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Press Release

BrandTailors consolidates its professional competences on

company’s four business lines bases

Anca Tăzlăoanu Andreea Florea Beatrice Daniş

Brand Consultant Brand Strategy Coordinator Brand Strategist

Bucharest, May 2011

BrandTailors – strategic brand consultancy and design firm – completes the
company’s work processes (restructuring and professional competences
redefinition) on its four business lines bases.
BrandTailors has completed the redefinition of its professional competences by means of creating specialized
professional teams dedicated to each of its four business streams: product branding, services branding,
digital branding and brand communication. The new compay’s structure implies a strategy coordinator
for each professional competence, namely: Anca Tăzlăoanu - Brand Consultant - is to oversee all services
branding projects, Andreea Florea - Brand Strategy Coordinator – will be in charge with all product branding
assignments, while Beatrice Daniş – Managing Partner – will act as Brand Strategist for digital branding and
brand communication projects.

“ Over the last two years my focus was to transfer a great amount of
brand consultancy know-how to my colleagues Anca and Andreea.
This enabled me to get involved mostly in various assignments
meant to further consolidate via communication means a few
brands BrandTailors have previously created or redefined. This was
part of a strategy base on which BrandTailors is to build long term
partnership with most of the clients, more and more willing to
Beatrice Daniş
team up with us for non-branding projects . 

Brand Strategist

The restructuring process started at the end of 2008 with project management department’s reorganisation.
This way, for each of the four types of services provided it was allocated a specialized coordinator; further on,
creative department’s structure was reconsider back in 2009 so to enable specialists to dedicate themselves
to one of the four competences, be it product branding, services branding, digital branding or brand
communication. Once Anca Tăzlăoanu joined BrandTailors back in 2010, a new strategy department structure
started to take shape.

“ According to the new organisational structure, each team member

gets on increased amount of responsibility; consequently I predict
for the near future a visible growth of revenue volume and share Andreea Florea
for every of the four types of professional services we provide. Brand Strategy Coordinator

Each of the business lines project team includes a project manager, a strategy specialist and at least one brand
design professional, each of them being specialized and dedicated to a specific area of services BrandTailors
currently offers.

“ During the last three years of restructuring the working processes,

BrandTailors has developed over 50 projects. That’s why we had
a strong reason for which the strategy department remained the
last to be reorganized: brand strategy represents BrandTailors’
core competence turning our company into a reputed branding
partner. Across the years, we have proven BrandTailors has the
capability to conceiving relevant and long-lasting brand platforms
Anca Tăzlăoanu
for brands activating on various hypercompetitive markets. Brand Consultant

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There are some words that mean everything to us, BrandTailors professionals: strategy, vision, methodology and
effectiveness. These words have guided our steps over the last seven years, whilst we have completed over 90 projects
and changed the paradigm for over 40 product and service categories. This is what sets us apart, BrandTailors, the first
brand strategy consulting and design firm in Romania that applies and promotes a strategic approach as basis for the
branding process.

Our professional approach has enabled us to gain an outstanding client portfolio. The list has grown year after
year and looking back we are proud to have partnered with reputable companies such as The Coca-Cola Company,
GlaxoSmithKline, Intersnak, Pepsico, Lactalis, Tetra Pak, Albalact, Caroli Foods, Kandia, Azuga Waters, Titan, Ţiriac
Holdings, Intact Media Group, Smartree or Petrom, to have revitalized famous brands such as Kandia, Măgura, ROM,
Silvana, Zuzu, Fulga, Rarăul, Lăptic LaDorna, Perla Covasnei, Eurovita, Antena 1, UTV, Europa FM, Radio 21, BCR Open
România or Class Living and created ground breaking brands, namely Azuga Apa de Izvor, HapiHap, Grania, Generis,
Kand’or, Vibe FM or Naturlich.

As true explorers, we have always believed that our role within Romanian branding industry is to redefine its boundaries
by stepping off the beaten track and charting out new territories. Looking back now, we pride ourselves with being the
pioneers that separated product and services branding operation in order to set unparallel effectiveness standards. To
this respect, in 2009 we took a step ahead the pack and established Community BrandTailors, the first Romanian digital
branding consultancy. Early this year, we re-launched our website following a novel on-line communication strategy
based exclusively on social networks.

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