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5:00 PM (Sunday Obligation)
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
WEEKDAY MASSES (Monday-Friday)
6:30 AM AND 8:30 AM
8:30 AM
HOLY DAYS (Except Christmas and New Year)
Vigil Mass - 5:00 PM (evening before Holy Day)
6:30 AM - 8:30 AM - 6:00PM - 7:30 PM
Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM
1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:15 PM
RECTORY ………….……………….…(708)423-0321
Baptismal Preparation Class
PLEBANIA (po polsku)……………...(708)423-0321
Last Monday of month at 7:00 PM
For Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage,
Parish registration and attendance at the
parish registration, convert instruction,
Baptismal Preparation Class are required
prolonged illness at home.
Prior to Baptism.
All wedding arrangements must be made with a
parish priest at least 5 months prior to scheduled date.
All couples are required to participate in a marriage
preparation program. Parish registration is a
North-75th St. East-Cicero, West-Narragansett,
requirement. Times of marriages are as follows:
South-87th St. Cicero to Austin)
Saturday 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM
83rd St. (Austin to Narragansett)
Sunday—no weddings
MINISTRY OF CARE……………….…(708)423-0321
Deacon Irvin A. Bryce Jr.
PRAYER NETWORK………………....(708)966-4068
Mrs. Marlene Rybicki
Mrs. Marilyn Kurowski, Principal
5535 West State Road
CCD OFFICE…………………………...(708)636-0406
Mr. Kevin Wiseman, Coordinator
5535 West State Road
SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011 Come Celebrate the 25th Anniversary
7:30-For the Parishioners
-Ercole Sturino, Roberto Ocampo
of Filipino Ministry
9:00-Joseph, Helen & Harriet Boladz in the Archdiocese of Chicago.
-Salvatore Imbarrato It’s a Thanksgiving Mass in Honor of Mary
10:30-James Ghilardi
-In reparation for abortion
Main Celebrant Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
12:00PM-Kathleen Brennan Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 3:00 p,m,
-Innocenza Sturino Holy Name Cathedral,
1:30PM-POLISH MASS 35 North State Street, Chicago
-Rev. Zdzislaw Wyrowinski, Andrzej Obyrtacz Light Refreshments will be served.
-Maria Kurczak, Jan Pawel II, Janina Plewa For more information call 312-534-8328
5:00PM-POLISH MASS Concert of Filipino Choirs & reception following the Mass
-Stanislawa Krol Jendryga
MONDAY, MAY 23, 2011
6:30-Souls in the Purgatory, Roberto Ocampo
8:30-Mary Nash, Emily Sekan VOCATION
TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011 Roman Catholics in the United
6:30-Roberto Ocampo States spend a good deal of time
8:30-Walter & Grace Wogaski speaking of “vocation” and the
-Marie Johnson - Blessing
manner in which each of us dis-
6:30-Souls in the Purgatory, Roberto Ocampo cerns our vocation for life. In to-
8:10-MORNING PRAYER OF THE CHURCH day’s apostolic letter, however, Pe-
8:30-Maria & Jan Iwan, Feliks Pilny ter gives us the “cornerstone” of
THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 our vocation, the description of what each of us is
6:30-Roberto Ocampo called to first and foremost by our baptism. He de-
8:30-Irene Wogaski scribes our vocation as “a chosen race, a royal priest-
-Thomas Jankowski - Birthday Blessing
hood, a holy nation, a people of [God’s] own, so that
FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 you may announce the praises” of Christ, who called
6:30-Roberto Ocampo us out of darkness into light (1 Peter 2:9). All of us, no
8:30-Charlotte Lagodny matter what path our life’s vocation may take us
SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2011 down, have been chosen by God, made holy, and
8:30-Joseph Kovacevich, Roberto Ocampo anointed as priests in the high priesthood of Christ
-McCrickard Family - Blessing through baptism. All of this, so that we may announce
12:00 Wedding:
Krzysztof Sochacki & Anita Tomaka
the praises of Christ. Vocation is given for proclama-
5:00PM-Irene Bagrowski tion at home, in the workplace—wherever life takes
-John & Alfreda Placzek us—in service, in word, and in sacrament.
© Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.
SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011
7:30-For the Parishioners, Stephen Fahy LET US PRAY
9:00-Michael Sweeney, Theresa Bendik For the sick: Sister Patricia Labuda, Walter Marszalek,
10:30-Ros Merino, Clifford Whitehouse Sr.
Cooper Grant, Carter Pierchalski, Jeffrey Andrews, Michael
12:00PM-James Ghilardi, Marilyn Balandis
Antoszkiewicz, Carol Berghuis, Johana Pusateri, Rosemarie
-Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec - Blessing Maslo, Martin Kreil, Janelle Demski, Walter & Betty Anderson,
-Maria Kurczak, Tadeusz Truty Denis Hedderman & Family, Loretta Paulus, Shirley McVane,
-Maria & Stanislaw Bukowski Catherine, Katie & Lucy Hedderman, Lorraine Kritikos,
-Marianne Formeller 1st Anniv. of Death Marilyn Buchalski, Rose Thomas, Don Kupiec, Raymond
-Luis Garica 2nd Ann of Death Trusk, Maryann Sorn, Cheryl Korosa, Betty Anderson, Carol
5:00PM-POLISH MASS Mariano, Penny Prokop, Mary Ann Riccio.
-For the Parishioners For the deceased: Andrzej Kopinski, Bernard Keating.

