (twisted step ladders, chairs, tables, railroad tracks etc.), linear statistics and linear or square products. The four dna codes (A,T,G,C) and 4 rna codes (A,U,G,C), (uricidine substitutes for thymine in the 3 step translation, messenger, and transcriptions phases of the dna conversion to tRNA. Actually, the Watson-Crick-Celera Model contains 5 nucleotide codes (A,T,U,G,C). The mistake Watson and Crick made was to substitute U for G instead of looking for a partner for Uricidine. It would not been hard to find, if they had perceived the true meaning of the secretive “wobble effect” where Inosine takes the place of Adenine in a variety of Amino Acid triple helix lattice structures. Therefore, we are proposing adding a sixth nucleotide code = I for Inosine. As we will see later, I provides iron, iodide and even oxygen to protein synthesis. The substitution of uricidine for thymine is not trivial, for one is replacing an OH- with a NH3. This difference being OH turns into water, while NH2 turns into ammonia. One code allows the

Molecule to live, the other turns it into a non-organic gas which floats away into the atmosphere. The minor assumptions and substitution is at the heart of the invalidity of the current dna and rna primer codes Two night we are going to talk about the new DNA molecule called Novagon DNA. What is the probability that the current four coded DNA genetic primer is incorrect? what is the probability Of all 4200 + prescription drugs having at least one or more serious side effects which are unintended harmful consequences which suggest that something is wrong with the. DNA formulations and genetic instructions. However, The Novagon DNA triple helix model bears little resemblance to the original model and in fact we can never obtain a copy to check it out. Novagon DNA in a much more than a DNA primer it is an integration of all life sciences from the organic atomic elements to the giant macro molecules.

The current the DNA model is composed of 4 nucleotide molecules named: adenine, thymine, the guanine and cytosine. The fifth and final nucleotide, uracil or uricidine is substituted for thymine when DNA is transformed into RNA which of the final genetic instructions given to the cellular organisms such as the mitochondria, ribosomes, and golgi bodies. these cellular organisms make up the amino acids and protein manufacturing workforce. To recap, the current DNA model has four DNA codes and four RNA codes, in actuality there are five DNA/RNA nucleotide codes. Adenine always bonds due thymine in the DNA phase, while guanine always bonds and cytosine. The difference between the DNA and RNA in that Uricidine substitutes for thymine in the final compiled instruction set the final formulation or "recipe" used to construct the amino acids and ultimately the final organic product, the proteins. The Novagon triple helix DNA model uses the mathematical operation of the addition rather than substitution in the DNA RNA amino acid protein production process. Instead of substituting uricidine for thymine, the triple helix model adds a six and final nucleotide called Inosine. The the double and triple helix models you different mathematical operations to transmit the DNA instruction sets to the organic workers who implement and execute the RNA genetic primer. It is well known that Inosine substitutes for adenine in the third codon position of the 64 code genetic primer. This well known phenomena is called, the wobble effect, has been known for the past 30 years. The double Helix Model contains a four genetic codes while the triple helix model contains six genetic codes thereby increasing the number of genetic instructions by a 33.33%.

The fact that the double Helix Model uses a substitution as the primary mathematical process and the triple helix model uses addition clearly flavors that triple helix model because addition of a more fundamental an primary mathematical operation then substitution. In the first grade the four mathematical operations taught to all schoolchildren are addition, substraction, Division and multiplication. No where is substitution included as a major mathematical operation. The fact U substitutes for T is a gross error of judgment. every freshman chemistry student knows there is a structural difference between thymine and uricidine. The hydroxyl (OH-) of Uracil takes the place of the Ammonium (NH2) anion, thus dramatically changing the structure and function of the A-T,A-U PH and of the color coded magnetic ion network. because there is a significant difference between thymine and Uricidine the operation of substitution is inappropriate an erroneous. This research will be reported using a new scientific type of document called scientific electronic new a news book. This book will be the foundation of our research on the sixth DNA element which we are proposing to elevate and join hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus. These are the current five atomic elements of which make up the five nuclear tides of adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. In the current Watson Crick DNA double helix model, uracil is substituted for thymine which essentially substitutes a methane gas for a water molecule. The OH- radical is replaced by The NH2 complex and thus sealing the doom for the number four benzene ring position occupied by the second and last nitrogen on the 6 sided hexagon dna base of C4,N2. We have strong circumstantial evidence that before sulfur arrived on earth, the dna hexagonal base was C3N3, a very balanced, symmetrical shape which nature seems to prefer. The fact the human dna base has lost one amine is not good. Nitrogen represents green, plants, life, photosynthesis etc. Carbon is one step removed from ossified calcium and when that occurrs osteperososis/carboxylation occurrs and the carbon atom changes from the organic to the inorganic state, namely coal, soot, and other hydrocarbons. If our theory is correct, then if sulfur is allowed to continue it overwhelming control of all our organic processes, the future of humanity is indeed bleak. just like Dolly the cloned British sheep, and its application to cattle in the form of "Mad-Cow's disease". We do not want to vilify and one nationality or common gene pool, but we would not be truthful if we did not discuss the role of England, and specifically, the English Language as the culprit in this most serious of scientific oversights which will most assuredly lead to the extinction of the human race. An explanation is in order of course. Language is a man made invention while mathematics is not. Why is it that the first human languages from all our archaeological, anthropological, and carbon fourteen fossil dating records began from the right and written script proceeded from right to left. English, on the other hand, is written from left to right. Why is this important? Because the universal, cosmic magnetic flux river flow is counterclockwise, that is, from right to left. The earth spins counterclockwise on its axis,

