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Subject: E-Cover Note by Fax-In (Branch)

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Document Ref: WI-GCP-021 Effective Date:
Prepared by: Saiful Nizam Esahak Approved by: Salim Majid Zain
Assistant Vice President Chief Executive Officer
Business Development & MAA Takaful
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Event Who How

Fax-in stock allocation
to branches Clerk Allocates stocks to respective branches

Send to branch CPU Send out the stocks according to the

Clerk allocation

Stock acknowledgement
Branch All the stocks received are checked
Staff against listing submitted by CPU,
Head Office and the date received is
Allocate stock to agent stamped and update in the system

Branch Fax in stock will be allocated to the

Staff agent
Distribute to marketer

Branch Distribute Fax-in stocks to marketer

Send to agent Staff according to their servicing agent

marketers Visitation to agents and fax-in stocks

will be given to agent. Agent to
acknowledgement stocks received
MAA Takaful Revision Status: 0
Document Ref: SI-BPS-004 Effective Date:

U pdate ac k now ledgem ent Branch Update agent’s acknowledgement

Staff received in the system

Fax-in issued together with payments

C ollec tion fax
-in fax is s ued
marketers to be collected within 7 days of
issuance date

B atc h fax
-in form s

Branch Staff in charge to do fax-in batching


S end the fax

-in batc h

Branch Send the batch to CPU, Head Office

Staff for policy certificate processing

N ew s toc k

Branch Request new stocks from CPU, Head

Staff Office
No Shapes Description Remarks
1 Any processing function including
Process printing

2 This shape represent a decision

Decision Making

3 All types of document


4 Indicates an internal storage of

File document

5 Data is entered manually such as

Manual input with a keyboard
Enter all

6 Indicates beginning or end of a flow

Start End
Terminator i.e. Start and End

7 Indicates a cross reference to

Off-page connector another page of the flow chart
A Refer to
chart 2C

8 Fill in This symbol represents any manual

Claims Manual Operation process operates by a person such
Control as filling in forms

9 The process of preparing forms,

Prepare letters, etc.

10 Indicates a cross reference within the

On page connector same page of the flow chart

11 Note to the particular process

Note 3 Call out note

12 Key control to a particular process

Extract such as benchmark

13 Indicates sorting of documents