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Does science matter? Though the answer of this question is somehow obviously
yes, the author seems like he wants to express something. Science nowadays is a double
edged thing. It molded our present civilization thru advancement in technology,
infrastructures and many more. But science in the hands of bad people can destroy the
future of mankind. Nuclear weapons, biological warfare, and computer and
technological warfare are some of the few.

The authors of this article are from the USA. They noticed that Americans now
are little by little losing their interest to explore more about science. They pointed out
also that after the heat of the Space race, and the cold war, the number of scientist that
developed substantial technology in physics have declined. Also after the nuclear were
banned, the trend in developing nuclear technology has gone to diminished. Nuclear
technology could be the answer in providing alternative energy source aside from coal.

They also pointed out the American budget for scientific research have now been
reduced to give more priority on weapons, drugs, cars, hi-tech toys and many more.

After all that, the author started questioning if science still matters. It seems like
people are already now contended with what scientist have done. People now give
more time for personal leisure and fun. People who want to devote in scientific research
have declined. Is it true that it is ͞The End of Science͟?

But some people still believe that͛s just the way it goes. They say that it is just a
rise and fall cycle and it͛s just striding up for a bigger leap.

For me, science matters. For many people, it does matter. It͛s only our interest to
devote our self to science that is dying. Though the authors speak for the American
society, it can also be applied in the Filipino society. We don͛t go to school to become
scientist, instead, to become a highly skilled worker. Science for us Filipino is just a
subject in elementary and high school, and mostly it is just about naming the type of
animal or plant.
It is true that we indeed lost our drive to explore more about science. We are
now becoming more of a consumer than being its developer. We already have the
mentality that everything in this planet has already been discovered. And that
everything beyond the planet is left only for the intelligent people in NASA. Something
has to change about it.

The right science matters. The science that would benefit mankind with minimum
side effects. Though being devoted to science is not just an ordinary task. As Jacob
Bronowski has said, 'For any man to abdicate an interest in science is to walk with open
eyes towards slavery.'

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