the earth revolves counterclockwise around the sun in 366 days. Our weather patterns and jet streams move counterclockwise. Even opening most faucets requires counterclockwise motion. Clockwise is shutting off, choking, cutting off. That is was sulfur is doing to our dna codes, causing randomly generated mutations, retrograde viruses, and superstrains of bacteria which are immune to our most powerful strains of bacterial hybridized colonies. Sulphur, is the same element that isn't mentioned that in genesis in reference to a fire "fire and brimstone". It is unbelievable the number of critical organic processes and organic molecules which sulphur controls. Most people will be amazed that sulphur is garlic, is saccaride or sugar, sulphur is the tour of along with iron of our hemoglobin molecules in our red blood cells. FeS. sulfuric acid, H2SO4, is the most powerful acid on the planet earth. It is also will the most commonly used acid for our most important industrial processes such is oil refinery, the papermaking, rubber and plastics. As we will show in our documentary, sulphur can take on many disguises, it can take on the colors of the other five core atomic elements. In fact, it is used in all organic synthesis in the form of the standard Sanger reagent which is used to identify the residue from de-hydrayed solutions of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. Sulphur has a 23 isotopes, from s 49 to s 26. These 23 isotopes are involved to in all inorganic and organic reactions. We will demonstrate how the dissulfide bond is the "bridge" and integrator of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. we will also demonstrate how the SH bond is toxic to organic processes. With hundreds if not thousands of pictures, schematic and diagrams, we we'll provide the most comprehensive analysis and documentation of all sulphur related organic and inorganic compounds. A key two our discoveries has been our fortunate uncovering of the secret code and primer for the English language itself. Every language has certain primary or prime symbols or codes which are the foundation an infrastructure of the the neural network meaning association's. We are calling these memes or meaning codes. meaning codes are abstractions of abstractions. They are derivatives of the original meaning intent an overtime of the word or alpha code has been compressed and shortened to a level where a word has both denotative and connotative constructs. That is, there are two meanings or a word within a letter. We will demonstrate how this works the word skill, S, K, I, L,L is really the following: specialized, knowledge, insight, learned, language. Isnot this what a skill is, specialized knowledge, technical/professional jargon (codes), abbreviations etc. in a learned language. The skill was learned, not genetically endowed. Therefore, the word skill contains its own primary definition. Quite an effecient way to abstract, generalize and describe commone experiences homogenous cultures and socities. However, even the English language, the best descriptor and most abstract concept generator cannot compete with mathematics in terms of the specificity and precision.

In working with DNA, scientists are working in magnitudes of 10 to the twenty seventh power or .0000000000000000000000000001. the average the DNA molecule might be 30 nm long. That is, 300 angstroms or hydrogen bonds. it is very difficult if not impossible to use English to describe such a small and quantity and and mixing the ingredients i.e. hydrogen, carbon etc. in the right proportions. Where I fault the English is in their equating the alpha code vowels (a,e,i,o,u,`y), with the natural prime integers such as 1,2,3,5, etc.. This is demonstrated in their use of imaginary numbers such as the square root of minus one. Imaginary off the codes used to write fiction and other abstract events which do not have a physical consequence in the real 3D world governed by mathematically formulated physical rules and limits. A second huge mistake was equating the square and the circle in terms of having both have 360. The the shape square or rectangle it does not naturally exist in the three the world created by nature. Have you ever seen a square tree? Have you ever seen a tree limb join the main trunk at a 90 degree angle? No, and you won't. Nothing that lives, that is nothing organic on the planet earth is square shaped. The basic unit and shape of matter is not a line or bond, but a triangle or three sided figure. Let us assume that one hydrogen atom is a point, H1, and that H2 is the second point. H1 will connect with or bond to H2 because of the by polarity nature of matter. As we will see in the light videos and a animations, their different degrees of densities in color waves. all light rays are not uniform. Through atomic collisions, mostly electrons colliding with each other, one atom we'll always be heavier than a second atom. depending on the angular momentum of the two particles or atoms, one atom will lose more of its structure than the other one. This creates a positive and negative by polarity. The negative is always attracted to and pulled into the positive or protonic pole. The nucleus of a cell is such a positive and concentrated molecular complex. The two hydrogen particles will eventually bond to each other and form a string or line or mathematics a vector. However, this line has only two dimensions and x and y coordinate or positional code. All living matter as a z or third dimensional code. The "z" code is the height or depth of the organic entity. A road is a flat surface with two dimensions,the letter H is a 2 dimensional figure. A series of H's linked together vertically is the current linear string shape of the double helix structure as articulated by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. the metaphors which the English scientists at described the computer enhanced digitized image are very telling in how the DNA data structure is organized and processed. Looking at the current DNA databases a available on the Internet, one sees the current DNA codons which are three of the four possible nuclear tide codes for synthesizing one of the 20 natural amino acids. A twisted double Helix is not a true three dimensional structure, but instead a non-repeating 2 dimensional matrix. (i.e. the three codons are x1,y1,x2. a true three dimensional structure would have x1,y1,z1, coordinates and there would be no "holes" or wasted space in the middle of the twisting helix.

The number six is a magical number. It is the only number in which its derivatives or composites, namely 1,2,3 when added or multiplied produce the same final answer. 1+2+3=6, 1x2x3=6. no other number has this property. The Old Testament, has stated that God created to earth and heaven's in six days and rested on the seventh d Over 106 thousand people died in 1999 for the toxicities associated with prescription medications, given the patients who have both short term and long term illnesses and diseases. This paper hopefully will wake up the scientific community, especially, the global pharmaceutical companies and federal government. It is a call to go back in time to the 1950’s and revisit some of the unanswered research questions and issues raised in that era. In my humble opinion, not all, nor many of these “issues” have been resolved and modern science has kept on building a huge knowledge base on some very shaky foundations, as this report with detail in facts and logic. Lets us begin this tale of research as the intellectual exploration of one “different” and unique person, named DrKyia as embarked on. When DrKyia puts his scientific terms in “google”, and nothing “pops up”, DrKyia knows he is headed in the right direction, that is, where no other scientist has gone. To this point, DrKyia has read and used over 1130 Ph.D level scientific books in the past three years, from 1999-20001. He had a lot of catching up to do since he flunked organic chemistry in college and became an industrial/organizational psychologist instead. For twenty years, Dr Kyia, assessed and evaluated thousands of executives, scientists, managers, technical, sales and virtually all functional business and engineering functions DrKyia, Scientific Theory of Evolution is adopted as the standard scientific model. DrKyia, believes and will provide “hard evidence” and indisputable logic to demonstrate why sulfur should be the standard on which all scientific chemical and atomic calculations should be based. DrKyia has reached the firm conclusion that the current double helix 4 code genetic primer is being decoded and interpreted improperly. This idea actually begain some 32 years ago in organic chemistry, when drkyia just could not “grasp” the concepts. There did not seem to be any order or schemas to link the thousands and thousands of chemical reactions which drkyia had to memorize. When he took it a second time in summer school, the result was the same. Drkyia became so frustrated he literally tossed his organic chemistry book out his dorm window onto the busy street below, luckily no one was struck. However, drkyia said to himself, you know “ I think there is something seriously wrong with this organic chemistry, it has no symmetry, no elegance as drkyia would have expected nature to produce over a 5 billion year period. Drkyia did not know much then, so he gave up his pre-med major and tried to figure himself out by going into psychology, he figured, if he could figure himself out, he could figure anyone out.

