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Purdue agreed to pay a former women's basketball coach, Lin Dunn, $100,000 to settle a grievance she filed over her 1996 dismissal, the university announced today. The

settlement was signed March 31 but was not made public until today. Dunn, who coached the Portland Power of the American Basketball League last season, was 206-68 in

nine seasons at Purdue and coached the Boilermakers to the 1994 Final Four and three Big Ten titles.

July 15, 1997

Four weeks after Commissioner Fay Vincent summoned three Yankee officials to a meeting about their testimony in the Steve Howe hearing, the Players Association

yesterday filed a grievance against Vincent and the 26 major league clubs seeking to "protect the integrity" of future hearings. Michael Weiner, assistant general counsel of

the association, said the union wanted the arbitrator, George Nicolau, to bar the commissioner from repeating his action and to have a notice sent to all major league

employees telling them that testifying truthfully at a grievance hearing cannot result in discipline.

July 30, 1992

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Alan Wiggins, the second baseman who was suspended without pay on Aug. 31 by Commissioner Peter Ueberroth for improper conduct and was unconditionally released by the

Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday, will not file a grievance over either his release or his suspension. "We have no objection to the release; it's what Alan really wanted," said Gene Orza,

the associate general counsel of the Major League Players Association. Under the agreement between Wiggins and the Orioles, the player will lose $81,395 of his $700,000

salary for 1987 and $267,000 of his $800,000 salary for 1988 under a clause in his contract ...

October 1, 1987

The Major League Baseball Players Association has filed a grievance on behalf of Albert Hall, a former outfielder for the Atlanta Braves, who was released this spring after

voluntarily taking treatment for alcohol abuse. The grievance charges that the release was without cause and seeks reinstatement to the Braves for Hall, who signed a minor

league contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 23 and has played since then with Pittsburgh's Class AAA affiliate in Buffalo. Hall, 31 years old, entered a rehabilitation

clinic in Atlanta on Feb. 21 and completed treatment for alcohol dependency 28 days ...

June 9, 1989

The Major League Baseball Players Association yesterday withdrew a grievance over a conflict with the Republican National Convention at the Astrodome this summer that is

forcing the Houston Astros to make a four-week road trip. The 28-day, 26- game trip is needed to give work crews enough time to prepare the Astrodome for the convention,

scheduled for Aug. 17-20. The league's agreement with the players says trips of more than 19 days will not be scheduled without the permission of the union.


The dispute between baseball's players and club owners over the charges of a free-agent conspiracy

intensified yesterday when the players union filed two more grievances. The first charged the owners with violating the rights of 1986 free agents, and the second

dealt with one free agent, Lance Parrish, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Parrish, one of three talented catchers still unsigned, was prepared to accept a contract from the Phillies

that would have paid him $1 million for 1987.

February 21, 1987

that would have paid him $1 million for 1987. February 21, 1987


Randi Weingarten, the president of the teachers' union, yesterday proposed changing the teachers' contract to speed up grievance procedures and disciplinary

proceedings, areas that city officials have long said pose an obstacle to firing bad teachers. Appearing as the final witness at an Education Committee hearing intended to

critique union work rules, Ms. Weingarten accused Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein and Councilwoman Eva S. Moskowitz, the Education Committee

chairwoman, of "demonizing" teachers.

November 14, 2003

"WE had to make friends with the wild creatures in the camp, especially the spiders, mice and rats, because we were outnumbered. " That description was of a camp at the

Tanforan Racetrack near San Francisco, one of several centers in California where Japanese and Japanese-American residents (Issei and Nisei) were held before being

interned in areas remote from the West Coast. The quote comes from "Citizen 13660," a humorous but pointed account of this reaction to

the bombing of Pearl Harbor that was first published in 1946.

October 15, 1989

Cornerback MAURICE HURST and his agent were preparing a grievance against the Patriots after a battery of physicals showed the player released by New England this week was

physically unfit to play for the St. Louis Rams. Hurst's agent, DOUG SUNSERI, said the seven-year veteran had been playing with a herniated disk in his neck that

bothers him when he turns his head to the right. Sunseri said he would file a grievance Monday through the National Football League Players Association contending that the

Patriots illegally dropped Hurst while he was injured and that he deserved to get ...

November 25, 1995

HAKEEM OLAJUWON and his agent filed a grievance yesterday against the Houston Rockets for suspending the six-time All-Star for refusing to play after being given

medical clearance. CHARLES GRANTHAM, executive director of the N.B.A. Players Association, said he had received the grievance from Olajuwon's agent, LEONARD

ARMATO. "The question now is which subset of grievance procedures that we want to follow," Grantham said. The Rockets suspended Olajuwon on Monday for

refusing to suit up after doctors gave him clearance.

March 26, 1992


Craig Maurizi, who has accused his former coach and colleague, Richard Callaghan, of sexual misconduct,

filed a formal grievance yesterday with the United States Figure Skating Association, seeking to revoke Callaghan's membership in the sport's national governing body.

In a series of recent interviews, Maurizi has said that he does not believe Callaghan should be allowed to coach anymore. If Callaghan's membership in the skating

association were revoked, he would still be able to coach, but he would not be allowed to participate in any of the Olympic-style competitions ...

April 14, 1999

The Major League Baseball Players Association is most likely to file a grievance on behalf of Andy Morales, after the Yankees' efforts to void his contract because of alleged

age discrepancies. A lawyer working on behalf of Morales indicated today that the grievance would be filed Tuesday. Gene Orza, the associate general counsel for the union,

confirmed that "in all likelihood, a grievance will be filed. " Morales, a third baseman, defected from Cuba and established residency in Peru

before signing a four-year, $4.5 million major league ...

July 17, 2001

before signing a four-year, $4.5 million major league ... July 17, 2001

VERNON MAXWELL has filed a grievance against the Houston Rockets for terminating his contract after they waived him, the player's agent said yesterday. "When they

failed to pay him and decided to claim termination of his contract, we were obligated to file a grievance, which we have done," the agent, KYLE ROTE Jr., told KRIV-TV of

Houston. Rote said he filed the grievance with the National Basketball Association on July 7. MICHAEL GOLDBERG, the team's lawyer, said the grievance does not

change the team's stance that Maxwell voided his contract when he faked an ...

July 29, 1995


Unions for New York City teachers and principals have filed grievances over yet another issue: changes in the grievance process. Since September, at the direction of Schools

Chancellor Joel I. Klein, the city's Department of Education has told principals and superintendents that they can participate in grievance proceedings by telephone and do not

have to appear in person. Mr. Klein has often complained that principals lose precious time traveling to and from such hearings at regional

offices or at the Department of Education ...

November 26, 2003

Students from an African language class at the University of Wisconsin have filed a grievance with the university's administration, charging educational malpractice and racial

discrimination by a visiting professor originally from Nigeria. The grievance says the professor, Umaru Ahmed, did not provide "reasonably effective educational instruction" to

his third-year class in Hausa, one of the languages used in Nigeria. Of the 43 students registered in the class last semester, 35 are listed in the

grievance, seeking to have their grades raised.

April 14, 1991

It began, Barbara Gerrish recalls, with a Christmastime job sorting letters. It made her feel somehow patriotic. She was serving her country. She liked the flexible hours.

She saw a good career ahead in the United States Postal Service. And, in fact, she won promotions to executive positions. But she says she didn't expect the ordeal that

followed. Not only was Ms. Gerrish propositioned by one superior and drawn into a sexual relationship by a second, as investigators concluded, but she says she was also blocked

from filing a grievance and rebuffed in efforts to ...

November 27, 1992

from filing a grievance and rebuffed in efforts to ... November 27, 1992