On Saturday, May 21st I participated in the Ordination of 10 men as

priests for the Archdiocese of Chicago by Cardinal Francis George. One
of them is Father Wojciech Oleksy who preached at St. Albert the Great
Church at all the Masses on Vocation Weekend last year. He is assigned
to St. Mary of Perpetual Help Parish and today on Sunday, May 22nd he
is celebrating his first Mass and he asked me to preach as the former
rector of the Bishop Abramowicz Seminary who recruited him from
Tarnow Diocese in Poland. Please keep him and all the newly ordained
in your prayers. I feel sorry for them because they just learned how to
celebrate the Mass and now they have to study and implement the
changes to the Roman Missal.
Adjusting to the Roman Missal translation next Advent 2011 will be
a little like moving into a new room. At certain points in our lives we
may realize that we have outgrown a room, an apartment, or even a
home and that we need more space. While moving into a new space
gives us an opportunity to add new furniture, we don’t usually throw away all the old. We combine
the new pieces with the pieces of furniture that we are bringing along to create a new living space
that serves our needs.
In many ways, the need for a third edition of the Roman Missal translation is similar. Like the
addition of brand-new furniture, some of the third edition includes completely new texts for use at
Mass. Much of this third edition, however, will be as familiar to us as old furniture, albeit renewed
in its beauty through a new translation. As we prepare to implement the Roman Missal translation
next Advent, it is important to remember that although moving into a new living space is exciting,
it can also be a challenge as we try to recall where things are now compared with our previous
space. As we move toward the implementation of the Roman Missal translation in Advent 2011, we
will no doubt experience the same excitement and challenge that comes with any change. It will
only be a matter of time before we adjust and once again feel at home with the words we use to
worship our good and gracious God.
God Bless, Fr. Rich


MAY 15, 2011 ENVELOPES 696 SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2011
CONTRIBUTION $13,756.00 5:00 PM - Rev. Ted Ploplis
5:00PM……………...…..…..$2,162.00 SUNDAY, 29, 2011
7:30AM…………...…..……...$1,962.00 7:30 AM - Rev. Joseph Mol
9:00AM…………...……..…...$1,790.00 9:00 AM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec
10:30AM…………...…………..$1,963.00 10:30 AM - Rev. Jerry Van Overbeek
12:00PM…………...……...…..$1,962.00 12:00 AM - Rev. Joseph Mol
1:30PM…………...…………...$2,474.00 1:30 PM - Rev. Rich Milek
5:00PM…………...…………..$1,216.00 5:00 PM - Rev. Rich Milek
MAIL IN…………..…...……….$ 181.00
Children Envelopes……..….$ 46.00 Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 22, 2011
Thank you to all parishioners who consistently “I am the way and the truth and the life.
give their share to support our parish. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
— John 14:6