He wanted answers which had a provability. So he began the – Izika fish-bone analytical problem solving process on the subject of consciousness. This is a technique in which cause and effect are iterated repeatedly until the first or beginning cause is established. Drkyia knew this would involve studying all life sciences, all mathematics, and all evolutionary theories. Drkyia would “peel back” the layers of abstraction from consciousness of mankind to the first life form to pass on it’s rna/dna genome. Drkyia believe he has done so and would like to share his story and findings with the world. Drkyia has been priviledge to have access to the knowledge he will be reporting on from here on out. He is an object lesson that every person has a purpose on this earth, and one has to “listen to and trust their inner voice” even when reason, other’s opinions, and other theories seem to contradict the conventional wisdom. All new theories by nature have to challenge the “status quo” if they are to be adopted. It is a slow and laborious process, but the greatest journey starts with the first step, and this report is that step. The biggest surprise by far is drkyia’s artistic development process and especially his drawing. Drkyia never had drawn before, he was always in a hurry to go some place else, searching for “the answer, the purpose of his existence”. So drkyia started drawing and observing nature especially the states of water over the various seasons. He began thinking in shapes, and began drawing very abstract structures, not knowing why or what he was drawing for. The first break through in making the transition from abstract psychologist to life scientist and especially the chemistries, was in making the connection of consciousness and the atomic elements. Drkyia reasoned that there had to be a physiological analog process to both enable consciousness to occur and to “store” the vast amounts of sensory data and abstract connections which ultimately become knowledge. Drkyia in analyzing the atomic organic elements, decided that carbon had to be the interface of the mental and physical processes, since carbon was the first atomic element to bond to itself, thus discerning some type of difference between itself as a solid entity with clear cut boundaries and edges. The C1-C2 bond is actually the foundation of organic chemistry so its made perfectly logical sense to drkyia that carbon was the beginning of the differentiation between an element and itself. We will show how this occurs, but carbon is just the physical implementation, sulfur is the controller, the signaler, the supervisor, the coordinator and uses the carbon high thermal tolerance to build the base of organic substrates on. In the chaos and frustration drkyia felt in his 2 organic classes, the most memorable and obvious problem was the data structure of the Watson-crick double helix genetic primer. Drkyia did not know a lot about the chemical reactions of these nucleic acids and amino acids, but he did know tha the coding scheme should be more efficient and symmetrical. In fact, drkyia rates symmetry as one of the fundamental design principles in his triple helix tri-polar theory of evolution, a big part of which is the rna/dna/rna/amino acid/protein/enzyme processes. Drkyia noted there was only one start or initiator in the amino acid synthesis process but three stop codes, and those three codes were not instruction sets to build any type of polypeptide protein. There were 64 total genetic

codes, and only 20 final products (20 protein amino acids – common) . 61/20 = 3.05 codes for every one product. What did .05 of an amino acid mean anyway. Which part of the dna does the .05 come from the phosphate-backbone, the ribonucleic pentose sugar or the purine or pyramidine base. Drkyia said that nature in 5 billion years would develop a more efficient coding scheme than this, and thus has produced his own version of the genetic code which happens to expand the amino acid class from only proteins to the fatty acids and complex sugars ( polysaccyrides). He ended up with 27 amino acids which formed a closed loop network of the various metabolic cycles which enabled the organic uni-cellular work force of bacteria, yeast, algae and other microbes to obtain the nutrients (glucose) they needed to perform their specialized function of producing a very specific molecule which was a small but important “cog” in the organism as a whole, in this case, the species, homo-sapiens, So Drkyia after observing nature felt very strongly that each amino acid should have one and only one code and there should be one start and one stop code. So drkyia tri-polar rna genetic primer does not have multiple codes for the same amino acid, but one code per one molecular structure. The missing piece drkyia discovered was not in the organic chemistry domain, for that life science knowledge base has been thoroughly imaged, denatured, centrifused, frozen, catabolized and every other way one can break apart a structure and examine it. However, the traditional and conventional life sciences forgot about the other half of einstein’s famous (e=mc2) equation (which is wrong by the way and should be e=mc3), we will detail that discussion later. So if energy and matter are = to the square of the speed of light, where where the numbers for the energy and light quantum particle/wave/charges, or in drkyia’s terminology, the color globules which are the interface between the matieral world as computed in atomic mass units, and the photon which is the thermal entity which powers most of organic chemistry, especially the “light” and “dark” part of chemistry. So drkyia decided he needed three measurements to determine the true nature of an entity, he needed the mass and crystalline lattice points, he knew the speed of light, but decided light’s frequency or cycle time was a more relevant number since heat is negatively correlated with distance. That is the color with the longest wavelength which is the standard unit of length which is related to distance and time, and conversely the shortest colored photonic light ray was purple or violet. The shorter the cycle the more times it completes it’s cycle which in turn causes it to collide with other electro-magnetic particles and radiation waves. There is a reason that the purple crocesus are the first flowers in the spring, the purple color contains more internal heat enthalpy. Drkyia used his English language meaning parser code analyzer to determine the origin or the word chromosome which is the active control center for the growth, maintenance and repair of the human being and all of it’s symbiotic life forms connected through You guessed it the S word again. The super string. This is the way in which linear light travels after being diffracted or broken apart. We have actual real time footage of light and color wave dynamics under ultraviolet and plasma conditions, and it is very

