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Commissioning of Motorola Wimax (Hex & ACSII)

Go to my Computer (Right Click)

Manage (Click)

Device Manager (Click)

Comports (Select the lowest Port)

Secure CRT 3.3

Quick View Icon

Change to Serial

Lowest Port Com

Select 115200

Uncheck RTS CTS


Login: root Note: (Do this if is new)

Password: root

Free FTPD - Click


Add Add

Login : apftp/root

Password : motorola - motorola

Re- Password : motorola - motorola

Home Directory: \ D:\ NECB ( Select in Drive D)



Apply and Save ----- Note: check the status if it is running



Apply and save

Set the IP address on PC

My Computer Places

View Network Connections

Local Area Network

Network Protocol (TCP/IP) then click

Set IP Address: or 2

Sub Net mask :


Do this first initially

Click the Transfer ( log file of the site)

Recieve ACSII

Assign to desktop (Automatic)

root>cd /usr/app/config

config> ls

config> more wuce_ver.h

software version : WMX-AP_R2.5.2_BLD.20.23.04

config> cd
root> cd /usr/app

app> ls

bin config data lib log not modem

app> cd /usr/app/bin


bin> ls

Look for apdiag

bin> ./apdiag

> 1 enter

> 1 enter

2 enter enter enter enter

Modem 1

Enter Sector ID (1 to 3) or E to leave unchanged 0 enter enter enter

Enter sector ID (0 to 1) or E to leave unchanged 1 enter enter 4x

Modem 2

Enter sector ID (0 to 3) or E to leave unchanged 2 enter enter 3x

Site installation procedure complete

> e enter

> e enter

bin> cd

root> cd /usr/app/bin

bin> ls

Look for apcommission

bin> ./ apcommission

The Data information coming from Motorola to be fill-in

root@hapWibbSc2:/usr/app/bin> ./apcommission
Entering site commissioning application.
HAP is not running
Site Commissioning Data in persistent memory appears invalid

Entering Site Commissioning

Enter = go to next field; '-' = go to previous field; '?' = help

AP Domain Name <FQDN> : wimax.mot.com QYC CY0314.wi-tribe.net.ph

Vlan ID<1 - 2303, 2432 - 4094> : 2 1028
AP IP Configuration Method <0 = Static, 1 = Dynamic>: 0 0
AP IP Address <IPv4> :
Subnet Mask <IPv4> : 55 8
Default Gateway <IPv4> :
Primary DNS Server <IPv4> :
Secondary DNS Server <IPv4> :
EMS Address <IPv4> :
Backhaul Auto Negotiate <0 = disabled, 1 = enabled>: 1 0
Backhaul Duplex <0 = half duplex, 1 = full duplex>: 1 1
Backhaul Link Speed <0 = 10 Mbit, 1 = 100 Mbit, 2 = 1000 Mbit>: 2 1
Backhaul Auto MDI X <0 = disabled, 1 = enabled>: 1 1

Country Name (2 letter code) [US]:PH

Organization Name (eg, company) []:LBNI
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) []:Engineering
Common Name (FQDN of your server) []:QCY1314 0314.WI wi-tribe.net.ph
Would you like to accept the information entered above? (y/n) y
subject= /C=PH/O=LBNI/OU=Engineering/CN=QCY0314.wi-tribe.net.ph

Log and type the given reference

Site Commission Complete

bin> cd

root> cd /usr/app/config/running

running> sftp or 2

password: motorola

Free FTPD 1.0 sftp>get NECB.xml

sftp> exit

running> ls

running> more NECB.xml

running> reboot ctrl Z ( to end running of NECB)

Terminate the Alarms

Login: root

Password: motorola

root> ifconfig

Get the Mac Address

- etho exit ..... HW address ...........

root> /usr/app/bin/apdiag

1 enter

1 enter

> 1 enter

> 1 enter Check the alarm status

> e enter

> e enter

root> reboot

Resources is prohibited by law

Login: root

Password: motorola

root> passwd apoperator

Password: apoperator

root> exit

How to view the alarms:

Internet Connection

Click to continue

User Admin:apadmin

password: motorola


Add new admin :user apoperator

Select operator admin state


Close the LMT program

Internet Connection

Click to Continue

user admin:apoperator



Modify Customer Alarm Config

Input Number

change to every time you set the designated alarms

Active State
first not used (submit)

second open circuit

Alarm Severity

level of alarm

Alarm text ( Critical, Major, Minor)

name of alarm (AC Mains Fail, Rectifier Fail, DC Low Voltage, up to 7 alarms

8 to 12 not used


View the alarm and check if it is already ok

Close LMT and secure CRT and Free FTPD


After all connection was fixed in the site you can enter this command

./demon to check if all are working

Check the Transmission link if working

Command: ping