School Registration 2011-2012: Take a look at St. Albert the Great School if you are interested
in a faith-based education, academic excellence, a commitment to diversity, and scholarship.
We offer 3 & 4 Year Old Pre-school thru 8th Grade classes. St. Albert’s has been well known in
Burbank and the surrounding communities for its excellence for over 56 years. Registration
for the 2011 – 2012 school year is underway. If you would like information regarding our
school, stop in the school office Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., or call 708 424-
7757 about scheduling an appointment to view the school and discuss registration for the
up-coming school year.


Pick up will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. on Monday, May 23, in Room 101 of school.

St. Albert the Great Presents Baseball Mania

How will I be notified if I am a winner?
You will be notified by phone or e-mail if you are a winner.
How will I receive my winnings?
You will receive a check from St. Albert the Great School Fund-
raising Committee.
Baseball Mania sweepstakes are exciting and engaging for partici-
pants because each ticket holder has an equal chance of winning.
Throughout the BaseballMania season, participants check their
tickets to see if they’ve won prizes. BaseballMania sweepstakes
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What is Baseball Mania? of the season (the last 17 weeks of the professional baseball sea-
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son). Each ticket has a 1 in be contacted by phone or e-mail if you are a winner.
40 chance of winning. Thank you for your support of St. Albert the Great School cele-
Tickets are $20 each for the brating 58 years of Academic Excellence.
last 17 week of the baseball For more BaseballMania Information and/or Tickets, please call at
season. (708) 670-0675 or St. Albert the Great School at (708) 424-7757
The Preparation of the Altar
The altar is the focal point of our churches. It is a sign of Christ in our midst; indeed, it has
been said that “the altar is Christ” (Dedication of an Altar, 4). The altar is a table “on which the sacri-
fice of the cross is perpetuated in mystery throughout the ages until Christ comes”; but it is also the
place for a festive meal: “a table at which the Church’s children assemble to give thanks to God and
receive the body and blood of Christ” (Dedication of an Altar, 4).
Both these functions of the altar are clear in the rites for the preparation of the altar that fol-
low the general intercessions, which remind us of the preparations we make at home for a festive
meal. The deacon or altar servers come forward and, bowing, place a cloth known as a corporal
(from the Latin for “body”) over the altar cloth. They place the chalice, the cup to be used in the cele-
bration of the Eucharist, and the Sacramentary or Roman Missal, which contains the prayers of the
Mass, on the altar. These reverent preparations help us to focus on what is about to happen: the
sharing of a holy meal, a solemn sacrifice. —Corinna Laughlin, © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.
Ushers are needed for Masses, espe-
cially the 10:30 am and the 12:00 pm
Mass. Please call the rectory for more
The Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass will
Happy be held on Sunday, August 28, 2011, at 3 PM
Wedding Anniversary at St. John Brebeuf Church,
8307 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL.
30 years
Couples married in 1961 interested in attending
Tom & Rita Spratt
this celebration should contact their parish to
register. For further information call the Rectory
The goal of religion is not to get us into Office at 708-423-0321 or visit the website:
heaven—but to get heaven into us.
III-Krzysztof Sochacki & Anita Tomaka
II-Roman Frankiewicz & Marta Radecki
II-Mark Chlebek & Renee Turza
I-Jacek Zagata & Joanna Wincek