informative of how quantum particles can be seen and studied, not under hydrogen based light, but through phosphorescent sulfur light which is purple. Dark chemistry is the head of molten magnetic iron, cobalt and nickel sulfides the organic magnets which power the chemical reactions and cation, anion and determines which compound is oxidized or reduced. It is no coincidience in drkyia mind that the the 9 different combinations of iron sulfide are literally the building blocks of the ligands and soft tissue in which the magnetic light pulses through the crystalline disulfide bonds. As we will see, in dr kyia schema of the scientific world, the process of organic life is a fission process, beginning with the heaviest atomic element which is not radioactive. That element is bismuth and in drkyias opinion is the beginning of the chemical world on the planet earth. The sulfur element bismuthine is the core of the photochemical switching system which uses the thiophines as the actual location points where the state transformation occurs, that is light and its colored prime number components (red, green, yellow, blue); (orange, magenta, purple, indigo. These same 8 colors make up the rainbow spectrum and drkyia is especially pleased with work he had done in this area of chemistry. Drkyia decided to color code all the entities in his model so that if the color red is perceived , one knows that hydrogen is the major actor or agent is a particular chemical process, molecular bonding structure, or proton donator. In drkyia geometrical alphabet shapes and colors are the entities that are counted and upon which the standard mathematical operators of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, substitution, inverse etc. are used. Dr.kyia even told me he had figured out the light distribution and charges of the chromosome which literally mean (chromo refers to the processes of light and color, while “some” means being or if taken literally “some” = some of or an amount of light. So if a chromosome literally means light being where is the “light” part of the dna/rna/amino acid process. Drkyia believes that chromosomes and in fact the entire process of metabolism is driven by the dynamics of light, color and their heat or thermal content. For the only force which can break magnetic covalent bonds is heat which literally melts the crystalline lattice points, stretching them like taffy until the bond breaks. Drkyia believes the SH bond is the prime or primary organic covalent bond since SH is the first entity to be ionized and is the fuel used by chromatium and his purple and green sulfur cousins. Drkyia believes in the Jungian process of synchronicity which means nothing happens by chance, so the fact that Chromosome, Chromatin, and Chromatium are so similar in name is an important clue in the solution to the gigantic jigsaw puzzle which makes up planets earth biosphere, which some scientists believe goes by the name of “Gia”, which was articulated by one of our most intelligent NASA astronauts. This project is a validation project comparing the current double helix 4 code (A,U,G,C)Watson-Crick amino acid synthesizer primer with a new 6 code triple helix genetic primer. Of the 4200+ prescription medication researched by

PDR everyone of these pharmaceutical grade syntheic organic molecules causes side effecs or unintended and often harmful not healthful outcomes. The odds of all 4200 prescription medications all having at least one side effect are over 100 billion, billion to 1. This statistic alone suggests a fatal flaw in the overall schema or a system wide error which we have managed to uncover over a period of 30 years. I am looking to patent my new 6 code genetic primer which will be "nature's own" planet earth's genome of which mankind is certainly the most advanced. I am looking to find some suitable medications to compare my 6 code genetic primer to the current 4 code in synthesizing some simple molecular compounds such as "common aspirin" which is the most used pharmaceutical grade bioactive molecular compound but still has side effects. If my triple helix is "the true genetic code" then my medications should not have any side effects for they will contain the same crystalline structures, compositions of atomic organ elements (parts per billion). I would like the opportunity to present my facts, logic and algorythmic proofs to an expert such as yourself. There are not many people in the world that can understand my work even though I documented every idea, concept, association link in both a time series story boad fashion as well as identifying the "master organic atomic element" which controls all organic, inorganic and photochemical catalytic reactions. This atomic organic element is the key to understanding the entire theory of evolution from interstellar gas clouds, through mineral deposits to covalent bonding to the most important organometals and organosalts which as you know provide the physical substrates for the amino acid assembly operations in the ribosomes and mitochondrea. You probably have guessed this element by now but I hope you are intrigued enough to contact me. I need an expert such as yourself to "play devil's advocate" in locating flaws in my triple helix model. If my 6 code genetic primer turns out to be more valid than the current 4 code, the implications are staggering to say the least. Every organic molecular compound synthesized by the scientic community we have to be recoded and resynthesized. My goal is to provide natural medications which have no side effects. When one takes organic and not synthesized vitamins such as vitamin c one does not get side effects. this is because the flavoprotein molecular compound has the right rna1/dna/rna2 codes. My triple helix theory has 20 codons for 20 protein amino acids, it does not have 1 start and 3 stop codons, as does the current 4 code (A,U,G,C) primer.

I will be happy to present my theories in person; I have over 10,000 JPG digital images demonstrating the triple helix model which is colored coded in the prime colors of red,yellow and blue. Through color addition orange, green and violet are derived. Photon white light is parsed into the rainbow spectrum and travels through one of 14 crystalline circuits (which are the structures of the human central and peripheral nervous systems). Anyway, this should give you a "flavor" that this is a most unusual project and one that could help save homo sapiens from extinction. If the current 4 code rna genetic primer is found to be invalid, which I am over 99% confident it will; a new foundation of genetic life sciences will have to occur and a "paradigm shift" of catastrophic proportions is in the offing". Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you or one of your associates who might be more interested in this project, although I cannot see how any scientist would not be curious about this potentially blockbuster

This is a scientific story which is going to astound the world, but visually and for the serious medical and genetic implications of these findings. The findings in order of importance: .The present 5 nucleotide code genetic primer is missing one purine nucleotide, which just happens to be the parent purine of adenine and guanine. .We have identified the oldest living carbon based life form on earth. This purple, anerobic sulphur bacteria “excretes” glucose as it’s metabolic output. The bacterially made natural glucose is the key to understanding enzymes, proteins, and metabolic processes. Many biochemical and molecular geologists estimate that 50% of the world’s carbon is in the form of the C6H12O6 (glucose) and other isomers (fructose) with the same chemical formula but different carboxyl bondings with the six organic atomic elements (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur. Please note that sulfur is not currently considered one of the “big five” of organic atoms. Novagon DNA has added Sulfur to the present “big five”s isotopes (H1,H2,C12,C13,N14,N15,O16,O18,O17,P31,S32,S34,S33,S36). Please also note that with sulfur’s four (4) isotopes there are a total of “14” fourteen organic atomic isotopes. Thus hydrogen 1 and hydrogen 2 are found in nature but only 1 water molecule in 55 million has deuterium or H2 as a molecular structure. These six elements provide the atomic “parents” which are the very foundations of every carbon based life form on earth. This leads nicely into the third major finding which actually shows how sulfur is the “master” atomic element which is the “coordinator” of the five other organic atomic elements (H1,C12,N14,O16,P31 & S32). 95.4% of sulfur’s isotopes are S32, while the other five’s listed isotopes comprises 99.996% of the atomic elements found in biochemical and metabolic reactions, the main thread throughout this presentation.

