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Student _Susan Davis______________

Patient #2 While walking with you in the hall a 55 year old male awaiting test results states “I’m
afraid my HIV test will be positive”.

Interaction Interpretation Critique and

Client is alert, MASLOW TYPE OF
THERAPUTIC aware and well- Self-esteem. (May TECHNIQUE &
TECHNIQUES gromed. encounter lack of WHY IT WAS
Facial respect from others CHOSEN
1) “Perhaps you expression is if he has HIV.)
would like to talk worried. Physiological: May
about that.” Tone of voice is have a life- Type: Providing
strained. threatening disease. general leads
2) Putting arm around Body Why chosen: It
client. movement is FEELINGS IN encourages the client
jerky. EACH INTER- to talk about his fear
Looks at floor ACTION of having HIV.
BLOCKING while walking.
RESPONSE 1) Nurse:
3) “I’m sure it will turn Nurse (student) Concerned
out alright.” is calm and about client’s
2) Type: Using touch
attentive to the health. 3) Why chosen: Client
client and Client: is worried. Touch
focuses on him, Worried reinforces a caring
trying to make about the test feeling.
eye contact. results.

2) Nurse: Feels
for client and Type: Giving
stress he is unwanted
feeling. reassurance.
Client: Feels Why chosen: Nurse
comforted by wanted to make
nurse’s client feel better.
touch. However, using
clichés and unwanted
3) Nurse: Feels reassurances block
uncomforta- the fears, feelings
ble and other thoughts of
discussing the client.
client has
Client: Hopes
the nurse is