May 23 – May 28 at St. Albert’s

Monday, May 23
6:00 pm Youth Group
Tuesday, May 24
7:00 pm Bingo
Thursday, May 26
7:00 pm Parish Holy Hour
Saturday, May 28
4:00 pm Schola
Głównym celem przyjścia Zbawiciela na świat było zbawienie człowieka. Nie były
Mu jednak obojętne i zwykłe ludzkie sprawy. Ewangelie ukazują nam Jezusa, który
pochyla się nad człowiekiem cierpiącym, przywraca zdrowie chorym, uwalnia od
złych duchów, a nawet wskrzesza umarłych, współczując zasmuconym po stracie
ukochanej osoby. Także Kościół obejmuje swoją troską nie tylko sprawy dotyczące
zbawienia człowieka, ale poprzez działalność charytatywną przychodzi z pomocą
ludziom również w wielorakich potrzebach materialnych. O takiej działalności
Kościoła jest mowa w dzisiejszym czytaniu z Dziejów Apostolskich. Za radą
Apostołów został utworzony pierwszy zespół charytatywny, do którego wezwano
ludzi cieszących się dobrą sławą, pełnych Ducha i mądrości (Dz 6, 3). Zostali oni przedstawieni
Apostołom i otrzymali od nich błogosławieństwo.
Nasze dobre uczynki mają duże znaczenie u Boga, bo, jak wyraził się św. Piotr, Są to duchowe
ofiary, przyjemne Bogu przez Jezusa Chrystusa (1 P 2, 5). Razem z Jezusem Chrystusem wielbimy
więc Boga, składając Mu ofiary jako Jego kapłani. Kapłani? Tak, bo jesteśmy zjednoczeni z
JezusemKapłanem i wspólnie z Nim uczestniczymy w tak zwanym kapłaństwie powszechnym. Nie
dziwmy się więc, że my, chrześcijanie, zostaliśmy nazwani wybranym plemieniem, królewskim
kapłaństwem, świętym narodem, ludem Bogu na własność przeznaczonym (1 P 2, 9).
W ubiegłą niedzielę w Święto Dobrego Pasterza modliliśmy się za Kapłanów, Diakonów, Kleryków
oraz o nowe i święte powołania kapłańskie i zakonne. Wczoraj Ksiądz Kardynał Francis George
udzielił święceń kapłańskich dziesięciu diakonom wśród których jest polski Ksiądz, Ks. Wojciech
Oleksy. Ksiądz Wojciech głosił kazania w naszym kościele jako Diakon w Niedzielę Powołaniwą w
ubiegłym roku. Ksiądz Wojciech odprawi dzisiaj Mszę Świętą prymicyjną w Kościele Matki Bożej
Nieustającej Pomocy i poprosił mnie abym wygłosił kazanie jako były Rektor Polskiego Seminarium
im. Biskupa Abramowicza, do którego on zgłosił się jako Kleryk Seminarium z Diecezji Tarnowskiej.
Prosimy Was o modlitwę w intencji Księdza Wojciecha i wszystkich nowo wyświęconych Kapłanów
jak również za wszystkich Kapłanow którzy w większości w maju obchodzą rocznicę święceń
W przyszłą niedzielę będziemy w naszej parafii gościć polskiego misjonarza, Ks. Marka Kondrata,
który pracuje w Nowej Gwinei i odprawi Msze Święte dzieląc się swoim doświadczeniem misyjnym
z pracy wśród ubogich i potrzebujących. Prosimy o wsparcie Księdza Marka modlitwą i ofiarą.

Bóg zapłać, Szczęść Boże, Ks. Ryszard

W niedzielę 12 czerwca o godz. 1;30 pm zostanie odprawiona

w naszym Kościele Msza Święta Odpustowa “Koła Skrzypne”.
Po Mszy Świętej w sali pod Kościołem zostanie podany
smaczny obiad, a po nim rozpocznie się zabawa. Do
tańca przygrywać będzie zespół “Millenium”. Cały do-
chód przeznaczony jest na remont plebanii w Skrzypnym.
Bilety są w cenie $20.00 - dorośli, $10.00 - dzieci. Bilety
można już nabywać po Mszy Świętej lub w tygodniu w
kancelarii parafialnej. Do udziału w tej zabawie zachę-
camy zaprzyjaźnione Góralskie Koła oraz wszystkich
parafian! Telefon kontaktowy: Jan Mrowca 780-430-9518