We will show how sulfur, through it’s biochemical enzymes and sulfur based organic work force (mitochondria, E. Coli, ) and other purple and green anerobic And aerobic organelles are connneced by the disulfide photochemical switches which are the organicware which is the network for photonic (light chemistry) and chemical (dark chemistry) or photosynthesis and glycolysis. We will show how sulfur is the evolutionary thread and string which starts, stops, and controls each and every process step at every level of protein synthesis (i.e. methionine = AUG and Cysteine at the amino acid level, Acetyl Coenzyme A at the glycoprotein fatty acid level, SAM or S-Adenyl-methionine at the hormone or spermidine level, and Tformly met at the tRNA final genetic code instruction set level. We will take you on a journey which no man or woman has gone; there are no “hits” in google which tells you what “quadrent or hexagon” of space this discovery traverses. Our main goal was to provide tracability from the earliest known piece of mass on protoplanet earth to an understanding of consciousness and self identity. I believe you will see we have captured the primordial molecules from both interstellar space and the earth’s molten core of iron, nickel and sulphur. We believe we can trace sulphur and clarify a lot of confusion regarding the correct spelling which are totally different on both sides of the Atlantic. The British spell the S8 atom = sulphur, while The United State’s Scientists spell it = sulfur. The sulphur vs. sulfur differences are more than differences in spellings I am afraid. In order to conform to nature’s laws, principals, patterns and genetic algorithms we have divided through binary fission the sixteen element on the periodic chart into an atomic derivative or “second generation” atom. The sulphur is composed of the S8 atomic mineral with an ATMU (atomic mass unit = 32.066) and the P32 or Phosphorous 32 isotope which has a half life of only 6 billions of a second, but long enough to energize the P31 isotope through radioactive ionic charge. This is the major reason ATP (adeno-tri-phosphate), the cell’s general energy molecule or organic battery is able to power almost every metabolic redox photosynthetic and glycolytic process. Thus the first enzyme hydrogenase which breaks water into the H+ (proton, cation) and OH- (cation, electron) was catalyzed by hydrogen sulfide (H2S). We will show in vivid detail the evolution of the anerobic purple sulfur bacteria into today’s key inter and intracellular organelles (ie. Mitochondria, E.Coli, and many other sulphur and sulfur unicellular metabolic worker. The rule of one gene one enzyme applies also to the organic enzymes such as the ferrodoxin purple sulphur bacteria, chromatium. The identification of chromatium is probably the biggest discovery of this scientific exploration with the most far reaching implications. If we are correct then chromatium is the first RNA donor to the human genome. That would also make chromatium the first chromosome. How did we come to choose chromatium for this most vital of roles? Here is our logic.

Chromatium vinosum which is one of nine chromaticae species is the only natural redox reaction to generate a positive electrical charge or in this case, + 350 millivolts. Every other redox or metabolic process consumes more energy than it generates. Viewing Table 1, the viewer should be able to see there is only one positive sign before the mv column. All the other energy amounts are negative or a “drain” of precious resources. By creating a net positive +350 mv Chromatium allowed the organism to “save” energy for future uses, and by building up reserves of energy more and more force and pressure could be used in a redox survival reaction. The most powerful force always “wins” the molecular battles where ions are “literally” fighting for their energetic lives and identies. It is universally programmed in that “survival” is the prime directive of the first primal organic life command. Logically, it makes since, if one does not survive an encounter and the structural or energy integrity is fissioned or decomposed then the “potential entity” never evolves or increases its life time span. If one does not exist, nothing else matters to that particular entity. So it is only fair to program every potential entity with the survival prime directive. If one accepts this logic, then the rest of the “science of evolution” story makes since. Since both competition, cooperation, and symbiosis are natural relationships of all mass forms whether animate or inanimate, then the choice of chromatium begins to make since. Chromatium was literally the first “symbionic” life form. Chromatium produced glucose, the “universal energy/food source” for all living creatures. Glucose is the only “food” the human brain uses to power itself which tells you the importance of this molecule. A giant “clue” to how evolution unfolded is bound up in the chromatium to mitochodria heritage and genetic tree. Both mitochondria and charomtium are purple sulphur bacteria. The mitochondria is in every living cell and is the “power plant” of that cell. It provides the cell the energy to nourish all the organelles (nucleus, ribosomes, golgi bodies, lyzosomes, plasmids, etc) by producing our old friend , Mr. ATP. ATP as mentioned is the energy molecule which is produced by the mitochondria who uses glucose to perform its enzymatic protein macromolecular synthesis. The common thread is sulphur, purple, anerobic, and captive. The mitochondria was “captured” by a larger life form and “enslaved” within the cytoplasm of that life form which was probably a yeast, fungi, algae or other primitive life form. The mitochondria is the only “organelle” or symbiotic life form in the human body which has its own genetic dna and rna code. It differs from the nucleic dna and rna codes which provide the “blueprints” or genetic instruction sets to make three dimensional polypeptide proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, the three major organic molecular “types”. Clearly, the proteins are the most important since they comprise about 70% of the bulk mass of a cell and the proteins are the actuators who provide the metabolic services and processes throughout the various pathways and cycles which are of two types, ie. Anabolic (growth) and catabolic (decomposition and degradation). Therefore this motif of duos, pairs or twosomes manifests inself today in the human genome through the single chromosomal differentiation between males and females. Both sexes have 22 pairs or 44 chromosomes which in our model are “generic” homo sapiens

genes and proteins. The “X” or female and “Y” male chromosomes are the only difference in the chromosomal codes. Just as it takes a male sperm to unite with a female egg to produce an off spring or new life form, it began with the splitting of S8 into sulfur (S8 + fluorine) and sulphur (S8 + phosphorous). Therefore the sulfur organic atom has 32.066 + 19.996 /2 MW, while the sulphur organic atom has 32.066 + 30.99 (phosphorous)/2.

The Unified Theory of Organic Life This paper is an attempt to provide an integration of Einstein’s famous equation of energy = mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Need less to say this is a vast and unbelievably complex model to communicate must less comprehend. However, over the past 30 years and in particular the last 3 years I have made an attempt to produce such a cognitive and conceptual map linking interstellar cloud dust with minerals, volcanoes, pre-evolutionary protearth (2 billions years ago), atomic elements, Nucleic acid molecules, Amino Acid Macro molecules and finally polypeptide protein synthesis in the form of the 4200+ prescription medications which are the end result Our most advanced biotechnology and bioengineering endeavors. What is the link between all these levels of abstraction, levels of structure and crystalline lattices, and in general an additive advancement from the smallest and oldest life forms on earth the cyanobacteria to the most evolved species on earth, homo sapiens, and the major metabolic pathways and biochemical reactions found throughout the human body. Some of the key words in our paper are: Level 1= . Interstellar Gas Clouds and Atomic Elements found on today’s earth (i.e. Iron Sulfide (FeS), The Silicates (Silicon quartz crystals, piezoelectric effect and organic super conductors), Level 2 = Minerals and Matter found in the various strata of earth’s biosphere: .the earth molten core is made up of molten iron (Fe), molten nickel (Ni), and sulphur. .The saying in genesis of “fire and brimstone” references sulphur as brimstone which is found around volcanoes and boiling sulfuric acid pools.. .The earliest life forms were cyanobacteria which processed hydrogen sulfide (h2s) and not oxygen, thus being anerobic not aerobic. .These same cyanobacteria are the oldest life forms on earth (2 billions years old (thorium 91 radioactive decay fossil dataing). These same bacteria were the only life forms on earth for 1.2 billion years. There were no aerobic or oxygen based organic life forms. These same cyanobacteria and their RNA, logically, must be included in the homo sapiens genome and their 2.1 billion (est.) protein sequences. .Our triple helix, tri-polar genetic theory of evolution posits that since there is no evidence of the discontinuity of organic life on earth dating back to these same 2 billion

