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The University of Sheffield

Department of Journalism Studies





Module Tutor ± Bill Carmichael
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""*#cThis core module requires students to produce a portfolio of work to demonstrate
their ability to initiate ideas, undertake the necessary research and demonstrate sufficient technical
knowledge to produce a substantial piece of online journalism, i.e. a website, which must contain

The online journalism work will be accompanied by a written evaluation of the development and
research involved in the production of the website, specifying its targeted audience and using
academic references where possible. This mini-dissertation should be written in essay style and be
D c$cD c+(! in length. Students will agree topics with a supervisor in Journalism Studies
who will support the process (* see bottom of the page).

,($c- # 60.

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 c To plan, design and produce a website

 c To create original journalistic content for the website, aimed at a specific audience and
showing awareness of any legal issues involved

 c To examine and discuss, in a 4,000 to 4,500-word critical evaluation using academic

references, the editorial and production processes and issues involved in the creation of the

On successful completion of this module, students will have:

 c Demonstrated the journalistic knowledge acquired and technical skills they have developed
by planning, designing and producing a news-related website

 c Shown evidence of the editorial and research skills they have been taught by producing
original journalistic content for a specific audience, demonstrating a working awareness of
online legal issues

 c jxamined and discussed, academically, the editorial and production processes and issues
involved in the creation of the web media product

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Students must agree the subject and general content of the website with the supervisor before
embarking on the portfolio. They will liaise with module tutor through individual tutorials about
the work in progress, ensuring they are on course to meet the deadline.

The website must be aimed at a specific audience - local, national, global or specialist. The subject
matter should be topical, with a strong original angle. There should be evidence of journalistic
endeavour such as original story ideas, good quality research, interviews and attendance at events.

All content (text, images, etc) must either have been produced by the student or must be attributed.
$c !$c2 of the text on the website must have been produced by the student. Any content not
produced by the student must be appropriately attributed.

For the dissertation, you should use your own website as an exemplar of issues that arise during
production, which you must discuss c//c'("'c%!0 - e.g. why journalists choose the
stories they do (audiences, news values, availability of sources, etc); what constraints are placed on
journalism practice by the need for audiences; what major issues arose during production (i.e.
accessibility problems, copyright matters, linking problems, objectivity issues, etc)?

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The marks will be allocated as follows: 80% for the website and 20% for the dissertation.

For both the dissertation and portfolio, ensure all sources are properly accredited. For the
dissertation, a bibliography should be presented in the correct academic style ± see the course
handbook for guidance. jvidence of extensive reading and research by the student will be reflected
in the mark.

Assessment will also take into account the quality of the content and design, the presentation and
writing styles, and the journalistic considerations involved (i.e. audiences). Clear evidence of
creativity and originality will earn more marks.

The website must be published on the departmental server *cD/"c 0!(* c.!$cc1
jnsure you book a date and time with technician Hadrian Cawthorne for publication of your
completed website, so there is sufficient time before the deadline. $c!c"/$$c*c"5c'54
/c'/!c%c*c+c% !cc'!c!"c.$c !$cc'/$(1 It is the student¶s responsibility
to ensure the relevant web folders contain all the necessary images and that images and links on
the website work online before submitting your work for marking.

Two separate copies of the dissertation should be delivered to the department¶s main
administrative offices *cD/"cc 0!(* c/$"c c.

One copy should be bound and it is recommended that this is done by the University Library
service. The bound copy will not be returned to you. If you would like to have a bound copy, you
should submit both copies bound and one will eventually be returned to you.

For guidance on style, copies of past students¶ MA dissertations are held in the secretary¶s office
and can be viewed on request by appointment.

Students should endeavour to stick to the specified word limit for essays, although a leeway of
approximately 10% either way is allowed. Verbiage will be penalised.c

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›c ( !c %c $0c !"!!c %c !!!!(c +5c "!$c c $5c !! *1c They allow both
students and staff to structure their time efficiently and ensure that students benefit from timely
›c ( !c+ cc// (c!$'$ *1
Working to deadline is necessary in all careers. For future journalists it is an essential
discipline. Assessment deadlines are clearly set out elsewhere in the outline.
›c 6$!!c+ cc.$(c *c+0c'-'.c.(!c'cc!0+1c
Convincing grounds for extensions include medical or serious personal reasons or a major
technical fault involving Department equipment. All requests for extensions must be
accompanied by appropriate documentary evidence (e.g. a medical certificate).
›c // '$!c %c $0c 6$!c %c c (( c "!$c c "(c c (-'c c c // '$c
%"c-  c%"c$0c/$"$c%%'1c
Applications will be considered by the "( c $$, not by individual tutors on the module,
and, if agreed,ca new deadline will be set. Requests for extensions will not be considered unless
made in this way.
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