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Contact no:9972804141

Career Objective:
To achieve a challenging position in Software testing and Quality Management in a
company, where acquired skills will be utilized towards continued growth and advancement.


Software Testing from Q-Spiders Bangalore. The course contains manual testing as well as
automated testing of software.
 Ability to design, develop and execute manual tests.
 Debugging skills with White-box, Black- box testing.

Testing skills:
Manual Testing Skills:
 Smoke testing on critical or basic feature of an application.
 Functional testing on each and every component of an application.
 Testing the integration of an application, based on business transaction scenarios.
 As new functionality's have been added during the development phase to the application
had to perform Integration Testing
 System testing whether end feature is working or not.
 Ad-hoc Testing.
 Regression testing after the fixing bugs and verified that the fixes didn't create
problems elsewhere.
 Compatibility testing for an application in different Browser, Operating system and
 Usability testing whether application is user friendliness or not.
 Acceptance testing.
 Globalization testing for an application in different languages.
 Preparing Requirement Traceability Matrix for Test cases and Requirements.
 Retesting of “fixed” defect & classifying them as “closed” or “re-open”
 Detecting bugs & classifying them based on severity, priority.
 Test Plan Concept.
 Proficient in writing Test cases by applying White Box Design Technique and Black Box
Design Technique.
 Good understanding of Review process.
 Very Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
 Very Good understanding of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Automation Testing Skills:

1) QTP: Automation Testing Tool.
 Having Good knowledge of Automation tool – QTP, Hybrid Automation
framework, Descriptive Programming functions, Regular Expressions.
 Knowledge of creating library functions, user defined functions, Building and merging
Object repository.

Other skills:
Languages: C, VB scripting
Operating System: Windows XP/2003.
Roles and Responsibilities:
 Analysis and understanding the requirement document.
 Writing test cases and execution.
 Involved in Smoke testing, Functional testing, Regression testing.
 Generate the test case template.
 Involved in creating the test report for test execution.

Technical Expertise:
Testing Tools : QC,QTP.
Operating Systems : Windows 2000, XP.

Educational Qualification:

University/Board Institution
Bachelor Of Shri Krishna Institute
Visveshwaraya Technological University,
Engineering (cs) Of
Belgaum, Karnataka.
(2010) Technology,Bengaluru
Pre SJR Rajajinagar PU
University(pcmb) Department of pre-university Education. college,
(2005) Bangalore
New Public English

Case study : “ACTI-TIME”
Description : ACTI-TIME is time collection software that is streamlined for billing and
invoicing purposes. ACTI-TIME allows time tracking for customer and project related tasks.
After being collected the data can then be exported for invoice generation. It has The five
main activities when working with actiTIME are Registration of time expenses, Task, project,
and customer management, Reporting System administration, Creation of invoices in
Academic Project:
Name : Face Recognisation Using Eigen Values
Environment : Java
Brief Overview of the Project:

This project is a step towards developing a face recognition system which

can recognize static images. It can be modified to work with dynamic
images. In that case the dynamic images received from the camera can first
be converted in to the static one's and then the same procedure can be
applied on them. But then there are lots of other things that should be
considered. Like distance between the camera and the person ,
magnification factor, view [top ,side, front] etc.


♦ To recognize a sample face from a set of given faces.

♦ Use of Principal Component Analysis[Using Eigenface approach].
♦ Use a simple approach for recognition and compare it with Eigenface

Personal Profile:
Name : Naveen Kumar S
Father Name : Shamanna
Contact number : 9972804141
Gender : male
Date of birth : 25-10-1987
Age : 23
Nationality : Indian
Marital status : single
Languages : English,kannada,hindi,telugu
I hereby, declare that all the information provided above is true to my knowledge.
Place: Bengaluru
Date: (Naveen Kumar S)