year old sulfur and hydrogen based cyanobacteria must be the parents or first contributors to the planet earth genome. .The dna/rna genome is not a human invention but a supreme being i.e. nature process which has taken over 5 billion years to evolve and perfect itself. We will demonstrate that sulphur which needs to be differentiated from sulfur is the common denominator in the history of evolution from FeS which is as old as the earth’s sun through MSM, Acetyl Co=Enzyme A, Biotin (Vitamin B6, Hemoglobin (Iron Sulfate), Sulfuric Acid (most useful and utilized inorganic catalyzing and buffering agent in the earth’s global economy and industrial/chemical processes. We will demonstrate how sulphur forms covalent relationships with organometals found in the human body such as iron, cobalt, nickel, sodium, potassium, copper, sliver, zinc, selenium, barium, manganese, mercury, arsenic, lead etc. There are 26 known elements in the composition of the human body. Water (oxygen and hydrogen) are by far the most prominent, but the 24 others all play supporting but vital roles in the immense biocomplexity of the systems and organic products (proteins, fatty acids lipids, and polysachcride carbohydrate sugars which are the basic metabolic agents in the human body. Sulphur has important primary links to each and everyone of the 25 other atomic elements which make up a healthy and fully functional human being. It is sulphur which is life’s catalyst of chemical reactions and amino acid synthesis (methionine = start, Cysteine = stop ). It is sulphur which is the only atomic organic element that cannot be hydrolyzed which in the form of Acetyl Co-Enzyme A is the initiating catalyst in many if not most of the metabolic biochemical reactions which occur in the human body. We will demonstrate all these primary and coordinating (covalent) relationships important to both organic and inorganic chemistry. The disulfide bond is the bridge between organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The three kingdoms on earth 1. Mineral, 2. Plant and 3. Animal can classify each and every solid material with atomic mass unit. The four states of matter: solids, liquids, gases will be further refined by adding plasma, clays, colloids, sulfur based lips which are the interface and boundary between the cellular walls of organic life forms and the inorganic elements such as sodium, potassium and magnesium (salts) which through osmosis pass through the semi-permable membrane of the cell to the cytoplasm and finally to the nucleus itself where the DNA or genetic instruction “blueprints” are housed and preserved. The primary focus of this paper is to provide facts and logic in asserting that the dna genetic code, i.e. the Watson-Crick double helix model of genetic code (codons) i.e. (adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine = dna 4 codes) and adenine, uricidine, guanine, and cytosine = rna 4 codes). Please notice the esstential two differences in RNA and DNA First, U= Uracicidine substitutes for T= Thymine in the transcription phase of DNA to RNA and secondly the deoxy (dna) is more stable than the (rna) because it lacks the ribose sugar (without oxygen). However, it must be noted that the RNA code is the “final

genetic code” in the sense of being the nucleic or nucleotide codon codes which provide the set of genetic blueprints which are used to build the 20 protein amino acids. In addition, since rna is “older” than dna and is the last “just in time” amino acid manurfacturing codes it is the most important. DNA is a test validation stage where the original order = rna1 splits into 2 sequences for validation purposes. One string of nucleotide codes (ie. ATGCIU) spirals counterclockwise (magnetically positive quantum spin director) and the second complementary sequence string (UICGTA) proceeds in a clockwise negatively charged direction. Thus the rna genetic code in validated in the dna phase when the 6 codes which actually are 6/2 = 3 codes which instruct the ribosomes, mitochondrea and other celluar organic work force which structure to build in maintaing a bilateral symmetry such as the mirror images of our hands, feet and eyes. These organs and body parts are exactly the same only reversed in sequence. The two strands of dna when the meet at the node or plant location where the amino acid polypeptide molecule is to be produced , have a very simple validation step to insure fidelity of the amino acid production order . If the sequences are number A=1, T=2, G=3, C=4, I=5 and U=6, then one strand will be sequenced by 1,2,3,4,5,6; the second sequence will be 6,5,4,3,2,1; the mirror image or complement of the initial 1,2,3,4,5,6 strand. When these two strands meet at the specified node the validity test to validate that the right codon are being Specified is the simple mathematical operation of addition. You will note that each of the vector strings with 6 codons (A1,T1,G1,C1,I1,U1) and (U2,I2,C2,G2,T2,A2) add up to 7. That is the adenine 1 added to the adenine 2 codon code adds up to 7 i.e. 1+6=7. The T1,T2 code = 2+5=7, The G1,G2 code = 3+4=7, The C1,C2 code = 3+4, the I1,I2 code = 5+2=7, and finally the U1,U2 code = 6+1)=7. When these two reciprocal vectors meet (actually it is the third codon string which can either be ATGCIU or IUCGTA) which both validates that the codes are correct. If the codon and its recriprocal do not add up to 7 then the rna code is invalid and a quick adjustment i.e. substitution tries to be made (this is how mutations occur) is attempted. To expand the symbolic model further if we assign colors instead of numbers to the 6 code vector strings the same validated process works. Thus the triple helix model uses color to symbolize both the molecular nucleotide level and the more basic fundamental mass level of the atomic organic species. One of the more controversial changes from the double to the triple helix model of genetic protein synthesis will be the additional of sulphur to the current five organic atomic elements of : 1. hydrogen1, 2. carbon12, 3. nitrogen14, 4. oxygen16, and 5. phosphorous31. To these five core organic atomic elements we add the sixth and final atomic organic element named sulphur the 16th periodic chart element and in reality the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of organic life on earth. We will present compelling factual evidence to make our case of sulphur as the CEO, the initiator, the coordinator, the controller, and finally the terminator of all biochemical carbon based life form metabolic reactions. Our evidence will traverse the entire domain of the life sciences from astrophysics (singularity, solar systems, super novae, suns, planets, asteroids, meterors) , to the mineralogists, crystallographers, oceanographers, (sulfides, sulfates, sulfosalts,

sulfometals, sulfosupperconductors) to the quantum physics, elemental particle, quantum mechanics electron spin, angular momentum etc. to the traditional disciplines of Chemistry (physical, inorganic, organic, biochemistry), through Biology (molecular, cellular and microbiology), through Botany (plants) to the genetic biotech domain of Rna/dna/amino acid/protein synthesis) and finally to the final and most valuable organic products of pharmaceutical grade prescription medicines, and other synthetically made organic analog production output. This integration of animal, mineral and plant kingdoms are all united by the CEO sulphur in its many forms, identies, colors, and oxidation states. At the end of our presentation we are confident you will be convinced that the current 4 code double helix genetic code model must be validated so that as stem cell, growth hormone therapy and other “high tech” medical cures for the 21st century and beyond are on firm scientific foundations. If ones surveys the dna/rna scientific literature exhaustively as I have done, there has never been a validation study in the scientific sense of the term. Validity means a product or result does what it is intended to do. The fact all 4200+ prescription drugs have side effects suggests that this ($200 billion dollar industry – pharmaceutical industry – in the year 2000) has not only not validated there organic products but in fact have proved they are invalid. If a tire company made a product in which all of its various sizes and tire types were effective (causing minor and major side effects) the tires would be recalled immediately as they have been done in the recent Ford/Firestone debacle. Medicine has convinced the lay public that side effects are “normal” and to be expected, but that is not the case; the jargon and scientific language and symbols these modern day Witch doctors hide behide do not allow the lay public the In every procesess on earth there is a beginning step, a first of a kind, a catalyst to facilitate a change of state. DrKyia, Chief Biomolecular Chemistry said in a recent interview by this scientific reporter. The things he told me were astounding. I did and could not believe what he was telling me. It was too revolutionary, too radical, for even the mere fact of the possibility? DrKyia told me that he has reliable scientific facts and evidence that the current double helix dna genetic coder, using (adenine=a, thymine = t, guanine= g; cytosine and uracil= U). These five nucleotide amino acid amino acid synthesis codons are missing one member of the nucleotide family. There should be 6 members in the family not 5 or even 4 as there is in the current standard Watson-Crick base pairing (A1-T1,G1-C1) = DNA; and in tRNA, uracil = U substitutes for T= Thymine. So the essential difference between DNA genetic nucleotide codes and RNA genetic codons is that uracil substitutes for thymine. You mean, U substitutes for T when dna instructs the cytoplasmic ribosome and mitochondrea bacterial organic work force to produce a certain of a certain chemical substance, namely, catalytic enzymatic polymorphic polypeptide proteins (P>270,000 daltons). Hey that a pretty big macromolecule I said to DrKyia. He replied, that is nothing to the fire fly genome I sequenced using my newly validated triple helix genetic primer.

What are you talking about DrKyia? Do you remember when I told you that story about Linaus Pauling and the triple helix? Briefly, please refresh mymemory, well, Dr. Linaus Pauling, America’s greatest scientist, was working on his own version of the dna primer. He was competing in a friendly rivalry, so he thought, against Drs.Watson and Crick. Not the same guys who won the nobel prize for their elucidation of the double helix structure of the dna molecule. Yes, those are the chaps who won acclaim for the work done by many other scientist, far smarter than Crick and especially the buffoon Watson, who flunked out of two graduate level biology program before landing at Cambridge England, and in the lab of Dr. Francis Crick, the real brains behind the scientific problem solving and the crystallography work which determined the number of base pairing in each helix (3.6). This task required good spatial, 3D, geometrical and cognitive visualization skills. That is Crick was able to visualize in his mind what a shape, in this case a double helix which looks like a twisted step ladder to drkyia. Crick was like an analog CAD in that he could manipulate (X,Y,Z = width, length, depth) 3 dimensional structure very well. Drkyia said he found Origiami paper folding polyhedron modeling much easier and reliable. Any way, where were we. O yes, in the early 1950’s, just after America had “rescued” Britian from Nazi Germany, and had assumed world leadership in both power and prestige. The leader of the free world, England took this demotion from the number one position, of always being the victor, the most powerful, etc. Seceding world power leadership was the final crushing blow to the national “body-polite” of England. They were determined to get their number 1 standing back and the new science and technology of molecular biology, biochemistry and especially the new imaging technologies which allowed scientist to actually see the exact shapes, relative sizes and positioning of the crystalline structures. You mean crystals like in “rocks and minerals”. Yea, drkyia said. Where do you think our solid structures such as our bones, ligands, and all the other body part connective tissues come from.Hum, I never thought about that I said. Drkyia went on to say there are 14 3 dimensional possible structures proteins could have. How did he come up with that number, I asked? He said, in 1848 a certain Theodore Bravais, drew all the possible three dimensional shapes the face, body and point symmetry shapes could assume. He came up with 14 distinct crystalline shapes. No more, no less. How does that relate to molecular biology I asked. Well biological molecules which are aggregations of cells with various shapes and sizes all fall within these 14 structures. And why is structure important? Because function follows structure drkyia said. The shape is the solution. I felt I had intruded enough from his endless theorizing so I dedcided to go back and do some more research on this double and triple helix thing.

What double and triple helix thing? Well, in 1953 there were actually two different research centers competing with each other to solve the shape and structure of the dna molecule which had just been accepted as the protein archive of all the blueprints and instruction sets for each and every life form on earth. You mean there is library with all the schematics and codes for building each and every organic life form from the simplest unicellular anaerobic prokaryote bacteria to us, officially called homo sapiens. Yes, and the thinking is if science can dechper the genetic code then cellular repair and disease prevention will be possible. Will you get back to the double vs. triple helix cmpetition between the British team of Watson, Crick and other English “legitimate scientists”. Are you implying Watson and Crick were not world class scientists? They must have been, they won the Nobel Prize didn’t they? Yes they did drkyia said, but they won it because of scientific editorial suppression than true scientific validation. What in the world are you talking about I asked drkyia? Well the American team of Linaus Pauling of Cal Tech and his son had just two years previously won a noble prize for determing the alpha structure of the dna and rna molecules. You mean they figured out how proteins are naturally shaped when they are not under undue heat, pressure, or attack. Exactly, drkyia said. He said someday I might make a good scientist, I took that as a compliment, the first one he had ever given me in 3 years of working together. What happened next I asked? Well pauling was fooling around in his usual manner of drawing geometrical structures from multiple perspectives and angles. Pauling and his triple helix was the overwhelming favorite to win the support of the world scientific community over the Watson and crick team. After all pauling had already won a nobel prize, he had figured out the electronegativities between different types of molecular,atomic bonds of the 5 organic atoms of hydrogen1, carbon12, nitrogen14, oxygen16, and phosphorous31. What are those numbers after the atomic element mean It is the mass of the atom in its various isotopic crystalline shapes. So, nitrogen weighs 14 what? Atomic Mass Units, you dummy, : drkyia then said he was wrong about his earlier compliment. He said he would not make that mistake again. I did feel a little sheepish. You know I was never good in organic chemistry, I actually flunked it twice and had to drop out of pre-med, where 6 generations of my father’s side had been medical doctors. I asked the professor of organic chemistry to reconsider since I was very confused about the 64 three bit code primer call the genetic primer. How did you get the number 64 drkyia. Well since there are 4 nucleotides (technically A,U,G,C are tRNA ) codon codes. Well if you multiply 4 times 4 times 4 you will get 64. That is, if out of the 4 possible codes you only select three at a time, you will end up with 64 different combinations or variations. What is so special about 64 anyway, well the 64 codes gives us plenty of codes to make the 20 protein amino acids which those three nucleotide codes (A,U,G,C). Well 64 divided by 20 is 3.2 codes per amino acid. How can you get .2 of a amino acid I asked drkyia. He replied, that is part of the problem my boy, a big part of the problem, yes, indeed. Can you finish the story please about double and triple contest? Let me briefly summarize, drkyia said, you have the british team lead by Watson and Crick and the

American independent of Linaus Pauling . Pauling was pushing for the adoption of a triple helix structure, while Watson and Crick were the double helix champions. Well what was the experimental design that enabled Watson and Crick and their double helix model to win over Linaus Pauling and his triple helix? Well, drkyia started yelling at me, there was no scientific validation study, there was no scientific proof that the double helix was the real structure as opposed to the triple helix. That is not true I said, I saw the photographs of Bonnie Franklin’s alpha and beta dna helices which she had Just produced through the the powerful electron microscope made popular by Sir Arthur Bragg, the originor of the technology. How did Bonnie Franklin get in the story I asked. Well, Watson “rifled through her office periodically to see what she was up to, what kind of pictures she was getting. Her photos actually have Watson the notion of a double helix. Youre kidding I said. No unfortunately not drkyia said. Watson cheated on the discovery and he is the reason I have been working for 32 years to prove him wrong. It is public history Watson was a ”scoundrel and lazy scholar”. His depth of knowledge of life sciences was barely that of an average graduate student, drkyia said sardonically. So tell me, how did the double beat the triple helix? Do you really want to know drkyia said. I eagerly said yes. Well, it just so happens that the leading scientific journals in 1953 were “Science” and “Nature”, published at Cambridge and Oxford Universities in England respectively. What do you mean leading? How many were there. Well, in reality there were only two international English text scientific journals. To “keep up with the state of the art” and “the literature”both the American and British and German Scientists relied on Science and Nature for their source material. So what I said to drkyia. Well, in the middle of the scientific competition for the great honor and prize of being the dna standard code and standard molecular structures, a rather odd thing happened. The competition had caused the world and press to focus on this now bitter rivalvry between the brits and Americans. The prestige of Oxford, Cambridge, Cal Tech, Harvard and the other “elite” academic research center had increased the stakes dramatically. Who ever won this contest would likely be perceived as the world scientific leader and modern medicine since the sulfa drugs had just been synthesized as the first successful anti-biotic using penicllin acid as the antigen and disrupter of the bacterias cell wall. Thus the bacteria could not create any more clones because there was no gelatinous cellular membrane to contain all the production elements needed for a cell to be a self-sustaining independent entity. So who won I asked. Who do you think dummy, is the genetic code called the double or triple helix model. It seems that the chancellors of both Oxford and Cambridge who owned the nature and science journals explicitly told the journals editors to not print anything about the triple helix theory of linaus pauling. You mean he made the editors suppress legitimate scientific evidence. Yes they refused to mention the triple helix. That does not seem fair I said. Well, welcome to the world of big money and big politics my boy. So what happened. Well Pauling did create a protype triple helix but he could never get the edges of the various crystalline structures to fit the angstrom size spaces the scientist

were working with by know. Pauling sent his final publishable triple helix to the nature and science journals, not knowing the deceipt that was occurring. Pauling as an “open source” true scientist shared all his findings with the scientific community as fast as he was confident they were right. He realized science was a universal shared asset which should benefit all of humanity. Unfortunately, the fame starved Watson and to a lesser degree Crick did not share the true scientist vision to a higher cause. To make a long story short, Watson saw Pauling triple helix structure, almost immediately detected a simple error or flaw in Paulings structure and the rest is history. Wait a minute, back up drkyia. In Watson’s mind he was undecided himself, he had “doodled” and “toyed” with a triple helix and a double helix. To him they were about the same. Both did not fit perfectly but when he saw the fundamental flaw in the triple helix, he immediately chose the double helix model in the process, making a “joke” of the triple helix of Pauling by pointing out the simple calculation Pauling had been making for ten years. Pauling thought 3.9 nm was the size of each helical turn, while in reality it was 3.6nm. Pauling was humiliated publicly for his “stupid math error” because of faulty but unchecked source physical constant data. The humiliation caused Pauling to exit the entire field of science and in doing so he won a second noble prize for his work on world peace. Now you know the rest of the story. The double and triple helix validation study has never occurred and drkyia said he thinks the validation process should begin immediately. Wait a minute drkyia, what do you mean the double ;helix has never been properly validated. Well, drkyia began. A true validation study is a process by which a reliable cause and effect relationship are established. You mean like a criteria and predictor set, I chimed in, just having read that section of my research methodology section two nights ago. Yes, said drkyia, sometimes you surprise me, jab. Anyway, a true validation study would have predictors and outcomes. Can you be more specific. Okay, let’s say that the most common and valuable prescription drugs are our predictors. What are they predicting. Well, they are claiming that their organic molecule or more specifically, their biochemical, molecular compound will make a sick person better. That is, if the person takes the pill or product they will cure the disease. But you told me the other day, drugs just worked on the symptoms, suppressing the growth of the “bad microbes” which causes a majority of our illnesses both chronic and short term. Well, that means they work doesn’t it? That is debatable my novice scientist.